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11/27/09 - NNHS Newsletter - Count Your Blessings

“Reflect on your blessings, of which every person has many,
not on your past misfortunes, of which all people have some.”

Charles Dickens
(07 Feb 1812 - 09 June 1870)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,  

   I may be wrong, but I think that this is the first post-Thanksgiving themed Newsletter we've ever run.  It seems that this year our cups runneth over!!

BONUS #1 - - Count Your Blessings - George Beverly Shea

BONUS #2 - - Count Your Blessings - St John's Children's Choir

BONUS #3 - - Count Your Blessings - Smokey Mountain Hymns - soothing instrumental version with slide show

BONUS #4 - - Count Your Blessings - Lucy Rhodes - totally different hymn, but same theme and a clear angelic voice

BONUS #5 - - Count Your Blessings - Irving Berlin's popular 1954 song sung by Bing Crosby in White Christmas


      From Me ('65) of IL - 11/27/09 - "OOPS!":

   Yesterday's Thanksgiving Newsletter was largely compiled late on Wednesday evening and posted at 7:20 AM Thanksgiving morning.  I went downstairs by 7:30 AM and made an unfrosted spice cake and a double batch of southern dressing to round out all the cooking and baking which had transpired all through the night (no, not by moi!), then made a few more trips "up and down".         Paul (Harty - Bardolph HS, IL - '61 - of IL) left to get our friend   Judy (Bundy Bowermaster - Litchfield HS, IL - '59 - of IL) at 8:40 AM.         Our #4 Son, Joshua Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL - '95) of IL and his family and Paul and Judy arrived simultaneously at 10:00 AM, and the eleven of us sat down for our first big meal at 11:00 AM.  Joshua had to go to work, so he and his family needed to leave by I:00 PM.  The seven of us who remained of us "chilled" a bit, and at 4:00 PM, I realized I had made a glaring omission in the Newsletter, leaving a sentence just hanging there incomplete.  As I recall,          our #1 Son, Lewis Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL - '89) of IL and his family arrived (in two batches - with even more food!) by about 5:30 PM, and the 13 of us sat down for the second big dinner (requiring two tables this time!) at 6:00 PM.  I didn't get back upstairs to my computer until after 10:00 PM, so I "fixed" the blooper then.  Didja spot it?!?


     Happy Birthday today to Gayle Fallin Harris ('57) AND Domi O'Brien ('64) of NH!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

29 - Jimmy Key ('57);

30 -      Rip Collins ('65) of TN AND      Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA;

02 - Ann Lillaston Wilson ('57) AND Jimmy McDonald ('57) AND    George Konstant ('65) of VA;

04 - William D. Dangler ('57) of VA AND  Howard Williamson (HHS - '63) of VA !

   Many Happy Returns to You All!


November 27, 1940 - In Romania, the ruling party Iron Guard arrested and executed over 60 of exiled King Carol II of Romania's aides, including former minister Nicolae Iorga.

November 27, 1940 - At the Battle of Cape Spartivento, the Royal Navy engaged the Regia Marina in the Mediterranean Sea.

November 27, 1942 - At Toulon, the French navy scuttled its ships and submarines to keep them out of Nazi hands.

November 27, 1944 - An explosion at a Royal Air Force ammunition dump at Fauld, Staffordshire killed seventy people.

November 27, 1944 - The Battle of Peleliu ended. The battle had begun on September 15. The Battle of Peleliu, when considering the number of men involved, had the highest casualty rate of any battle in the Pacific.

November 27, 1944 - United States Secretary of State Cordell Hull retired from office due to poor health. He was replaced by Edward R. Stettinius. The next year Hull won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Friday, November 27, 1964 - Cold War: Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appealed to the United States and the Soviet Union to end nuclear testing and to start nuclear disarmament, stating that such an action would "save humanity from the ultimate disaster".

Friday, November 27, 1964 - Actress Robin Givens was born in New York City, New York.

       From Dimples Dinwiddie Prichard ('58) of NC - 11/25/09, 6:35 PM - "We went phishing and caught the Newsletter":


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit !!!  I have accessed the Newsletter !   It was trapped in the "Phishing Net" one of those things that you don't know is there but jumps out and grabs your stuff on the computer !

Truly something to be Thankful for on this Thanksgiving Eve. 
    Joe (Madagan - '57 - of FL) sent us, you and me, a letter this morning and when Reuben (Prichard)  got home he punched a few keys and "DANG !"  The Newsletter one the screen opened like it should have in the first place months ago.  Just had to let you know and have you feel relieved that it wasn't something that involved your remains a mystery how it happened to mine.  The one thing I don't do is push keys and buttons when I have no idea what they will do and that involves most of them.  Perhaps a talk with my grandson will reveal something, I will tell him no fancy stuff on the computer or else.... just to make sure.  Right now that is the only thing I can think of that may have caused it ! 

Really now, don't you feel better ?  I do ! 

Love, Dimples

     That is SUPER Thanksgiving news, Dimples! Thanks for letting us know!

  From Robert Fulcher ('64) of VA - 11/26/09, 6:45 AM - "Happy Thanksgiving":

Dear friends and family. I just want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday.

