Virginia State Basketball Champions - 1956, 1957, 1958, and 1964

04/17/07 1955
Coach - Bill Chambers; Captain - Horace Williams ('55); Manager - Don Buchan ('55)

1956 - Virginia State Basketball Champions
Coach - Bill Chambers; Captain - Slade Dunn ('56); Manager - Wade Hancock ('56)

03/25/05 1957 - Virginia State Basketball Champions
Coach - Bill Chambers - "Peninsula's Man of the Year in Sports";
Captain - Bucky Keller ('58) - "Outstanding Scholastic Basketball Player
of Virginia"; Manager - Joe Madagan ('57)
02/18/18 1958 - Virginia State Basketball Champions
Coach - "Lefty" Driesell; Captain - Bucky Keller ('58); Manager - Bobby Turpin ('58)
08/19/04 1959
Coach - "Lefty" Driesell; Captain - Harry Conn ('59); Manager - Bobby Mears ('59)
08/19/04 1960
Coach - "Lefty" Driesell; Captain - Horace Underwood ('61); Manager - John Murden ('60)
08/19/04 1961
Coach - Warren Mitchell; Co-Captains - Horace Underwood ('61) and Billy Anspach ('61);
Manager - David Riley ('62)
08/21/04 1962 - All-Peninsula Basketball Champions
Coach - Warren Mitchell; Co-Captains - Steve Corum ('62) and Billy Bryant ('62);
Managers - David Riley ('62) and Wallace Williams ('63)
08/28/04 1963
Coach - Warren Mitchell; Co-Captains - Owen Smith ('63) and Butch Corson ('63);
Managers - Wallace Williams ('63), Tom Buckingham ('64) and Mark Wimmer ('65)
02/03/10 1964 - Virginia State Basketball Champions
Coach - Warren Mitchell; Co-Captains - Chris Ellis ('64) and Billy Taylor ('64);
Managers - Tom Buckingham ('64) and Mark Wimmer ('66)
1964 State Basketball Tournament
Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66) of VA - 01/29/10
Thanks, Terry!
04/07/11 1965 - All-Peninsula Basketball Champions
Coach - Charlie Woollum;
Co-Captains - Joe Mooney ('65) and John Montague ('65);
Managers - Mark Wimmer ('66) and Stuart Jackson ('66)
Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66) of VA - 01/29/10
Thanks, Terry!
06/14/18 1966 - Peninsula District Regular Season Basketball Champions
This team set a National Record for 100 Consecutive Home Court Victories.
Coach - Charlie Woollum; Tri-Captains - Carroll Burch ('66), Joel Fisher ('66) and Steve Kiger ('66); Managers - Mark Wimmer ('66), Stuart Jackson ('66), Clifford Smith ('66), Paul Satterfield ('68) and Vince Gilbert ('69)
07/14/10 1967 - Peninsula District Second Place
Coach - Charlie Woollum; Co-Captains - Wayne Owens ('67) and Terry Seay ('67);
Managers - Clifford Smith ('67) and Vince Gilbert ('69)

The Newport News High School Basketball Teams were the Virginia State Basketball Champions:

WON:  1931; 1938; 1942; 1943; 1951; 1952; 1956; 1957; 1958; 1964

LOST IN FINAL:  1933; 1934; 1944; 1948; 1950;


- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/11/04
Thanks, Dave!

Coach Julie Conn won several State Basketball Championships, five or six maybe more while he was coaching.
I think the last year they were champs was when Elmo Stephenson was a player.
NNHS had one of the finest winning traditions in Basketball of any school in the state,
and I am so excited that the Sports Section of the web page will come to fruition in the future.
Jesse Kersey went on to be one of the top NBA referees, officiating in many of the NBA playoffs
where the coaches select the officials. I hope he will share some of his photos in the future.
Of course, we are in touch with Harry Covert and his fine work in world hunger relief.
Charlie Hilling has made such a tremendous contribution that will surely motivate and interest many a Typhoon.
NNHS' great sports teams are a big part of the legacy of this fine school.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/11/04
Thanks, Joe!

