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10/17/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Be True to Your School

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   We've never tried attaching a WAV file to a Newsletter before.  I hope y'all get a kick out if it!


The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965
will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005,
7:00 PM to Midnight, at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni - 
plus a few others!




  From Curt Overman ('59) of VA - 10/15/05:

    Well, picture would be fine, I haven't changed much (I wish). 

    Here is a recent picture of me and my grandchildren. 

    My birthday is 09/22/1941. 


Sunday, August 7, 2005, 4:05 PM

Picture taken (after) July when I fractured my right leg and destroyed my ankle.  Still can't walk, had two operations, probably have at least two more.  Fell off ladder, only 5 feet up!
Curt Overman

   YOWZERONI!!!  That doesn't sound like much fun at all, Curt!  Take care and heal well!

   Thanks for the photo!

   I've added your birthday to that page:


  From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 10/15/05:

RE: Contest - Can anyone guess what this is, yes, I know it is a record, but what is the significance??  
Looks to me like one of the old recordings one would make themselves to send to somebody else. Buckroe Beach had one of those setups.

  Wal, I dunno, Ronnie!    Cheryl (White Wilson - JMHS - '64 - of VA) hasn't told me yet, and I can't really remember, but that does seem to be ringing a distant bell from 1950, now that you mention it!

    Izzat it, Lady?!?

   Thanks for your entry, Ron!


From Bob Allen ('51) of VA - 10/16/05:

We had our 54-Year Reunion today at Kiln Creek Golf Club in NN and had a very beautiful day; with a good turnout...there were approximately 50 there.   I had located some 300 old  8 X 10 glossy black and white photos taken for the publishing of the Anchor (1951 yearbook) that had been lost until about 3 months ago.  I brought them and they were a highlight of the day. 
I have added some photos with comments that you may use in your Newsletter or whatever..

Dr. Bob Allen NNHS '51,

Class vice-president...


#10 - Stanley Krause ('51) - Retired architect, graduate of U Va, starting quarterback on 1951 NNHS football team. #20 - Ashton Violette ('51) and Billy Jessup ('51) - both ran the 440 yard dash and were outstanding track athletes on Julie Conn's State Championship Track teams.  They are looking at a football hand-out from the Maury-NNHS October 1951 football game at Saunders Stadium.  We found the many photos and this football flyer in the old personal effects of Red Nicholson ('51), now deceased, as they were cleaning out his house this year.  #21 - Dot Collins Leggette ('52) with her spouse, Bill Leggette, 1951-52 NNHS basketball player  
# 33 - Teddy Masters ('51) - 440 yard champion on Coach Conn's State Championship Track Team  (he and Betty Joyce Pittman were King and Queen of Class of 1951); Bill Leggette ('51) - 1st string forward on State Championship Basketball team (also with Julie Conn coaching);
#42 - Swanson Hornsby ('50) and Bob Allen ('51) #44 - Sonny Moore (NC State - Apprentice school graduate - married Nancy Fogle Moore ('51); Swanson Hornsby ('50) -center on that year's football team;  Nancy Fogle Moore ('51) -Flagtwirler, keeper of all things important to the Class of '51 and Chairman of reunion committee;  Joan Padgett Garrison ('51) - Cheerleader; Mary Ellen Booth Hornsby ('51) - Flagtwirler; Genis Byrd Crowder Hornsby ('54) - wife of Bobby Hornsby ('51) - football team, running back #45 - Nancy Fogle Moore ('51) and Joan Padgett Garrison ('51)  

   WOWZERS!!!  What a great day y'all must have had together!

   Thanks for sharing all these with us, Bob!  I added them to your page where they will always be easily found:

  From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/16/05: "Reunion Update":

Okay, gang. We're getting close. The hard count through the mail delivery yesterday is Friday - 92, Saturday - 102.......

We're getting lots of calls and mail from people that are very excited. It's all going to be worth the time we've put in. Thanks for everything.

Dave Arnold

   Thanks, Dave!  I still see a lot of names missing there of people I had assumed I would be seeing, though.  Where are most of the members of '64's reunion committee, for instance?  And Jimmy and Melody Clendenin DeBerry?  And Larry and Dianne Adams Puckette?  And Garland and Mary Lou Staton Hudson?  And Butch and Kay Andleton Bolden?  And Rocky and Betty Burton Gary?  And Mickey Spivey?  And Malcolm and Polly Norris Davis?  And Dee Hodges Bartram?  And Cheryl Mays Howard?  And Billy Turner, where are you?!?

   And obviously, I'm just getting started......

   Thanks, Dave!


