09/09/05 - NNHS Newsletter - She Cried

"A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."

From Anacreon, vii. Gold.
Abraham Cowley (1618-1687)  


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

    Boy Howdy.... Oh, where was I??


    Happy Birthday today to Wayne DeBerry ('65) of VA!  See you next month, Wayne - right???




1. Chandler Nelms (Hampton High - '63) of um, MD?  - 09/09/05:


My name is Chandler Nelms. Iím actually a graduate of HHS class of í63, but Iíve taken great interest
in the NNHS Newsletters brought to my attention by my sister-in-law, Jackie Veneris Nelms. She was
surfing the website and came upon a blog between Neta Collins (Hastings - '60 - of VA) and Jo Ann
Stewart ('64)
which named both my brother Darden and myself as two brothers that had dated these
two girls back in our high school days. Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) helped me get in contact with Jo Ann
a couple of days ago and we are now having a blast catching up on 40+ years since we dated, thanks
to your efforts and the newsletter. How can I join in the newsletter?

Chandler Nelms

   Hi, Chandler!  You just did!

   (The loud clunk just heard all over the eastern half of the United States was me - falling off my chair
in a dead swoon............ This is but an echo of the same sound I once made in his father's office
forty-eleven years ago when I saw the incredibly gorgeous Chandler for the first time......As I recall, his
mama laughed at me and my inept and fruitless attempts to hide my uncontrollable gawking....)

   Welcome, Chandler!  We're delighted to have you join us!  (Thanks, David!!!) 

   As Dave must have already told you, "Crabbers are always welcome, and you won't be the first."

   I've added your name to our list:


   (Having previously published these four Newsletters, I'll try to conceal my present embarrassment -
probably with about the same level of success as before.....)





   OH!  By the way, Chandler, it wasn't really a blog you saw; it was just a dialogue.  While I generally print
anything which comes to me (unless I'm asked to keep it confidential), I'm a Legendary Control Freak, and
can't seem in all good conscience to relinquish my editing, um, "responsibilities" by installing such a device
on the site.

   But other than that, I'm a real Sweetie-Pie!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

   And email addresses are available for those who wished them to be posted in these two places:



   In regards to all those earlier editions in which drooling women discussed the gorgeous Chandler, we have a
very special bonus today from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA.  It's Chandler's junior portrait, direct from the pages
of the1962 Krabba:

Chandler Nelms
Hampton High School 
Class of 1963
(Junior Portrait)
1962 Krabba        

   OH, MY!!!!  Thank you, David!

   And Chandler, they're still drooling..........

   Oh, by the way, Chandler, as you're new to our group, I must tell you.  Dave is not only our Magical Music Man,
but our resident authority on all things nautical, and our primary scenic photographer.  He specializes in all
those incredible Then and Now shots which fill the pages of Our Old Stomping Grounds.

   If you wish to send us a "Now" image of yourself for an upcoming Newsletter, I'm sure that not a soul would
object, and I certainly wouldn't be averse to posting it!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

From Me ('65) of VA - 09/09/05 - from the sublime to the horrific:

   It's now official.  My NNHS65@nc.rr.com email address is broken.  It will not open.  Not
only can I now not reply or forward messages from it, I cannot read them.  I cannot even
tell if they are there.  This means - as I've been telling y'all since late April - that we have
a problem. 
It worked this morning, but it won't work now.  This means that no matter
what my business card says, or how many places online you see that instructs you
to contact me there, or no matter how cute you are, or how much I adore you, if you send
it there,
I WILL NOT RECEIVE IT!!!! Then you'll get mad at me for ignoring you! 
But I'm trying to phrase this as sweetly and as delicately as possible.

IT'S BROKEN!!!  That's B-R-O-K-E-N!!!

   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE change my email in your address books
to read "Carol Buckley Harty"  <NNHS65@yahoo.com>.

   Hmmm, perhaps I should try medication......... Or not writing Newsletters when I'm this frustrated..........