The VHSL, as Dave has pointed out, shows the "Golden Blue" Typhoon with 10 state basketball championships.
I have no problem with that.  If I did, they wouldn't care anyway.
But, it is my understanding, from where this came I do not know, that before VHSL was the state athletics
sanctioning body, the state schools played "under" a different body.
Within that organization, NNHS tacked on a "few" more state basketball championships
that would make the number higher than the documented 10.
Even with "only" 10, according to VHSL, to this day (some 30+ years after the closing of that honored entity
by those with no foresight) WE still lead the state in championships in the sport of basketball!
Again, my information regarding the predecessor to VHSL could be absolutely in total error!
I would not be offended to be informed,
with fact, that the information regarding that "other" body is absolutely false.
I can present no proof; only hearsay, to its ever existing.

Can you help me?

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 08/11/04
Thanks, Wayne!

Wayne makes a very good point, as the Typhoon won several championships before the establishment of the VHSL.
In the old trophy case at NNHS, there were game balls and trophies from several games played out of state.
Some were in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and a few other places that do not come to mind.
If my poor old memory serves we well, there was a game played at the Madison Square Garden.
We have to tap into the memory of guys like Pete Markos, Elmo Stephenson, and Mickey Marcella.
It is very likely Nancy Bigger
Alligood ('56) can get us in touch with Mickey, for he married a young lady in their class.
These fellas still meet every Tuesday Morning for breakfast.
I think it is at the Westwood Restaurant on Warwick Boulevard, just north of J. Clyde Morris Blvd.
It is an informal sports club, and many people attend.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/11/04
Thanks, Joe!


The years of 1955, 1956 & 1957 were good years for me, since I was involved in the Basketball program
of NNHS as a manager. Lacking speed, I did not have the skills to play but found a niche in being
a servant for the teams. Don Buchan ('55) and Wade Hancock ('56) taught me how to manage.
I had the privilege of training Bobby Turpin ('58), Bobby Mears ('59), and John Murden ('60)
when I was the Head Manager in my senior year. 
They carried the load in the locker rooms and uniform rooms, keeping the team equipped.
The Senior Manager or Head Manager is the unofficial scorekeeper for the team, and sits at the scoring table.
The hard work on the bench and locker rooms is done by the Assistant Managers.

As there were three teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and 8th & 9th Grade, each had a team to manage,
but we all assisted the other teams and traveled with the teams. Bobby, Bobby, and John were faithful
and diligent in their work, and progressed along in the old Typhoon spirit.

The Virginia Squires team in the ABA inspired my sons to play basketball in high school and college.
My younger son, Michael, is Head Coach at St. Leo University and working very hard on a building program,
and recruiting primarily players from Florida.

Here is a photo of his older daughter, Hannah, taken while Mike was an Assistant Coach at University
of South Florida. This is really a photo of a lovely granddaughter by a doting grandfather.

02/13/01 - Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/11/04
OOOOH, Joe!  Could you hear me squealing all the way down in Florida when you sent me this?!?
This is SO precious - thanks so much!

Dear Carol:
Congratulations on your hard and diligent work to put this page together.
It was a large undertaking by you and Captain Dave (Spriggs - '64 of VA), but as you know,
Basketball was so much a part of the lives of NNHS students and faculty,
and helped greatly to build the strong school spirit that each generation has enjoyed.
This is a first-class page, and surely will prompt even more interest in this fine website.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/28/04
Thanks so much, Joe - for everything!

Happy Birthday, Carol:
What a nice gift from you to all of us with the publication of the long awaited All Basketball pages.
Just wait and see the interest and the response you will get from these great pages.
Thanks for your hard work, and may you have many more happy birthday days!

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/30/04
Thanks, Joe!

So much love goes into compiling all this memorabilia...I am overwhelmed.
Thank you again. Our generation did not have too many heroes.
For some of us, the heroes were Chris, Rocky, Kenny, Billy and Jimmy who gave us all
a shining moment of wonder and glee in those dim days following the death of our President.

- Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 08/30/04
Thanks, Jean!  You're right - they were our heroes!

