10/01/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Fever

"A fever is an expression of inner rage."

- Julia Roberts

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I thought by the time I was releasing the announcements of yesterday's Newsletter that I had improved somewhat. 

   But then I sent the first batch off without a link to the Newsletter itself, and the second batch had all of your addys
in Carbon Copy instead of Blind Carbon Copy.  My deepest apologies to those 200 people.....

   Happy Birthday today to Jerry Baker Cobb ('66) of VA!  We hope it's a good one, Lady!



1. Karrin Williams Frankie (WHS - '61) of VA? - 09/30/05 - "Add me to your list":


Received your info from Suzanne Mason Haff (Warwick HS - '61 - of NC) today.  I’m like her,
I went to Woodrow Wilson and then the 8th grade at NNHS but in 1957 moved to “Warwick
and was very happy!  My mother informed me I was going to Warwick Jr. High, NOT NNHS!    
I try to keep up info from NNHS through Patty Andrews (Mays - '61) and Fred Mays ('60)
for the earlier years.  I’m the “significant other” to Joe Dickson, NNHS ’66, so am able to keep
up on the later stuff as well and attend his reunions.

For my 50th birthday, a good friend, HHS ’66, thought I’d graduated from NNHS and gave me
the picture of the school and had it matted on a blue and gold matte.  Didn’t have the heart
to tell her I graduated from WHS!  Joe likes the picture and it hangs in our living room.

I’m the “e-mailer news person” for our class but have not done a webpage. Maybe when I learn
how, ol’ WHS  ’61 will have one!


Karrin Williams Frankie

   Welcome, Karrin - and thanks, Suzanne!  I've added your name to the misnamed Alumni Page, but we're all
one big happy family here:



   Page Hit # 38,500 was made on Saturday, October 1, 2005 at 5:45 PM by Gail Kiger Bonsey (Ferguson HS -
'73) of OR
.  Congratulations, Gail!  Send me your mailing address; I've no doubt lost it again..... And pick your
ribbon colors, too!




The 54-Year Reunion of the Class of 1951
 will be held on on Sunday, October 16, 2005 at Kiln Creek
 - a Sunday lunch brunch from Noon to 2:00 PM.
The cost is $21 per person or $42 per couple. 

Contact Robert Allen at RBADDS@cox.net
or Nancy Fogle Moore, 76 Columbia Drive,
Newport News, VA 23608





The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965

will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005
at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni -  and a few others!.








From Henry Hoyle ('65) of Northern VA - 09/30/05:

Hi Carol,

I've noticed the infiltration of the NNHS site by HHS, so I thought I'd mention that my wife, Yvonne (Peters), was
in the HHS class of 1964.  We didn't meet until we were at W&M, but Yvonne's father built and owned the house
that my close friend, Wayne Karmosky ('65), lived in.

   Oh, WOWZERS!!!  I did not know that, Henry!

   Okay, I added Yvonne's name to the Alumni Page, and to the Reunion Attending Page:



   I'm looking forward to seeing you both soon, Cousin Henry!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 09/30/05:

Carol Buckwheat Dahlin' (CBD),
I am truly saddened to hear that you are not well, about that I am most serious. I also feel that had you been well
we would have gotten an absolute, total, nothing left to the imagination, explanation of the "art" of email letters
(colors and sizes, etc.); not to mention a bit of fraud! I never knew how little I know about what I knew I didn't know.
But thanks to you and your explanation I am now convinced that what I didn't know is even less than I knew I didn't
know. I thought I was having some good humored "fun" with our HHS friends; boy, the things I don't know?
And on top of that, I'm with you regarding Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA)! Anyone with that rank deserves something,
I look forward, with great anticipation, to the time you are feeling much better and will be able to give us more than
a cursory reflection on arrows, Romans, times, the class of 1902, and other stuff!
I am serious about you getting well NOW and truly sorry that you are under the weather. As to the rest of it, "Tell
me what'd I say, tell me what'd I say right now..."? No, that's not a "plug" of tobacco, that's my tongue in my cheek!
Take Care!
R. Wayne Stokes, newly educated, sorta!

Ah, you can only imagine the things I might have told you had my head been clear!  The mind boggles!

   Thanks, Wayne Honey!

From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 09/30/05:

Gloria (Woolard Price - Hampton HS - '65 - of FL)…..you’re SO right about Crum’s location.
Thanks for sweeping away the cobwebs in this tired old feeble brain and I remember the S&H Green
Stamp Store
but I don’t recall when or how long it was there. In the Southampton Shopping Center
there was at one time a bakery with the delicious pasties I mention but your right, it wasn’t Crum’s.