From Dale Parsons ('69) of HI- 11/26/09, 7:23 AM - "Happy Thanksgiving":


I will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and will be out of the office until Monday, November 30, 2009.

Mahalo nui loa,


  From Joyce Lawrence Cahoon ('65) of VA - 11/26/09, 9:01 AM - "Happy THANKSGIVING............":



  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy 
Have never a lump. 
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

   Thank you so much, Robert, Dale, and Joyce! Happy Thanksgiving and Mahalo nui loa to y'all, too!

  From Jamey Douglas Bacon ('66) of VA - 11/26/09, 9:49 PM - "Happy Thanksgiving":

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am so thankful to be home. I  may not be here for long but I enjoy every minute that I can be here to visit with my neighbors,  and old friends like Patty Dempsey Gibbs ('66 - of VA) and      Linda Lane Lane ('64 - of VA), etc. They have been so good to me like bringing goodies to me in the nursing home.  Just the visits were enough but I really enjoyed the junk food. Little things like being in your own home mean so much and I am so thankful to be here if only for a little while. I am also thankful for your e-mails. Keep them coming. I am also thankful that my son and his wife and kids are healthy and happy. I enjoyed visiting with them today. I missed my dog, Maggie, too. She is great company . Come to see me if you can.

Jamey Douglas Bacon

   Thanks so much, Dear Jamey! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful - and Welcome Back to Your Home!

       From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 11/26/09 - "     Joe Madagan's ('57 - of FL) Newsletter Entry":

Joe’s suggestion to       Sepi (Dimples Dinwiddie Prichard - '58 - of NC) regarding her inability to receive your e-mails ended with this sentence:

The suggestions above are what we called in the Marine Corps a "WAG" an acronym for "Wild A** Guess".

To me, a WAG indicates a proposed course of action, which is offered with no knowledge of the underlying causes of the problem or the efficacy of the proposed solution. My reading of Joe’s proposal indicated a logical approach to the problem, soundly based on existing conditions and software capabilities. That methodology could even be seen as scientific.

So, I feel that I must modify his acronym to one more widely known on The Navy side:  SWAG … Scientific Wild A** Guess.

   WILD GIGGLES! Absolutely! Thanks, Captain! I wholeheartedly agree!

   From Frank Blechman ('65) of Northern VA - 11/26/09 - "Orange?":

The colors (following UVA) were officially Blue and "Old Gold".  "Old Gold" is an odd term since gold is valued because it doesn't tarnish with age.  But the color "old gold" is actually a sort of tarnished copper, which easily is represented as and mistaken for "orange".  UVA officially made the shift to "orange" in the late sixties.

Frank Blechman

   OHHH-HHH! This is a theory I don't believe I've heard advanced before - but I do like it! Thanks, Frank!

    From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 11/26/09, 11:31 AM - "Turkey Day l963":

By the fall of '64 I was at Madison (now known as JMU) and my husband was on a ship, but the year before...

...My first date with my husband,    John Burton (Hampton HS - '58 - of RI) was to attend the game...I had invited him and we sat on the NN side...he was a Crabber, and when they won he dumped a huge amount of confetti onto my teased and sprayed bouffant hairdo...shoulda known what I was in for...remember when the girls wore mouton jackets and those pretty chrysanthemum pompom corsages with a blue N imbedded in the flower?

   GIGGLES! Thanks, Jean! I remember - and about that game.....


Thursday, November 28, 1963 - It was Thanksgiving Day - and who won the Big Turkey Day Game??  Well, sadly (for us) that would be once again be those Hampton Crabbers, 15-13.

     From the 1964 Anchor, p. 72 - "The TYPHOONS had a week off before facing their Thanksgiving rival, Hampton, at Darling Memorial Stadium. With the Peninsula crown at stake. Hampton managed to squeeze out a 15-13 victory and gain the title.  The TYPHOONS ended up with a 6-3-1 record."

       From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 11/26/09 - "Ferguson Park":

I don’t know how many subscribers lived in Ferguson Park, so there may be limited interest in this. In the course of doing some library research for        Bill Lee (WHS - '54 - of NC) at the Hilton Library, I had occasion to consult the book of Sanborn Maps. These are very large maps (about 18” x 24”) which were used by insurance companies to assess property risk. They showed construction details and the locations of fire hydrants, etc.

I had completed Bill’s request for an image of a portion of Hilton Village and was just turning pages. Then I came upon a page which showed the entirety of Ferguson Park. I was not surprised that it existed, but I had never thought to look at it before.

The image appears here. I shot it at high resolution, so readers may zoom in on it to see much detail … unless you alter it for inclusion in the Newsletter.

   MOI?!? Alter it?!? David, I'm crushed! Why, I would never - well, okay, almost always...

   But not this time.


A related story:

One of    Jane Chambers’ missing CNC/CNU First Decaders was a Charlotte Anderson (no, not the NNHS 63 Charlotte). Her photo (Miss CNC 1963) appears in the book which Jane, et. al. have published, but Jane had not been able to locate her. I was sure that this was the same young lady whose family resided in the apartment beneath my family’s in Ferguson Park, ca. 1953-1954. Charlotte’s widowed mother and my mother had remained in contact over all those years, until my mother became very ill in 2006. The Andersons had three daughters. I located the mother residing near Morrison, and Jane contacted her and, ultimately, Charlotte.