Here is something you can publish about the 63-64 basketball team. In 2001 when HHS had their "Grand Reunion" called Crabbaganza,
 among those in attendance was Warren Chapman (HHS -'64), our center who gave y'all some fits during those four losses to NNHS.
 Also in attendance was Pat Patrick (HHS-'69), who was a member of the '69 State Champ team. Pat and Warren spoke .... first time
 they had actually met. As these two basketball legends spoke, Pat mentioned how he looked up to Warren and admired the powerhouse
 team they had that year. Warren replied "thanks .... but you did something I never did ... you beat Newport News and brought that state
title home!"  Quite a testament from a fine athlete and gentleman to arguably one of if not the finest team to ever come out of the Peninsula.

- Tom Norris (HHS - '73) - 09/26/04
Thanks, Tom!  That's quite a statement, isn't it?

Newport News Basketball Dynasty

The Typhoon won an amazing 100 consecutive home games from 1956 to 1965.


September 24, 2004

Decades before movie secret agent Austin Powers claimed that mojo was the secret to success,
legendary coach Julie Conn used mojo to build a basketball dynasty at Newport News High.

Conn's mojos were rubber black cats, about the size of a thimble, that he brought from his brother's drug store.
A player had to do something extraordinary for Conn to award one.

Chris Ellis, whose behind-the-back dribbling and passing thrilled packed houses at the school during the early 1960s,
says Conn gave him one - just one - in four years. Ellis was the star of the Typhoon's unbeaten state champs in 1964,
the year he joined Lew Alcindor on the Parade All-American team.

Mickey Marcella, a member of the 1951-52 state champs, added: "You wouldn't trade a mojo for a million dollars.
You knew you'd done something special if Coach Conn gave you one."

Newport News basketball players majored in "special" from the moment Conn
became the school's basketball coach in 1926 at age 21.
He demanded it.

One player said that in his sleep, he could hear one of Conn's favorite refrains - "Move that ball! Move it! Move it, boys!"

"He was dynamic and ferocious," Marcella said. "He could yell at you one minute, then give you the shirt off his back the next.
You either loved him or hated him. We loved him."

The proof is in the record. During a 25-year span, beginning in Conn's third season in 1928-29,
the Typhoon reached the state tournament 17 times, advanced to 12 finals and won six state titles.
Conn's record against high school competition during his 27 seasons was 321-77.

Conn stepped aside in 1953 because he didn't want to coach his son, Harry Conn, now a local dentist.
Instead, he focused on the track and field program he guided to 26 state titles,
though he continued to dispense mojos for extraordinary achievements.

The Typhoon had lots of them in the ensuing years, as the dynasty continued under a series of coaches:
Elmo Stephenson, Bill Chambers, Lefty Driesell, Warren Mitchell and Charlie Woollum.

From 1955-58 the Typhoon went 75-2, winning three consecutive state titles.
The '57-58 team went 25-0, the program's first perfect record, under the direction Driesell, who went on to college coaching fame.

Bucky Keller, who set a state career scoring record with 1,808 points, averaged 22 per game that season.
Some say Keller was NN's greatest player and that the '58 squad - which included Harry Conn - was the best in school history.
Others will tell you that Chris Ellis and the '64 group, which went 25-0,
won the school's 10th state title and scored 126 points in a game, was the best.

However, there's no argument that this shipyard town loved its team.

"Every game was a sellout," said Ellis, who will retire from his job with the state highway department this year.
"People would line up at 4 in the afternoon so they could be assured of getting a seat at the start of the 6 o'clock junior-varsity game."

The Typhoon almost never lost at home. From Jan. 27, 1956, to Dec. 14, 1965,
Newport News won an incredible 100 consecutive home games. The streak began in the tiny 30th Street gym,
with its balcony seating and close quarters. Intimidated opponents called it a cracker box, pipe stem or match tin.
The 100th victory came in the $400,000, 2,500-seat gym built at the school in 1963 and named, appropriately, after Conn.

Newport News' glorious basketball history ended five years later, when the school became a junior high
with the integration of city schools. Fittingly, the Typhoon's final game came in the school's 26th state tournament
appearance since Conn had brought his mojo to Newport News.

Conn retired in 1970 and died 13 years later. But his legacy lives on through the memories of his players.

