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10/14/05 - NNHS Newsletter - If You Wanna Be Happy

"Don't worry.  Be happy."

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

  What a week we have coming!

  The Class of 1951 is having their 54-Year Reunion Picnic in only two more days, and the Open Reunion
sponsored by the great Class of 1965 in honor of their 40th Year is one week from today! 

   WOWZERONI to one and all!


   As mentioned earlier, there will be an "Identify the Baby" Contest on Saturday night at the Reunion.  More details are now available:

   Members of the Class of 1965 coming to the reunion who would like to put their baby picture up on the board can bring it on Saturday night when they come OR they can email it to Sarah Puckett Kressaty at or Pauline Collins Shofner at pcshofner@juno.comand they will print it out and bring it.

   Those who can should email their picture no later than Thursday, October 20.

   Unofficially, those of you wishing to cheat fairly may take a look back at the Friday, November 13, 1964 issue of the Beacon, which thanks to Harron Ellenson ('65) of MA has been posted here for the last four years: - Notice that we never really finished identifying these

little doll babies.  That contest is still open.

   Notice also that this is in one of the oldest sections of the website, and still contains advertising.  I'm keeping it there for sentimental reasons.  Thanks again, Harron!

   Okay, y'all find your baby pictures and email or bring them.  The more we have, the more fun it will be!



The 54-Year Reunion of the Class of 1951
 will be held on on Sunday, October 16, 2005 at Kiln Creek
 - a Sunday lunch brunch from Noon to 2:00 PM.
The cost is $21 per person or $42 per couple. 

Contact Robert Allen at
or Nancy Fogle Moore, 76 Columbia Drive,
Newport News, VA 23608





The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965
will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005,
7:00 PM to Midnight, at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni - 
plus a few others!







    From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 10/13/05:


You know, I see so many names in the newsletter that sound so familiar but I just can’t put a face with the name (like Sandi Bateman) (Chestnut - '65 - of VA). I don’t want to suggest any extra work (‘cause lordy knows girl, you do a LOT of work getting these newsletters out) but what if we had (as an option, of course) our yearbook pictures next to our names when you post that person’s newsletter input. Maybe you already tried it or decided it wouldn’t work….Just an idea….maybe a bad one.

Chandler Nelms

   Hi, Chandler Darlin'!  No, no, it's not a bad idea at all.  I just need to think about it a bit.

   Actually, one of the very first things I had in mind back in 2000 was posting the senior portraits for every member of the Class of 1965.  That was prompted by Ilene Levinson Lieberman who lives in Israel and didn't have her yearbooks by her side.  There were of course no Newsletters back then; they are a much later development.  The problem was I really, really didn't know what I was doing in 2000 - or many times even what I wanted to accomplish.

   So we (my two youngest sons - Nathaniel and Dale and I) began scanning in the pictures.  Then we noticed that while we were testing the waters, we were scanning at different resolutions, and the images didn't match one another.  HORRORS!

   Shortly before he left home nearly two years ago, Dale began setting up this new section for me, with matching, uniform images, complete with links to current photos:

   He knows some sneaky way of running one scan and copying all eight images from that page without having to run eight individual scans.  Unfortunately, he didn't get around to leaving me any of his World Class Directions for that process before he left, and I immediately forgot how to do it.

   But hey, I have a Handy-Dandy NEW scanner now, so maybe I can at last get that show off the ground.

   That doesn't 'zactly get them on the Newsletter just yet, and many if not most of our contributors are from other classes, but it's a first step in that direction. 

   Meanwhile, that link, available directly from the front page (it's the bottom link), will at least show you Sandi:

   That entire section - even the "finished" pages - is in abysmal shape.  Perhaps if I do a bit each day......

   Thanks, Chandler!  It really is a great idea!

   PART TWO (several hours later):

   Okay, my conscience couldn't stand it.  After exactly two years, I'm returning to that section to upgrade and finish it.  I've done a minor page redesign, completed a few updates, and installed return links to the bottom of each page.  Henceforth I'll add the images to the Newsletters whenever I can.

   Thanks for the nudge, Chandler Darlin'!  And here's Sandi: 



  From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/13/05:

If you're figuring out what to wear at the reunion then you've made your decision and are ready to go.  If you're still wavering .....IT'S NOT TOO LATE!  Make the decision and give us a call at 757 345-2382, or E-mail us at  and we'll help with the details.  As a final incentive we've arranged a special road trip on Saturday to tour the Old Stomping Grounds that has been such a popular section on the website.  Please see (below) for details.  Only one week and the 40th Reunion will be here!
The committee has worked hard and it ready for you to come and enjoy the event. 
See you soon.

Dave and Pam Arnold


In one of the newsletters the idea of a bus tour of the Old Stomping Grounds was mentioned.  While that’s a great idea the Reunion Committee is fresh out of buses.  BUT …. We have been able to arrange for a couple of 15-passenger vans for a Saturday outing. 

