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09/22/09 - NNHS Newsletter - Autumn Leaves

“No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.”

John Donne
(21 Jan 1572 - 31 Mar 1631)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   At  4:18 PM Central Time, Fall will officially begun.  And because this is one of my favorite songs, it seems to repeat nearly every year:

BONUS #1 - - Autumn Leaves - Nat King Cole

BONUS #2 - - Autumn Leaves - Frank Sinatra - sing-a-long version with spectacular autumn scenes

BONUS #3 - - Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) - Edith Piaf

BONUS #4 - - Autumn Leaves - guitar tabs


   Happy Birthday today to   Curt Overman ('59) of VA!

   Happy Birthday tomorrow to       My Oldest Grandson, Andrew Harty (Collinsville HS, IL - '10) of IL!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

24 -   Mary Anne Mays Davis ('58) of VA;

25 - James Comer ('57) AND Jimmy Stroup ('57) AND   Don Wilson (John Marshall HS - '64) of VA AND   Jerry Allen ('65) of VA;

26 -   Tommy Scott ('61) of VA;

27 -  Judy McCall Nesbitt ('65) of NC;

28 -     Richard Dawes (NNHS / HHS - '62) of VA!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


    From Paul Dobie ('66) of CO - 09/21/09, 11:12 PM - "A Call for Help":


I know you all had a tough time a while ago…I guess it is a sign of the times…

As a young man in Vietnam in 1970, I found myself reacting to situations that one could only imagine. I will not go into explicit details here but only to tell you that yes things are done in the heat of battle that perhaps could be questioned but when your life is on the line it becomes instinct. I had several close calls (I guess the good Lord figured it was not my time and for that I give thanks every day) while serving in a Recon Platoon.

Upon my return from Vietnam, I did not talk about my experiences for over 10-years...all I know is I understood how great this country is and how much I appreciate what we have.

I have also been to Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan (2005-2006) and again most Americans cannot understand how good they have it. Myself, I have had it good and have had some life lessons along the way. However, this has taken a lot of thinking before posting as I have never done this before nor have I been in this position before.

I just learned Saturday (19 Sep 09) morning at 9AM in a telephone call from my Bank that in order for final approval for a new VA Loan on a retirement home we have under construction, that I must now come up with $38,000 to pay the VA back for a bankruptcy I had in 1999. [Part of my life lessons that I will share later]. Prior to my loan qualification there was no discussion of the requirement from the VA, however, it is what it is. As someone trying to take responsibility,
I must now figure out how to raise $38,000 in 30-days.

If I can come up with 38,000 people donating me $1 between now and
October 21st I will be home free. But if not the house is in jeopardy and I will lose the $12,000 earnest money that I placed down on the home. Thus I am looking for help through the internet to see this through especially for my wife. To make matters worse my wife herself has only had two pay days this year as her business has tanked. If you feel you can donate a $1 or more please send to: P. W. Dobie, 16640 Prairie Vista Lane, Peyton, Colorado 80831.

If you have suggestions on raising funds please let me know. I will have more to share with you all later.

Thanks to all…if you can forward to a few Veterans, please do so…

Paul Dobie

   YOWZERONI-RINI-ROONI! I'm so very sorry to hear this, Paul! After all your service to this country - - -  well, as you say, it is what it is.

    I don't personally know 38,000 people, but if we ALL pass this along to as many people as we EACH know, I think we can pull it off.

   Typhoon Nation?!?

   Thank you, Paul! Perhaps better than most, I understand how difficult this must be for you!

      From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 09/21/09 - "A Prayer For Friends":

   Thanks so much, Shari - how timely this is!


      From Phil Hammond ('64) of UT - 09/21/09 - "connection down?":


Now I am having trouble receiving our mail.  It stopped after the 15th.  Also I could not connect to David’s site.


Phil Hammond

   WHAT?!? The 15th?!? David's site?!? I didn't even know David HAD a site!

   "I'm so confused..."

       From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/21/09 - "RE: connection down?":

Hi Phil,

I don’t have a web site. What is the URL of the one that you think is mine?

Are you perhaps referring to Carol’s site:   

Are you saying that you have received no e-mail from Carol since 15 Sep?


   AHHH, Gentlemen! It's the wondrous spam filters at work again. Instead of having my mail return from the usual 44 people, this week it's been more like 100 people per letter - including both of you.  Donchaloveit?!?

   Although - you probably won't receive this note either.....

I received your note.