"There's only one word I can use to describe what it felt like to be a Newport News basketball player:
'Wonderful,' " said Marcella, who is retired and living in Newport News. "We owe it all to Julie Conn."

Copyright (c) 2004, Daily Press

- Tom Flax of VA - 10/06/04
WOWZERS!  Thanks, Tom!

 Here's another basketball story.  I was always a decent basketball player, and a pretty good shot - - but no way was
I good enough to make the NNHS basketball team!  I was a very "streaky" shooter, and was "cut" early in my career
at NNHS.  I think it was Coach Range that cut me.  Was he the freshman or JV basketball coach in 1959?  I used
to shoot hoops with Chris Ellis ('64) at the Magruder outdoor courts.  Everyone hated him to be on their team
because he was a ball-hoggin shooter.  Once he got the ball, he was going to shoot!  
Anyway, I moved to southeast Florida in the late 60's and I noticed that the local high school basketball team wasn't
so great.  (Florida, in the 60's and 70's, was not, by any stretch, a hotbed for roundball.)  So I start shootin' off
my mouth about NNHS, Lefty Driesell, and how even clarinet players from Newport News can shoot hoops!  Well, me and
five local men ended up in a full court game with the local High School team, and we actually beat 'em.  Not by much,
but we won.  A bunch of 30-somethings defeated the youngsters, all starters for Coconut Creek High!
We were totally gassed and out of shape, but we pulled it off.
Here's the capper:  A few months ago three of my fellow adult flag football players were shooting hoops at the park
prior to a big flag football game.  I took the chance, and started shooting off my mouth again about NNHS, Lefty,
clarinet players, the whole spiel.  Naturally, when I put my bags down, they bounce pass the ball to me about 25 to 30
feet out.
I bounce the ball twice and reminded them I was from Newport News, and that I never, ever missed this particular shot.
Nothing but net!  No lie.  I picked up my bags and walked to the field while they stood there with their mouths open! 
Of course, I never let them see me shoot another shot!  My very athletic African-American buddies are now believers
in the NNHS legend!
The truth is, we had guys on the bench that could have been starters at most other high schools.  Even guys like me
could have, at least, been bench-warmers at most other high schools.
Didn't NNHS have several really low-scoring games in the 50's, early 60's due to desperate teams trying to "freeze" the
game and win it 6 to 4?  Anybody remember the lowest scoring game?
- Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/31/05

WOWZERONI, Craig!!! How cool is that?!? Thanks!
I have a clear memory of your shooting hoops at Magruder   It could only have been in the summer of 1960,
and no doubt involved Bobby Norris ('62 - of VA) and Bobby Callis ('64 - of WV).
It is amazing the things I find tucked away in the recesses of my mind.......

Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/31/05 requested that your Newsletter subscribers contribute the low scoring TYPHOON
basketball games. The two that come to mind during my days at NNHS were the following:

1957 Virginia State Tournament Round 2, E. C. Glass (Lynchburg) 29 and NNHS 43.

Round 3 Virginia of Bristol 31 and NNHS 52, making them the State Champs!!!

Both games were grueling because the opponents froze the ball the entire game as a grand strategy to slow down the
fast breaking TYPHOON.

TYPHOON Regards,

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/01/05

   Thanks, Joe!  I've no idea how you remember such things from forty-eleven years back, but you've probably no idea
how it is that I remember what I was wearing on both days of the celebrations surrounding the Christening of USS Forrestal
(CVA-59), December 10 and 11, 1954 either, but I do and you do, so I suppose it all works out.

I read with interest the basketball story from Craig Miller (’63 - of FL) in your April Fools Day newsletter.
Like Craig, I, too, was pretty decent at hoops but found that basketball was a tight group at NNHS. Instead,
I earned my letters for Cross Country and Track & Field under Coach Conn.

To answer Craig’s question – Yes, a number of basketball opponents tried the slow down or “freeze” game
against NNHS teams. If my memory serves, in 1959 NNHS beat Granby High twice, 25-24 and 32-31,
in exciting slow down games. Playing “four corners” worked for Dean Smith at UNC and that approach caused
our loss, 32-34, to Wilson HS to end either a (I forget which) 57 or 59 game winning streak. To my knowledge
this streak of consecutive wins is still a Virginia record!