From Kelly Bustamente ('58) of VA - 09/08/05:

Hi Carol,
Thought I would let you know that I have not forgotten about the photo of Perry's Market,
but I have been waiting to get my computer on-line with Verizon.  Then given the go-ahead
from Verizon to sign on, my computer's hard-drive crashed as the gentleman helping me 
attempted to connect to Verizon's DSL service.  So, I'm thinking that this is a sign I should
go ahead and upgrade to a newer computer with a flat screen, etc.  Once on line, I will forward
the Perry's Market digital to you.  I drive to the library everyday to e-mail and apply for job
openings at Northrop Grumman.  All of this would be so much easier at home.  UGGHhh!  I
totally understand your frustration with your computer. 
I drove to Charlottesville yesterday and the temperature hovered around 67-69 degrees in the
morning air.  Leaves are just beginning to tinge a golden yellow.  Fall in Virginia--no better
place to be.  Carol, listen, isn't that Virginia calling your name to return home?
Best regards,

   OHHHH, yes, ma'am, Kelly, "the sacred soil of Virginia" is indeed beckoning me back home!!!

   I am so sorry to learn of your computer woes!  Surely, few people can appreciate that more keenly than I!
I hope your new wonder computer will bring you much joy!

   I'm sitting here with my sister's 1957 Anchor in hand, looking at the ad on page 166 for Perry's Meat and
Poultry Market
, wondering why I never made it its own page when I had a working scanner.........

   Well, I'll just have to do something about that, so that when you're ready with your digital, I'll be ready
to display it!

   Thanks, Kelly!


The 60-Year Reunion of NNHS Classes of 1945 (Feb. and June)

will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11, 2005
at Point Plaza Conference Center (Ramada Inn),
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, 757-599-4460.
The Saturday event will be a dinner, with a speaker not yet named,
from 5 to 9 PM.
On Sunday, there will be a buffet brunch from 11 AM to 2 PM.
Advance registration required.
Contact Mary Frances Grasty at 757-930-8446.

That's this weekend!  Y'all have fun!!!




The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965

will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005
at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni.








From Jim Morrow ('65) of NE - 09/08/05:


Can you provide Paul Dobieís E-Mail address. We were stage crew together, along with Bill Black ('66),
in 64-65 and I would like to get in touch with him. Thanks a bunch and look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Jim Morrow ď65Ē

   Certainly, Jim!  Paul's email for the time being is


   This - and many, many other email addies can be found here:



   Some few others can also be found here:


   And for those not given, drop me a line and I'll tell they person you wish to contact them. 

   Thanks, Jim!  See you soon!

From Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 09/08/05:


Reading Dave's letter about helping animals...My daughter Meredith and Dr. Karen DeAngellis,
a vet at Pine Meadows Animal Hospital in Yorktown, are on their way to Slidell to help the people
with Noah's Wish. Dr. DeAngelis is my dogs' vet in Tidewater - Harry Sweet Puppy (a Black Lab male)
and Misty (a German Short-Haired Pointer female). The two of them left this afternoon at 3:00PM
from the Newport News SPCA, and are driving a van sponsored by the Peninsula SPCA, that is  
loaded to the gills with crates and food and other supplies for many different species. I hope people who
read this will keep them in their thoughts. Both Meredith and Dr. DeAngelis are on the Peninsula SPCA
board, and Meredith has contributed a lot to their website. I know they will be OK, and keep telling myself
that. This is not just a Sunday drive down South, though. They are in South Carolina about now... 10PM
Thursday 9/8. I hope all who read our newsletters have donated to any charity that will help people
and/or animals. 

Re:  the kitty with bad breath...healthy and losing teeth? According to my source just now, losing teeth
should end around 5-6 months, though with bad breath a check for gingivitis may be warranted to rule out
other more serious things that sometimes cause the gingivitis. Beyond that, Greenies for cats should help,
and Pounce makes a product out of salmon which aids with tartar and plaque control. My cat loves a few
as treats.