From that contact, I eventually received e-mails and phone numbers for all three daughters. On Sunday afternoon, I will meet with Mrs. Anderson and two of her three daughters (Charlotte cannot attend) at her home. We plan to drive to Ferguson Park and stand where our apartments once stood and recount some old times.

I may have mentioned previously that there was a very special tree located at the end of our building way back then. It was the first tree which I could remember climbing, and, by some miracle, it still stands, despite the leveling of all of FP. This tree is something of a FP shrine for me. Well, it turns out that one of the three sisters has similar nostalgic feelings about that tree, so we plan to go there and let the memories flow.


Here is an excerpt of an e-mail I sent to her:

Whenever I go to Newport News, we always ride over to Hornet Circle.  The tree that was at the end of our building is still there so we always go visit the tree from our childhood.

Amazing that you should mention that tree. Indeed, it IS the one which was located at the end of our building. I have a very vivid memory of climbing that tree. The branch, which I jumped up to grab, still exists, but it is now much higher above  the ground. It is the most notable landmark by which to locate our building. I often go there to just stand under that tree and remember. I can still see it all so clearly. I look upon that tree much as I would look upon the grave marker for a dear loved one. As long as it stands, I can feel like Ferguson Park is not really gone.


Not everyone has the thrill of reuniting with neighbors whom they have not set eyes upon in over 55 years.

   Ahhh, David, ya made me get all teary-eyed!

   This image I actually enlarged a bit for posting.  And my own opinion is that it doesn't matter so much whether we had such personal memories of each place represented on our site; we all remember them to one degree or another, and each is important to us all as the Typhoon Family we've become.  This particular page is one of the oldest on the expanded site, dating from 04/09/03.

   Thank you so much, Brown Eyes!


From ArcaMax Jokes - 11/26/09:


A 55-year-old man who was born on May 5, has been married 5 years, has 5 children, makes $55,555.55 a year, whose lucky number is 5 receives a phone call from a friend.

The friend informs the man that a horse named Lucky 5 will be running in the fifth race at the local track that evening. Excitedly, the man withdraws 5,555.00 cash from his bank account, goes to the races and bets on Lucky 5 to win.

Sure enough, the horse comes in fifth.


  From Jane Chambers of VA - 07/01/09 - "CNC BOOK BROCHURE & AD":

   Contact Dr. Chambers at

  Thanks, Jane!


1. Wednesday, December 9, 2009 - The Class of 1957 will hold its Holiday Party at Angelo's on Route 17.  RSVP no later than December 6.  For details, contact Pat Beck Letzinger at - CLASS OF 1957

2. Saturday, December 12, 2009 - The NNHS Class of 1960 will again encourage the Laugh-A Lot Breakfast Bunch at 9:00 AM at the Candlelight Kitchen Rest in Croaker (Williamsburg). Directions: Take I-64 to Croaker Exit 231A-Norge, go 1-1/2 miles to Richmond Road, go through light, look for shopping center on left, Candlelight Rest on Right. OPEN TO ALL TYPHOONS!
3. Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - The NNHS Class of 1958 will hold its annual Gathering and Dinner at Al Fresco Italian Ristorante, 11710 Jefferson Avenue. For details, contact Joe Drewry at - CLASS OF 1958 AND “other NNHS alums and friends of our 1958 class are invited to join with us”!

4. Friday and Saturday, August 6 and 7, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1970 will hold its 40-Year Reunion. Saturday night will be at the Kiln Creek Golf & Country Club. For details, contact Carol Comer Cutler at or visit the reunion website at -

5. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 6, 7, and  8, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1960 will hold its 50-Year Reunion at the Marriott Newport News at City Center. For details, contact Karen Weinstein Witte at - CLASS OF 1960

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   Apparently, we're still counting our blessings, so there will be much more to come - next time!

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol 





Carol Buckley Harty

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Count Your Blessings

Words by Johnson Oatman, Jr., 1897
Music by Edwin O. Excell

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,
And you will keep singing as the days go by.

When you look at others with their lands and gold,
Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;
Count your many blessings—wealth can never buy
Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high.

So, amid the conflict whether great or small,
Do not be disheartened, God is over all;
Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.

"Count Your Blessings" midi and lyrics courtesy of - 11/05/08

"Count Your Blessings Image courtesy of - 11/27/09

Pumpkin and Leaves Divider Line clip art courtesy of - well, I don't know, but it's been in my files since 11/25/08

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

Litchfield High School's Purple Panther Paw Print courtesy of - 06/23/07

Hillsboro High School's Topper (Band Version) clip art courtesy of - 06/07/08
Thanks, Mark!

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of the late Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks again, Herbie!

Hampton High School's Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05
Replaced courtesy of - 02/17/09

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
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Animated Yehaa Typhoon clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 08/18/05
Thanks, Al!

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