Please prove that I’m not crazy.  

I can also remember my brothers and I buying 1 mile of kite string once at the variety store and we used
it all in on kite flying off of Armstrong Point (down Ivy Home Road) out over Hampton Roads.  At the
Southampton Pharmacy owned by Mr. Wheeler, I think Dr. Fisher was the Pharmacist. He had twin
daughters who were in my class at Hampton. 

And a BIG HELLO to Susie Overton (Jones - '63 - of VA). I still see Bryan Cole at every Class of ’63
reunion although he was Class of ’62.

To David from Midnight the Cat – Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy.

And Carol…….you’re still VERY bad.

Chandler Nelms

   Thanks, Chandler!  When y'all finish reconstructing Southampton, we wanna know!  Somewhere on Our Old
Stomping Grounds
there are some great THEN and NOW shots (courtesy, of course, of Dave Spriggs - '64 -
of VA
) of something or other out that way, but I'll hafta pick it up later.  I can't seem to think that hard right now........

   And yes, Chandler Darlin', I know I'm still very bad.  My sister says I've always been that way. 

From Pauline Collins Shofner ('65) of VA - 09/30/05:


This is for your cousin Cheryl (White Wilson - John Marshall HS - '64 - of VA)!  My parents are no longer
living, unfortunately. I miss them!  My mother graduated from JMHS in 1930.  My grandfather,  Samuel Temple
, was Assistant Superintendent of the Virginia Penitentiary, and was referred to as Captain Sam.  My
mother and family lived close to the penitentiary growing up.  My mother’s name was Elvin Rosalie Smith.  I
don’t remember where your parents lived in Richmond.

Thank you for the information.


   This small world thing gets weirder and weirder, Pauline.  I was just telling this story (and I've no idea how we got
on such a subject) to Dave Arnold ('65 - 0f VA) on the phone last week.

   Just after the war, my daddy was the physician at the Virginia Penitentiary in Richmond.  His mother's baby brother,
Bill Tuck, was Governor of the state at that time.  When some of the inmates somehow received word of that little
tidbit, they put a contract out on my daddy in order (so they thought) to force the governor into setting them free. 
Instead, Bill told Daddy that perhaps they would all be safer if he were to leave there and work somewhere else -
effective immediately.....

   Bill was a Marine, and you didn't get far trying to blackmail the man.

   But the point is, whether Beryl knew your mother at JMHS or not, my daddy almost assuredly knew your grandfather!

   Thanks, Pauline!  See you soon!

From Cathy Slusser Hudson ('64) of VA - 09/30/05:

Hi Carol; 

Hope this finds you feeling better. I'll say a little Prayer for you. Hope you do better at taking advice than
I did and still do, or I would be doing a lot better than I am.  My family knows me too well and assigned a
member to spend the first few days out of the Hospital keeping me from doing too much harm since I'm
not known for sitting in one place too long.  Needless to say I didn't follow all the rules.

Please tell Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) that there was a Robert Hall Village Store at Jefferson Avenue
and Oyster Point.  It later became an large Office Building for Newport News Shipyard, and now it is a
Shopping Center, with McDonald's and Costco.
Keep up the good work and find time to rest (look who's talking).  I don't even take my own advice. Hope
you are better soon. 


   Thank you, Cathy, but not to worry - I'm the biggest bum I know.

   But I do appreciate your prayers.  That's very sweet of you, and in truth, I don't believe I have felt quite that bad
for such a prolonged time in 36-1/2 years.  That time I lost ten pounds in a single weekend.  Hey, do y' think...... 

   Naaaaaah, probably not....

   I posted your recollection on the Robert Hall page:




From Dee Hodges Bartram ('66) of VA - 09/30/05:

You distress me greatly when you say you are not feeling well.  As much as I love to read the newsletters
it may not be a bad idea to take a day or two off to rest.  After all, each newsletter has so many interesting
things to read about and sites to visit that it does take some time to go through.  I love looking at the
pictures and trying to remember (which is getting harder and harder) all the different sections of Newport
News where many of our classmates lived and some of the wonderful places we used to visit, that are now
gone, while growing up.  I bet it takes you most of each day and part of the night to put the newsletters together.  
Besides, I'm a little selfish.  I want to make sure you have plenty of time and energy to talk up the 40th
reunion of the Class of 1966
in the coming months.  We are hard at work planning it now for next
September. So, please, take care of yourself and get some well deserved rest, cause we are gonna run your
buns off with updates later!
Seriously, get some rest!
Dee Hodges Bartram

   Thanks so much, Dee!  Believe me - I took some time off!  I had no other choice!

