09/07/05 - NNHS Newsletter - The Wanderer


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

    Happy Birthday today to Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA!  WOWZERS!




1. Candy Hixson Whitley (Ferguson HS - '68) of VA - 09/07/05

   Candy, of course, has been on the mailing list for a good long while.  I had somehow just never added her
to the Alumni Page.  And while I had the school and the year correct, I may still have been trying to remember
her maiden name for another good long while, had I not broken down and asked her husband, David Whitley
, for it.

   Thanks, David - and welcome, Candy!



The 60-Year Reunion of NNHS Classes of 1945 (Feb. and June)

will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11, 2005
at Point Plaza Conference Center (Ramada Inn),
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, 757-599-4460.
The Saturday event will be a dinner, with a speaker not yet named,
from 5 to 9 PM.
On Sunday, there will be a buffet brunch from 11 AM to 2 PM.
Advance registration required.
Contact Mary Frances Grasty at 757-930-8446.





The 40-Year Reunion of the Class of 1965

will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2005
at the Point Plaza,
950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard,
Newport News,
and is open to all NNHS Alumni.








From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 09/06/05:

How sweet of you to look for my name on the birthday list.  Yes, I guess I admit to feeling somewhat
like a step-child.  I thank you for "taking me in" though.  Maybe since my first love for two years was
a Typhoon, I can be an honorary one.

Oh, and the birthday is Sep 18, 1947.......and since I worked for the Air Force for many, many years,
I'm proud to share its birthday. 
Gloria Woolard Price (HHS '65)

   Well, now, how cool is that?!?  Thanks, Gloria!  I added you and the Air Force, and while I was there, I
added the Army, the Navy, and the Coast Guard.  The Marine Corps was already there, of course....


From Donnie Morris ('67) of VA - 09/06/05:

Carol ...please add my name and bday to your list
Donnie Morris ('67) - 6/7/49

   Certainly, Sweetie - I added you, too!


   And I thought you were safely on on mailing list, as you've been on our Alumni Page for some time,
but as your email addy was not in my system, I added that too. 


   Thanks, Donnie!

From Bill Gross ('48) of VA - 09/06/05:

I am a graduate of the February class of 1948.  You must spend a lot of time with this web site
and I am sure it is like a full time job.  Right at the present time I am in San Antonio, TX for a
reunion of the 13Th Bomb Squadron Association and will depart on Sunday morning for Tucson,
Phoenix and then back to Knob Noster, MO for the reactivation of the 13Th Bomb Squadron as
a B-2 outfit.

Gas is high but its always a great sight to see this wonderful country and appreciate what we
have here and it's taken so much for granted.

Keep up the good work and I will keep checking where I have a internet connection.  How did we
ever survive before computers, plastic and cell phones.

Regards to you and all those folks of the class of NNHS 48.

Bill Gross

   WILD GIGGLES!!!  Funny you should mention that, Bill!  Ever since my systems became fully
operational again (well, ALMOST!) on 08/15/05, I've spent ten to twelve hours a day working on this Mondays
through Fridays and another four or five on Saturdays.  But, hey - the pay is great!!!  

   What an exciting trip you must be having, Bill - how marvelous for you!  Thanks for telling us!

   And I can only liken our previous survival in this world (you left out microwave ovens!) to life without hugs.  As
Ashleigh Montague's research proved, it is sometimes possible to survive, but never to thrive.  For that one
needs twelve hugs a day (which I always personally collect...).

   And I fully intend to collect many more times that amount at the upcoming Glorious Reunion!!!!  YEA!!!!

From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 09/06/05:

Dear NNHS Web Queen...

I just found out that Cheryl (White) Wilson (John Marshall HS - '64) was your cousin.. can't believe
it. She and her husband
Don (Wilson - John Marshall HS - '64)
were our best friends in the 70's. They
had 3 sons and we had 3 girls!
Their youngest, Timothy, was the age of our first, Chera! You have some wonderful relatives...
must be the genes!