Playing half court and freezing the ball was about the only chance you had to beat a Lefty Driesell team - - -
if you tried to run with him, you’d lose by twenty, or more!

Almost everybody remembers that NNHS had great state championship basketball teams, but Coach Conn’s
track teams were also very good. I don’t think we lost a dual meet in ’58 or ’59, won the Virginian Pilot Relays,
etc. - - - perhaps you could check with Gene Duncan ('60 - of VA) or somebody about the track team in ’60.

Now football was something else! NNHS had too few students to draw from to be able to compete well with the
much larger schools (like Hampton HS), that were our traditional opponents. Not that NNHS didn’t try! Again,
if my memory serves, in my senior year (’59) NNHS ran back the opening kickoff against EC Glass, a perennial
powerhouse back then. That kind of made them angry, and EC Glass proceeded to whomp up on us until the
final score was 56-6! Hey, we got six more points against them than did a lot of other teams that year!

 - John Patterson (‘59) - of Northern VA - 04/01/05

   Thanks, John!

Craig Miller ('63) of FL asked about NNHS opponents freezing the ball, and resulting low-scoring
games. Two of the most nerve-wracking were in '58. Neither team really "froze" the ball, but played extremely
controlled, slow-down offense to stop the awesome Typhoon fast break. NNHS won both 50-48.

One was at Warwick. The other was against Granby in the State Championship game. That game was one
of the greatest comebacks in history -- this was long before the 3-point shots were allowed. Granby was up
38-20 at half, as I recall. The Typhoon defense was unbelievable in the second half, and they outscored Granby
30-10, winning in the final minute.

That was exhausting just to watch. I can't imagine what it was like for the guys on the floor.
The most amazing "freeze" I ever saw was in the '58 season, by either Princess Ann, or Cradock, I think. They
actually froze the ball for the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game to prevent the Typhoon from scoring 100 points!!

The crowd was booing them like crazy. The next day the entire NNHS student body was treated to the unbelievable
announcement over the PA system during homeroom, that the principal, Mr. George McIntosh, had written a
letter to the opponent's principal demanding an apology for their unsportsmanlike conduct!
(Never did hear if they did apologize!)

- Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 04/04/05

WOWZERS!  Thanks, Ron!

I was still attending wonderful Stonewall Jackson and as usual was on the second tier sitting on the floor, hanging over the edge,
in the "Old" gym dreaming of the day that I would play for the great Typhoon basketball program at NNHS.
It was a dream that did come true for a change! And I was an "outsider".

Among the players on that particular Typhoon team were Horace Underwood ('61), Bob Worthington ('61), Harry Conn ('59),
"big man" Carroll ('60), et all. The opponent was Suffolk High. They not only froze the ball so long that snow showers
were reported in certain parts of the gym, they "let the air out of it!". With quickly fading memory,
I recall the half time score being 4-2, and I think we were behind!

But, alas, the home court magic, along with a bunch of "mojoing" (is that a word?) from Coach Conn, came through for us
once again and we prevailed 30-29. Suffolk came as close as you can to producing a MAJOR upset.
I hope I've got my players in the correct time frame?

That's the lowest scoring basketball game I can recall ever seeing at NNHS. What say you Mr. Miller?

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/04/05

Thanks, Wayne!

It is nice to hear from so many subscribers of the online Newsletter about the low scoring
TYPHOON Basketball games when opponents tried to slow down the fast breaking TYPHOON.
One big disruption during a game at Woodrow Wilson High of Portsmouth, was the collapse of a portion of the bleachers.
The rowdy fans of Woodrow Wilson placed the bleachers under great stress with the stomping of their feet and jumping
around so that the bleacher collapsed and gave everyone a great fright. Anyone remember which year this took place?

TYPHOON Regards,
- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/05/05

Thanks, Joe!

I hope I have this right.   In 1963 after NNHS beat Warwick 58 to 18 in the "get even" game,
we played Norview away and they slowed it down.   The final was Typhoon 23, Norview 13.  
Two games later we beat Hampton 24 to 22.  
These are the two lowest scoring games that I am aware of!