   And yes, I believe each Newsletter takes me eight to twelve hours to complete, depending on the number
of images, links, and multiple postings on the site which are involved.

   I'm looking forward to helping you with your reunion!  I LOVE REUNIONS!!!

   Oh, I hafta tell you something funny.  Thursday night when I was at my very worst, and fearing that I may have had
another mini-stroke, when I regained consciousness, I noticed that my left leg was numb.  It stayed that way
for longer than I would have wished, and my very first thought was, "Oh, NO!!!  Not NOW, with the Reunion only three
weeks away!!!  How am I gonna go dancing NOW?!?"

   It's true - I am demented.....

From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 09/30/05:

Okay, all you Typhoons - three weeks from tonight is the start of the big weekend.  We've made some last minute
contacts with people we were looking for in the past few days.  The committee held a meeting last night and all
the plans are coming together.  If you've mailed in your reservation then it's time to polish your dancing shoes
for the music on Saturday night.  If you haven't, the good news is it's never too late.  The cost of the reunion is
$25.00 per person for Friday night and $40.00 per person on Saturday night.  Checks should be made payable
to NNHS Class of 1965 and mailed to Dave Arnold, 153 Exmoor Court, Williamsburg, VA 23185.  If you need
additional information or just an encouraging word please call us at 757 345-2382.  We're looking forward
to seeing you there.

Dave Arnold

   Boy Howdy!  Thanks, Dave!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 09/30/05 - "Pal and Brownie and Grapette":

Well I have to add my two cents worth here...I was only allowed to drink Pals and Brownies because it
was thought that carbonated drinks were bad for your kidneys!  Lordy lordy, if that were true we would
all be on dialysis by now...anyway once in a GREAT WHILE I was allowed to have a Grapette (even
though they were carbonated...I guess they considered the grape juice good enough for you to counteract
the carbonation...who knows?) 

Do you want to start a page on Home Remedies...because I COULD WRITE A BOOK ON THAT SUBJECT! 

Love, Jean  

p.s.  If raw cookie dough gives you worms...I must be crawling with them...

   Raw cookie dough... mmmmm - my favorite food....mmmmm - Oh, I'm sorry, Jean, what were you saying?

   Oh, yes, the liquid yummies!  I'll post all that on those Pal and Nostalgic Artifacts pages when my brain clears.

   We look forward to your new book.  Thanks, Jean!  See you soon!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 09/30/05 - "Five Pointers":

Someone wanted to know about "Five Pointers"...This meant that your eyes, ears, throat, teeth and weight
were all in accordance with good health. The dentist came and checked our teeth, Dr. Goldsmith came
to Woodrow Wilson School to check our ears and throats, and I think the teachers administered the eye
test.   Because I was considered "overweight" my mother had to take me to the doctor every year so that I
could be a "Five Pointer".  Some years she just said "forget it...you are healthy...you never even have a cold". 
Those years I could not be a five pointer. 

Nowadays they would decide that was dreadful discrimination of some kind (rightfully so, dontcha think?)...
ranks up there with my not-so-wonderful school experiences...along with having to take Remedial PE in high
school (no, I am not kidding...very embarrassing!)  I could not do ANY PUSH UPS OR SIT UPS...forget
forward rolls, hand over hand on the ladder...and I WAS CERTAIN THAT A FALL FROM THE HORSE
would be my death.  Can you believe that I had gym "A" period for four years!  The best thing about senior
year was, you guessed it, no gym!  It was fun to meet people in gym who were not in your other classes,
though.  I really enjoyed that.  In elementary school the kids who were "underweight" had to leave the
classroom to drink extra milk!  Can you believe that? 

Of course we had room checks and curfews in college...that was another planet I believe.

   YOWZERONI, Jean!  Your PE memories are even worse than mine!  Actually, push-ups, sit-ups,
chin-ups, tumbling and apparatus were the only things in all of PE that I could do!

   But I am here to personally testify to you that falling ON the handle of the horse is more deadly than falling OFF
the horse.  I had to go home from school that day - and had nightmares of it for years and years to come.....

   Thanks, Jean - I think (GIGGLES!) - for the memories!

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 10/01/05 - "Grapette -- Orangette -- Lemonette pix":

Carol -- thanks to Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA for the memory site he came up with. It had the 
attached great picture of Orangette, Grapette, and Lemonette to add to your nostalgia page.
The image is from http://www.vaiden.net/orangette_grapette_lemonette.jpg.

   WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Ronnie - and Dave!  I'm hoping I will feel strong enough soon to peruse that incredible
site more fully.  I'm still operating pretty much on automatic pilot..