Peace & Blessing,

   I was wondering when you and your brother, Fred, were gonna pick up on that detail, Cheryl!  It was in our 08/24/05


   Their youngest son, Timothy, is about six weeks younger than our oldest son, Lewis, and there's a funny story
connected with that.  You must ask her sometime.  So I'm sending each of you the other's email addy so you can
catch up with one another.  Have fun!

That's it - the genes! 

Cheryl and I both take after our grandmother, Sudie, who was Practically Perfect in Every Way - although she acts more
like her as well, whereas I only look like her.

23 Dec 1903
South Boston, VA
Miss Ursula Janie Tuck
b. 19 Sep 1885 - Virgilina, Halifax, VA

   Thanks, Cheryl!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/06/05:

Hi, Carol:

Since you are still using the Yahoo email, I hesitate to bring up this subject. It is likely that the photos and
remarks that I sent to you pertaining to the former NNHS Principal R. Lamar Stanley may have been lost
when your PC crashed in the Spring. I do not wish to add to your misery.

The wonderful message from Fred Field ('45) of CA
which you shared with us in this Newsletter reflected
upon the greeting given to his class as they entered high school, and were introduced to the Principal Lamar
Stanley. Since the Newsletter did not show a link to "Lamar Stanley" I was not encouraged that the data arrived
or was not lost. After a search,
I was not able to find any data on the late R. Lamar Stanley on the website.
To jar your memory, he was promoted to Superintendent of Schools for the City of Newport News after serving
as NNHS Principal. I would have transmitted it to you around the time of the late Mr. George J. McIntosh
Memorial Service held in Newport News.

Hoping your backup captured this data, I remain
Yours Truly,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Dear Sweet Adonis, I regret to inform you that all that data was lost.  Actually, it did initially survive, but had to be
destroyed as repeated efforts failed to cleanse it of its iniquities, and all my tech-reps agreed it had the potential
to destroy everything once again.  Most reluctantly, and with great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I
agreed - and was grateful for what remained, as I had greatly feared all would be lost.

   I thought possibly I had some material from another source concerning Mr. Stanley which I could add for you, but
as yet I have been unable to locate it.

   I'm so sorry, Joe!

From Paul Dobie ('66) of CO (now deployed to Afghanistan) - 09/06/05:

Hello Carol:
Just a quick note from Afghanistan.   As always, the website is great and I enjoy reading the
messages.  I received a short letter from Bill Black (A.K.A. Jim Quinn) ('66) yesterday which 
I thoroughly enjoyed and had a couple of laughs.
I have included a photo or two of myself for you as well as a moonset from the project site I
am working on...let those in the know understand I will not be able to get to any reunion anytime
soon, but do send my regards for a great time coming up...
The terrible catastrophe of New Orleans weighs on my mind even though I am here in Afghanistan. 
The events that unfolded as a result of Katrina were not unexpected [as in my previous life
with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we practiced these scenarios], but a lot of deaths could
have been prevented, I am sure.  The sad part about the area hit is the fact that a lot portion (if
not all) was already depressed... it will be at least a decade if not longer for recovery...I have been
to New Orleans several times and understand the flood control works and structures that failed...
there often is a false sense of security for those that live by the water's edge...we all need to help
as much as possible and I know the TYPHOONS will do what they can to help all...keep plugging
I do apologize for missing your birthday but send you belated wishes with many great things ahead...
take care and know we all appreciate what you do for us each and everyday...
Kindest regards,
  August 5, 2005 August 7, 2005    

   OH, GOODY!!!  PICTURES!!!  One of the reasons I so enjoy doing what I do is so often it's just like Christmas
morning!  (And of course, I'm still just a kid!)

   WOWZERONI!!!  Thanks, Paul!  I've posted these on the News link - which I just redid once again:



   And I added your regrets to the Reunion - Attending page.  You do seem to be a bit preoccupied there, Sweetie!