  From Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA - 10/16/05 - "The lights of West Point".:

Hello Carol,

Well the " 65 " reunion is just one week away and I am so much looking forward to be able to honor your class by attending. What a neat thing it is to have this open to all classes of NNHS and others as well. My thanks to you and the reunion committee for making this possible. I feel like I have met so many people through the newsletters that we have become part of your extended family in a way and that joy is warmly felt by all.
I had company this weekend, Flores Williams ('66) came up from Hampton via MCV and we spent a wonderful time in the newsletters and links. Flores has a multitude of health and financial issues and no access to the internet, so it has proven to be a blessing to me to be able to share this with her on her visits here. She will be attending the reunion next Saturday night also.
Before we meet next week, I would like to finish my story concerning "The lights of West Point". I didn't realize that so many other Typhoons had, shall we say " seen the light". But  now that we know that the truth is out there, I have to tell the rest of the story:

It was a cool, damp foggy night in the fall of '65 as I recollect, when acting on a dare from my friend   Charlie Vellines ('65), we went to West Point in Lee McDonald's ('66) '57 Ford. I don't remember what spirits were out there that night, but I think we picked some up on the way. I remember traveling about 90 mph down some country roads and seeing some deer prancing thru a cornfield about eight feet high and they were clearing the stalks with their heads visible. We ended up at a railroad crossing, where we got out of the car and then we were told "the story", and it went like this:

About a hundred years before, give or take a couple of years, there was a train wreck and the conductor with lantern in hand was walking back down the rail tracks to warn an approaching train of the wreck. Well it happens that the oncoming train engineer didn't see him or the lantern and plowed right in to him, decapitating the poor fellow. So this is the story of the mysterious light of West Point. It was the conductor's ghost looking for his head. Well being just a little skeptical, cold and underage I was offered another beer and the rest of the story. It seems that one had to walk down these tracks to see the light and you couldn't make any noise or carry a flashlight or the light would disappear. Well, Charlie had this great idea! Since it was a long walk down these tracks and the road circled around to the other side of the bridge, he would just drive around to the other side of the bridge and wait for us there. Well I said " I don't know about this, I can't see six inches in front of me, we might fall off the tracks or even the bridge". He calmly replied " You aren't scared are you, it's just a light". " No I said, I'm not chicken, but I think I'll have another beer before you leave us here".

Well, down the tracks we go, so dark couldn't see our own feet or anything else. Then it happened - we saw the light, it was off to the side and seemed to be moving and as we were told, when we made noise the light disappeared only to reappear again. By this time we had traveled maybe a half a mile. I am now very cold, a believer and want to find Charlie and get back to civilization. We didn't know how much farther it was to the other side and decided not to turn back, because after all Charlie was waiting for us on the other side. Oh, yeah, he was waiting on us all right!
We started calling out to Charlie, but to no avail so we continued onward. A short distance farther and the most horrible cries and yells came from the side of the tracks like that of a banshee. We were gone, back down the tracks where we had come, maybe a hundred yards. I only wish Coach Conn could have timed me. We had been had, fooled by Charlie, who having doubled back on us, had been laying for us underclassmen. I was mad, embarrassed and lost my beer in more than one way. I don't think I spoke to Charlie during the entire drive back home or even the next day. After a couple of days we were friends again and Charlie confided to me that this was how he was introduced to the light also, like it was some kind of rite of passage or something. He also told me that the lights were real.
Those were great times back then and I look back at those years and they don't really seem that long ago. I'll never forget the lights, my friend Charlie, nor the lesson I learned that night: Don't believe everything you hear; Don't believe everything you see; Don't disbelieve what you don't see and you don't hear. Friends, the lights were real, and as the old poem goes "... if you don't believe this story is true, ask the blind man, he saw it too".
 Carol, have I told you lately that you're the greatest? Thanks for everything you do for us. See you at the reunion.
                                                                                    Typhoons forever,
                                                                                                       Bill Hobbs      


   Thanks so much much, Bill!  I'll have to make that spooky Lights of West Point page now and go back and locate all those previous entries!

   See you soon, Billy!  You owe me a dance!

From Steve Silsby (Ferguson HS - '72) of NC - 10/17/05:

  Here's a new WGH Top-30 sheet for the site.  It's from July 29, 1962.  No, the Platter Princess isn't from NNHS, but it is still another precious artifact from our school days. 

Actually, this is on ebay as I write this, someone in San Diego is selling it -- item # 6442742315.  The auction runs until Oct. 22nd, in case anyone wants to go for it.

July 29, 1962

Y'all have a great reunion!

Steve Silsby

FHS '72  [actually WHS '72 (got caught up in the bussing my senior year), but I still consider Ferguson my alma mater]

Mt. Pleasant, NC

   Thanks so much, Steve!  I posted it on the WGH page: - that's a nice shot of Bob Calvert, too!

   Hey, Steve - you wouldn't happen to have a cute little Mariner or Farmer logo hanging around anywhere for us, would you? 