Who remembers the "sudden death" game in 1961 when Billy Anspach
sank two free throws to preserve our home court winning streak.  
We won 48 to 46.So many basketball memories.  
Weren't we so fortunate to have such good sports teams?  
Most high schools go for years without winning championships.
Our track and cross country teams were incredible!

 - Ed Nichols ('62) of VA - 04/05/05

Thanks, Ed!

Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA is right on with his recall of the Suffolk game. I saw that one too,
but couldn't remember the details. I think his halftime score was right -- 4-2 in favor of Suffolk.

- Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 04/05/05

Thanks, Ron!

Carol, Wayne Stokes and Ron Miller:
You were correct, Bobby Callis, ('64), Bobby Norris ('62), and several other Stuart Gardens guys used to shoot it up
at Magruder Elementary in the spring and fall in the early 60s.  Kenny Lipscomb ('63), Ray Stinnette ('63), (my cousin), and
Max Bartholomew ('65)  were also all very decent basketball players, too.  None of us could make the cut on the great NNHS
basketball teams.  I think Bobby Callis made the cut, for a while, on JV.  The rest of us were condemned to recreational teams,
and pickup games.
Speaking of recreational teams, does anybody remember "Lefty's Leftovers"?  These were, I think, 5 seniors that Lefty kicked off
the team in '59, or '60.  I heard that they won the State Title in the Men's Division Recreation Leagues.  Can anyone confirm this?
Wayne Stokes ('65) nailed one of the low scoring games:  Suffolk temporarily had us, 4 to 2 at halftime.  That halftime score was
the score my feeble mind was trying to recall.  Suffolk was a "nobody" and the only chance they had was to freeze the ball.
John Patterson ('59) jogged up the horrible memory of that 32-34 loss to Wilson which broke our 59 game winning streak. 
This was another "slow-down" game.
I had completely forgot about the 56-6 thumping of NNHS by EC Glass in football.  Why, John, Why?
I think the 25-24 win over Granby was the lowest scoring "freeze" game.  Thanks, John.  Did you look this up, or remember it? 
Not all NNHS alumni may know this, but in the late 50's and early 60's, 7th graders used to attend NNHS.  My dad, John E. ("Jack")
Miller ('28) was a NNHS football player, and a great fan of NNHS athletics.  From the moment I started attending NNHS in the fall
of 1957, my dad took me to every football and basketball game, home and away, until I could drive.  I honestly don't think I ever
missed a single game until after I graduated in 1963, and went off to Va. Tech, thanks to him.
As a result, many of us got to enjoy six, not four, wonderful years at the greatest high school in the Country. 
I got to watch Bucky Keller ('58) for another year at Va. Tech!
It is great re-living some of those wonderful old memories of those great basketball teams.  We are all blessed.  Thank you, Carol
Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 04/06/05

Thanks, Craig!


In your Quarter to Three 4/06 Newsletter Craig Miller ('63 - of FL) asked if I remembered that low scoring
25-24 win over Granby HS. Yes, I remember both "freeze" games against Granby that year, although I cannot
recall if the lowest scoring one was a home or away game as I went to many away games, too. I'm pretty sure
the 32-34 loss was at Wilson, but I won't bet the ranch on it.

Granby had an all-state guard whose first name escapes me, but whose last name was Korta. His quick drives
to the basket and overall outstanding play kept Granby in the game. I hadn't realized he lived up here
in Northern VA until my wife (Aretie Gallins-'59) and I attended his viewing when he passed away a couple
of years ago.

It seems that Ed Nichols ('62 - of Northern VA) has come up with the lowest scoring NNHS basketball game
with the 1963 24-22 win against Hampton. Was Craig Miller there but forgot?

 - John Patterson (‘59) - of Northern VA - 04/06/05

   Thanks, John!

I know this thread is getting thin, but it is in an area of great fondness for me, NNHS basketball! I can't even remember the
scores of games in which I played, yet can call forth some info. on those I watched as a "dreamer of future deeds on the hardwood".

