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11/01/05 - NNHS Newsletter - All Saints Day

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Happy Birthday today to    Russ Stephenson ('57) of MD!  Have a great day, Col. Stephenson!

   Here is some historical background about All Saint's Day
from :

  All Saint's Day is a Christian holy day observed by many Western churches on November 1 and by Eastern churches on the first Sunday after Pentecost.  The day now honors all saints of the church, even those not known by name.

All Saint's Day is celebrated by Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans.  However, because of their differing understandings of the identity and function of the saints, what these churches do on the Feast of All Saints differs widely.  For Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, and to some extent, Anglicans, All Saints is a day to remember, thank God for, but also to venerate and pray to the saints in heaven for various helps.  For Lutherans the day is observed by remembering and thanking God for all saints, both dead and living.  It is a day to glorify Jesus Christ, who by his holy life and death has made the saints holy through Baptism and faith.

In the sixth century, Pope Boniface IV accepted the Pantheon as a gift from the Emperor Phocas and proclaimed May 13, 610 Feast of All Holy Martyrs held.  He dedicated it as the Church of Santa Maria Rotonda in honor of the Blessed Virgin and all martyrs. 

During Pope Gregory III's reign, the festival was expanded to include all saints and a chapel in St. Peter's church was dedicated accordingly.  In 835, Pope Gregory IV changed the date to November 1 and the name to Feast of All Saints.

In the early days the Christians were accustomed to solemnize the anniversary of a martyr's death for Christ at the place of martyrdom.  In the fourth century, neighboring dioceses began to interchange feasts, to transfer relics, to divide them, and to join in a common feast.  Frequently groups of martyrs suffered on the same day, which naturally led to a joint commemoration.  In the persecution of Diocletian the number of martyrs became so great that a separate day could not be assigned to each.  The Church, feeling that every martyr should be venerated, appointed a common day for all.

The first trace of this is found in Antioch on the Sunday after Pentecost.  There is also mention of a common day in a sermon of Saint Ephrem the Syrian, and in the 74th homily of Saint John Chrysostom of Constantinople

At first only martyrs and Saint John the Baptist were honored by a special day.  Other saints were added gradually, and increased in number when a regular process of canonization was established.  As early as 411 there is in the Chaldean Calendar a Commemoratio confessorum for the Friday after Easter. 

   There's even more to be found here:



    There you are.  We aim to educate.



 From Tina Crowder Wescott ('65) of VA - 10/28/05:

Hi Carol, 

Viewing the pictures of the tour of NNHS during the reunion weekend, took me down "memory lane" for a very pleasant trip!  I have only been back inside those walls once since leaving NNHS in 1965.  I went back to visit Mrs. Masters and other staff members while on a trip back to the area a year or two before they closed the school for good.  I remember feeling really sad when I left that final time, like I was leaving a small piece of me behind.

   I remember that, too, Tina.  I went back sometime in the summer of 1967 to pick up some materials or something in order to take an ACT test.  I had taken the SATs, but I needed this test for another college out west where ultimately, I never went anyway.  But I was in the school office talking with Mrs. Cash and Mr. Wilson.  And I remember quite well that strange melancholy feeling as I left.

   (I wonder why on earth I never created a page for Mrs. Masters???  That's just wrong.....)

I have worked for the City of Newport News for almost 30 years and the Julie Conn Gym is one of the facilities under the realm of Parks and Recreation.  We rent the gym out to the Navy and other groups on occasion.  We also use the gym for our adult basketball leagues, for AAU Basketball tournaments, and it is used by a Homeless Group Program called Clean Comfort several times a week. This gives those that are homeless a chance to take a warm shower, get clean clothes, and have a place to relax for a short time. So the gym is a very active facility even to this day.  The only thing missing is the roar of the Mighty Typhoons as we cheered our team on to victory!!!!!
    Oh, WOW!  I knew about the Homeless Group program, but if I had known about the other functions, I had forgotten it by now.  Thanks, Tina!

