09/28/05 - NNHS Newsletter - He's So Fine

"....when I shall die
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night,
And pay no worship to the garish sun." 

- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, Scene 2

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I don't know.  Maybe it's just me, but I think people are getting excited about the upcoming reunions.  I seem
to be hearing from more and more of y'all all the time.  How delightful!

   Say, does anyone know where to find Barbara Morrison?  We've had a request to locate her.  I'm not sure
what her class would have been, but she was about 15 in 1960, so that would have been about the Class of '63. 
I think she married a McAlister.   I checked the '60, '61, '62, and '63 Anchors, but found nothing under either
name.  I was hoping to locate an image. 

   Maybe she went to Warwick High??  C'mon, Sweetie-Pies, "you can do it!"


1. Owen "Skip" Smith ('63) of VA - 09/27/05:

Favorite Teachers - Mr. Leonard; Mr. Pillow; Miss Maguire; Mr. Armstrong; Miss Kanter; and of course,
all the best coaches a striving athlete could ever have!!

Hobbies - sports/gardening/reading and working on old Corvettes

Comments - Was just reading band info and Mr. Wilson's legacy. I remember being in the dressing room
under the stands and we could hear the best band in the land and they would sure fire us up!!
I have never heard a better high school one to this day!!

   Now isn't that the truth!  You know, all seven of my children were involved in band for some period of time or
another, and I never saw or heard anything like that either.  Even when the proficiency was there (and it rarely
was), I never witnessed anything which could equal the discipline or spirit of Mr. Wilson's bands!

   Thanks, Skip!

   Hmmm - Skip was at the last two reunions.  I wonder if he's coming to this one?  We must ask him!


1. Suzanne Mason Haff (Warwick HS - '61) of NC - 09/28/05:

Please add me to your newsletter list. I moved from NNHS in 1959 and graduated from Warwick
in 1961, but my heart always remained with my friends from Magruder, Walter Reed, and
of course, the first 7th graders at NNHS.

What memories as we, still playing chase games, ran to hide under stairways only to discover
upperclassmates making out - I'm not sure who was more shocked, them or us.

Thanks, Suzanne Mason Haff

   Welcome, Suzanne!  We're happy to have you join us!  I've added your name to our hidden mailing list, and
to our published list of wonderful people:



The 54-Year Reunion of the Class of 1951
 will be held on on Sunday, October 16, 2005 at Kiln Creek
 - a Sunday lunch brunch from Noon to 2:00 PM.
The cost is $21 per person or $42 per couple. 

Contact Robert Allen at RBADDS@cox.net
or Nancy Fogle Moore, 76 Columbia Drive,
Newport News, VA 23608





The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965
will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005
at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni -  and a few others!.








From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 09/27/05:

WOWZEROONI ! (now you’ve got me doing it). Keith James and “That’s My Desire”. What memories!
Does anyone have a time machine? I really want to go back and STAY! Now, if I can only find my dark
grey primer ‘49 Ford (“Igor”) with wing skirts and full moon hub caps. Wayne Jennings! Charley
Where are you guys!?!

By the way, may I pay my respects to the very dashing Captain Spriggs?

Chandler Nelms

   GIGGLES - we're contagious, Chandler! 

   And if you find that time machine, do please let me know.  I've been searching for one for years!  I think we've
discovered among ourselves the closest thing available at the moment!  But if you find any pictures of Igor, I
certainly hope you'll share them with us for Our Old Cars!

   Wait a minute!  Stop the train!  A '49 Ford, you say??  Did it look anything like one of these?  WOWZERS!!!













   Oh - speaking of which, I added Joe Madagan's ('57 - of FL) Vintage Car postage stamps:


   (Thanks, Adonis - they really brighten up that page!)

   Ah - David is gorgeous, isn't he?!?  Those big brown eyes!   (Aw, c'mon, Wayne Honey - I haven't drooled - very
- in days!  Gimme a break here!  Just look at the awesome restraint I used in illustrating today's Newsletter!)

   Thank you, Chandler! 

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/26/05:

1960 - Miniature Golf Range
Buckroe Beach Amusement Park
1950 Buckroe Beach Resort Brochure  

WOWZERONI, Dave!  Thanks so much!   Oh, my goodness! These smaller images
taken from the brochure were so very real - and some of them completely new - that it was like being in that time
machine again!