   For some long while now, I've been convinced that if David couldn't find something online, it wasn't there to be
found.  The man is absolutely magical.

   I posted that great image - thanks again!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 10/01/05:

Hi, Carol:

When I read Captain Dave's message regarding Robert Hall Clothier, I cracked myself up laughing
at an old joke. Two businessmen enter an elevator, and standing in elevator was another passenger
dressed in a two piece suit, with no hands. One of the businessmen asks the fellow passenger: "Korea?"
(suspecting both hands had been amputated from a war injury).

No, was the reply..."Robert Hall".

OK, it is a sick joke, but it is the only Robert Hall Clothier joke.

Joe Madagan ('57) of FL    

   YOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Adonis!  I posted it on the Robert Hall page.  What else could I do?!?  GIGGLES!!




   Oh, and Wayne Honey - Joe "painted" that signature himself!  GIGGLES!

From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 10/01/05:

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  You're sick?!?!?  I am so sorry.......and hope by the time you read this, you're
all better.  I don't know how you do it.........I get tired of sitting at the computer even for an hour.  You're the BEST!!! 
To Susie Overton Jones ('63), I know Brian Cole (HHS '62) because he married my very good friend, Susan
Shelton (HHS '65)
.  They lived down the street from me on Henry Street.  They had twin girls, Doni and Tobi,
and a son, Rush.    He sold carpet for a long time.  Not sure when they divorced, but they both remarried.  A
couple of years ago, he was a personal trainer at a place on Main Street, NN.  And Carl Carlberg (HHS '62)
is/was manager of a health food store in Waxhaw, NC, married, two daughters.  T
he Barrack twins were Ricky
and Robert , but I'm sorry I don't have any info on them.

Gloria Woolard Price
To Chandler Nelms (HHS '63), besides Darden (HHS '58), is your other brother named Robert, retired
from the AF? 
Gloria Woolard Price (HHS '65)

   Thanks, Gloria!  Yeah, I don't like to get quite that sick.  A little sick is okay.  I always figured that an occasional
"little sick" was a trade-off for all the times you feel really well, and causes you to appreciate them just that much more

   But when you don't feel well enough to hold your head up by your own power, and the pain just won't stop, and you're
not sure you can walk five steps without losing consciousness again, well, that's just overkill.

   But if I only have an hour at the keyboard, I must assume someone has rudely interrupted me before I even began! 

   Thanks for the update on your fellow Crabbers.  It'd amazing how intertwined our lives all were.

   While we're at it, who can tell me what became of Billy Bradshaw (HHS - '65)?  As I recall, following graduation
he went to the NNSY Apprentice School, so I'm assuming he probably stayed in the area.  Didn't he have a little
sister, possibly named Susan?  They went to my church, Trinity Methodist.  The man had the most gorgeous eyes! 
I used to tease him that it looked as though he had eyeliner tattooed in between each individual eyelash.

   So, Chandler Darlin', if your father was in the Army, and you were in the Marine Corps, and Robert was in the Air
Force, was Darden in the Navy???


From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65)  of FL) - 09/29/05:


From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/29/05:

   Ummmm - I'm going to beg off on these for a couple of more days, if y'all will forgive me.  Actually, I'm not feeling
quite as well as I thought I was..............


From Paul Dobie ('66) of CO (currently in Afghanistan) - 09/30/05:

Hope These Make Your Day
A Little Brighter



As usual, I check the website each day. Sorry (hate that word) to hear you were not feeling well.
So to cheer you up a little, I am sending you these virtual flowers. Slow down a little, get a little rest
and take care of yourself. You are a very important person to all of us.

Hope you enjoy.


   Oh, my goodness, Sweetie!  I stumbled into my computer this morning at almost 11:00 AM, having
slept a whopping six hours later than usual, and found these beautiful BLUE AND
GOLD flowers
from you!  They most certainly made my day much, much brighter!  Thank you, Paul, so very much!

   Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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(Peggy Lee)

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear

You give me fever, when you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever in the morning
Fever all through the night

Sun lights up the daytime
Moon lights up the night
My eyes light up when you call my name
'Cause I know you're gonna treat me right

Everybody's got the fever
That is something you should know
Fever isn't such a new scene
Fever started long ago

 "Fever" midi courtesy of http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/fitzgerald/163/jazz/jazz1.html - 08/29/05

 "Fever" lyrics courtesy of http://www.lovelyrics.com/artists/PEGGY%20LEE%20lyrics/PEGGY%20LEE%20FEVER%20lyrics.php - 09/30/05

Little Nell's 1978 "Fever" Front Cover Image courtesy of http://www.rockymusic.org/cds/vaults.html - 10/01/05

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