I keep score there during the basketball games and the first couple of times I went into the gym, I had a hard time concentrating on what I was doing.  My mind kept wandering back to that period of time in my life. I realized how much I missed those days, what good times I'd had, and how much things and life have changed, some good, some bad.  But, those years were the foundation for what was to come, and is a huge part of who we are now.  Thanks for the memories!!! :-)

   That is so true!

One last note.  In today's newsletter,    Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63 - of MD) gave us a web address to look up our old school pictures. Well, in my excitement, and hoping to find a better looking picture than the one that was in the Anchor (maybe a better angle), I rushed to this site as fast as my little fingers could type. You got me good, Chandler!!!  I will have to say though, I think I recognized the lady on the left.  :-)

   Isn't he just such a rascal?!?  A gorgeous rascal, but a rascal....

That's the end, I'm finished now........Oh, I just wanted to say one more thing. I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures that have been posted.  Thank you, Carol, for... well, for everything you do!!!!!
Now that's the end. 

   Thank you, Tina!


  From Henry Hoyle ('65) of Northern VA - 10/29/05:

 Thanks, Cousin Henry!  That's hysterical!  

  From Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA - 10/24/05 and 10/31/05:

Dear Buckwheat......

I just checked my camera.....and it's ME who has the WRONG time.....I'm not surprised!!!!!!

   GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Janice!  It's not that I'm obsessive or anything.......

Also....the locker that we were SO amazed with was on the THIRD floor outside my old homeroom 315....not the band hall. I'm going to change the time in my camera right now......and try to figure out how to make it NOT show when I take a picture.

   Okay, I fixed that!  Thanks!

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures and reading about all the fun time that we had at the reunion. We did have fun....that's for sure. The weekend just didn't last long enough.

   So true!  Can't we just all run back now?!? do not get enough thanks and praise for all the work you do to keep us all together each day....but I, for one, appreciate it more than you'll ever know. When your computer was down, I certainly had NNHS withdrawal symptoms....and it was BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!

   Thanks, Lady!  I really appreciate that!

Still wish you remembered our trip to DC....we had fun then, too.

   OH, Janice, I'm really working on that!  I want so much to remember!  The fragment at the doorway is still the clearest recollection I've been able to draw forth.  I've been looking at the Washington Cathedral site to see if I can trigger another memory, but it hasn't clicked yet:

   Can you give me any more details at all?  Was it in the fall of spring?  Who were our sponsors?  Who were our chaperones?  How did we travel there?  Who else was with us?  Did we visit anything else while we were there?  Does anyone else remember this seventh grade Y-Teens trip to DC???

   And I really want to add that second story duck pins Bowling Alley to Our Old Stomping Grounds.  Was that in Wythe or Southampton Shopping Center?  What was the exact name of the place?  I DO remember going there!  I once bowled an entire game there and scored seven points - a four and a three.  The very next game on the same evening I scored 143.  Go figure.....

til later................Janice..........and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

   Thanks, Janice!  I did have fun!


 From Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 10/31/05:

..... Carol,
Please convey a hearty hello from me to 
  Paul (Dobie - '66 - of CO - currently deployed in Afghanistan) and   Jamey ( Douglas Bacon - '66 - of VA), two wonderful people, that's for sure.  And, Paul, take extra care over there.

   Amen to that!

Also, when I saw those pictures of the old gym, my first reaction was "there's my home room"! Mrs. Masters' homeroom was in the gym!!!! Anyone else remember that experience?

All my best to you all, but especially to dear Carol, who keeps us all together....

Fondly, Joe Wingo

   SEE?!?  Mrs. Masters again!  Okay, okay - I repent!  GIGGLES!!! - brand new page

   Thanks for the nudge, Sweetie!  And you weren't even trying!  GIGGLES!!!

   And thanks again for all the fun at the reunion!


