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Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   I love this song!  A great song such as this doesn't even need words!  Why, I remember.... oh, "nevermind!"

   If you can't quite remember the particulars of what the song honors, have a looky-look-see here:




The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965

will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005
at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni.








From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/12/05:

Hi, Carol:

When you read the message below from Mrs. Pete Robinson, I am sure we will hear a loud screech
along the eastern seaboard. We have another Famous Soldier for this wonderful Website that you
have created and nurture daily. The love you are showing us all is simply difficult to express, but it is sure
Here is a portion of Wilma's message:
"Dear Joe,
It was very thoughtful of you to suggest my father be placed on the Famous Soldiers page. 
I would be honored if Carol thinks it would be appropriate.  Somehow it never occurred
to me that I know my mother graduated from NNHS but I don't know about my father's
schooling because he was born in Goochland County, Virginia, on March 17, 1895, and
died in February 1953.  I wasn't able to have him around very long; he died during my
sophomore year at Longwood College (now University) and was away a lot with his military
duties before that.  His name was Col. Wilmer Henry Salmon (you see where my name
comes from--it's also a family name in the Salmon family). "
Wilma even confirms that my nickname "Adonis" is appropriate, but not just because Wild Boars chase me
when I jog in the mornings.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL
AKA: Adonis

   Oh, my, yes!  Thank you so much, Joe - and Wilma!  I'm quite honored to include Col. Salmon on that page:



   And, Wilma, if you have an image of your father in his uniform, we'd love to post that as well!

   By the way, Joe, while you're out for your morning jog, please run a few steps for me - 'cause I'm not gonna
do it!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

From Karen Weinstein Witte ('60) of FL - 09/12/05:

Hi Carol,
Better late than never - I wanted to thank you and Paul and Dave for attending the NNHS 
Class of 60 45-year reunion.  I'm sending you some reunion pictures.... We did have a great
time, didn't we?  Our BIG 50 will be in 2010.  Too far away - I may just have to plan a 47-1/2
year reunion!
I told my brother, Raoul Weinstein ('57 - of FL), about the trivia contest. Since he's the 50's
rock 'n roll king, I expect him to have a perfect score!  We'll see....
Keep up the great job - love your newsletters!  And, have a blast at your upcoming reunion!
(Karen Weinstein Witte - class of '60)

   WOWZERS, Karen!!!  You wanted to thank us for attending your Reunion as special guests?!?  I like
the way you think, Lady!!!  WILD GIGGLES!!!  It was certainly our honor and pleasure - thank you!  The
setting was lovely, the food was delicious, the decorations enchanting, and the company was delightful! 
It was such a treat meeting all of you!  All of us had a marvelous time!

The 45-Year Reunion of the Class of 1960
 Saturday, July 9th, 2005
Karen Weinstein Witte ('60)
of FL and Fred Bowen ('60)
of WA
Harriet Nachman Storm ('60)
of VA; Jeanene Anker; Nancy Gordon Schreier ('60) of VA;
and Karen Weinstein Witte ('60)
of FL
Karen Weinstein Witte ('60)
of FL and Steve Veazey ('60)
of VA
Albert Simms ('60) of VA; Karen Weinstein Witte ('60) of FL; and Fred Mays ('60) of VA Paul Harty and Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC; Karen Weinstein Witte ('60) of FL;
and Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA

   I've posted your images in the Reunion section of the site, Karen.  Thanks so much for sharing them with us!




   OH, YOWZERS - you know what?!?  I never posted the shots Dave gave me of that night!  EEEK!!!

   YOWZERONI!!!  Now I can't seem to find them!?!    

   Oh, David Dear, could you please resend those to me, pretty please?  Thanks so very much! 

From Mike Miller ('65) of NC - 09/12/05:

Hi Carol,

We are sending a task force to the Gulf to relieve the officers there, and there is no fool like an old fool. As
soon as I volunteered to go, people started telling me I was too old, and that just made me more resolute.
We will be leaving sometime in the next 2 weeks, and will be on the ground for at least 2 weeks. We won't
know exactly where we will be for another week. I may miss the reunion, but that's not for sure.   Take care
and keep up the good work,.


   GASP!!!  Michael, Darlin', et TU?!??  Bless your heart!

   Well, Sweetie, I know for a fact that you're neither a fool nor too old!  Take good care of yourself.  Maybe
you'll encounter Todd (Givens - '65 - of Northern VA) while you're there.  Do well (as you do good), and
hurry home.  You owe me a dance or two.

   My, my, my, my, my!  You fellas are incredible!  And to think I knew you waaaay back when!  Thanks,
Michael - for everything!



From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/12/05:

Hi, Carol:

Family Life Today aired five segments on Moody Radio during the week of August 15, 2005 and Dennis
interviewed Marine Veteran Edgar Harrell. He surely belongs on the Famous Marine page
of your website, if I might make such a recommendation. The link to his book is below. I have received
the book, and will not even attempt to describe what these Marines and Sailors went through following
the sinking of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) in the Philippine Sea during World War II. You will find
many photos and a details, and the Forward by Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, USMC (Ret) is outstanding
and relevant for today. The faith of Edgar Harrell is a story worth sharing, and I hope your subscribers
will visit the website.


Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Adonis!  The story of USS Indianapolis is a harrowing one indeed, and should be
studied by all American citizens.