   Thanks so much for your insights, Paul!  And belated birthday wishes are just fine, too - I appreciate them!  Take
care of yourself!

From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 09/06/05:

I really liked the music quiz.  I never listened to much rock and roll because of band, church choir
and voice lessons but over the years, you do hear it all over.  I have always been able to recall lyrics
and I guess I heard more rock and roll than I realized because I missed 8 questions.  And like Gloria
(Woolard Price - HHS - '65 - of FL)
, I was sitting here silently saying the lyrics to myself to get
to the answers.  It was fun. 


   WOWZERONI!!!  You only missed 8 questions?!?  That means you answered 72 correctly!!!  I'm wildly
impressed!  I think I caught a bad case of the giggles while I was "testing" - which caused me to give even
more wrong answers and to giggle even harder, and to .......well, you get the picture....  Not that I'm silly or

   Thanks, Kathy, and again, Happy Birthday!

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 09/06/05:

Carol -- regarding the R&R Trivia quiz -- may I claim worst score?? I only got 34 right -- most
of the 50's, and practically none of the 60's. (Guess I am truly a product of the 50's!) -- Ron

   WILD GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Ronnie, you made my day - which was already a great one!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64 of RI - 09/06/05:

Hi Carol,

...... looks like I will be in Virginia at that time (October) and might actually get there (to the reunion) but
my plans are not nailed down yet...I will keep working on it! 

Love, Jeanb 


Just go buy that bucket of nails right now, Jean, and start nailing,
 'cause you jus' gotta be here for this one!



From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/06/05 and 09/07/05:


Here's another one: Haven't seen that shot before .....    
1950s Advertising Flyer 1960 - Miniature Golf Range Buckroe Beach, Virginia
"Virginia's Family Playground"
    "One of the main attractions at the Buckroe Beach Amusement Park is this scene of the most challenging Miniature Golf Course in the South."    


   OHHH, DAVID!!!  You know how I love Buckroe!  Thanks so much!  These are now happily posted
on the two appropriate Buckroe pages:





   Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


NNHS CLASS OF '65 WEB SITE: http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com

PERSONAL WEB SITE: http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/cluckmeat


The Wanderer

(Dion and the Belmonts, 1962)

Oh well I'm the type of guy who will never settle down
Where pretty girls are well, you know that I'm around
I kiss 'em and I love 'em cause to me they're all the same
I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em they don't even know my name
They call me the wanderer yeah the wanderer
I roam around around around...

Oh well there's Flo on my left and there's Mary on my right
And Janie is the girl with that I'll be with tonight
And when she asks me which one I love the best
I tear open my shirt I got Rosie on my chest
Cause I'm the wanderer yeah the wanderer
I roam around around around...

Oh well I roam from town to town
I go through life without a care
'Til I'm as happy as a clown
With my two fists of iron and I'm going nowhere

I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place I roam from town to town
And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that car of mine and ride around the world
Yeah I'm the wanderer yeah the wanderer
I roam around around around...

Oh yeah I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place I roam from town to town
And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that car of mine and ride around the world
Yeah cause I'm a wanderer yeah a wanderer
I roam around around around...
Cause I'm a wanderer yeah a wanderer
I roam around around around...

"The Wanderer" midi and lyrics courtesy of  http://www.jacquedee63.com/thewanderer.html
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/30/05
Thanks, Dave!

  Hummel "Wanderer" Image courtesy of http://www.porzellanhaus-opfermann.de/index.htm?Hummel%20aktuell.htm - 08/11/05

Cross Stitch Hummel "Wanderer" Image courtesy of http://www.stitchability.co.uk/Hummel%20The%20Merry%20Wanderer.jpg - 08/11/05

Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars4.html - 08/23/05

Animated Rolling on the Floor Laughing Boy courtesy of http://www.animationfactory.com - 04/06/05

Animated Yehaa Typhoon clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 08/18/05
Thanks so much, Al!

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