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10/13/05 - NNHS Newsletter
Happy Birthday to the United States Navy!

10 Dec 1996 - Northern Puerto Rican Operations Area: USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67) 27 Aug 2004 - Naval Station, Norfolk, VA: A UH-3H Sea King helicopter flies over USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), USS George Washington (CVN 73), and USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

Happy 230th Birthday today to the United States Navy!

   Hug a sailor today.  Or salute one.  Well, okay, just thank one for their services rendered.  I still would personally prefer the hugging option.



The 54-Year Reunion of the Class of 1951
 will be held on on Sunday, October 16, 2005 at Kiln Creek
 - a Sunday lunch brunch from Noon to 2:00 PM.
The cost is $21 per person or $42 per couple. 

Contact Robert Allen at
or Nancy Fogle Moore, 76 Columbia Drive,
Newport News, VA 23608





The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965
will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005,
7:00 PM to Midnight, at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni - 
plus a few others!







From Brian Beachum ('72) of VA - 10/11/05 - "NNHS 1936 Graduation Program and Diploma from
my Dad!":

Dave and Carol,

Here's a set of images that ought to bring a few memories to the Typhoons. I've included four images of the NNHS 1936 Graduation Program and Diploma from my Dad! He influenced me to attend NNHS back when freedom of choice included what school you attended. Those days didn’t last long. I’ll send the pendant image later.

PS - I'll have to scan mine later just to prove that there was a 1972 NNHS Diploma!

Brian Beachum
NNHS 1972

   WOWZERONI, Brian!  These are so cool!!!

   I was immediately struck at how little the Graduation Program changed in appearance over the years.  I find that very comforting.

   I hope y'all can make out the names on the program.  So many of them are familiar - Roger Callis, for instance.

   Thanks so much, Brian!  What treasures these are!  I've posted them on Odds and Ends:



From Richard Dawes (NNHS/HHS - '62) of VA - 10/11/05 - "Picture of a very young Miss Gildersleeve":



Thought I’d send you a picture of Miss Gildersleeve found in the 1925 Beacon.

Another item from the collection of Sharron (Wanderer - '61) and Richard Dawes.

   Thanks so much, Dickie!  As it turns out, Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) beat you to the punch with that
image of Miss Gildersleeve by two-and-a-half years.  (He is just that good!)  In fact, it was one of his
earliest contributions to the site.  But he didn't include the dedicatory page itself, so we've added that now:


   I did a partial redesign on the page, but I'll redo it completely sometime soon.  Stay tuned.

This Web page(NNHS65) really ROCKS….Keep up the great work.

   Thanks again - I'll certainly try!

Also….. Bet you don’t remember this one, Carol. Here is a obscure tune that was short lived but
I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Carl Dobkins Jr. - My Heart is an Open Book (about 1958)

Don't believe all those lies
Darlin', just believe your eyes and

Look, look, my heart is an open book
I love nobody but you (ah, ah, ah, ah)
Look, look, my heart is an open book
My love is honest and true
(doodidit, doodidit, doodidit, doot)

Some jealous so-and-so (doodidit, doot) wants us to part
(doodidit, doodidit, doodidit, doot)
That's why he's tellin' you (doodidit, doot)
That I've got a cheatin' heart

Don't believe all those lies
Darlin', just believe your eyes and

Look, look, my heart is an open book
I love nobody but you
(doodidit, doodidit, doodidit, doot)

Some jealous so-and-so (doodidit, doot) wants us to part
(doodidit, doodidit, doodidit, doot)
That's why he's tellin' you (doodidit, doot)
That I've got a cheatin' heart

Don't believe all those lies
Darlin', just believe your eyes and

Look, look, my heart is an open book
I love nobody but you
Nobody but you
No body but you

Richard Dawes

Providence Forge Va.

   Well, I confess, you have me there.  I tried to find it, but all I found was that it was one of the Top Hits
of 1959.

   I didn't see any midis for it, or we could have used it as an upcoming Newsletter theme.  I keep
threatening to learn how to draw my own clip art and write my own midis, but where would I find the time???