From Bill Black ('66) of GA - 09/12/05 -  "Let's Go Surfin' Now":

Wish I had known your song would be "Surfin Safari"..  Here's a noble surfer dude with his stick, a
nine-eight Dewey Weber, at Coquina Beach, August, 1972.
Never mind there ain't no surf in the background.  Ya always gotta be ready for that great big set
formin' up over the horizon..
Bill Black
August 1972
Coquina Beach

   Ummmmm, Bill?  How can I say this?  Your picture arrived sort of, um, empty.  I suppose it thought we were
close enough to Halloween that it should try to dress-up as the contents of my head.  Sigh.

   Could you try sending that to me again, please???  We still have a couple of surfing pages coming up in the
near future: "Surfer Girl" on 09/19/05 (Well, that wouldn't quite be right...) and "Surf City" on 09/21/05.

   Keep an eye on this list, and if Dave can find it, we will try to feature each song.


   As you see, we're nearing the end of the third CD. 

   Please keep trying, Bill; we're all curious now!

From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 09/12/05:

Latest updates on attendees.

Dave Arnold

   Well, they're starting to fill in now, aren't they?    Thanks, Dave!




From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/12/05:

Dear Carol:

Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
 is about to have another Post Card from Buckroe Beach added to his
marvelous collection. Can you believe this, Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX informs me that she does not
have a copy of this Post Card. Here, all along I thought she was just holding out on us. Those young
TYPHOON sure make a one piece bathing suit look really nice and classy. I only took a glance (you know
I am lying...gawked is more like it) at an enlarged copy which Judi Hawley Whitehurst ('61) of VA
sent to my sister Nancy Madagan Van Orden ('61) of FL when I visited with her last week. A copy will
be scanned and sent to you ASAP. It will certainly improve the web page, for sure!!!
Evelyn will receive a copy in due time, probably in the Commonwealth of Virginia later this month.

Glad you enjoyed the CD of the United States Naval Academy Glee Club. I listened to it just today,
again. "Eternal Father" performed by this Glee Club will simply blow you away. I will be happy to order
one for anyone desiring to obtain a copy. Maybe it reminds us also of the funeral service of the late
President John F. Kennedy and the late President Ronald Reagan as it was played when the coffin
was being transported.

Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   That's great news, Joe!  I'm quite anxious to see that postcard!  What a treasure!

   And that's a very generous offer you're making about that marvelous CD!  It is a rare jewel!

   And "Eternal Father" did blow me away.  It always does.  I had stopped crocheting to listen to it (as I did when
they sang "Navy Blue and Gold"; to do otherwise would be disrespectful).  Adrienne was in the adjoining room,
and suddenly turned and asked, "Are you crying?!?"

   Well, DUH!!!

   And that beautiful, moving hymn reminds me of a great many things, but I can assure you, I was thinking
of neither President at the time..........

   Thanks, Adonis!

From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 09/13/05:

Carol, Iím trying to access the web pages you provided regarding Chesapeake Blvd. Submarine Races,
but canít open them. Iíll keep trying. Regardless, Iím impressed by how much everyone has contributed
to the web site to keep those old memories alive.

Gloria, you crack me up. You want to see some awful pictures? Iíve got some doozies that my dear
mother (God rest her soul) saved for me. Iíll try to scan them and send them to Carol to further humiliate
me via the Newsletter. And yes I do remember you.

Tom Norris, thanks for backing me up on my Stolen Pig story. Iíd doesnít look like I made it in that
picture. Whew!

News Flash - Jo Ann and I are now going steady, only Iím not sure she knows it yet.

Guys, when was the last time you got invited to a Sadie Hawkins dance?

Chandler Nelms of MD (HHS í63)


   After being accidentally disconnected by a bulldozer yesterday for nine-and-a-half hours, I awoke this morning
at 5:00 AM to get to work and found that ALL of the sites hosted by
www.00freehost.com were down for maintenance. 
I don't know why everybody's trying to drive me crazy; they should know I've been that way for years.

   The site just became accessible again by about 10:45 AM, so here are those pages again:



    I'm glad you're having fun, Chandler!  There was a long period of time when we jokingly referred to the site as
"The Dave and Carol and Wayne Show", but activity has really picked up in the last 18 months or so, and people
are far more willing to contribute rather than simply to read - which is great!  We always love to hear from everyone!

   Thanks for all your recent input.  We're always open to creating new pages, so if something occurs to you that you
don't see, just give us a holler!

   By the way, your dear mother was a sweetheart!  I remember both your parents quite fondly, and many times
have longed for the Good Old Days when your father was still my personal physician.

   Love your News Flash!  We, uh, do a good many things for inter-personal relationships around here.......

 Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


NNHS CLASS OF '65 WEB SITE: http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com

PERSONAL WEB SITE: http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/cluckmeat



(The Ventures)

"And from this cool site, summers you gotta use 'TELSTAR'."  

"Telstar" (sequenced by John Walker) midi courtesy of http://ynucc.yeungnam.ac.kr/~bwlee/ventures.htm
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/22/05
WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Dave!

"Telstar" Image courtesy of http://space.skyrocket.de/index_frame.htm?http://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/telstar-1.htm - 08/27/05

Animated Blue Bar Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars1.html - 08/27/05

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