From Tina Crowder Wescott ('65) of VA - 10/17/05 - "Anchor":


In Saturday's newsletter Claudia Dellapenta Melgaard ('63) of VA said she has a 1964 and 1965 Anchor that she is willing to give someone.  I would love to have the 1965 one.  I've lost all of mine except my 1964.  I didn't transfer back to NNHS until the first part of April (1965) I got that one but in my many moves I've lost them, one by one. 

Tina Crowder Wescott

   Thanks, Tina!  We'll pass that information along to Claudia!


  From Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA - 10/17/05:

Thanks again for keeping the Fund Free Mammogram button at the top of each Newsletter.  We never know how many lives we may save.
As for Miss Gildersleeve, I guess I was one of the few who was never intimidated by her.  My first encounter with her was when I was called to her office on my first day of 8th grade.  She informed me that she remembered my Mother and expected me to excel as she did.  Uh oh, she knows Mom, oh dear, was my first thought!!  From then on, she really did keep tabs on me and always with her delightful smile. 
Then, Miss Krisch told me that she had taught my mother and expected me to do as well as she had.  Ohhhhh, the pressure on a mere Mouse!!
Now, Mr. Keesee was another thing.  My first encounter with him was when he sent for me to report to his office one morning during first period to tell me that I was wanted at the Newport News Police Department right away!!  I almost fell in the floor. To make matters worse, he didn't tell me why they wanted to see me.  As it turned out, I was working part-time after school at Home Furniture Company and they had been robbed the night before.  All employees had to go to the Police Department to be fingerprinted so our fingerprints could be distinguished from the culprit's.  Mr. Keesee, Mr. Wheary, and Miss Gildersleeve all had a chuckle for me when I returned and seemed to delight in kidding me about it from then on.
Renee Helterbran Benton ('59)

   YOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Renee!  I posted your memories:


From Anita Morgan Becker ('66) of VA - 10/17/05:


I have just finished reading the Seven Oaks information.  I was born at Buxton Hospital and was brought home to our apartment in Seven Oaks.  Within three years my two older sisters left home to enter the nursing program at Buxton.  We lived in Seven Oaks until I was 17 and moved to Newmarket.  I, too, have many wonderful memories of that neighborhood.  My  mother told me that she used to take me to West’s Grocery to get weighed on their scales when I was a baby.  Like Judy Phillips Allen ('66 of VA) stated, most of the people that lived there worked in the shipyard or railroad.  A lot of us were members of Tabernacle Baptist Church on 30th street and we were like one big family.  Our neighbors were the Duncans, Kings, and Rileys - Jennifer ('63) and Anita ('57).  They were all like my family. When I was taking Sewing class in 8th grade we were told we had to make that famous apron – Mrs. King was an accomplished seamstress and readily came to my aid so that I could finish the project.  We walked to the Rec Center on 25th and Wickham during the summer to swim and then stopped at the ice cream store across the street to buy ice cream.  My brother Tommy ('58) met his future wife, Norma ('57) at Seven Oaks when he was 13 (she lived in the next court down from us) and they never dated anyone else and have been married for almost 47 years.  I remember Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Spade and Mrs. Larson with fondness because of their willingness to put as many kids in their car and take us to school on cold, rainy days.  I have told my own two children that there was never a problem finding someone to play a game with or walk to the store while growing up there. 

Anita Morgan Becker – Class of 66

   Thanks, Anita!  These memories are all so precious!  I added yours to the Seven Oaks page:


  From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 10/17/05:


I referred to Sandy Paxson Price (HHS-64) in a newsletter concerning the Southampton area.  Gloria Woolard Price (HHS - '65) replied that Sandy had died "young in her marriage to Eason Price".  As a matter of fact, Sandy was 47 when she died, and she and Eason were married for 28 years.  Gloria may be related to the Price family but I don't know.  Sandy died on her 47th birthday, Jan. 15, 1993.  Forty-seven is way too young to die but Sandy's disease was so fierce. 

Also, please let Chandler Nelms (HHS - '63) know that Lee Moore is very exited about the NNHS 65 web site and he has been made aware of the chatter regarding him.  In fact, he called his wife Janice Kyle Moore to tell her all about it but I had already emailed her copies of what was being written! 

   Thanks, Kathy!

  From Dale Mueller ('64) of VA - 10/17/05:


Thought you might be interested in a couple of pictures taken yesterday during the charity golf tournament for Dale Luckado ('68 - of VA).  The weather was perfect and there was a great turnout for the tournament.  We shot 5 under par but I am not sure what place we came in as we all had to leave prior to the awards presentation.

The first picture is from left to right, Bill Rash ('67) , Bill Ward ('64), Fred Anspach ('64), and Dale Mueller ('64).