   Oh, for "one more day, one more night" in that magical place!  As I've so often said, that's the first place I'd visit!

   I placed the Miniature Golf image on the Buckroe Beach Amusement Park page, The Resort Brochure on both
the Buckroe Beach Amusement Park page and the Buckroe Beach page, the first and sixth smaller images on the
Buckroe Beach page, and the remaining four smaller images on the Buckroe Beach Amusement Park page. 

   Clear as mud???  Go check them out:





From Pauline Collins Shofner ('65) of VA - 09/27/05:


This is for Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA).  My sister (Gene Collins Glave - '60 - of SC) and I lived in the brick
row on 47th Street just two houses from Tootsie (Spotts - '63) and her family.  Tootsie also had a brother,

The cabin that you were referring to must be the same one where we spent fun time.  I think that I had a
birthday party there in elementary school.  We also have pictures of us swimming in the James River and
of the cabin with some of my dad’s friends.  It’s a small world.

This is for my sister.  Isn’t Adam’s Shoe Store where we bought our 3 pairs of shoes for the year….school,
weekend and Sunday shoes? 


   I love this job!  These small world stories make my day!  Thanks, Pauline!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 09/27/05:

All of us in North End called the beach at the end of the shipyard (at that time- now the "North Yard" covers
There were many "paths" that led down to the beach every few blocks or so and there were a number of "beach
houses" spread all along the waterfront from 58th and upward until there was no beach and only boulders. I do
believe that Dave's steps are those at 58th. And yes, to the person that asked the question, I too remember the
huge sewer that dumped into the James at 58th Street beach. For the most part it was dry; but, no always, UGH!!
Y'all take care now, ya hear?

   Ah, Wayne Honey - the definitive expert on all things related to North End!  Thanks - I just knew you'd have a
clarification for us there!

   I myself only visited that beach once, at the end of my sophomore year, for that magical Spokesman Club party. 
You know what a very sheltered life I led! 

From Judy Phillips Allen ('66) of VA - 09/27/05:

Ha! Ha!  It wasn't funny when it happened, but Bill Black's ('66 - of GA) mention of 58th Street Beach
made me remember the time my cousin and I were sitting on a blanket down on that beach when.................
what to our wandering eyes would appear..................an exhibitionist!  Yes!  A "flasher" about half way up the
hill standing in the bushes trying to get our attention.  Well, he got our attention and that of Newport News'
finest.  We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to pick him out from pictures that they showed us.  Perverts
really do look like anybody else.  Of course, we didn't get a good look at his face.  We were too shocked by the
rest of him. Know what I mean? He was tall and slender and had blond hair.  Does it sound like anyone we
went to school with? Just kidding!

YOWZERONI!!!  I did lead a sheltered life!!!  Thanks, Judy!

From My Cousin, Cheryl White Wilson (John Marshall HS - '64) of VA - 09/28/05:

Greetings Typhoons & Carol!

Hey you guys! I can solve two of your mysteries.

Re: those “observation” places off Beechmont & Moyer Road – Yes! They were there – we lived off Moyer
Road – on Stevens Road in the mid-seventies – our house was about ten years old – so that would have put it
about right (1965) – as someone mentioned about roads going in off Moyer Road for new subdivisions – go
look up Stevens Road on your favorite online map or perhaps one of those new satellite maps – on Mapquest
it looks as though the Warwick River is much farther away from where Stevens Road (and the other roads)
dead end (not so)  –  actually there are a couple of short dirt roads at the end of Stevens that lead to several
private drives to homes right on the river – I know because we walked back there all the time and across
Moyer to the that part of the river  as well – and I know for a fact couples were still coming back there to park
– also to the end of Moyer – OK – that’s number one. 

   AHA!  Thanks, Cheryl!!!


On to the north beaches – In the early fifties we lived at 73rd Street & River Road - I could walk across the
street to a beach on the James River – there was a little store (looking back now, I think it was a bait & tackle
place) but it had sodas & snacks as well – also there was a pier that we used to jump off of – I found an
arrowhead digging in the sand!  It was just a short walk to the bridge too!  Just know I have pictures
somewhere in the attic – be patient – I’ll get to them!  But, if I remember correctly, much of that beach area
was badly damaged by Hurricane Hazel.  Of course I was only about 8 or 9 too.  OK, Carol, do I get a prize??? 

