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09/06/13 - NNHS Newsletter - Sugar Sugar

“Affluence separates people. Poverty knits 'em together.
You got some sugar and I don't; I borrow some of yours.
Next month you might not have any flour; well,
I'll give you some of mine.”

Ray Charles
(23 Sept 1930 - 10 June 2004)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

  We repeat this theme song every year on this day in honor of Sarah Sugah's birthday!

BONUS - - Sugar Sugar - The Archies, 1969


"Sugar, Sugar" is a pop song written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim. It was a four-week 1969 number-one hit single by fictional characters The Archies. Produced by Jeff Barry, the song was originally released on the album Everything's Archie. The album is the product of a group of studio musicians managed by Don Kirshner. Ron Dante's lead vocals were accompanied by those of Toni Wine (who sang the line "I'm gonna make your life so sweet"), and Andy Kim. Together they provided the voices of the Archies using multitracking.

When the song was initially released, Kirshner had promotion men play it for radio station execs without telling them the name of the group (due to the somewhat disappointing chart performance of the Archies' previous single, "Bang-Shang-a-Lang," which went to #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts). Only after most of the DJs liked the song were they told that it was performed by a cartoon group. The Archies’ hit wound up as one of the biggest (and most unexpected) #1 hits of the year, one of the biggest bubblegum hits of all time, both in America and in Great Britain, thanks partly to association with the hit CBS-TV Saturday morning cartoon series.

The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" was the 1969 number-one single of the year...


     From Me ('65) of NC - 09/06/13:

   I went back to see my my wonderful young P.A., Jason Adams, yesterday, because it was time to check (and renew) my thyroid medication, have new steroid injections in my knees (Yay!), and check on the mole on my neck which has greatly altered its appearance in both size and texture in the last year.  My blood pressure was slightly elevated, not doubt attributable to the stress of having a broken car again.

   We ran all the labs for the thyroid, but when it came time for my shots, Jason noticed the heavy edema in my ankles and calves, and said, "Hmm.  Let's run more tests to check for damage to your liver, kidneys, or heart to see what's causing that - and by the way, are you still experiencing shortness of breath?"

   (That would be, "Boy, Howdy!")

   So we ran more tests, and my kidneys and liver are fine, but, ah.....  Meanwhile, he prescribed Lasix to relieve the edema, and is scheduling appointments with the dermatologist and cardiologist, and I return to see Jason himself on the 18th.

   Speaking of the dermatologist, Paul will be seeing the charming    Dr. Manfred Rothstein again on Monday afternoon, and I'll be seeing him shortly thereafter for a biopsy.

   You realize, of course, that this endless game of Fun with Doctors leaves me exhausted and is the primary reason my Newsletters are so hopelessly backlogged, doncha??


   Happy Birthday today to    Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA!

   Happy Birthday tomorrow to   The late Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) (deceased - 03/08/06) !

   Happy Birthday this week to:

08 - Carroll Elliott ('57) AND   Gary Fitzgerald ('61) of VA AND   Patti Johnson Stowe ('62) of FL AND   Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) of VA;

09 -   Wayne DeBerry ('65) of VA;

10 -     The late Mr. Pete Robinson (deceased 12/23/03);

11 -        The late Bobby Hedrick ('58) (deceased 08/31/09) AND   J. Harrison ('58) of GA AND     My Grandson, Jimmy Harty of TX;

13 -    The late Louis ("Fuzzy") Turner  ('63) (deceased 09/15/12)!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


September 06, 1934 - The U.S. announced that Germany was building U-boats in foreign factories.

September 06, 1939 - The Battle of Barking Creek

September 06, 1939 - South Africa declared war on Germany.

September 06, 1940 - King Carol II of Romania abdicated, leaving his country in control of Prime Minister Ion Antonescu and the Iron Guard.  He was succeeded by his son Michael.

September 06, 1941 - Jews in German-occupied areas were ordered to wear the Star of David with the word "Jew" inscribed. The order only applied to Jews over the age of 6.

September 06, 1944 - The city of Ypres, Belgium was liberated by allied forces.

September 06, 1944 - Soviet forces captured the city of Tartu, Estonia.