When the article was originally send by Tom Flax ('64 - of VA) (Coach Conn and NNHS basketball) I questioned then
Marty O'Brien's accuracy on the number of State Championships we won ( I said 12 as opposed to 10, Joe Madagan ('57 -
of FL) joined me in my belief, that outside of the VHSL, we had won others) and also said I believed that the home court winning
streak (which was the longest in the entire country at the time!) was ended at 101not 100, by Great Bridge on a Saturday night.
I could be wrong!?

We, the 65'ers, were the first basketball champs of The Peninsula District. The district was "officially" started with the '64-'65
school year. Prior to that we played in the Eastern District. My year on JV as a ninth grader, we were 17-1(one 1 point loss) and
Eastern District JV Champions! Anyway, we left the streak at 99 in-a-row, and I believe that there were 2 more home victories
before it inevitably came to an end. Am I wrong? That is NOT a rare event!! It could not go on forever, or could it? I mean,
we were the Typhoon of Newport News High School and could work "magic" of our own!

 Someone wrote, paraphrased, that other schools would "kill" to have what NNHS would consider a "bad" year! I can't remember
our record as an 8th. & 9th.player, but including the year I played JV, I was a member of teams that went>17-1;23-1;25-0;
and 18-2. Not bad!

Thanks to all who contributed to my memory of the great Typhoon basketball teams: Ron Miller, Craig Miller, Ed Nichols,
and all the others I've surely failed to name.

 P. S.

In my much too long mailing regarding NNHS basketball, I failed to mention one important thing. And that is, after all these
35 years have come and gone without a NNHS, whether it be 10, 12, or whatever, we STILL lead the state in State Basketball
Championships in our division, the highest division, at the time was known as :AAA. (triple A) In those days there were only three
divisions: A, AA, and the highest, AAA.

We're still NUMBER ONE!! 

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/06/05

Thanks, Wayne!

I looked through some of the old Beacon's and VHSL web site and found some low scoring games. 1931
beat GW Danville in state championship game 29-19; 1933 lost to GW Danville in state championship
game 24-17; 1938 beat TJ Richmond 25-23 in state championship game;1942 beat GW 31-24 in state
championship game; 1944 lost to TJ Richmond 32-27 in state championship game; 1945 in regular season
games lost to Maury 22-14 and lost to Wilson 19-18; 1947 in regular season game beat Wilson 29-21. I'm
sure there are other scores even lower as I only have a few old Beacons.

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 04/06/05

Thanks, Albert!


One LAST COMMENT regarding basketball at NNHS and scores, low or otherwise. Anyone that is a follower of the game
in general will note that over the years the game has changed in certain aspects; scoring being one of them.

Those great and valuable finds by Albert (Dorner - '66 - of VA) may seem to be "low scoring" games, when in fact for the
era in which they were played, they were pretty much "on target". That is to say over time the scores of a "normal" game
gradually became higher than they were in the 30' & 40's.

I will say this regarding those teams, especially on the "south side", that were averaging 80+ points a game; they were lucky
to score 40 when they played us. WE PLAYED DEFENSE!

Also, in our day at NNHS dunking was not allowed! In warm-ups prior to games in our 63-64 season we did a drill where
every player, one after another, would tap the ball against the backboard keeping it "alive" until, at the end of the line, Jimmy
Rama ('64 of MD) would "lay" it in over the rim! Had he dunked it, it would have been a technical foul!! Times have changed.
And that's all I've got to say about that!

Take Care!

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/07/05

Thanks, Wayne Honey!

Carol, I've attached some pics of articles that should help Wayne's (Stokes - '65 - of VA) poor failing memory. It was
in fact 100 wins and the Peninsula District was formed in the fall of '65. I have a vivid memory as we (cross-country team)
were supposed to win the first ever Peninsula District Championship; we didn't, but we did finish 5th in the state, which was
the best any Typhoon team had done in 10 years. Also in the trophy section of your ever growing web site, you can find the
PD charter plaque which is dated 1965. Peace, Albert

