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12/04/05 - NNHS Newsletter -
All My Heart This Night Rejoices

Dear Friends and Schoolmates, 

     Today is the second Sunday in Advent, and as one big happy family, we are continuing to celebrate all holidays together whether we personally observe them or not, because that is what families do. 

   All the mention of Trinity Methodist Church lately brought a Christmas memory back to me.  Every December they held (and I suppose still do) a magnificent Christmas Cantata with all the church choirs participating, placed in different locations around the sanctuary.  I can remember Christmas of 1960 when we were in the eighth grade    Linwood Wright's ('65 - of VA) being in the Handbell Choir, while    Becky Goolsby ('64 - of VA) ,    Rose Woodard ('65), and   I ('65 - of NC) were singing in the six-girl Antiphonal Choir.  And I remember   Bill Mingee ('61) and    Bill Gruver ('62 - of Northern VA) singing in the Epworth Choir (for those in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades).  Each year, the Epworth Choir sang this beautiful carol - All My Heart This Night Rejoices.  I thought it was one of the loveliest carols I'd ever heard, both the lyrics and the melody.  I still do.




1.    Kathie Avant Taylor ('64) of GA - 12/02/05:

I would like to be added to the mailing list.

Thank you. Kathie

   Hi, Kathie - and welcome!  I've added your name to the invisible mailing lists, as well as to the Alumni List and the Contact List for the Class of 1964 (though I did not publish your email addy):

2.    Myra Rosenwasser Kahn ('58) of FL - 12/03/05:

Add to list; I now live in Lake Worth, Florida.

   Certainly, Myra!  Welcome!  I've never created a Contact List for the Class of '58, but I've added your name to the Alumni List alongside your classmates, as well as to the hidden mailing lists:




   Happy Birthday today to Howard Williamson (HHS - '63) of VA, and a happy belated birthday to   Ann Lillaston Wilson ('57) and to    George Konstant ('65) of VA, who both celebrated Friday, and I forgot for the second year in a row to mention it in time.  Boy, am I in trouble!  I'm so sorry.  Maybe I should get a head start on    Melody's (Clendenin DeBerry - WHS - '66 - of VA) birthday tomorrow!



NNHS Class of 1958 Holiday Dinner, 2005
Place:  Hampton Yacht Club
Date:  Monday, December 19, 2005
Time:  6:00 PM Social; 7:00 PM Dinner
Contact: Joe Drewry at

  From Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 12/02/05:

Thank you for your kind words. And many thanks to 
  Aretie (Gallins)Patterson ('59 - of Northern VA), whose descriptions of what was once downtown brought back sights and sounds of Washington Avenue during the Christmas season.
   Oh, absolutely!  Does that woman not give the most evocative descriptions you've ever read??  It's downright spooky! I catch myself while I'm reading her letters, and I realize that I'm simply gaping at my monitor like a four-year old child listening to Story Time - saucer-eyed, dropped jaw, and totally awed by the reality of it all.

I'm afraid my 'memorabilia' is pretty much just memory, where it can't get lost... like the metal Lionel train set I won-in a drawing from Gorsuch Drug Store - and got my picture in the paper as well!... and the baseball cards... who knew? What are those things worth now? I don't even want to know. As with many things and people that are nowhere to be found, we are lucky to have good memories that cannot tarnish with age.

   ARGHHH, all the goodies and wonders we let slip through our fingers!  I don't even wanna think about my baseball card collection!  I had a whole shoebox full!

Glad to hear you will pace yourself!


   Thanks, Jimmy! 


  From Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 12/02/05:


  David Cutler ('67 - of VA) is one of my best friends and I know he is not   Jimmy's ('68) brother; in fact, they are not related at all.

What they did have in common was great track talent.

Peace, Albert

   AHA!  Well, isn't that special?  Let's hope they're good friends and each considered that error a compliment.  Sigh....  At least I didn't pronounce them dead, as I did three poor unsuspecting souls in the past....