   Yes, ma'am - absolutely!  And thanks!!!

Speaking of prizes (or gifts), Carol, I have some vintage clip-on earrings for you – they came with a lovely
vintage necklace I got from eBay but I can’t wear them because of allergies – you’ll just love them!  By the
way when did you get those beautiful pink rhinestone dangle earrings?  They look like a pair I bid
on not long ago!  “they were stoleden”  (pay no attention to the spelling here, folks, just a little joke between
me & Carol)  GIGGLES!!!  

   OH, GOODY!  I LOVE presents!  Thanks!

   AHHH - aren't those glorious?!?  They're not really pink, though - just white.  But I did have to fight for them. 
As they were exactly what I had in mind for the last reunion, I was determined to have them, so I paid thirteen
whole dollars
for them (GIGGLES!) in mid-February of 2004.

   Hmmm - I was gonna stick a photo up here of me in my gorgeous earrings on that wonderful, unforgettable
Saturday night, but I was a little bit too excited, and I seem to look like a mega-geek in all of them.  I just don't
know how such a thing could have happened.  Here's the link - go look around, and I'll spare myself further


Speaking of vintage jewelry – check out this site – but please don’t buy anything here – Paul will come
after me!  www.sassyclassics.com  you’ll just love it – he he!!!      

   OH, WOWZERS!!!  This is COOL!!!  Thanks!

Thank you for the Grapette logo – found a bottle in my collection called “Chero-cola”  - Anyone know
about this one??

   "'Not I', said the fly." 

   "Anyone?  Anyone?"

Carol, about the reunion – we were a little disappointed this time – there were only about 3 or 4 ‘64s there
and none of people we actually knew from the class of ’65 were there – no one really seemed interested
in looking at our name tags w/picture (last year they were all over us & everyone else like ants & vice versa
to see who we were).  Not these people – when we tried to look at name tags, I felt as though we had gotten
in their space or something – when we introduced ourselves to one couple, they said, “Oh, was the ’64 class
invited”? – kinda felt like we had “crashed” a party – oh well – we tried to make the best of it – food and
music was good.  

   WHAT A COLOSSAL SHAME!!!  I'm so sorry to hear that!

Looking at the attendance list for your reunion, I believe we know more there than at ours – hey, does the
decision by your reunion committee mean we are invited??!!  Now I want to come to yours!  But we certainly
don’t want to crash another party!!  Think we have to baby sit that weekend anyway – Rats (not about the
kids – love being with them).   But would enjoy seeing you all and your friends!!  What is the difference in the
activities for Friday and Saturday?

   YES, IT DOES!!! 

   After speaking with Dave Arnold ('65 - of VA) on the phone, my understanding is that this reunion is OPEN. 

   We're not advertising in the media, "HEY, EVERYBODY!  Are you bored?  Would you like to come to a high
school reunion and meet a lot of people you never knew?!?  Well, THIS IS THE PLACE!!!"

   No, not really.  But it is OPEN - open to all NNHS Alumni and their spouses and guests, but also to people who
are a part of the "Non-NNHS-Alumni" who have, through their participation in and on this web site and Newsletter,
have become people we all know.  That would include the Hampton group - Chandler Nelms ('63 - of MD), Gloria
Woolard Price ('65 - of FL), and Tom Norris ('73 - of VA). 
And it would certainly also include YOU!

   As for the differences in Friday and Saturday nights, Friday is more casual, both in dress and atmosphere.  The
food is lighter, and there's no program.  Saturday we dress a bit fancier, the fellas were jackets and ties and such,
the food is a little heavier, and there's a short program.  BOTH nights will feature GREAT OLDIES MUSIC and

   So get a babysitter for your grandchildren (just sub-contract them out!  GIGGLES!), contact Dave Arnold, and
come see "eva'body"!!!  AND - then I can deliver your PRIZES!!!  LA-LA-LA!!!

Hey, did you have to bring up that thing about “stop the train” ??

   Well, see, the thing is, I've been saying, "stop the train" without even thinking about it all my life!  It wasn't until four years ago that I realized that it was an idiom common only to our family, and which began with a four-year-old YOU!  
Carol, the prize!?  (put one of those screaming babies here) GIGGLES!     