The second picture is front row, Richard Strickland ('64), Dale Luckado ('68), second row, Bill Rash ('67), Bill Ward ('64), Fred Anspach ('64), and Dale Mueller ('64).

You are doing a great job with the NNHS alumni letter.



Sunday, October 16, 2005 - 9:12 AM Sunday, October 16, 2005 - 11:56 AM      
Bill Rash ('67) , Bill Ward ('64), Fred Anspach ('64), and Dale Mueller ('64).  Front Row, Richard Strickland ('64), Dale Luckado ('68), Second Row, Bill Rash ('67), Bill Ward ('64), Fred Anspach ('64), and Dale Mueller ('64).      

   WOWZERONI!  That is just fabulous!  You gentlemen are all looking fabulous, too!

   Sometime before the evening is over, I'll have this posted on the News link:

   Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Dale!

  From Me ('65) of NC - 10/17/05:

   The Parke Rouse book (The Good Old Days in Hampton and Newport News, 1986) which    John and    Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59 - of Northern VA) so graciously sent me is a wealth of information, in the same vein as that given us by    Fred Field ('45 - of CA).  I've been hoarding it for my bedtime reading, but the time has come for me to start sharing it with y'all, so I chose something near and dear to my heart from page 195:

"The Methodists' chief Newport News citadel in those early days was Trinity Church on Twenty-Ninth Street.  I never got to know many of its preachers, because the Methodists moved them in and out of town too fast.  But Trinity usually had a strong preacher - one of Newport News's best."

I posted this:

   That gorgeous old building - which blessedly is still there - holds many fond memories for me!

   Thanks again, John and Aretie!  I'll be adding many more things soon.  This seems to be a hectic week!



  From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 10/05/05:

When and how did you become a Mormon?  I've read the Book of Mormon and had good friends here who are Mormons so I don't think it is a radical sect by any means.  And what the Church has done for genealogy is just incredible.  I'm simply curious after all the references to churches you attended that you are now a Mormon and that your sister is too.  So how'd it come about? 

   Kathy, you do realize that asking a Latter-day Saint how they came to be that way is roughly akin to asking a grandmother to show you pictures of her grandchildren - times ten, don't you?!?  As we are known for our decidedly enthusiastic approach to sharing this information, I have generally kept it low key all this while, as I didn't want my motives in relating it to be misunderstood.  I really didn't feel it had any place in these pages, but Heaven knows we discuss everything else here!

   One of the first things I found when I began reconnecting with former schoolmates was how very many of us had changed our religious denominations from those in which we were raised.  I was quite startled by this.  My # 5 son, Nathaniel, found that quite amusing as I myself had also!

   It's a long story - longer than even I realized, and I'm well aware that many of you will not be even vaguely interested in reading it.  But as you broached the subject rather than I, and as my children have been trying to get me to record it for their posterity for some time now, I realized that there was an easy solution.  If I simply wrote that story on a page and offered you that link, you could either read it or ignore it as you wish, without feeling that I was trying to cram anything down your throat.  While I am hesitant to so publicly record something which is obviously of such a personal and spiritual nature, lest I subject sacred matters to ridicule, I also would not want anyone to believe I was in any way ashamed of my faith.  And as I am obviously an open book, I thought to share this as well.  So for those of you who are curious, here's the link:

   Thanks for the nudge, Kathy!


   Y'all take care of each other.

                                   Love to all, Carol





Be True to Your School

- Beach Boys, 1961

When some loud braggart tries to put me down
And says his school is great
I tell him right away
Now what’s the matter buddy
Ain’t you heard of my school
It’s number one in the state

So be true to your school now
Just like you would to your girl or guy
Be true to your school now
And let your colors fly
Be true to your school

I got a letterman’s sweater
With a letter in front
I got for footbal and track
I’m proud to where it now
When I cruise around
The other parts of the town
I got a decal in back

So be true to your school now
Just like you would to your girl or guy
Be true to your school now
And let your colors fly
Be true to your school

On friday we’ll be jacked up on the football game
And I’ll be ready to fight
We’re gonna smash ’em now
My girl will be working on her pom-poms now
And she’ll be yelling tonight

So be true to your school now
Just like you would to your girl or guy
Be true to your school now
And let your colors fly
Be true to your school

Rah rah rah be true to your school
Rah rah rah be true to your school
Rah rah rah be true to your school
Rah rah rah be true to your school

I can't find a MIDI of "Be True To Your School", but the WAV is only 307kB, if you want to use it.

"Be True to Your School" WAV courtesy of
at the inspired suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/15/05
Thanks so much, Dave!

"Be True to Your School" lyrics courtesy of
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/15/05
Thanks again, Dave!

NNHS "N" clip art courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/06/04
Thanks once more, Dave!

Pom Pom Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 10/16/05

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