   Thanks, Albert!


  From Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 12/03/05:

Hi, Carol!
I still think Ronnie Cutler may be related to
   David ('67 - of VA), if not actually David's brother.  I don't know where Ronnie went to high school, though I just assumed NNHS. Ronnie booked tour buses for school field trips during the 70's and I think coached wrestling at HHS around that time, as well. What would we do without the occasional mystery?
                                                                                      Be safe! Jimmy

   GIGGLES!!!  Indeed!  Thanks, Sweetie!

   Okay, would anyone care to call one or all of these gentlemen and end our speculations?  I almost picked up the phone and did so myself yesterday, but my voice is still out of whack and I sound like a zombie, if not worse, so I chickened out.



  From Linda Bond Crayton ('66) of VA - 12/02/05:

Dear Carol,

I am doing family research and would like to know if any of my school mates are "family".
The Bonds are from Wise County, Virginia mostly, but are spread out everywhere.
Family names: Wade, Davis, Lawson, Greer, Kilgore, Smith, Gilliam, Horn, Bruce, Powell,  and to tell the truth, a lot of NNHS people. If anyone is out there, please let me know.

Also, I lived in Warwick Gardens and went to Parkview Baptist. Love to see those pictures!

I have three sisters who also attended NNHS   Ricki (60), Betty, and Rosie.

   Rosie?  Is    Rosalie ('65) your sister?  She was in my homeroom 209.  (I'm doing soooo well on calling these relationships lately, I thought I might as well stick my foot in my mouth again....)

Print this if you can or think its safe.

   Of course, I can!  And "safe" is such a relative term.  What is safe?  Who is safe? And who really knows?

I'm so glad you're there.

   Thank you - I'm glad I am too!  GIGGLES!

   But as for your question, many of us are related by blood as well as by spirit.  I myself have a Powell line, but it's back in Jamestown in the early 1600's.  And I know of a number of our other subscribers who do as well.  Do you know what in which counties your families lived before they made it out to Wise County?

   Okay, all you family history buffs out there (and we have a goodly number of them in our midst as well).  Check out those names and drop Linda a line.

   Thanks again, Linda!



  From Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 12/01/05 - "Ditto":

Dear Carol,

I second    Joe Madagan’s ('57 - of FL) comment about    Fred Eubank’s ('64 - of TX)  Briarfield website and   Jimmy Hines’s ('64 - of Northern VA) comments to you about to relax and not to feel guilty, which appeared in the December 2, 2005 newsletter!!! You ARE doing a TREMENDOUS job, and all of us are deeply grateful to you! Thank you a googolplex times (that’s 10 to the 100th power times)!!

Aretie Patterson

   GULP!  Thank you, Aretie!  I feel extremely blessed to have this privilege.



   All you Crabbers have been strangely quiet this week.  "It ain't natchral!"  Y'all okay?!?

   Y'all enjoy your Sunday - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol




"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."



All My Heart This Night Rejoices

Words:    Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen
Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676), Praxis Pietatis Melica, 1653
translation by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878), Lyra Germanica, England 1858
Music by Johann Georg Ebeling (1637-1676)

All my heart this night rejoices,
As I hear, far and near, sweetest angel voices;
“Christ is born,” their choirs are singing,
Till the air, everywhere, now their joy is ringing.

Hark! a voice from yonder manger,
Soft and sweet, doth entreat, “Flee from woe and danger;
Brethren, come; from all that grieves you
You are freed; all you need I will surely give you.”

Come, then, let us hasten yonder;
Here let all, great and small, kneel in awe and wonder,
Love Him, Who with love is yearning;
Hail the star that from far bright with hope is burning.



"All My Heart This Night Rejoices" midi courtesy of - 12/02/05

"All My Heart This Night Rejoices" lyrics and available history courtesy of - 12/03/05

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