To Pauline Collins Shofner ('65 - of VA):  RE: parents at JMHS:  Keep forgetting ask my mother when
she graduated – but I think it was around 1932 or 33 – are your parents still living?  It is possible their paths
crossed – interesting!!

Well, So long for now,


   COOL BEANS!!!  Thanks, Cheryl - See you next month!

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 09/27/05:


First, I have to say that I was so tickled to see the Grapette sign!!  It was my "FAVORITE"!!  I also loved
the orange drink (glass bottles!) called "Pal" - it was non-carbonated and soooooooo good cold on a
summer's day!! (sugar, sugar, sugar!!)
Also, I lived in the Shipyard Apartments till I was 16 when we moved to Woodfin Road.  When I was born
(Riverside Hospital, 50th Street), we lived in the "48th building", 4829 Washington Avenue, then when I was
five, we moved to the "45th building" - 4550 Washington Avenue!  I remember walking with my mother to get
the "new" apartment ready and asking "Are we there yet????"  That's where I met the Southall's (Mary
('66) and Lucy ('63) and family, and a bunch more).  There were a lot of kids around - we walked
to school - around the corner almost, Joe Milan's store was on the corner of 45th and Huntington - diagonally
to Jackson School.  I would walk home for lunch and for one solid week Jerry Allen ('65 - of VA) dragged me
by my ponytail, all the way to his house every day!!!  Wonder if he remembers that one!!!  Funny the things you
don't forget!  Ahhh, YOUTH!!!  We could put a book together.  Also next door (across the street) to Jackson
School was our church, Calvary Baptist
Have a great day!   Sarah Sugah

   Why, Sarah Sugah, I always knew you were a woman with good tastes!

   And I do believe you just picked up a third place prize in the Pal Ade Contest!  Congratulations on both
counts!  (I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to be crocheting all the way up to Virginia!  GIGGLES!)




   I posted your account of living in the Shipyard Apartments, too - thanks!



From Cathy Slusser Hudson ('64) of VA - 09/27/05:

Hi Carol:

Just thought I would add to the North End Pharmacy spot. My husband, Myles Hudson (Warwick HS -
drove the little Jeep the Summer of 1959 when he worked for the Adelson'sSam ran the front of the
Pharmacy and Irvin was the Pharmacist.

Take care, Cathy

   Thanks, Cathy!  I added your comment to the North End page.  It's a strangely composed page, so your remarks
landed somewhere just about in the middle:




From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 09/27/05:


Someone in the last Newsletter was talking about a brand name shoe named Poll Parrot.
Remember this one that had a tune to it that went like this?



   Oh, my!  And I used to always run into the room if perchance I had left it to watch the Buster Brown
commercials, but that one hasn't come back to me - yet! 

   Thanks, Glenn!  I think we're going to be needing some more shoe store pages!

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 09/27/05:

Ok, I remember that X-ray machine!  I used to stop in just to stand on that machine!  (Mom
never knew!)  I thought Hofheimer's sold Poll Parrot shoes also!  "I" had Stride Rite - Mom
thought they were the best!  OR Buster Brown!  Thanks for the memory!!! 

Sarah Sugah

   Thanks, Sarah Sugah!  Yeppers - we'll definitely need more shoe store pages!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 09/27/05 - Playing catch-up:

Hi Carol,

We just got back from ten days in southern California and I came upstairs two hours ago to take a shower
and go to bed...but of course I had to check my e-mail...and then...you guessed it, I had to read all the
I had missed!  I was going to supply you with the words "Far beyond the walls of Newport..."
but I am glad to see that Dave Arnold ('65 - of VA) graciously did that...I am always amazed at what
my brain has retained and what it has deleted! 

Also I have a comment about "Northern Virginia"...Awhile back I was attending a party and met a woman
who was "moving to Virginia"...I told her I was from Virginia and she asked "what part"...and I said
"Newport News"...and her reply was "oh, down south with all the rednecks"...Needlesstosay I was highly
insulted...but being the Southern lady I was raised to be (in spite of living in Yankeeland for 32 years) we
were taught that politeness was all important (much more so, as someone has said, than telling the truth...)
so I did not tell the bitch off!  Instead I bit my tongue, trying hard not to amputate it!   And walked away...
I hope she dies of poisoning!!!
Someone mentioned having Doris Hutton for band...we had Doris Hutton for square dancing when we
could not go outside due to rain.  One of the catchy tunes we danced to was engraved on my brain but I
never knew the title until, while working as an activity director I spotted the same tune, along with lyrics,
in a singalong book.  It was entitled "Marching Through Georgia".  I believe Mrs. Hutton was from "up north"
and am wondering if she just got a big kick out of that...or maybe it was innocent?  I will give her the benefit
of the doubt! 