  From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 10/31/05:

Dear Carol,
Please tell    Paul Dobie ('66 - of CO - currently deployed in Afghanistan) that Shelly Speas (daughter of Ted Speas, a salesman for some car dealership I think) graduated HHS and became a Rockette!  That's right, in NYC.  A Rockette at Radio City Music Hall!  She danced there for a number of years (this would have been in the mid-1960s up to the early 1970s) before returning to the hallowed soil of VA and marrying.  She, with hubby and kids, lived in VA Beach in the early 1980s.  I cannot remember her married name.  When Peninsula Community Theatre became the first community theatre in the country to be allowed to mount a production of "Chicago" right after it closed in Broadway, Shelly auditioned and was cast.  This was in the fall of 1983.  She drove from VAB every night for rehearsals and performances.  My oh my, could she kick! 

   WOWZERONI!!!  Thanks, Kathy!

Date Stamp Dilemma:  Is one of the cameras from a different time zone?  Would that explain the differences in time stamps?

   A good thought, Kathy, but no, we were all (blessedly) in the Eastern Zone.

Also, please note:  The way the lighthouse at Buckroe is ID'd in your wonderful tour photos makes it seem as if it were an actual working light house.  Alas, it was, in fact, only a feature at Buckroe Beach Amusement Park but not a part of the lighthouse system that is honored on one of VA's commemorative license plates.  Just thought I'd clear that up. 

   Oh, no, no, no!  I hope no one thought it was ever a real lighthouse!  It's itty-bitty and it's right in the middle of the amusement park, and was just an "onny 'tend like" lighthouse!

   Okay,    Cheryl (White Wilson - John Marshall HS - '64 - of VA), is that phrase something else we invented in our "un-twin speak"?!? 

   If the rest of y'all don't recognize the phrase, it stands for "only pretend like", and would be used in myriad childhood conversations which might begin, "'Tend like we were pirates looking for buried treasure..."


   Thanks, Kathy!


  From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 10/31/05 - "Thank you for a special memory...":

I clicked on the carousel photos (from 2000) to hear the song...and it gave me a very special memory.  I took my parents on the Hampton Boat Tour one year when my dad was still living and then I decided to ride the carousel.  When it stopped, my horse was so high off the ground that I could not touch the floor with my foot...which I had swung over...I was left dangling with one foot about six inches off the floor and the other foot still in the stirrup!  My dad had the biggest laugh about that!  He was really wishing that he had brought his camera!  I was just as happy that he had left it behind!  I finally just kinda leaned back, holding on to the strap, until my foot touched and I could get my other foot out...oh well, we ARE talking about the person who had to take remedial PE!

   GIGGLES!!!  Well, as you can see, there were plenty of cameras along with us when I decided to unknowingly recreate your move, Jean!  My solution was more along the lines of squawking, "Get me down from here!!!"

   Thanks, Lady!


  From Barbara Houston ('68) of Northern VA - 10/31/05:


Glad to hear you took a day off and rested.  Don't want you to burn out!  Hello to Gail Kiger Bonsey (FHS - '73 - of OR) and Bill Black ('66 - of GA) (I still have the picture from the summer of '71).   Don't know where Beth Wingrove lives now, but believe she is in the Tidewater area. 

Take care, Barbara Houston

   Thanks, Barbara!  I must admit, I was ready for that day off!  GIGGLES!!!


  From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 10/31/05 - "Halloween Newsletter...":

I loved the little blinking Trick or Treat bags...and all of the artwork.  Halloween was so sweet and innocent when we were growing up.  I was allowed to go EVERYWHERE...and we went out on Maple, Poplar, Sycamore, Buxton, Blair, Hickory, was so much fun.  Some of the people gave out really big candy bars...which cost a nickel back then.
I have a whole collection of little Halloween lighted houses, lighted ghost, pumpkin, etc. which I used to put in my big front dining room window...however since we got our two grandcats in May of '04 and they like to race through the house bulldozing anything in their way, I have been unable to leave them up for any length of time...however, I am "fixin' to get them down and put them in the window for tonight.  We only get about 30 kids so do they ever get spoiled! 