   My # 6 son, Dale, knows how to do both.  We received word last night that he'll be coming home
from Carlsbad, California on January 18.  Maybe he'll teach me how to do those things then.  Naaaah.....

   Thanks again, Dickie!


  From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 10/12/05:

Oh, Carol, thank goodness I've found another buyer, rather than shopper!!  My mother and my sister (Nat Woolard Cunningham, HHS '60 - FL) are both shoppers.  I think they've often wondered from what planet I came to not like spending hours and hours "just looking."  I like to get in, buy it, and get out.  It may be just our Virgo personalities.......we're no-nonsense, get-it-done people.  After all, we must get back home to have our computer time!  :) 

   EXACTAMUNDO!!!  Thanks for the validation, Gloria!


From Dodie Patterson (LaGrange HS - '70) of GA - 10/12/05:

Dear Carol..

Bill Black ('66 - of GA) is a fact his wife Susan is a long time friend and treasurer
at our church. Bill said it would be alright to contact you.

I love your class' website. I want one for our class...the LaGrange High Class of 1970. How did you find a host for the site? How did you get the word out to all the classmates?

If you have any start up suggestions, comments, advice I would love to have all the knowledge and info you can spare. Whenever you have a few minutes I would love to hear from you. I would be grateful for anything you can provide.

   Certainly, Dodie.  I'd be glad to help you if I can.

   I've found that the most important factor in undertaking such a project is to be certifiably insane. 

   That settled, first ask yourself how much you are willing to sacrifice.

   Ask yourself how supportive your family may or may not be of your new venture.

   Ask yourself how much time you have to devote to it.  Between the site itself and the now daily Newsletter, I typically spend ten to twelve hours a day except on Sundays. 

      Ask yourself if you want to keep the site free or if you want to charge a nominal subscription fee.  I was passionate about keeping ours free, but when it became necessary to upgrade
my own services to high speed cable from slow-as-molasses-dial-up, and to pay for the site itself, I put
up a note hinting that small donations would be nice, and then I hope for the best.   

   Then you need to identify your needs and objectives so that you can make an informed decision about selecting a server.  When I began five years ago, I was only dealing with my Class of 1965, which had about 304 students.  Therefore a regular free space such as Yahoo Geocities was more than adequate. 
The site itself only had about ten or twelve pages at that time.  It now has hundreds of pages - literally.  If you think you've seen it all, you probably have not.

   As we grew - and grew - and grew, it became necessary to purchase space to provide not only for our massive archiving of everything which ever existed in the entire community and beyond, but because
of the bandwidth needed to support hundreds of daily visitors.  We now have over 380 people on our mailing list, and more unknown visitors on a regular basis.  We expanded to include people from the Classes of 1955 to 1966, because I had resources to serve them.  We now have people on from the Classes of 1938 to 1973, and people from neighboring rival schools, and people who never went
to school in eastern Virginia at all but just seem to enjoy our company.

   After a couple of years I applied for submission to search engines such as Google.  I've now gone from Geocities to Angelfire, Coolfreespace, and two smaller versions of 00freehost, because it most closely provides all that I need.  

   So choose your server, your builders (I use Front Page, Cute FTP, and a Bravenet counter to record stats), and go for it!  What an adventure.

   We began with only the ten or twelve people from my class for whom I had email addies.  They then spread the word, and so on, and so on.  If someone runs a feature article in your local newspaper, that will really give you a boost.

   And don't neglect to document your sources at the bottom of each page.  This is not only a protection, but will prove invaluable to you as you look for things later.

   I hope this helps.

   Best wishes on your new endeavor, Dodie!  It will change your life in ways you never dreamed possible!


From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/12/05 - "Change":

So Eleanor is coming instead of Paul? I need to change the name tags.

Dave Arnold

   OOOOPS!  Would it help if I made one for her?   


From Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA - 10/12/05:

Wee Wisdom School        

Hi, Carol,

Attached is a picture my mom had of either my kindergarten or first grade class at Wee Wisdom School, which was located in the basement of the shipyard apartments.  I'm guessing it was taken sometime between 1952-54, but I'm not sure.   As my mom didn't write any names on the back of the picture, I was hoping maybe some of your readers might recognize themselves or their friends.  I'm the 3rd one from the left in the first row, looking at the picture.  The girl in the front row on the far right looks like Jo Delafosse (not sure where she graduated from, but was at NNHS with us in the 8th and 9th grade)  and the boy, 4th from the right in the middle row looks a little like Jim Brinkley ('65 of IA).  Any help from anyone will be appreciated with this "project"! 

   Oh, aren't you all just precious!  Thanks so much!  And yes, that certainly looks like Jim to me!  Perhaps he can identify some of the others.

   My money would be on its being a kindergarten class. At any rate, I've added it to Our Schools When We Were Younger: - brand new page

   I also spiffed up this earlier page a bit while I was there:

   There are still some unidentified little doll babies in that image as well.

Only 8 more days and you'll be back in good ole' NN.  Glad that Eleanor (Buckley Nowitzky - '59 -
of NC)
is coming with you, but tell Paul we'll really miss seeing him again.  Talk to ya soon.

   Eight more days?!?  I suppose this means I'm not going to drop 40 pounds by then, huh?  Bummer.....
Oh, well! 


From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 10/12/05 - "a couple of notes":

I'm glad your blood work returned in the normal ranges and we will never assume that those results mean YOU are normal!  What was the character name in Rocky Horror?  A. B. Normal?


Miss Holladay looks wonderful!  She must have been a mere teenager when she taught us!  

   That must have been it!


When I took life saving classes with Coach Range at the pool, he'd have us tread water for a long time and then ask if we were tired.  When some bozo would say he was, Coach would tell us we'd just earned another 10 minutes.  His point was that you didn't gain endurance until you pushed through your wall of fatigue.  And he was right.  So are all the writers of anecdotes of the man. 
He was great too.

   That is quite obvious from all which has been written!

Carol, yes, it was Emily Nelson in the Library.  How could I have forgotten her name?  She was another wonderful staff member.

   Yes, she was.  I'll need to make her a page as soon as I can catch my breath.  I remember once during my senior year our class was in there on an assignment to do research.  It was probably Mrs. Shelton's English class, but I'm not sure.  I am sure of what happened next.  I was standing by the wall quietly perusing a book when Steve Burns ('65) suddenly rushed over with a look of innocent urgency on his face and whispered, "Did you hear about the ___________ _____________?!?"

   Being a total sucker, with wide-eyed shock I whispered back, "No, what happened?!?"

   Whereupon he delivered the punch line to the joke I never saw coming, and I totally lost it.  I believe I doubled over and nearly fell to the floor.  I know that despite my best efforts to remain library-quiet, I sputtered and spluttered wildly and not so quietly.

   Somehow Mrs. Nelson (who had not heard Steve's joke) was not nearly so amused at the racket I was making.......

   And yes, Steve, I still remember the joke, one of the very few I do.

Chandler, the Ice Plant was destroyed by fire about 8-9 years ago.  However, you'll be happy to know, it was a micro brewery (St. George's) at the time.  The Ice Plant had been out of business for many years.  St. George's re-opened and is thriving and the Ice Plant site is not a yard where people can rent spaces to park RVs and boats that they can't keep in their condo parking lots.   

So Carol is right; you'll just have to gas up, drive south and get your own Better Burger.  Now be prepared, the Better Burger combo (the burger with all the juicy dripping and toppings, an order of fried and a medium soft drink) are up in price.   It'll set you back $3.09 before tax today!  Some old good things stay good! 


   That's right, Chandler.  Just start packing.  Imagine that big, delicious Better Burger, and then all the fun you'll have dancing with all those adoring women who had secret crushes on you so long ago.  How often in life does such an opportunity present itself?

   Thanks, Kathy!  See you soon!


From Joan Lauterbach Krause ('60) of VA - 10/13/05 - "Mrs. Ball":

Happy Day!

   Yes, actually it is!  Not only is it the Navy's 230th Birthday, it my oldest son's (Lewis) 35th birthday - and he was born in Portsmouth Naval Hospital!  Wait a minute.  Isn't 35 considered "middle-aged"?  How can I have a middle-aged son when I'm still just a kid?!?  Ah, well, it must be one of Life's Mysteries.....

