Evelyn's Birthday Party for All of Us

Hosted by Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX
Saturday, September 27, 2008, 2:00 P.M.


Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, dear friend.  Music is PERFECT. 

lv, ev - 11/01/08
Thank YOU, Pretty Lady!

The Canepa Cottage, 760 North 1st Street,
Buckroe Beach, Virginia    

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Hi Everyone!!!!
It is that time again!!  Dick and I will be at the Canepa Cottage from Sep 15 thru mid-Oct 13 and we look forward to seeing you ----------- the Welcome Mat is always out during the entire month - please feel free to stop by at any time.
If you call anytime during the month and you do not get an answer, we could be on the Glider on the Back Deck or I might be reading a book at the water's edge, so remember to call me on my Cell Phone:  817-845-1824 If you knock on the front door and you do not get an answer, please walk around back and see if we are there.
If during the month or at the Party and you would like to sit on the beach and visit, please bring sand chair/s.
As we did last year - it is time to 'gather' again to celebrate yet another year.  
The Birthday Party will be on Saturday, September 27th from 2pm until ????????  The only Birthday Gift that you need to bring (in addition to yourself and sunshine) is something to eat OR drink if you prefer something different than Wine, Beer and Soft Drinks - which we will furnish.
AGAIN, This year, please PARK past the Cottage turning at the SECOND LEFT into the condos area where there is a vacant parking lot.  If you are too tired and cannot make the walk up to the cottage, call me on my Cell and I will come and pick you up.  The parking spaces in the front of the house are for The Owner, The Renters on The First and Second Floor, Disabled Guests, previous Mystery Guests, Current Mystery Guest/s, and Overnighters.
Cottage (Wild and Wonderful on front and Happy Birthday Banner)
760 North 1st Street
Cottage telephone:  757-850-3194
Ev's Cell Phone:       817-845-1824
I will also have my laptop:  evelynfish@msn.com.  Hopefully, it will be working. 
Look forward to seeing each of you.
Love, Evelyn
-     Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX - 07/27/08
This is gonna be waaaay cool!!!  Thanks again, Ev!

This year's Mystery Guests were none other than    Coach Charlie Nuttycombe and his lovely wife, Betsy!

I spent way too much time playing down on the beach, collecting shells and letting the water run over my bare feet, to obtain a full listing of all the attendees. There were so many people there, I wasn't able to spot them all, much less visit with them individually.

As expected, there was quite a large contingent of Evelyn's 1958 classmates.  Besides     Evelyn Fryer Fish herself, I spotted    Sepi ("Dimples") Dinwiddie Prichard of NC, Terry Elvington of VA,   Colin Faison of VA,   Billy Fitzgerald of VA,,     Gail Gaskins Roberson of NC, Tommy Morgan of VA, LaRhue Nettles Mitchell of VA, Pam Pennington Cherry of VA,     Les Puckett of __, and Tzina Zwerdling Richman of VA.

There were at least four there from the Class of 1954, including Jimmy Axley of TX,
  Mickey Marcella of VA,  Frank Ottofaro of VA, and
Bob Schweida of NH. 
There was at least one in attendance from the Class of 1955 (
  Mary Blount Axley of TX).

There were at least four from the Class of 1956 (  Sandra Canepa of VA,   Mary Ann Madagan _____ of VA,    Carol Moell Marcella of VA, and Sandra Weaver Marshall of VA); at least six from 1957 (  Helen Avant of VA, Norma Jean Howell Morgan of VA, Barbara Johnson of VA,    Johnny Mitchell of VA, Jane Penn Clarke of MD, and      Jimmy Shires of VA).
There were at least two from 1959 (
      Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky of NC, and    Sallie Scoggin Shires of VA). 

and at least four from the Class of 1960 (  Neta Collins Hastings of VA ,
  Steve Hochman of VA and    Sandra Walker Batson of NC.  I overheard that  Ronnie Burroughs of VA was there, but when I tried to go look for him, I was distracted, and by the time I reached where I thought he was said to be, I had forgotten why I was there.  Sigh.).