Hugs, Jeanb

   Thanks, Jean!  I personally have always loved Halloween: - I really should get around to updating this page sometime - in my free time......

Jean, your grandcats are wonderful!  Thanks for sharing their pictures.  You told me last week that you'd have to give one back to your daughter.  I'm sure they're both delightful, and it will be a difficult decision for both you and Becky, but I personally would be hard pressed to give up that first one, for the humor value alone!  That is some cat!  

  From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 10/31/05:

Two things...

Hello to    Paul Dobie ('66 - of CO - currently deployed in Afghanistan).. I knew Shelly Speas.. she and I were in the Little Theatre production of Camelot together.. her dad played King Arthur and had a fantastic voice. Have not seen her since high school! There was a really nice looking guy about 16 who had a fantastic voice that was in Camelot with us. His name was Ed Black and he went to Hampton High as well. He was killed just a few months after the Camelot production. He was hit by a car while walking down Mercury Boulevard! I heard it on the radio while in art class and had to go home due to the upsetting news. Of course.. I went home any chance I could get! hee hee

On Halloween...yes I do know all the bad things about it and am kinda glad we were ignorant to that in "our days". That was my favorite night.. due to being a sweetoholic. Remember Cocola Brown's house and trick or treating...innocent days they were! I ate all my chocolate by the next day and it was a full grocery bag!
We sure treasure you, Carol.. thanks again for all you do to keep the typhoons straight!

John will be home from Iraq for 28 days on Dec. 16th and our oldest daughter Chera and husband Adrian arrived in San Salvador yesterday for one year.. boo hoo.

Peace & Blessing,

   WOWZERS!!!  What a gorgeous portrait of you at 18!  Thanks so much!  You'll have to write often just so we can use it to grace and beautify our Newsletters!

   I'm glad John will be home with you for the holidays.  Give him our love.  And I can but imagine your feeling at having Adrian and Chera so far from home!  Hang in there, Lady!

   Thanks again for everything!


From Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA - 10/31/05:

Carol ... here is something that   Paul Dobie ('66 - of CO - currently deployed in Afghanistan) may enjoy .... a scan of the WGH Musicaster for August 14, 1966 featuring rising senior Shelley Speas (HHS-67) as the Platter Princess. Per the 2003 HHS Alumni Directory
Shelly is married and living in Va. Beach.

And yes, Carol ... I sent a scan! Got a new super whiz bang printer/scanner/copier and I'm back in business. More now and then stuff to send!

(yeah ... I know .... just what you need ... more work).

   No rush, Tommee, take your time!!!  GIGGLES!!!

Janice (Pratt McGrew - Hampton HS - '67) and I really enjoyed the reunion ... sorry I missed the tour of NNHS. You know .... I have never been inside the school .... just to Saunders Stadium.

Later on ....




WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Babe!  I'll post this on the WGH page soon:

By the way, I spent a while unsuccessfully trying to snag your senior portrait from the Crabbaganza web page:

Why don't you and your snazzy new scanner whoosh that over to me, please?

August 14, 1966  

  From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 11/01/05 - "My Mom's Notice":


My mom died this morning.  Here is the notice that will go in the paper. 



Lois Evelyn Williams Pilgrim, widow of Harry D. “Pierre” Pilgrim, died on Nov. 1, 2005, in Hampton.  She was 86.  She was born in Omaha, NE, on Dec. 2, 1919,   became a Peninsula resident in 1944 and was married to Pierre for 63 years until his death in 2000.

Lois and Pierre were the parents of Michael Pilgrim (Alethia) of Tybee Is, GA, and Kathleen Pilgrim Clark, Perry Pilgrim (Becki) and Patrick Pilgrim (Bridget), of the Peninsula.  Her grandchildren include Lillian, Harry, Christopher, Dana, Reba and Matthew.  She is also survived by her golden retriever Honey Bear.