Hugs, Jean (Poole) Burton 

p.s.  We are getting ready for a new season..."almost winter", followed by "winter"  followed by "winter's
almost over"...and of course our fourth season is "Fourth of July" which lasts about three weeks.

   Jean, you're a hoot!  Welcome home!  See you in October in our "real" home!

From Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 09/28/05:

Reading what Judy (Phillips Allen - '66 - of VA) and Tom (Flax - '64 - of VA) said got me to thinking
about living and growing up in 7 Oaks and Marshall Courts. My family lived in 7 Oaks until just before my 
junior year, and Bob's 
('66) freshman year at NNHS. So we basically grew up there.  
In a somewhat random manner...  
Well, if memory serves me correctly, Flax's Grocery was on 36th and Wickham Avenue, across from the
last 7 Oaks apartments on that end, and West's Grocery was on Madison Avenue between 35th and 36th
across from Marshall Courts. My family shopped at West's because it was closer. I remember being in Mr.
Flax's store, and he was really nice to us, though as a dad (I realize now), he was concerned about us guys
goin' 'splorin in the old abandoned slaughter pens nearby. Tom & Dave, I hope we were not too mischievous
to your Dad! There was also Mr. Stein's drug store on 35th and Madison Avenue, where we could get
snowcones and comic books, and that great cherry coke. We were always worried about hitting one of his
windows, which faced 35th Street and the ball field between 34th and 35th, where we played baseball alot.
There were different fields/approaches there, depending upon which way you batted...if you took the short
field, and batted toward Madison Avenue, everyone had to switch hit to lessen the chances of breaking a
window across the street...even with that handicap, there was the occasional window broken, or a car dented
by a foul ball behind us. As I remember, most of us 'fessed up and paid for our damages. We never hit
Mr. Stein's window, but a few balls bounced up against it from the road, and scared us silly. We were sure
that kind of window would cost a fortune, and nobody had a fortune! It's amazing we didn't do more damage,
'cuz there was no backstop anywhere! And there was Mr. Spivey's Barber Shop, where I first saw the sign...
"If you leave the shop, you lose your place."
What a concept! From 35th Street to 36th, all in the same
building (we call it a strip today), it was Mr. Stein's drug store, West's Grocery, Mr. Spivey's Barber Shop, and
then a shop that sold and serviced pinball machines, which is still in business today somewhere in Tidewater.      
We'd go in West's Grocery and buy baseball cards (as well as groceries, of course), sometimes spending all our
spare change in the hopes of getting the card of a particular player. Even though one day I was not thrilled
getting a bunch of Irv Noren cards (no disrespect intended, Irv!), over time we developed a decent collection
of the current cards. Boy! Do I wish I'd known to hold on them!!! Who'dathunkit!?
When the 16 oz. Pepsi first came out, sometimes we'd opt for that, especially after playing baseball for several
hours on a hot day. The West's were really nice and wonderful people who, as Mr. Flax did I am sure, helped
people when they were short on funds due to illness or whatever, by extending credit. Of course that went
away for most people when the chain stores entered the picture. Fuzzy (Louis) Turner ('63) delivered
groceries for them. Even though we were customers, I always felt the West's were family friends. The last
time I saw Mrs. West was in Crum's Bakery, at the Warwick Center location, which was owned by cousins
of ours, Kenny Crum and his wife. My dad made sure we visited the bakery every so often when we were
out, just to say hello. Recently, I was in a 7/11 on Fox Hill Road, and having struck up a conversation with the
clerk, we somehow got on the subject of Crum's Bakery, and the clerk told me she remembered that they'd had
the best cakes-especially wedding cakes. We both lamented the fact that the children didn't want to take over
the shop, and that it was sold out of the family. DARN! I didn't know it at the time, but evidently Crum's Bakery
was quite well known and respected. Another family cousin, Lloyd Harper, owned the Stadium Esso Service
on Pembroke Avenue. It was next to War Memorial Stadium, where we got to see the 'Baby
Dodgers' and a number of baseball players who made it to the big leagues. We even saw Chuck Connors play
there, who went into TV and starred in The Rifleman series. I remember encountering one Garland Hudson
('65 - of FL)
and his 390 Ford on Pembroke Avenue the first or second day I had my license, and I was driving
a '58 Chevy with a 348 that would do better than keep up. We both escaped that situation. Ummmmm...enough
on that...how did we all ever survive?
Re: the light at West Point...ummm (again)...well, I saw it, and so did the other guys, and I assure you I was 
of 'sound mind and body,' because I was the designated driver for the trip home. It would first shine on trees