So it’s off we go to get an updated look at where we grew up.  Depending on the time available we plan to go through the Mariners' Museum grounds,  down Huntington Avenue and up Washington Avenue, on to North End, Briarfield, East End, Stuart Gardens and Chesapeake Avenue, site of the submarine races often held in the 60’s.  And we may sneak across the city line to a few selected spots in Hampton (don’t let ‘em know we’re coming).

The Reunion Committee has spared no efforts in this project and has secured the services of     Captain Dave Spriggs, NNHS ‘64, PPTG (that’s Professional Peninsula Tour Guide).  Sign-up will be available on Friday night and early Saturday morning.  Those going on the road trip should be ready to depart at 10:00 a.m. in the lobby of the Point Plaza.  If we exceed the number of Typhoons that can be stuffed in the vans we encourage others to car pool and join in our caravan.  This should be a road trip guaranteed to revive old memories of the places that played important parts in our lives.  So load your cameras and be there!


   I was so completely overwhelmed I had difficulty trying to write Dave and Dave to thank them for this incredible treat.  When I did, I told them my sister and I were definitely planning to take advantage of this.  Whereupon, Dave Arnold wrote back:

Sorry to inform you the vans are full.  

   RASCAL!!!  Yes, you did!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

  Seriously, thank you, Gentlemen, so very much! 

     It isn't really necessary for me to tell y'all what a treat this will be, is it?!?  No, I didn't think so!


From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 10/13/05:

Thanks to Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA. If I were ever to remember what I actually said, it would probably be the subjunctive case, as you suggested.  ;-)

   GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Ronnie!


  From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL to   Jimmy Parker ('62) of VA - 10/13/05 - "Photos
from Mini-Reunion":

Hi, Jimmy:

Just a reminder, did you ever send Carol a copy of the digital photos taken when I visited with you in Florida. You may recall we were poolside and your son-in-law took a couple shots of us. I understand if it was forgotten, with a new baby arriving at the time. If you get a minute, maybe you can track it down. I would love to have a copy.

NOPE! No pictures yet....  sniff, sniff....  GIGGLES!!!

Hope you are doing well. It has been a long time since we met for lunch at the IHOP in Lakeland, Florida.

Let me hear from you when you get a minute.

To prove that I am still vertical, here is a shot taken today as I was preparing for my daily run. Back to my OCS and Boot Camp weight again!

A Senior Devil Dog,
Joe Madagan
Thursday, October 13, 2005        

   Thanks, Joe!  I'm mightily impressed!  I'm not even at my last year's weight again (although I did manage
to lose 11 of the 23 pounds this "exciting" year gave unto me......  Unfortunately that doesn't really get me
into the hand-crocheted dress I had bought last year to wear this year.  GRRRRRR!!!).

   Of course, you are cheating by actually running, whereas I am only exercising my fingers on this keyboard!

   Congratulations, Adonis!  Looking good!

   And don't forget, Jimmy-Jimmy.  You owe me three dances - unless of course they play "The Twelfth
of Never", in which case you owe me another one.  See you soon!

  From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/13/05:

Latest update through the mail delivery today, and Tom Norris (HHS - '73) is signed up.

Dave Arnold

   Yes, and so is Coach Nuttycombe

   Thanks, Dave!


From Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally ('65/'68) of VA - 10/13/05:

I stopped by the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail several months ago to take a birthday cake to my son  - an employee not an inmate -- and talked to Dave Arnold for awhile.  He asked me if I was coming to the Reunion.  I told him I really would love to come but my husband and I had already made reservations with another couple (way back in April) for a week long vacation to Las Vegas.  Dave wanted to know which was more important? ?  Let's see . .  Reunion or Vacation ???  Reunion with really old friends OR gambling, slots, the desert, Hoover Dam, (Milton says "Mickey Gilley's Naked Girls Mud Wrestling"), shows, slots, relaxation for a week???  Well, we'd love to see everyone and be with all of you at the Reunion (and will think about ya'll) but we have already prepaid airfare, hotel, rental car and, after caring for my mother for over four years until her death we REALLY need this vacation.  Hope we'll be able to make the next one and sure hope that everyone has a wonderful time!!
Please pass on to Dave.  Thanks.
                                                     Typhoon Forever,
                                                      Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally

   Well, it's time for another, you guessed it, crying baby!  

   Y'all have fun in Las Vegas, Elizabeth.  We'll miss you!

   "Naked Girls Mud Wrestling?!?"  (I lead a sheltered life....)


  From Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 10/13/05 - "Miss Gildersleeve":

Dear Carol,

Reading about Miss Gildersleeve in today's newsletter brought back a very special memory. After graduation from NNHS in 1959, I graduated from college in three years and then returned to NNHS in the fall of 1962 to fulfill my dream. I loved NNHS and I loved Miss Gildersleeve. She was a tremendous influence on my life and kept me on the right path
during my adolescence. At the end of the school day, after the Speech Club meeting, or intramural hockey, or some other after school activity, I'd go to my locker on the third floor near my homeroom 308. The halls were quiet and the afternoon sun slanting into the hall through those huge windows in the stairwell glinted on the floor. As I gathered my books
and things together, and traipsed down the stairs to start the walk home, I'd dream about returning to NNHS to teach. I would imagine myself among the Miss Frees, the Miss Suttles, the Miss Helmers, the Miss Maguires, the Mrs. Conns, the Miss Floyds, every single one of them, in that magnificent pantheon of great teachers. It seemed to me there could be no greater honor than to walk among them as their fellow faculty member.