There were at least two from 1961(  Gary Fitzgerald of VA and   Elaine Wilkinson Bracken of VA),
and four from 1962 (
    Richard Dawes (NNHS / HHS) of VA,     Brownie Shaffer Haracivet  of VA,    Jimmy Smith of VA; and   Jimmy Walker of VA).

I could be completely mistaken, but I do not believe there was anyone there from the Class of 1963.

There was one from the Class of 1964 (
   Bobby Callis of WV); and two from the Class of 1965 (      Carol Buckley Harty of NC and  Lynn Walker Brothers of VA).

There was one there from the Class of 1966 (  Karen Richardson of VA - who will be remarrying on October 10 - Best Wishes, Karen!); one from 1967 ( of VA); and two from 1968 (Carl Baab of VA and Cathy Richardson Baab of VA).

There were many from other Virginia schools also, including  Hampton (Jo Ann _____ Wood - '57 - of VA and        Jean Lankes - '72 - of VA), Warwick, and Poquoson.

And BOY HOWDY, did we take pictures!

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 09/28/08

Dear Carol,
Thank you for all that you did to make our September 08 Buckroe Birthday Party so wonderful - I think it was The BEST PARTY out of all of them.  Although, there were some people that we missed who attended/visited last year such as Kay Knight Evans, Bobby Turpin, Freddie Sage, Sue and Alan Peyser, Nelson Ellis, Bobby Hedrick, Matt Lasita, Jerry Saunders, Allen Foster, John Munick, Harry Veazey, Lefty Driesell and Joyce, Evelyn Casey Snead and Billy, Carolyn and Ernie Taylor, Melissa Moody, Jack Lawson, Charlie Hilling and his family members.  I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the photographs.....and look forward to seeing the ones that you and Eleanor took. 
It was so much fun this year to have our Show And Tell theme:
---------Andy Shankland's book signing of his latest book - Beyond The Grail. All of you know that I came over from Northern Ireland in 1946 - Andy's Mother also came here directly from Northern Ireland - we are always teasing about perhaps we are related.  Smiley emoticon  Andy has been a friend of mine for 50 years + and I thought it was a Very Important Time to present Andy with the Oil Painting that I did for him of his family's place in Larne, Northern Ireland.  He gave me the photo of the Beautiful Home many years ago - so he was definitely most surprised with the presentation.  It also gave me an opportunity to show other paintings that I have done in the past.
---------It was also a good time to display some of Helen Avant Neal's beautiful oil paintingsShe was asked by Jane Penn Clark to paint Jane's cat.  Helen is working on that now.
---------We were delighted that Marsha Wilks brought the wonderful oil painting of her husband Jay.
---------And also a good time for Brownie Turner Haracivet to show her beautiful handmade ribbon necklaces.  The gals went crazy and Brownie was Elated with SALES!!!!! 
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing and visiting with Betsy and Charley Nuttycombe - our Mystery Guest.  Thank you Jimmy Walker for setting that up for me.
It was heartwarming for me to see Lydia Powell Mugler walk through the front door!!!  How special - How Sad that her dear husband, Charley, passed away several months ago.  I will always remember his friendliness and nice smile.
I was so happy to meet Richard Dawes and so sorry for the loss of his dear wife, Sharron, this year.  Richard, I was so touched by your gift to me of the Cheerleader Frogs from Sharron's pond - a very special prize which will be placed for all to see. Thank You!!!! 
I was delighted to see many out-of-town guests - Thanks to each of you for taking the time to drive/fly in - that is very special to me.  (Lolly and Jay Burke, Dimples Dinwiddie, Sandy Brooks and George, Jay and Marsha Wilks, Helen Avant Neal, Jimmy and Martha Hunsucker, Les Puckett, Richard Dawes, Kenny and Sandy Roberts, Sallie and Jimmy Shires, Gail Gaskins Roberson and Charles Smith, Bobby Callis, Jane Penn Clark, Bobby Schweida, Neta Collins, Brownie and John Haracivet, Jo Ann and Ballard Wood, Carol and daughter Adrienne and sister Eleanor, Dennis and Margaret Walker, Jimmy and Mary Axley.   And we were pleased to see MANY from Other Classes - some I had never met before!  We had about 100 at the Party.
I could not help but squeal when I saw Terry Futrell come in with my very first boyfriend when I was about 10 years old:  Bobby Bell.  At that time, the only thing we thought about was SKATING!  Smiley emoticon
I am so Sorry and Sad to say that we will NOT be renting the Canepa Cottage next year!  Crying face smiley emoticon  Dick wants to spend our time using our Motor Home for short trips in TX......and CO.  He has been such a good sport over the years at the beach.....you can imagine how many times he has patiently listened to the same stories over and over again of days gone by and people of our past. Smiley with tongue out emoticon
Upon leaving the Cottage early our last morning, I was a little saddened ---- thinking about not returning next year.  But when I look back, I am so pleased that this year I spent some one-on-one time (outside of the Party) with special girlfriends like Tzina, Helen, LaRhue, Gail, JoAnn, Pat, Elaine, Katie, Brownie, Dimples, Sharon, both Sandra's, Patty, Nannie, and SarahA lot of things change from year to year but good friends do not.  Having been brought up without a Mother, I look back on my life and know that because of my good friends that my journey was easier.  I feel truly blessed and so happy that I could bring so many friends together at Buckroe.  I love seeing expressions of everyone when they first see each other.  Other things that never change are the beautiful sunrises behind the Canepa Cottage and the great deck where we have all enjoyed the gliding porch "swing."  It has been exciting there during storms when the surf rises and surrounds three sides of the cottage!  Jackie and Dick will miss using their binoculars to watch the many types of boats and aircraft.  And our three babies (Katie, Kristie, and Kandie) will miss barking from the deck at the intruders on "their" beach.
Thank you dear friend, Sandra Canepa, for making The Good Times possible.
Thank You Wonderful Friends for your participation in my life  --  Until We Meet Again.  Our TX Welcome Mat is Always Out....Love, Ev 
P.S.   PLEASE forgive me if I left out anyone but don't hesitate to let me know.  Winking smiley emoticon  Carol, I would love for you to include in this the music of Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson - I JUST DROVE BY.

    Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX - 10/26/08
Thank you so much, Evelyn!
I looked for some while to find a sound file I could attach to your party pages, but could not.
However, I did find a video and the lyrics, so I'll attach them both:


Hi, Carol:
It was delightful to read the comments of Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX regarding the September 2008 Buckroe Beach Party and yet a bit sad. Knowing these events were coming to an end this year, it was the subject of a nice telephone conversation with a Marine Buddy, Vernon Brinkley ('55) of VA. Vernon attended the party a couple of years ago, and said he was greeted by Ev upon his arrival at the party, and he had not enjoy a hug like that in many a year. So, another reason to lament missing the last party!!!
The sad part of the message was reading the names of those who attended in past and were not there this year because of health issues, many of whom are on your prayer list at the website.
Thank you for all you do for the TYPHOON Nation, and we enjoy the photo images of the party!
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 10/28/08
Thanks so much, Joe!

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I Just Drove By

I always go the other way but my car drove me down today
To a little house on the older side of town
Back when things were never hard I used to play there in that yard
And I just drove by to see if things had changed
Cokes were just a nickel then and across the street at the five and ten
A lot of things were cheap and square and strange
And the life that we had might have been but it was one we loved believin' in
And I just drove by to see if things had changed
I wondered now if love is still the way it was back then
I need to know that life is still a place worth livin' in
There it is just like it was a place where there was always love
And I just drove by to see if things had changed
[ guitar ]
In a world that seen it's better days it's good to know some things remain the same
Though standing still is not times way
Take to heart while in it's spring oh love is just a fragile thing
And I just drove by to see if things had changed
I wondered now if love is still...
I just drove by to see if things had changed

"I Just Drove By" lyrics courtesy of http://www.6lyrics.com/music/willie_nelson/lyrics/i_just_drove_by1.aspx - 10/27/08

Shell Image courtesy of http://dailydig.bruderhof.org - 06/21/04

Sea Life Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars4.html - 06/16/06

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of the late Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks, Herbie!

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
Thanks, Al!

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of http://www.onemileup.com/miniSeals.asp - 05/29/06

Hampton High School's Crab clip art courtesy of http://www.geocities.com/agent99bm/ - 10/02/05

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