Don't hesitate to ask the vet questions! Look it up on the internet. Read and become knowledgeable 
about what's possible, before the fact. From what Meredith just experienced with Chico, a long haired
Persian male that she rescued, teeth need to be monitored. Chico was an 8 year old male who made great
strides in Meredith's care, and was accepted by the other cats (3 other longhaired Persians) in Meredith's
home, but his dental problems were so deep rooted, they could not be overcome. Meredith is still getting
over his passing a couple months ago. And do you know that there are vets who specialize in cat and dog
dentistry? They are very few and far between. As a matter of fact Meredith's vet-dentist just moved
from Tidewater to No VA, leaving her to figure how she will get one of her cats checked, if there is a
problem.  One of them developed lower canines with a pronounced underbite, which required clipping and
capping so he could simply eat without hurting himself. Then, when the cap came off one of them, he had
to have a root canal. Cat dentists are hard to find.
Come to think about it, Sandra Williams Patrick ('64 - of VA) raises cats, according to what I read, and
probably has info that would help. 


I am glad to again be reading the newsletters, and thank you for the work you do in producing them. And a
belated happy birthday to you!!!


   WOWZERS!!!  We'll certainly keep Meredith and Dr. DeAngelis in our prayers!  What a marvelous thing
they're doing!

   Thanks so much for your wonderfully informative note, Jimmy!  I knew that information was lurking out there
in a couple of places!

   And thank you for your birthday wishes, Sweetie - being back at work here is the best present I could have had!

From Sharron Wanderer Dawes ('61) of VA - 09/08/05:

Thanks, Carol

Richard attended NNHS for 3 years and then transferred to Hampton High, where he graduated
in the class of 1962. He says he is a soft-shell crab because he has mixed allegiances. He attends
my reunions where he knows many people. Of course, he also knew all the teachers and coaches,
especially, Mr. Wilson, Band Director. I think he will send you more info when he can find time.

Sharron Wanderer Dawes

   AHA!  Well, I had forgotten the transfer part, but I had the '62 right!  YEA!

   Thanks, Sharron!

From Jo Ann Stewart ('64) of TX - 09/08/05:

Hi Carol -

Can you double check that you are using THIS e-mail address for the newsletters.  I am still not
getting them. It is driving me slam crazy that I am not getting my newsletter "fix".

   Yes, ma'am, Jo Ann, I did so check, and that is what I have in my address book.  But AOL spam guards have
been tightened, and they seem to think "I-R-1", and they won't let me through.  AOL does notify me every time I
send out a mailing that every single one of my AOL subscribers has been protected and prevented
from receiving my notifications.

   The good news is that there's more than one cure here.

   The Newsletters themselves are not being blocked; only the notifications that they are now available.  In fact, as
it now takes me almost four hours to notify everyone, chances are that they are available much earlier than you think. 
Thanks to Ron Miller's ('59 of NC) brilliant suggestion (Thanks again, Ronnie!), they are now ALWAYS available
to read.  You don't have to worry about accidentally or intentionally deleting anything, because they all remain
permanently online.  You can go back and read earlier editions to your heart's content - all the way back to 05/25/04::



   As a matter of fact, even earlier editions - all the way back to 02/17/03 - are within easy reach in my files, and if
you had a pressing need, I'm sure there are even earlier issues lurking in my email account in a different format. 
These are all available upon request.

   If you will bookmark either or both of these links, you could check each day to see if there is anything new:



    And I can call the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday issues "Bonus" editions all I want.  The reality is that ever
since I came back to life on 08/15/05, the Newsletters have been posted six days a week, and that pattern is already
scheduled to continue up through 10/20/05 at least!  (I may have to miss that 10/21/05 edition; it's a five-hour drive!)

   TA-DAH!  Problem solved!  Now it doesn't matter if AOL does hate me; you can still read the Newsletters!