on our left, and you would see no spotlight - the track curved off to the right as we walked away from the road,
and as it moved toward us it would go out briefly, and then suddenly there it was again, having continued round
the curve and was then a spotlight reflecting down the track in our direction, moving toward us. We could never
get really close to it, because it would disappear before that. Even though 'the light' was a great destination for a
night of carousing ("Let's go to West Point and see the light!" would sound like a great idea if there was nothing
else happening.), 'the light' honestly did not require any 'lubrication' for people to see it! I remember newspaper
articles saying it was swamp gases, or some such thing. I don't really know, as I'll bet no one from our area ever
drove there during the day to check the surroundings! I didn't. Now that I drive through West Point every now
and then to see my son and his family in Gloucester, I'll have to revisit the location during the day, if it is still
there. Bill (Hobbs - '66 - of Northern VA), I'll be interested to hear your recollection!
Judy, you mentioned Walter, and yes, we looked forward to seeing this really nice man. He'd always have a
kind word for us kids, and would walk the alleys at night in 7 Oaks and Marshall Courts (the front doors of the
apartments all face in to the courtyards), pushing a cart with an oil lantern for light, and had good stuff that kids
liked, as well as bread, etc. I remember the candy apples, and Bob remembers liking the donuts.
All the games you mentioned kept us busy sometimes even after dark, during the summertime especially. And
marbles would become tense, especially if you were in danger of losing one you really liked. The rules that
evolved were critical, too, especially the one about not being able to shoot with a steelie! Everyone had their
favorite shooter... sometimes it was a cat's eye, and sometimes it was a tinted one that was just plain blue or red,
etc. You didn't want to break a good shooter or lose it! There was a good spot to play under the big tree in the
court where the Morgan's, Gills', Duncan's, etc., lived.
When we wanted to make some money, we'd borrow the wooden ladder from Leroy, another nice guy, who
worked maintenance for 7 Oaks, and take Bon Ami and wash the outside windows for people who wanted that
service. With today's rigid and rated aluminum ladders now available, no one would set foot on what we climbed.
We just thought it was fun that the ladder bent and swayed! There was no thought about falling.
Sometimes the adults in our court would play games in the courtyard and involve us kids during the summer.
You are right, Judy...people looked out for each other, especially when illness was involved, and there was many
a conversation held on the front porches in the evenings, which would allow a break from the heat (no AC back
then!)  especially during the summer, as Bob reminded me. I remember when Mom was ill at one time, and Dad's
work schedule at the shipyard made it difficult for him to get two little boys ready for school, a nice lady - Mrs.
or Mrs. Woolard, I think, or maybe both - who lived across the court from our apartment got me
and Bob ready for school, and gave us breakfast! Where do people learn to be kind and helpful to others? The
answer is obvious, I think. I don't think any of us really knows to whom we owe much, but must realize that we
didn't escape being a teenager on our own.
Beyond that, it was against the rules in 7 Oaks to throw any kind of ball, because of the danger of breaking a
window, though kickball games would be allowed in the court during the summer evenings, and even the adults
 got in on those games. I had to face the music once and go see Mrs. Windley, the landlady (Rental Agent),
 in the Rental Office in the next court (the court with the big tree mentioned above) to work out how I would pay
for a window I broke with a baseball. This was particularly embarrassing to me, as we lived next door to the
Windley's. Well, all turned ok. The Windley's were good neighbors and nice people. Their sons Jack and Gene
were involved in NN athletics. Gene pitched and Jack later refereed high school football.
Other names of people who lived in 7 Oaks and Marshall Courts, besides the people mentioned by Judy...Shirley
and Gene ('60) Gill...Billie Jo ('63), Kitty ('64), Alvin, and Dabney Gills...Bobby, Ruby ('60), Ronnie
('65), and Willie Phillips...Larry Ruhland...Lynn Wright ('63) ...Frank and Billy Mills...Mack ('61)
and Diane ('65) Hill...Arnold Hall...Darrell (Red) and Rick ('65) Billings ...Charlie ('64) and Marie
('66) Snead... Cham McConnell...Susie and Stan Eury...Dottie Pegram...Peggy Dail ('59) ...Mickey
Spivey ('65) ... Gracie Woolard ('61) ...Grayson Blount ('62) ...Diana and DeeDee Merrill...Steve
Well, that's a bunch! All I know is I am grateful for having lived where I lived and for having known the people
I have known.

