Dave and Pam Smith Arnold's
Wedding Celebration
Saturday, July 17, 2004
Williamsburg, Virginia
Pam and Dave Pam
6:33 PM - what's left
of the cake....
6:33 PM - Cindy Konstant, Dave Arnold, and George Konstant 6:34 PM - Sarah Puckett Kressaty, Pam Smith Arnold, and Pauline Collins Shofner (Michele Yevak in background) 7:01 PM - Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald, Sarah Puckett Kressaty, and Carol Buckley Harty 7:01 PM - Charles and Pauline Shofner, Patti Elliot Smith, and Ron Smith
7:16 PM - Sarah Puckett Kressaty, Cindy Konstant, Pauline Collins Shofner, and George Konstant 7:17 PM - Patsy Blackard Hallett, Sarah Puckett Kressaty, Cindy Konstant, Pauline Collins Shofner, and George Konstant 7:18 PM - Pete Tomczyk, Pam Smith Arnold, Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald, and Dave Arnold - discussing the recipe for Roadkill Stew 7:29 PM - Dave Spriggs and Dave Arnold (okay, Dave, you forgot to tell me about the three-second delay on your Wonder Camera...) 7:30 PM - Dave Spriggs and Dave Arnold - there, that's better!
7:34 PM - Ron and Patti Elliot Smith 7:35 PM - Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald, Pam Smith Arnold, Dave Arnold, and Carol Buckley Harty 7:37 PM - Cindy, Lauren, and George Konstant 7:48 PM - Pam Smith Arnold; Capt. Laura Tomczyk McManus, USA; Lt. Geoff McManus, USAF; and Sarah Puckett Kressaty 7:50 PM - Bobby Yevak, Michele Yevak, Dave Arnold, Dawn Yevak, and Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald
  Images courtesy
of Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA - 07/17/04

Thanks, Dave!

  7:51 PM - Bobby Yevak, Michele Yevak, Dave Arnold, Dawn Yevak, and Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald   8:17 PM - Lou Kressaty, Dave Arnold, Charles Shofner, Dave Spriggs, and Paul Harty  
Images by Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 07/30/04
  Pam Smith Arnold, her uncle, Clif, and Michele Yevak Pam Smith Arnold, Bobby Yevak, and Dave Arnold Patti Elliot Smith and Ron Smith Sarah Puckett Kressaty, Lou Kressaty, Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald, and Dave Spriggs
Ron and Patti Elliot Smith Capt. Laura Tomczyk McManus, USA,; Michele, Bobby, and Dawn Yevak Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald and Dave Spriggs Cindy, Lauren, and George Konstant  Lt. Geoff McManus, USAF and Capt. Laura Tomczyk McManus, USA

Pam's "Tour Guide" Letter

 I have asked Bobby, Rev. Yevak, to read a note from me. I hope you enjoyed the song which says –
“Wherever two or more of you are gathered in His name – there is love.” There is a lot of love here today.
Dave says I am the tour guide, so I will take that moniker and start this occasion. Welcome to our wedding

Dave and I had always planned to be married this summer – with my children being in the wedding,
surrounded by friends and family. However, circumstances caused us to need to be married sooner,
so we were married by my brother-in-law, Spencer Arnold, last August 30. We thank him and his lovely wife,
Lucy, for supporting us with that need. However, Dave and I – both being a wee bit stubborn – still wanted to have
our initial plan be fulfilled. So here we are.

As planned, the Rev. Bobby Yevak – our friend from high school – will be marrying us. My sweet uncle, Clif – who has
flown here from Cape Coral, Fl. – will give me away. My daughter, Captain Laura McManus – who was in Afghanistan
last August – is my matron of honor just as I was hers when she married my favorite son-in-law, Geoff. My elder son, Pete,
is Dave’s best man. My younger son, Jeff, is keeper of our rings. Since, by marrying me, Dave now inherits a family –
something about which he is most happy – it is proper and joyful that the family participates in our union.

I wish to mention a few other things, and then we will get started. I want to thank the diligent (1965) Newport News High
School Reunion Committee – H. P. Lucas, Pauline Collins Shofner, Ron Smith, George Konstant, Jeanie Collier Fitzgerald,
and Lynn Walker Brothers - for continuing to keep the members of our high school class close. Without the party they
planned where Dave and I re-met, we would not be here today.

I would also like to thank Carol Harty (our classmate who was formerly Carol Buckley) who, as Mistress of the Web,
created the web page that first allowed Dave to see that many of us were still around – and might even want to see him!
She is amazing, and she has brought many of us back together. I thank Mark Friedman who invited Dave back to his office
at his jewelry store to see the Web page Carol created when Dave went in to get Mark to polish a watch crystal. Mark got
this whole thing started.

Last, besides being grateful to my uncle who has traveled to be with me, there are two people with whom I worked closely
for many years at Lucent Technologies, and they and their families have come from Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to Anita Besch
and Jeff Volz and their families for being here with Dave and me. Please give them a real dose of Southern hospitality –
I have been bragging about the South for 29 years which was my tenure in the Midwest.

That’s it – and this has been really short for I can ramble on at great lengths, as Anita and Jeff can attest. Thank you all
for coming. I hope you will enjoy being here as much as Dave and I are enjoying being able to open our home to you.

- Pam Smith Arnold - 07/17/04
Thanks, Pam!

Geez, you are quick. Thanks so much for coming. I am glad I have gotten to meet at least one of your brood. Since you
were one of the people who was instrumental in Dave's and my meeting, it was important to us that you were here.

- Pam Smith Arnold - 07/18/04
Thanks again, Pam!  I was so thrilled and honored to be there with y'all yesterday!

Wedding Song (There Is Love)
©1971 Public Domain Foundation, ASCAP

(Peter, Paul, and Mary)

He is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts
Rest assured this troubadour is acting on His part.
The union of your spirits, here, has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
There is Love. There is Love.

A man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home
And they shall travel on to where the two shall be as one.
As it was in the beginning is now and til the end
Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again.
And there is Love. There is Love.

Well then what's to be the reason for becoming man and wife?
Is it Love that brings you here or Love that brings you life?
And if loving is the answer, then who's the giving for?
Do you believe in something that you've never seen before?
Oh there's Love, there is Love.

Oh the marriage of your spirits here has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
There is Love. There is Love.

Bridal Portrait of Pam courtesy of her daughter, Capt. Laura McManus of NC - 07/22/04
Thanks, Laura!

Peach Heart Line clip art courtesy of http://members.tripod.com/~emelinda/index-12.html - 07/18/04

"Wedding Song" midi courtesy of http://songsofpraise.org/wedding.htm - 07/18/04

"Wedding Song" lyrics courtesy of http://www.peterpaulandmary.com/music/f-21-66.htm - 07/18/04

"Into every songwriter's life comes a song,
the source of which cannot be explained by personal experience..."
- Noel Paul Stookey

We (Peter, Paul and Mary) invite you to visit the Public Domain Foundation, Inc. website
to learn more about the history of this song and the charitable foundation that grew from it.

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