Lois taught typing and shorthand at the Nebraska School for the Deaf and Blind before coming to Virginia.  After her children began attending school, Lois returned to teaching, first at Sinclair School in Hampton and later at the Robert Sugden School.  She was very proud to be associated with such a fine school and to be able to teach the children who studied there.  She enriched the lives of many children whom she taught by challenging them to strive for everything beyond the easy answer.

Lois and Pierre retired to Collington Harbour, NC in 1970 and enjoyed their time there.  Lois was a member of “The Bubbles”, a synchronized senior swimming team that performed shows to the delight of their friends at Collington Harbour.  Never able to sit idly by, Lois became the first registered paralegal aide in NC, working in the law office of Herbert Thomas.  She retired from that position in the late 1980s when she and Pierre returned to Hampton.   

Lois volunteered with Hampton Social Services for many years and continued to swim daily until 2000 when she had to cut back.  She seized every opportunity to teach something to someone, continuing to educate her adult children every day.  She loved sewing, knitting, canning and working in her yard.  Above all, she loved her family and was proud of her children.

Arrangements are being handled by Parklawn-Wood and will be private.   


   Oh, Kathy!  I am so sorry to learn this.  A parent's death is never easy, whether it is anticipated or sudden, whether you yourself are young or old, whether the relationship was close or strained, it just isn't easy.
   Thank you for thinking of us at such a moment.  Know that you will soon be in the prayers of many of your friends, as you are now in mine.

From Richard Amadon (Gardner HS - MA - '71) of VA - 11/01/05:

I ran across your site in kind of a roundabout way.  I am searching for information about an old business in Newport News.  Are (were) you familiar with the "Newport News Automobile Exchange"?  Where was it located?  Was the name changed?  Did the company merge with or evolve into another business?
I moved to Newport News in 2001.  I find it interesting to learn the local history of the areas to which I move.  Perhaps you or someone with whom you are acquainted can enlighten me.
Incidentally, I am a graduate of Gardner (MA) High School Class of '71.

Hi, Richard,
   Thank you for your interest in all things Hampton Roads!  I was surprised to see that we didn't already have this listed, as it was so near the high school and we have yearbook ads for it.  This is well outside my area of expertise, but I'm relatively certain that we have at least three subscribers among our over 380 who can provide instant answers for you.  I made the new page, and we'll await the input from our authorities on such matters:  - brand new page

       Chip Clark ('65 - of Northern VA), bless his sweet heart,  has been feeding me images he shot at the reunion all day.  As you might expect from a photo journalist of his stature, they are incredible! At the breakneck speed in which I've been operating, it will be a while before I'm able to pass them along to you, but trust me, they are worth the wait.  Thanks again so very much, Chip!

   Today's Newsletter is relatively long, but only half-finished, and I must sadly admit that I can no longer concentrate.

   Tomorrow is another day, so we'll stop now and begin anew then.


    Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol





When the Saints Go Marching In

- Unknown

We are trav'ling in the footsteps
Of those who've gone before
And we'll all be reunited,
On a new and sunlit shore,

Oh, when the saints go marching in,
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Lord how I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in

And when the sun begins to shine
And when the sun begins to shine
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the sun begins to shine

Oh, when the saints go marching in,
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Lord how I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in

Oh, when the trumpet sounds its call
Oh, when the trumpet sounds its call
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the trumpet sounds its call

Oh, when the saints go marching in,
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Lord how I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in

"When the Saints Go Marching In" midi courtesy of
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/29/05
Thanks, Dave!

"When the Saints Go Marching In" lyrics courtesy of
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/29/05
Thanks again, Dave!

"All Saints" Image courtesy of - 10/31/05

Multicolored Celtic Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 10/31/05

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

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