In the fall of 1962 I began my teaching career at NNHS. I learned from the masters how to teach. I had the same planning period as Mary Helmer, Mickey Maguire, Eliza Wise, Jen Lou Pully, Margaret Lane, Pop Wheary. They took me under their wing and taught me how to teach.

I had accomplished my dream of returning to NNHS, but if I thought that like Athena who sprang full grown from the head of Zeus, that upon my return to NNHS, I would spring full grown as a teacher in the classroom, I was to find out otherwise. I had a lot to learn.

That first September of my teaching career, I had a C period eighth grade history class that met on the first floor hall leading to the cafeteria. I think it was room 116. The students were usually chatty, and I would try to get their attention by talking over their voices. Miss
Gildersleeve passed by the door, which was usually open, everyday on her way to lunch. One day she called me to her office after school. She told me that when teachers spoke in a loud tone of voice students just tune out. She said that when teachers used quieter, softer tones of voice, then students have to work harder to hear and so they listen. Thus did the lessons she taught continue to influence and mold me.

In later years when I became a high school assistant principal, Miss Gildersleeve was my model. It was her spirit and her lessons and her influence that continued to guide and inspire my practice. My deepest desire was to give, as an assistant principal, the students with whom I worked what Miss Gildersleeve had given to me. One night at a gathering of
parents at the high school where I was working, a parent, who was a graduate of NNHS and so knew Miss Gildersleeve, gave me the greatest gift I could ask for. Talking to me privately, the parent, with whose child I had worked closely, called me the Miss Gildersleeve of his child's school. Although I was humbled at the sentiment and felt undeserving of such an accolade, for who could fill Miss Gildersleeve's shoes, I knew there could be no greater tribute to my work.

Whatever small good I may have done in the years I worked in schools, whatever small benefit my work may have been to students and their families, I owe to Miss Gildersleeve. She was my mentor, my inspiration, my guide, my hero. I loved her and always will. I pray that my work in schools was a credit to her.


   Okay, you're all determined to make me cry today, just 'cause I'm a Big Ol' Crybaby.

   That is incredibly beautiful, Aretie.  Thank you so much!  I posted it on Miss Gildersleeve's page:

   As you taught me U.S. History in your second year of teaching, I will assume Miss Gildersleeve must have nipped any loud speaking you might have done in the bud, because I certainly don't ever remember your raising your voice.  I think you could have given one of Those Looks and instantly silenced the class.    

   Of course, we were a model class, so I'm certain you would have had no cause to do so. 
Linda Allen was in there, and Becky Braswell, Brenda Clarke, Tommy Crittendon, Jim Desimone, Jody Glazer, Iris Manry, Phyllis Moore, Bonnie Sauls....


  From Me ('65) of NC - 10/14/05:

   Thanks to our Magic Music Man,     Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA, we now have a truly enchanting
MIDI posted on the Wee Wisdom School page:

   Thanks so much, David!

   I still have goodies from my cousin, Cheryl White Wilson (John Marshall HS - '64) of VA and Richard
(NNHS/HHS - '62) of VA and Judy Horton Lindstrom ('63) of FL for y'all, but I just completely ran
out of time, so I'll save them until tomorrow.

   Well, Chandler, adding the little pictures (and I hope y'all noticed that they all enlarge!) was great fun.  I really
like the new look, so thanks again.  What a great idea!

    Y'all take care of each other!  SEE YOU SOON!!!

                                   Love to all, Carol





If You Wanna Be Happy

(Jimmy Soul)

If you wanna be happy
For the rest of your life,
Never make a pretty woman your wife,
So from my personal point of view,
Get an ugly girl to marry you.

A pretty woman makes her husband look small
And very often causes his downfall.
As soon as he marries her
Then she starts to do
The things that will break his heart.
But if you make an ugly woman your wife,
You'll be happy for the rest of your life,
An ugly woman cooks her meals on time,
She'll always give you peace of mind.

Don't let your friends say
You have no taste,
Go ahead and marry anyway,
Though her face is ugly,
Her eyes don't match,
Take it from me she's a better catch.

Say man.
Hey baby.
Saw your wife the other day.
Yeah, she's ugly.
Yeah, she's ugly but she sure can cook.
Yeah?. Okay.

"If You Wanna Be Happy" midi (Sequenced by Ron Tilden) courtesy of
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/26/05
Thanks, Dave!

"If You Wanna Be Happy" lyrics courtesy of
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/26/05
Thanks again, Dave!

Smiley Face clip art courtesy of - 10/12/05 

Smiley Face Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 10/12/05

Animated Smiley Faces clip art used to make Large Divider Line courtesy
of - 10/11/05

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

Tiny Angel clip art courtesy of - 08/14/05

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