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12/14/05 - NNHS Newsletter -
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

"The earth has grown old with its burden of care,
But at Christmas it always is young."

~ Phillips Brooks

Dear Friends and Schoolmates, 

   Every morning I awaken with the fantasy that I'll just write a quick little Newsletter, and every day I find
they're not so quick after all.....


1.    Patti Anderson Marshall ('65) of CA - 12/14/05:

Hi!!  Just found out about this Web site!!   I'm in California now - but was wondering about all you guys from high school!!   I would like to be put on all future mailing lists - and all Reunion Notices!!   I saw a photo of the last Reunion with 5 classmates and I recognized all of them.  

Thanks for adding me - - Patti

Here's my current photo - you may use it.
     Patti!!!  I'm so glad to hear from you!!!

   I've thought of you so often over the years.  Isn't it fun finding everyone again?!?  I'll pass your contact information over to the Reunion Committee.

   I've added you to the Alumni List and the Contact Page: - Let me know if you want your email addy posted

   Send me your birthday, and we'll add you there as well:

Keep in touch!



   Hit #41, 500 was made on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 9:59 AM by an unidentified AOL user.

NNHS Class of 1958 Holiday Dinner, 2005
Place:  Hampton Yacht Club
Date:  Monday, December 19, 2005
Time:  6:00 PM Social; 7:00 PM Dinner
Contact: Joe Drewry at

Last call for reservations

From Doug Nelson ('64) of VA - 12/13/05 - "Two things of interest to me":

Hi Carol,

In your recent newsletters, there have been two things of particular interest to me:

1) In the newsletter 
there was a scan of the 1926 Beacon, June Class of 1926 submitted by 
  John Patterson ('59) (of Northern VA) - .
On that list is my mother, Mildred Berryman. She was the class Salutatorian I believe. I have the typewritten draft copy of the address she gave at the graduation exercises. I used to have some of
my mother's, and father's (class of 1924, I think) Beacons, but alas, they have been misplaced.


2) A small coincidence: In the newsletter  you post a picture of the house your    father (Robert Buckley - John Marshall HS - '25) designed and built on Westover Hills, Richmond (5005 Caledonia Road). I went to school at Virginia Tech, graduating in 1969. I was a "Co-op" student, which meant that I alternated going to school and working in industry (at the duPont plant on the southern limit of Richmond). For most of my working quarters I rented a room at the home of an old woman named Mrs. Reeves (forgot her first name) who lived, if I remember correctly, at 5104 King William Road in Westover Hills.
5005 Caledonia Road, Westover Hills, Richmond, VA  
Looking on Google Maps, it was one street south, and one block west of your father's house.

Poor old Mrs. Reeves had to put up with me and as many as two other Co-op student renters from Tech and Purdue.

Doug Nelson, '64.

   And I have another "coincidence" for you, Doug.  At the start of the war, my daddy was working at that very Spruance plant.

     And the war ended in August of 1945.  My daddy came home from Europe in September of 1945.  I was born in August of 1947.  We moved to Newport News in January of 1954.  In 1956 we began attending Trinity Methodist Church where you and your family were already members, and I first met you.

   Our lives are all woven together with gossamer threads we can't even imagine.

   Thanks, Doug!  Merry Christmas!


  From Al Simms ('60) of VA - 12/13/05 - "Correction for 1958 Band page 86 picture":


Do you do anything at all besides work on Newsletters and the 65 website

   "No, not really, no."

   Well, the laundry, I do two or three loads of laundry every day, but that's about it.  Except - I did invite company for dinner tomorrow night, so I suppose I've have to do something about that.........

I read with great interest your newsletters and just wonder where you find the time for all of it.  Your class is indeed fortunate to have someone so talented and dedicated.