I checked, and you are not on my Blocked Senders List.

Verrrry interrrrethting ……

   Well, THAT'S comforting, anyway! Thanks, David!

  From Steve Hochman ('60) of VA - 09/21/09, 4:14 PM:

Carol,  I am getting  Server Error 503, and cannot open your latest edition.  Thanks again for all you do to keep us updated and together.

Sincerely, Steve Hochman

   Steve, if I were not just a leetle-beety bit more paranoid than I think I already am, I would think this is all an alien plot to Gaslight (1944) me. First it was that  crazy nasty maroon box with which Google anointed the entire website from July 20 to Labor Day. Then it was my email announcements being returned in huge numbers as though I am the Great and Evil Spammer Incarnate. And now even though I'm showing no problems whatsoever, you're getting NADA!  ARRGHHH!!!

   Well, Sweetie, I dunno what to tell you... Try again? Hit refresh?? Come back later??? Life is full of mysteries, but some of them are just so much more pleasant than others.....

   Thanks for letting me know, Steve!

  From Steve Hochman ('60) of VA - 09/22/09, 7:46 AM:

Carol, everything is now working, you must be a genius!

Thanks Again,  Steve Hochman

I didn't do anything, Steve, but I like your story better!

  From Sandye Jordan Murray ('67) of VA - 09/21/09:

Thanks Carol, for adding me to the email list.  My birthday is December 24, 1948.

Sandye Jordan Murray

   Thanks, Sandye! I've added you now: 

P.S.  You have my sister,  Linda Jordan Grainger, listed in the Memoriam Section for the Class of 1971.  I'd like to correct her birth date.  It was October 20, 1952.  Thanks again!

   And thank you again, Sandye! I corrected not only that page but Linda's Memorial Newsletter as well: 


     From the Head Flagtwirler of 1965, Janice McCain Rose of VA - 09/21/09 - "Fitness Equipment":

I have 3 pieces of exercise equipment that I want to sell.

  I have:

AB New Balance 5K 6100 Recumbent Bike (with manual)


AB Lounge Pro (with manual)

If interested, please call or email me.  Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think may be interested.


Janice Rose -


   Thanks, Janice - I hope this helps!

  From Frank Gibson ('63) of VA - 09/21/09 - "  Jimmy Todd, Class of '63":

Carol, keep up the good work. Hope the family is well. Do you by chance have a phone number or address for Jimmy Todd, class of 63??? If so, please forward.

Thanks for all your help.


   Thanks, Frank, most of the family is well - at least all of us here.

   Jimmy Todd is happily RV-ing around the country with his wife, which I take means he has no address, but he is still internet connected, so I've forwarded your note to him. Y'all lemme know when you reconnect!

  From Adrian Whitcomb ('67) of VA - 09/21/09 - "Fort Monroe Petition Hearing, 7:00PM Wed, 09/23/09":

Fort Monroe Petition Hearing, 7:00PM Wed, 9/23/09, City Hall, 8th Floor

After lengthy dialogue between the attorneys for the Hampton petitioners and the city council, the citizens’ initiative petition is moving forward. That petition -- with formal standing under provisions of the city charter, and with the signatures of more than 2400 Hampton voters from last November  -- calls for revising and improving Hampton’s existing Fort Monroe ordinance. 

Please note: The agenda for Wednesday's Hampton City Council meeting has been posted at

There is no other business, unlike most Council meetings. That means the Fort Monroe hearing will begin at 7:00 PM, and we won't have to wait for other matters to be dealt with first. We hope this will be more convenient for most of you and that you will plan to attend. Please forward this message to other supporters of a Fort Monroe National Park.

As this is a Hampton Initiative, we are particularly encouraging Hampton citizens to speak (3 minutes maximum allowed per speaker), but all supporters of a Fort Monroe National Park should go to show City Council that we want them to change Hampton's policy towards Fort Monroe.

Below are:

(1) An Op-ed from Sunday's Daily Press, written by 3 members of CFMNP (Citizens for a Fort Monroe National Park), including Sam Martin, Chairman of the Committee of Petitioners:,0,404994.story   

(2) A Daily Press article describing the hearing, followed by comments on that article:,0,5213116.story

(3) A plain-language version of the Hampton petitioners' proposed amendment.

Thanks for your support,

Adrian Whitcomb, NNHS '67

   Thank you for your diligence, Adrian!