September 06, 1949 - Allied military authorities relinquished control of former Nazi Germany assets back to German control.

September 06, 1944 - The British government relaxed blackout restrictions and suspended compulsory training for the Home Guard.

September 06, 2002 - A lifelike statue of Adolf Hitler went on public display in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The statue portrays Hitler kneeling in prayer.


Friday, September 06, 1963 - The Centre for International Industrial Property Studies (CEIPI) was founded.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Chesnutt was born Mark Nelson Chesnutt in Beaumont, Texas.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Chef Skye Gyngell was born in Sydney, Australia.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Footballer Pat Nevin was born Patrick Kevin Francis Michael Nevin in Glasgow, Scotland.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Novelist Alice Sebold was born in Madison, Wisconsin.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Politician Bryan Simonaire was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Politician Geert Wilders was born in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Friday, September 06, 1963 - Rugby player Wladimir Aïtoff (b. 05 Aug 1879 in France) died in France at the age of 84.




      -  brand new page!

June 1947 Beacon, p. 130 1965 Anchor, p. 222
09/06/13 09/06/13

     From Fred Mays ('60) of VA - 09/05/13 - "  Zatha Ann Franks Parker Barnes":

Hi Carol.......I went to Zatha's funeral today and there was a nice crowd there, at Warwick River Mennonite Church. She was buried in the church cemetery across the road.....It was a nice tribute to a special person. Most people today call her Ann, her middle name.....I always knew her as Zatha, however.

I think you wanted some dates....She was born January 11, 1944 and died September 2, 2013. I also went to the visitation last night....I met her two daughters and their families. Actually, I had met the two daughters many years ago....of course, they would not have remembered me.

I noticed in today's newspaper that there was another Typhoon graduate who died.....She is Kathryn Elizabeth Hicks
"Kitty" McNider. she was born at home, 319 33rd Street, N.N. on January 28, 1925. The paper states, "She was a Graduate of Newport News High School and a proud Typhoon. They did not mention the year of her graduation; however, my mother was born in 1915, ten years earlier and her year was 1932.....hence, I suppose she would have graduated in 1942. I can check the yearbooks as soon as I get the chance.

Let me know if you need more information.. Ms McNider's body is at Peninsula Funeral Home with a visitation on Friday, September 6th....from 7:00 p.m. until 08:30 p.m...A memorial Service will be held at the Peninsula Funeral Home on Saturday, Sept. 7th at 11:00 a.m. Her son, Rev. J. Allie McNider will conduct the funeral.

Take care, Fred Mays, '60

   Thank you so very much for all your help, Fred! I've updated both of those Memorial Newsletter editions:

         From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/05/13 - "Class of 1964 - 50-year reunion":


I suppose that it is time to open the 50th reunion page(s) on the web site.


The Committee have met several times already and we are working toward a venue and a date.

We met again this evening (5 Sep) at the Hilton Main Street Library.



Thursday, September 05, 2013
Jane Coltrain Leonard, Sue Miller Dearnley, Ray Staton, Charles Forrest, Dave Spriggs, Tom Flax, Sandra Williams Patrick, Judy Weckelman McPherson, Cookie Phillips Tyndall, and Linda Lane Lane
 Image by Jimmy Lane

   How exciting! Thanks, Dave! I've opened your new page for you:

From Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA - 09/05/13 - "Wallpaper Lady"
I'm looking for the NNHS alumni that does wallpapering in Gloucester, VA. I think her name is Jeannie Fitzgerald, but I'm not sure. Do you happen to have a number or email for her. We are opening a restaurant in Gloucester and need some wallpapering done ASAP.

Renee Helterbran Benton

   Hi, Renee! You're looking for      Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald, Class of '65. Here's her email; I don't believe I have other contact information, but if I find it, I'll send it, too:

Jeannie <__________@___.___>

Best wishes!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/05/13 - "Linda Ronstadt":

Hi, Carol:

Thank you for reminding me that you have used several songs by Linda Ronstadt as a theme for your Newsletters. When I wrote to you regarding her inability to sing now, I mentioned a song, "What's New" but my handy-dandy spell checker changed New to News and I failed to observe the error before clicking the Send button.
Correcting the error just gives me another reason to write to you!!!

TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thank you, Sweet Adonis! I hope my answer didn't seem to be rude, as it was certainly not intended that way! Actually, I think I've only used one of Linda's songs, though I did use it twice. I was hoping (to save time) that it was due for a rerun, but that was not the case.  At any rate, we certainly want to run another of her songs again in light of her recent tragic developments, so it'll be coming up quite soon!

   By the way, you never need an excuse to write me; I'm always delighted to hear from you!

   From Eva Ellis Madagan ('61) of FL - 09/05/13 - "Delta Flight 15 ... A great story":

This is a story about a time in our history that should be circulated over and over. It is about good people taking care of strangers. And these strangers repaid their kindness in kind and the blessings just kept going and are continuing. So let us all "think on these things".

A It is almost 12 years since 9/11 and here is a wonderful story about that terrible day.

Jerry Brown Delta Flight 15... (true story)

Here is an amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15,written following 9-11:

On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, we were about 5 hours out of Frankfurt, flying over the North Atlantic. All of a sudden the curtains parted and I was told to go to the cockpit, immediately, to see the captain. As soon as I got there I noticed that the crew had that "All Business" look on their faces. The captain handed me a printed message. It was from Delta's main office in Atlanta and simply read, "All airways over the Continental United States are closed to commercial air traffic. Land ASAP at the nearest airport. Advise your destination."

No one said a word about what this could mean. We knew it was a serious situation and we needed to find terra firma quickly. The captain determined that the nearest airport was 400 miles behind us in Gander, New Foundland.

He requested approval for a route change from the Canadian traffic controller and approval was granted immediately -- no questions asked. We found out later, of course, why there was no hesitation in approving our request.

While the flight crew prepared the airplane for landing, another message arrived from Atlanta telling us about some terrorist activity in the New York area. A few minutes later word came in about the hijackings.

We decided to LIE to the passengers while we were still in the air. We told them the plane had a simple instrument problem and that we needed to land at the nearest airport in Gander, New Foundland, to have it checked out.

We promised to give more information after landing in Gander. There was much grumbling among the passengers, but that's nothing new! Forty minutes later, we landed in Gander. Local time at Gander was 12:30 PM! .... that's 11:00 AM EST.

There were already about 20 other airplanes on the ground from all over the world that had taken this detour on their way to the U.S.

After we parked on the ramp, the captain made the following announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, you must be wondering if all these airplanes around us have the same instrument problem as we have. The reality is that we are here for another reason." Then he went on to explain the little bit we knew about the situation in the U.S. There were loud gasps and stares of disbelief. The captain informed passengers that Ground control in Gander told us to stay put.

The Canadian Government was in charge of our situation and no one was allowed to get off the aircraft. No one on the ground was allowed to come near any of the aircrafts. Only airport police would come around periodically, look us over and go on to the next airplane. In the next hour or so more planes landed and Gander ended up with 53 airplanes from all over the world, 27 of which were U.S. commercial jets.

Meanwhile, bits of news started to come in over the aircraft radio and for the first time we learned that airplanes were flown into the World Trade Center in New York and into the Pentagon in DC. People were trying to use their cell phones, but were unable to connect due to a different cell system in Canada. Some did get through, but were only able to get to the Canadian operator who would tell them that the lines to the U.S. were either blocked or jammed.

Sometime in the evening the news filtered to us that the World Trade Center buildings had collapsed and that a fourth hijacking had resulted in a crash. By now the passengers were emotionally and physically exhausted, not to mention frightened, but everyone stayed amazingly calm. We had only to look out the window at the 52 other stranded aircraft to realize that we were not the only ones in this predicament.

We had been told earlier that they would be allowing people off the planes one plane at a time. At 6 PM, Gander airport told us that our turn to deplane would be 11 am the next morning. Passengers were not happy, but they simply resigned themselves to this news without much noise and started to prepare themselves to spend the night on the airplane.