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 04/07/05

AHH -  Thanks, Albert! I recognize these clippings from one of the fabulous scrapbooks you showed me at the Reunion.
They were among the treasures you located when you rescued the trophies themselves last fall.
Somewhere in the back of what I used to call my mind is a thought which says that you gentlemen agree in theory, but there's
a principle or semantics or reference to an earlier existing athletic regulatory agency or something involved here. However, as
this is a sports question, and as I am the one who used to pride myself on never knowing which teams were involved in the
World Series (I'm using baseball as a metaphor, but it applies to the entire world of sports, if you catch my drift), I will refrain
from adding any useful commentary here. Or in the words of Br'er Rabbit:
["And the tar-baby, (s)he lay low....."]
However, I did add the images here: 
Thanks again, Sweetie!

... I might add a comment re low scoring games in the past. There was a time in the past when play would stop
and there would be a jump ball after every basket.  You can still see the "vestigial" jump circle around the foul
line at both ends of the court. Ask Al and Wayne about the effect of that on scores.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/08/05

Thanks, Dave - I will!

John Patterson/Albert Dorner -
Craig Miller was there for the 24-22 Hampton game but forgot. Wow, I forgot how many low-scoring games we had
to play. What a cheap way to try to upset a good team! I thought the "freeze" was unique to the 50's and 60's, but
Albert Dorner dusted off a pile of low-scoring affairs in the 30's and 40's! It looks like the 1945 loss to Wilson 18-19
is the record low-scoring game.
You'd think VHSL would have started a play clock after, say, the first 30 years of this unsportsmanlike tactic!
Craig ('63)
P.S. Who's going to be the first to confirm the two state championships prior to the VHSL?

- Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 04/08/05

Thanks, Craig!
"Anyone? Anyone?"

First, in reply to Dave's (Spriggs - '64 - of VA) inquiry, although it may seem that I have been around "forever" my days as a
basketball player do no go back as far as "jump balls" after every basket! Regarding the term basket and basketball, "in the
beginning...", there were indeed peach baskets used as "goals" and after each made goal a ladder was brought forth
to remove the ball from the basket, AND INDEED A "JUMP BALL" WAS "HELD" AFTER EACH BASKET!!
As an aside, does anyone remember how "girl's, women's" basketball was played? How many players were on the floor and
where they were placed? Of course, this question regards how it was played before it became the "same" as the men's game.
Now to Albert (Dorner - '66- of VA) and his unfair advantage he is using against my rapidly failing memory - JUST KIDDING
ABOUT UNFAIR - indeed he is CORRECT about the "Home Court Winning Streak" ending a 100. For years I had believed it
was 101! Now, I know better, THANKS, for real, Albert!!
As to the "Peninsula District", we are as close to bantering about semantics as we could be! Although, I have few newspaper
articles from my senior year, the few I have refer to the "Peninsula Standings" when they are listed. Prior to that year, it was
"Eastern District Standings", when printed. Additionally, my "certificate of participation" for that year states "Peninsula
However, in all honesty, one article mentions:"...the Peninsula DIVISION of the Eastern District". It could be that 64-65
was the transition year from complete association with the Eastern District to the Peninsula District (Peninsula Division)
and the two descriptions were used as one (District and Division). Although I can't put my hands on it, I do recall in an article
the mention of the "three Districts: Eastern, Southeastern, and Peninsula"!. Could be the writers were as confused as we were!
Enough from me on this subject and any other for that matter!!
Take Care!

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/10/05

Thanks, Wayne!

This Page created 08/11/04 and opened 08/30/04 at the suggestion of Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA ,
the nudge and confirmation of Charlie Hilling ('56) of FL, the expertise of Billy Turner ('65) of TX,
a couple of major surprises from Rick Billings ('65) of NC, the overwhelming assistance of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA,
and the silent but constant mysterious subliminal promptings of Joe Madagan ('57) of FL.
We are deeply indebted to them all.  Thank you, Gentlemen!

And to all the teams, managers, and coaches - we salute you.
Thanks for all your hard work and incredible effort over the years, and for all the precious memories you've given us all.

Bouncing Basketball and Twirling Basketball clip art courtesy of - 03/26/04

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1957 NNHS Basketball Sweater Letter courtesy of Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/01/04
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