   Thanks, Jo Ann.  I had been meaning to address this for some time now.

From Me ('65) of NC - 09/09/05:

   I just found this hiding in one of my less-used email addies, and thought I'd share it with you:


Hurricane Katrina Missing Persons Database
A resource for family members to find dislocated persons
(Sept 7, 2005)

If you are concerned about the condition and/or whereabouts of someone who was impacted by the recent
Hurricane, the Family Links Registry is a resource available to you from the ICRC and the Red Cross where
current information may be obtained.

Family Links Registry

The Red Cross website is managed by the ICRC in close cooperation with the American Red Cross and
with other National Societies working in the disaster area.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/09/05:

Hi, Carol:

I would be remiss if I did not mention this organization that does a good work in disaster relief. I know
many of the officers and can attest to their good work. The physicians give of their time with no

Joe Madagan ('57) of FL


   Thanks, Adonis!  We appreciate it!

From the Daily Press - 09/09/05:

Edgar L. Nettles
NEWPORT NEWS - Edgar L. Nettles, 92, died Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005. Edgar was a native of Newport News.
He retired from Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company in 1974. He was a volunteer and board member
of the Peninsula Rescue Mission and docent and volunteer at the Mariners' Museum. He was a member of First
Baptist Church, Newport News. Survivors include his wife, Frances Nettles; two daughters, Adrienne Holderby
and LaRhue Mitchell and her husband, John
; his grandchildren, Pam, Jim and Sean Holderby and John and
Edward Mitchell; seven great-grandchildren; and his brother, Elritt Nettles and his wife, Marian. A memorial
service will be conducted 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Chesapeake Retirement Community, Harpersville Road,
Newport News. The family requests that memorial contributions be sent to the Peninsula Rescue Mission, 3700
Huntington Ave., Newport News, VA 23607. Peninsula Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Published in the Daily Press from 9/8/2005 - 9/9/2005

   This, of course, is the husband of our beloved NNHS science teacher, Mrs. Frances Nettles, and father
of Adrienne Nettles Holderby ('56) and LaRhue Nettles Mitchell ('58), wife of Johnny Mitchell ('57) of VA.

   Our deepest sympathies are extended to the entire family.

From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 09/09/05:

Carol, it was a real surprise to open the newsletter from Wednesday and see a happy birthday to me! 
Thank you so much.  It was so nice to be remembered.  I was 60, like some of our schoolmates.  It always
amazed me that we'd have early and late birthdays so that some people would be nearly 2 years older
(or younger) than their classmate.  No wonder there is a huge gap in the way students understand things!  

Kathy Clark  

   You're most welcome, Kathy! 

   That's a good point you raise.  There's a bit of a difference between the way a War Baby and a Baby Boomer
observes the world!


From Me ('65) of NC - 09/09/05:

   Don't forget to "tune in" tomorrow evening (Saturday, September 10) at 1800, to watch Navy clobber Stanford!!! 


 Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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PERSONAL WEB SITE: http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/cluckmeat


She Cried

- G. Richards / T. Daryll

(Jay and the Americans)

And when I told her
I didn't love her anymore
She cried (she cried)
And when I told her
Her kisses were not like before
She cried (she cried)
I thought that our romance was over and done
But to her it had just begun

And when I told her
Another girl had caught my eye
She cried (she cried)
And when I kissed her
A kiss that only meant goodbye
She cried (she cried)

------ strings ------

(sha-la-la-la sha-la-la)

And when I told her
I didn't love her anymore
She cried (she cried)

"She Cried" midi courtesy of http://www.garyrog.50megs.com/midi3.html - 08/10/05

"She Cried" lyrics courtesy of http://www.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/paul/lyrics/jayandtheamericans/shecried.html - 08/10/05

 Jane Austen Mansfield Park Image (Henry Crawford and Fanny Price) courtesy of http://www.crossmyt.com/hc/imgindex.html - 08/10/05

 Grape Leaf Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars4.html - 03/15/05

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