Gander had promised us medical attention, if needed, water, and lavatory servicing. And they were true to their word. Fortunately we had no medical situations to worry about. We did have a young lady who was 33 weeks into her pregnancy. We took REALLY good care of her. The night passed without incident despite the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

About 10:30 on the morning of the 12th a convoy of school buses showed up. We got off the plane and were taken to the terminal where we went through Immigration and Customs and then had to register with the Red Cross.

After that we (the crew) were separated from the passengers and were taken in vans to a small hotel. We had no idea where our passengers were going. We learned from the Red Cross that the town of Gander has a population of 10,400 people and they had about 10,500 passengers to take care of from all the airplanes that were forced into Gander! We were told to just relax at the hotel and we would be contacted when the U.S. airports opened again, but not to expect that call for a while.

We found out the total scope of the terror back home only after getting to our hotel and turning on the TV, 24 hours after it all started.

Meanwhile, we had lots of time on our hands and found that the people of Gander were extremely friendly. They started calling us the "plane people." We enjoyed their hospitality, explored the town of Gander and ended up having a pretty good time.

Two days later, we got that call and were taken back to the Gander airport. Back on the plane, we were reunited with the passengers and found out what they had been doing for the past two days. What we found out was incredible.

Gander and all the surrounding communities (within MATCH about a 75 Kilometer radius) had closed all high schools, meeting halls, lodges, and any other large gathering places. They converted all these facilities to mass lodging areas for all the stranded travelers. Some had cots set up, some had mats with sleeping bags and pillows set up.

ALL the high school students were required to volunteer their time to take care of the "guests." Our 218 passengers ended up in a town called Lewisporte, about 45 kilometers from Gander where they were put up in a high school. If any women wanted to be in a women-only facility, that was arranged. Families were kept together. All the elderly passengers were taken to private homes.

Remember that young pregnant lady? She was put up in a private home right across the street from a 24-hour Urgent Care facility. There was a dentist on call and both male and female nurses remained with the crowd for the duration.

Phone calls and e-mails to the U.S. and around the world were available to everyone once a day. During the day, passengers were offered "Excursion" trips. Some people went on boat cruises of the lakes and harbors. Some went for hikes in the local forests. Local bakeries stayed open to make fresh bread for the guests.

Food was prepared by all the residents and brought to the schools. People were driven to restaurants of their choice and offered wonderful meals. Everyone was given tokens for local laundry mats to wash their clothes, since luggage was still on the aircraft. In other words, every single need was met for those stranded travelers.

Passengers were crying while telling us these stories. Finally, when they were told that U.S. airports had reopened, they were delivered to the airport right on time and without a single passenger missing or late. The local Red Cross had all the information about the whereabouts of each and every passenger and knew which plane they needed to be on and when all the planes were leaving. They coordinated everything beautifully.

It was absolutely incredible.

When passengers came on board, it was like they had been on a cruise. Everyone knew each other by name. They were swapping stories of their stay, impressing each other with who had the better time. Our flight back to Atlanta looked like a chartered party flight. The crew just stayed out of their way. It was mind-boggling.

Passengers had totally bonded and were calling each other by their first names, exchanging phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

And then a very unusual thing happened.

One of our passengers approached me and asked if he could make an announcement over the PA system. We never, ever allow that. But this time was different. I said "of course" and handed him the mike. He picked up the PA and reminded everyone about what they had just gone through in the last few days. He reminded them of the hospitality they had received at the hands of total strangers. He continued by saying that he would like to do something in return for the good folks of Lewisporte.

"He said he was going to set up a Trust Fund under the name of DELTA 15 (our flight number). The purpose of the trust fund is to provide college scholarships for the high school students of Lewisporte. He asked for donations of any amount from his fellow travelers. When the paper with donations got back to us with the amounts, names, phone numbers and addresses, the total was for more than $14,000!

"The gentleman, a MD from Virginia, promised to match the donations and to start the administrative work on the scholarship. He also said that he would forward this proposal to Delta Corporate and ask them to donate as well.

As I write this account, the trust fund is at more than $1.5 million and has assisted 134 students in college education.

"I just wanted to share this story because we need good stories right now. It gives me a little bit of hope to know that some people in a faraway place were kind to some strangers who literally dropped in on them.

It reminds me how much good there is in the world."