Elaine Ball transferred to Dozier Middle School as their school librarian in 1982.  I had
the pleasure of working with her for many years until she retired.  She had the "fun"
of establishing a brand new library at Dozier.  If you can imagine ordering, and processing over 30,000 library books at one time. :) :)  She and her assistant Jane Newell operated a very fine state-of-the-arts library.  When I was hired by NNPS in 1968, Mr. McIntosh was Superintendent, Mrs. Hamilton was head of Personnel, Mr. Keesee and Jack Powers handled the textbook processing/warehouse and many other "little things" that keep a school system rolling.
A classmate of ours, Dr. Steve Hochman, began his career as a teacher.  He was principal
of Denbigh High School for many years and he retired as a Director from Alternative Services at the NNPS Administration Building.  It was good to see Steve and his wife Pat, again at our reunion.  Many of NNHS graduates took the wonderful education given to us and passed it on by becoming fine teachers themselves.  What a legacy, coming full circle.
Joan Krause

   WOWZERS!!!  Yes, it is, Joan!  Thanks so much for sharing this thought with us! 

   Steve, by the way, was still as gorgeous as ever.

   Obviously, I need to make a page for Mrs. Ball as well.  Keep the faith.


   Y'all take care of each other!

                                   Love to all, Carol





Anchors Aweigh

- Words (Verses One and Two) by Midshipman First Class Alfred Hart Miles, USNA - '07, 1906 ;
Music by Lieut. Charles A. Zimmermann, USN, 1906
Words (Verse Three) by Midshipman Royal Lovell, USNA - '26.

Stand Navy down the field, sails set to the sky.
We'll never change our course, so Army you steer shy-y-y-y.
Roll up the score, Navy, Anchors Aweigh.
Sail Navy down the field and sink the Army, sink the Army Grey.

Get underway, Navy, Decks cleared for the fray,
We'll hoist true Navy Blue So Army down your Grey-y-y-y.
Full speed ahead, Navy; Army heave to,
Furl Black and Grey and Gold and hoist the Navy, hoist the Navy Blue

Blue of the Seven Seas; Gold of God's great sun
Let these our colors be Till all of time be done-n-n-ne,
By Severn shore we learn Navy's stern call:
Faith, courage, service true With honor over, honor over all.

"Anchors Aweigh" midi courtesy of
at the suggestion of Capt. David A. Spriggs, USNR (Ret.) ('64), USNA ('69) of VA - 10/12/05
Thanks, Captain!

"Anchors Aweigh" original lyrics and history courtesy of
also at the suggestion of Capt. David A. Spriggs, USNR (Ret.) ('64), USNA ('69) of VA - 10/12/05
Thanks again, Captain!

Official U.S.Navy Images courtesy of
also at the suggestion of Capt. David A. Spriggs, USNR (Ret.) ('64), USNA ('69) of VA - 10/12/05
Thanks again, Captain!

1 - 961210-N-0710M-001 (DECEMBER 10, 1996)--The U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67)
steams in the Northern Puerto Rican Operations Area (NPOA) during carrier airwing qualifications.
U.S. Navy photo by Photographers Mate Second Class Scott A. Moak. (RELEASED)

2 - 040827-N-4459K-002 Virginia Beach, Va. (Aug. 27, 2004) - A UH-3H Sea King helicopter assigned to the Search and Rescue
(SAR) unit at Naval Air Station Oceana, Va., flies over the aircraft carriers moored at Naval Station Norfolk, Va.,
left to right, USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), USS George Washington (CVN 73), and USS Enterprise (CVN 65). The SAR squadron,
which provides rescue services to both the military and civilian communities, (was) decommissioned on October 1st, 2004.
U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Anthony M. Koch (RELEASED)

Navy Flag Image used to create Divider Lines courtesy of 
once again at the suggestion of Capt. David A. Spriggs, USNR (Ret.) ('64), USNA ('69) of VA - 06/29/04
Thanks once more, David! And those four gold bars are for you, Captain.

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

Twirling Dollar Bill clip art courtesy of - 09/01/05

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