I have been thru the Class of 65 website many times and always find something new each time I go - if not new just something that I did not see the last time. 
  One small correction needed that I saw tonight.  1958 Band Page.  You have a picture of trumpet players.  All of the names are correct except mine.    Billy Prillaman was a trombone player from my class of 1960. My name, Albert Simms, should replace his.  You will also note that I signed the yearbook from which this photo was scanned and that there is a faint arrow pointing to the top of my flattop haircut.  Who's ever yearbook this was is apparently some girl who I thought was real cute....................  Was that you????????
No, Sweetie, that was my sister    (Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC).  And of course, she's real cute.  She's my sister!!!  WILDEST GIGGLES!!!
1958 Anchor, p. 86    
"As we glance into C period band class, we find the trumpet section busily practicing for the Senior Band's coming concerts."    
LEFT TO RIGHT: Donnie Tugwell ('58); Julius Benton ('58); Dan Rouse ('59); Jimmy Grubbs ('58); Wayne Johnson ('60); Albert Simms ('60); Chuck Anspach ('60); and Norman Dick ('60)  

   You have no idea how I agonized over that photograph - and your inscription, for that matter!  Thanks for finally correcting it.

I have been digging through some old photos and will soon send to you some old ones of Newport News and maybe even a more recent matching photo on one or two things.

   Sweet - thanks!

Also soon will send to you a listing for me for the Soldiers page.  I am going to do the html for you so at least mine will be easy to put up.

   Oh, good - thank you.  I've been meaning to bug you about that for quite some time, but of course, I've been meaning to do a lot of things.  It's easy enough to add data to those Famous Military pages.  It's just that some of them are unstable, and tend to start shifting their borders when I try to place images, causing me to pull my hair.  If I'd ever finish redoing them, that shouldn't be a problem.  You will actually be on one of the stable sections - right between Rod Serling and Warren Spahn - "not too shabby".

Keep up all the great work!  Also hope that you guys have a great reunion.
Al Simms
Class of 60

   Thanks, Al!  Actually, the Class of '65 had their Reunion in October.  This is the Class of '58 having their annual Holiday Dinner - and they didn't really invite me.  But that's okay, because I'm going to a Christmas party that night myself.  And I'm sure they'll have a marvelous time, and I always do (as a matter of principle).  So we'll all have fun! 


  From Tom Oxner ('65) of AR - 12/13/05 - "Hop's Place":

Hop's Place wasn't just an auto parts store. They had all kinds of hard to find parts and I think they also had an automotive machine shop. I spent a lot of my hard earned cash there. They were open for extended hours before that was a common practice.

   Oh, SUPER!  Thanks, Tom!

Tom Oxner (looking forward to the end of the semester)

Dr. Thomas H. Oxner
Professor of Accounting
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR 72035

   I'll bet you are, at that!  GIGGLES!!!  Merry Christmas, Tom!  Enjoy your break!


Dale Parsons ('48) of VA - 12/13/05 - "Hop's Place":

Hop's Place Auto Parts, Machine Shop and Glass Shop owned by Dick Hopkins, wonderful person still working in his 80 years and moved the business from Armistead Avenue to the old Royals Motor Co. building on Pembroke Avenue a few years back and still in operation.

   WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Dale!  That's impressive!


  From Steve Silsby (Ferguson HS - '72) of NC - 12/14/05 - "photos-n-stuff":

Hi Carol!
I just returned home from a four-day stay at my parent's home in Newport News.  I visited with my sisters Gale (Silsby - FHS '64) Owenby of NN and Sherry (Silsby - FHS '69) Wadlow who was in town from Lodi, CA.   Incidentally, my mother is Dot (Harton - HHS '42) Silsby
While in town, I spent a day shooting pictures throughout Newport News.  I have scores of them, but I'll feed them to you in small bursts (unless you'd like them all at once, in which case, I can burn you a CD-rom).
   I vote for the small bursts - thanks!
First, though, I've attached an anchor logo for the FHS Mariners, for those times you may refer to one of us.  I don't know what size you prefer to use, so I'll leave the re-sizing to your pleasure.
   Bless your heart!  It seems that what they've been saying about me all these years is actually true.  I do seem to be a control freak of the very worst sort.  One would think I'd be grateful for someone saving me a step of two and resizing the images they send me.  More often than not I would have preferred something else.  That's no doubt because I'm such a brat.  Although, I think I've recently discovered a magic secret remedy (long known by every computer savvy person in the free and not-so-free world) which will enable to to "fix" even those instances.  So it's all good!