Thanks, Jimmy

   WOWZERS!!!  Thank you, Jimmy!  What a great trip down Memory Lane!!!  I double-posted most of what
you shared here on both the Seven Oaks and Marshall Courts pages:




   I suppose we'll need to create a page about the Lights at West Point, too!  Mike Miller ('65) of NC called me this
morning with another one!  He's going to nail down a detail or two and send it to us later.  Thanks, Michael Darlin'!  I'll
see you soon - and collect on those dances!

   Hey, Jimmy - you're coming to the Reunion, aren'cha???

From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 09/28/05:

Thanks.... (for the invitation to the reunion).... Actually, I’d really love to go (Dave Arnold - '65 - of VA)
even called me yesterday to personally invite me), but I have SO many things going on this month that are
taking out of work and out of town weekdays as well as weekends that my dance card is full......

   OHHHH, NOOOOOOO!!!  I'm heartbroken and devastated by your news, Chandler!  And I was so looking forward to actually and really meeting you, as opposed to merely swooning over you from a distance!
   However, I remain eternally optimistic, so in the hopes that one of those lesser important items (I mean, seriously - at this point, what's more important than having fun?!?  ) will fall by the wayside,
and you'll be able to make it to at least one of those two nights, I will keep an eye out for you while I'm there.
   But I'll dutifully announce your awful dilemma.  Sigh.




    Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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 He's So Fine

- Ronnie Mack, 1963

(The Chiffons)

I (Do-lang, do-lang, do-lang)
(Do-lang, do-lang)

He's so fine
Wish he were mine
That handsome boy over there
The one with the wavy hair
I don't know how I'm gonna do it
But I'm gonna make him mine
He's the envy of all the girls
It's just a matter of time

He's a soft spoken guy
Also seems kinda shy
Makes me wonder if I
Should even give him a try
But then I know he can't shy
He can't shy away forever
And I'm gonna make him mine
If it takes me forever

He's so fine
(Oh yeah)
Gotta be mine
(Oh yeah)
Sooner or later
(Oh yeah)
I hope it's not later
(Oh yeah)
We gotta get together
(Oh yeah)
The sooner the better
(Oh yeah)
I just can't wait, I just can't wait
To be held in his arms

If I were a queen
And he asked me to leave my throne
I'll do anything that he asked
Anything to make him my own
For he's so fine
(So fine) so fine
(So fine) he's so fine
(So fine) so fine
(So fine) he's so fine


(So fine) oh yeah
(He's so fine) he's so fine
(So fine) uh-huh
(He's so fine)
He's so fine.....

 "He's So Fine" midi courtesy of http://www.dancetothesixties.nl/midipage.htm
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/03/05
Thanks, Dave!

 "He's So Fine" lyrics courtesy of http://www.oldielyrics.com/lyrics/the_chiffons/hes_so_fine.html
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/03/05
Thanks again, Dave!

"He's So Fine" History courtesy of http://www.bobshannon.com/stories/hesofine.html - 09/27/05

The Chiffons' "He's So Fine" Album Image courtesy of http://www.musicstack.com/search/chiffons - 09/27/05

Orange and Black Divider line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars2.html - 09/27/05

Animated Rolling on the Floor Laughing Boy courtesy of http://www.animationfactory.com - 04/06/05

Green Train clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars.html - 08/24/05

Crying Baby clip art courtesy of http://www.barbspics.com/baby/babypage06index.html - 09/28/05

Animated Crying Doll clip art courtesy of http://catsdolls.tripod.com/ - 09/28/05

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