"In spite of all the rotten things we see going on in today's world this story confirms that there are still a lot of good and Godly people in the world and when things get bad, they will come forward.

"God Bless America... and God Bless the Canadians."

   Thank you so much for this great reminder, Eva! - TRUE

From My Friend, Ethan, of NC - 09/05/13 - "The Two Most Important Days":

    Thank you, Ethan! That's a great thought! 

  From Joyce Lawrence Cahoon ('65) of VA - 08/23/13 - "For the dog lovers" (#13 in a Series of 18):


     AWW!  Thanks, Joyce!


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It's all about the sugar..... - Perfect No Bake Peanut Butter Balls - "I wanted to find the best recipe for peanut butter balls, something sure to please a lot of people. Well I think I found it with these Perfect No Bake Peanut Butter Balls. They're a breeze to make, so few ingredients and taste divine." - 6 Minute Miracle Cookies - "What's the miracle behind these 6 Minute Miracle Cookies? The fact that they're made with cake mix and just two other basic ingredients. If you've never tried cake mix recipes for cookies before, give this version a shot. It's a quick and easy way to get a sweet treat prepared for family get-togethers or parties." - No Bake White Trash Candy - "Excuse the name, but this is one of the easiest no bake dessert recipes out there. Perfect any time of year, it has chocolate, peanut butter, and Golden Graham Crackers, combined to make one sweet treat."



From - 09/05/13:

A man visiting a graveyard saw a tombstone that read: “Here lies John Smith, a lawyer and an honest man.”

“How about that!” he exclaimed. “They’ve got three people buried in one grave.”


1. Thursday, October 3, 2013 - The NNHS Class of 1955 holds Lunch Bunch gatherings on the first Thursday of every month at Steve & John's Steak House on Jefferson Avenue just above Denbigh Boulevard in Newport News at 11:00 AM. The luncheon is not limited to just the Class of '55; if you have friends in that year, go visit with them.

2. Friday and Saturday, October 4 and 5, 2013 - The NNHS Class of 1963 will hold their 50-Year Reunion at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hampton on the Water. Friday night will also be open to the Classes of 1962 and 1964. SEE: The website which has been set up for their class at; CONTACT: Frank Gibson,, Joyce Williams Nettles,, or Susie Overton Jones,; FORM: Registration-Classes-of-1962-and-1964-B.docx

3. Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - The NNHS Class of June 1942 meets at noon on the second Wednesday of every other month for a Dutch treat lunch at the James River Country Club, 1500 Country Club Road. PLEASE JOIN THEM. Give or take a few years makes no difference. Good conversation, food and atmosphere. For details, call Jennings Bryan at 803-7701 for reservations.


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BLOG: - updated 08/04/09


Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                                 Love to all, Carol





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Sugar, Sugar

Written by
Jeff Barry (b. 03 Apr 1938) and Andy Kim (05 Dec 1946 or 1952)

Recorded by The Archies, 1969

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
Honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girls
And you got me wanting you

I just can't believe the lovliness of loving you,
(I just can't believe it's true)
I just can't believe the one to love this feeling to
(I just can't believe it's true)

Sugar, ah honey hiney
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you
honey, ah sugar sugar
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you

When i kissed you girl I knew how sweet a kiss could be
(I know how sweet a kiss could be)
Like the summer sunshine pour you sweetness over me
(Pour your sweetness over me)

Pour a little sugar on it honey
Pour a little sugar on it Baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah
pour a little sugar on it yeah
pour a little sugar on it honey
pour a little sugar on it baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah
pour a little sugar on it honey

Ah sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you
Oh honey honey, sugar sugar..............
You are my candy girl

"Sugar Sugar" midi courtesy of - 09/06/06

"Sugar Sugar" lyrics courtesy of - 09/06/06

Image of Various C & H Sugars courtesy of - 09/06/06

Sugar Beets Image courtesy of - 09/06/06

Scissors with Fuchsia Ribbon Line (to open the bag of sugar, Silly!) clip art courtesy of - 09/17/05

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Animated USMC Flag clip art courtesy of - 06/18/03

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of the late Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks again, Herbie!

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06 (still missing...)
Thanks, Al!
Replaced by Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 02/09/09
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