   And the Mariner image was perfect!  Like the Hampton crab and the John Marshall justice, it can be enlarged so everyone can see greater detail - just like the tiny portraits themselves.

Now, there've been a few items mentioned in recent newsletters that I got good shots of.  First, there's the post-card and photo from    Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) of the house at the corner of Hampton Roads Avenue. and Chesapeake Avenue.  I took a shot to duplicate closely the perspective of the original post-card.  The trees have shed some, but not all of their leaves to show a bit more of the houses.
Speaking of duplicating perspective, how about this shot of the pool at Colonial Motor Courts (compare to post-card photo).  Here's how it looks now.  Note the change in the size of the tree trunk to the left of the pool (painted white in the post-card.)  The pool needs a bit of cleaning, too.
Last (for now),   Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59 - of Northern VA) provided great photos of the Colony Restaurant on Washington (and Colonial Hotel in the background).  Here's a "now" shot matching her third photo.  The business is indeed still there and operating as "Colony Restaurant".  The Colonial Hotel, of course, is gone. 
That'll do for now.  There's a lot more where that came from, so I'll be in touch. 
Best Mariner Regards,
Steve Silsby, FHS '72 (for the most part)
Mount Pleasant, NC
  Chesapeake Avenue Colonial Motor Courts Colony Restaurant  
   GASP!!!  Your images are breathtaking, Steve!  Thanks so much.  I'll place them on their respective pages as soon as I'm able - which isn't right now!

  From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 12/14/05 - "Hi from Jeanb":    

Well, here I sit at 12:16 a.m. like the insane person I am reading about doot-de-doos and laughing until I cannot breathe...I do declare that is something to ponder! 

   It is indeed, Jean!  Just make sure you're pondering with your Doot-de-Doo at full blast. 

HOP's Place was indeed an auto parts store.  My father worked for Cutchins Bros, Dixie Diggs, and the NN Rambler place before going to work for the government.  I remember him talking about running down to Hop's for parts.  I do not know anything else about it because I was fairly young...

hugs, Jeanb

   No kidding?!?  I had forgotten that!  Well, isn't this fun??  Thanks, Jean!  Merry Christmas!


  From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 12/14/05 - "MIDI for Strawberry Banks":



   OH, WOWZERS!!!  David, that is the very song I that came to my mind for that page!  And what a great MIDI you found - thanks! 

   (GIGGLES - I'm so impressed with myself for thinking of the same number that you did!  LA-LA-LA!)


  From Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 12/14/05:

Dear Carol,

  Wayne Stokes ('65 - of VA) is right on, in my opinion, with his "Typhoon" vs. "Typhoons" explanation. I also agree that it is most likely Coach Conn who worked his usual magic on the name.

Merry Christmas to all Typhoons out there.

Sincerely, Joe Wingo

   Thanks, Joe.  I think Wayne expressed it so well that time that even I understood it - after lo, these many years.  I used to feel so uncomfortable with the whole thing that I just avoided using it altogether - and "dat ain't right'!  (Thanks again, Wayne Honey!)

   Merry Christmas to you, too, Sweetie!


   From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD to    Gloria
Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 12/14/05:

"Our yearbook is (or was) the Krabba, and the school newspaper was Krabba Highlights.  However, I don't have any history of why they changed the C to a K and it became Krabba for those items. 

"Tom?  Chandler?"   

The only thing I can suggest is that because we (Hamptonians, Crabbers, Krabbas, whatever) were closer to Bull Island, we couldn’t spell too well.

Chandler Nelms

   Chandler Darlin', you're a hoot!  Thanks!


   Y'all take care of each other!

                          Love to all, Carol




"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
Take a look in the five-and-ten, glistening once again
With candy canes and silver lanes aglow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Toys in ev'ry store,
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be
On your own front door.

A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben;
Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well,
The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart. 

 "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" midi courtesy of - 11/26/05

 "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" lyrics courtesy of - 12/06/05

Wreath clip art courtesy of - 12/06/05

 Candy Cane Divider Line clip art courtesy of  - 12/06/05

Bird House by the Snowy Fence Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 12/06/05

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

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