  From My Friend, Judy Bundy Bowermaster (Litchfield HS, IL - '59) of IL - 09/12/09 - "Worth Sharing... These will make you smile (and I did, they are cute) - (#9 in a Series of 9)":

  Thanks, Judy - I've enjoyed these!


1.   From Jane Chambers of VA - 07/01/09 - "CNC BOOK BROCHURE & AD":

   Contact Dr. Chambers at

   Thanks, Jane!

2.        From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/02/09 - "NNHS 64/45 REUNION PAGE UPDATES":


You may print out the forms, fill them in, and mail them to us WITH YOUR CHECK.

We look forward to seeing you at the Newport News Marriott City Center on October 9th and 10th … and at The Chamberlin for Sunday brunch.

Best wishes from your Class of 1964 45-Year Reunion Committee.

   Thank you, Captain!


From ArcaMax Jokes - 09/21/09:


My dear friend, a divorcee, never remarried, and her daughter wanted to know why.

"The men I know would bring too much heavy baggage to the marriage and I simply don't want to put up with it," she explained.

Taking her mother's hand in hers, my friend's daughter said sweetly, "I hate to break the news to you, Mom, but you're not exactly carry-on yourself."


1. Saturday, October 3, 2009 - An ad hoc tailgate party for Typhoons will be held in “Alumni Alley” at the Christopher Newport University (CNU) football game.  Actually going to the game is optional.  Tailgating begins at 10:00 AM.  Game starts at 1:00 PM. Expect great food, special surprises and an outstanding pre-game experience.  Contact Aderon Gibbs ('66) (telephone number available upon request).  Bring food and drink.  A grill will be provided. - ALL TYPHOONS WELCOME

2. Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, 2009 - The Class of 1964 will hold its 45-Year Reunion - For details, see: - CLASS OF 1964

  3. Friday and Saturday, August 6 and 7, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1970 will hold its 40-Year Reunion. Saturday night will be at the Kiln Creek Golf & Country Club. For details, contact Carol Comer Cutler at or visit the reunion website at - CLASS OF 1970

Friday , Saturday, and Sunday, August 6, 7, and  8, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1960 will hold its 50-Year Reunion at the Marriott Newport News at City Center. For details, contact Karen Weinstein Witte at  kwitte@tampabay, - CLASS OF 1960

PRAYER ROLL: - updated 09/21/09

BLOG: - updated 08/04/09

 Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty

    To donate, click on the Donate Button on the left,  or just mail it directly to my home (address available upon request). Thanks!

 Autumn Leaves

Music by Joseph Kosma, 1945
(22 Oct 1905 – 07 Aug 1969)

French lyrics by
Jacques Prévert, 1945
(04 Feb 1900 - 11 Apr 1977)

English lyrics by
Johnny Mercer, 1947
(18 Nov 1909 – 25 June 1976)

The falling leaves drift by the window,
The autumn leaves of red and gold.
I see your lips, the summer kisses,
The sun-burned hands I used to hold.

Since you went away the days grow long,
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song,
But I miss you most of all, my darling,
When autumn leaves start to fall.

C’est une chanson, qui nous ressemble
Toi tu m’aimais et je t’aimais
Nous vivions tous, les deux ensemble
Toi que m’aimais moi qui t’aimais
Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s’aiment
Tout doucement sans faire de bruit
Et la mer efface sur le sable les pas des amants désunis

 "Autumn Leaves" midi courtesy of
and with the kind assistance of my son, Nathaniel Harty of IL
- 09/20/04
Thanks, Nathaniel!

 "Autumn Leaves" lyrics courtesy of - 09/20/04

"It's Autumn" Title clip art courtesy of - 09/21/09

Autumn Leaves Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 09/21/05

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Collinsville High School Logo courtesy of - 09/22/07

Justice Scale clip art courtesy of Cheryl White Wilson (JMHS - '64) of VA - 10/13/05
Thanks, Cheryl!

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06 (still missing...)
Thanks, Al!
Replaced by Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 02/09/09
Thanks, Norm!

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

Animated Head-Banging Smiley courtesy of - 07/0/09

Animated Tantrum Smiley clip art courtesy of - 03/05/09

Animated Kissing Smiley clip art courtesy of my friend, Judy Bundy Bowermaster (Litchfield HS, IL - '59), of IL - 09/19/08
Thanks, Judy!

Litchfield High School's Purple Panther Paw Print courtesy of - 06/23/07

Big Grin Smiley courtesy of Domi O'Brien ('64) of NH - 07/05/09
Thanks, Domi!

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