09/06/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Happy Labor Day!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates, 

   I hope you're all enjoying your holiday.  I especially hope that you're safe and sound!

From Brownie Shaffer Haracivet ('62) of VI - 09/04/04:

Hi Carol,
Frances blew by without causing problems for the Virgin Islands and we are hoping Ivan will do
the same.
Just got your newsletter and saw the question about the where-a-bouts of the NNHS trophies.
I saw Ronnie Burroughs ('60), NNHS grad and NN Parks and Recreation employee, a few years
back and asked about the NNHS trophies. Ronnie assured me they were safe and sound in the
NN City Hall Building. Hopefully they are still there safely waiting for a new place to live.
Perhaps someone can check with him or email his sister, Tina Burroughs Farmer ('62) for more
Keep those prayers going for the people of FL.
Warmly, Brownie

   Thanks, Brownie!  That's definitely a new lead!

   We continue to hold the people of Florida - and in particular, OUR people in Florida - in our hearts and prayers.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/04/04:

Dear Ms. RAM-pire:
The arrival of the Saturday Night newsletter message was the highlight of the day. The most dreaded Frances is
bearing down on us. Send in the Award Winning Engineers!!! (Paul Dobie '66 - CA). It is a very slow moving storm.
Glad to hear Brownie escaped injury and damage in St. Thomas.
Glad you are doing better, and pleased that your computer is doing better. That "Techie" advice I gave you will prevent
you from becoming just so much Road Kill on the High Tech Highway, Kid. I have a sneaking feeling you are not
going to take my advice with 15 open windows.
As for visiting a physician, may if quote Ernie Shaffer? When he had a cold or sore throat and a friend would ask "How
are you doing?", his standard reply was "When I get to feeling better, I am going to a doctor".
Hunkered Down in Wesley Chapel,

   Hey, Adonis - hearing from you is always a highlight of my day!  This time was especially encouraging, as when your message
arrived, there were already one million people in FL without power.  And it was very good to learn from Brownie that they were
all safe in the Virgin Islands as well.

   Oh, Joe!  Of course, I'll take your advice!  See?  At this very moment, I only have, um, let's see, TEN Windows opened!
TA-DAH!  A definite improvement, n'est pas?!?

   Ernie Shaffer's line sounds perfectly reasonable to me!  Giggles!

From Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 09/04/04:

Hey Carol,
In response to the question about the NNHS trophies. I am fairly certain some of them still remain in storage
somewhere. I'm the athletic director at Woodside (new school in NN) and was asked a couple years ago if I had
any room to take some of them. I will try to check into it and see if anyone else at the school admin building knows
their location. Also, I know that some of the trophies were given to some former Typhoon athletes rather than them
be destroyed.
Peace, Albert

   AHA!  Another great lead!  Thanks, Albert!

   Hmmm - I wonder who the fortunate NNHS athletes were?

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 09/05/04:

So, how are you feeling? I am so sorry to hear you have asthma, how come I never knew?? My daughter is still having
problems with it and my oldest son had REAL problems with it when he was little about 5. He didn't gain any weight
for 1 year so we went to the allergist, etc. etc. etc. I KNOW you know the drill!! I know the problems associated, SO
just know that you will be fine!!! "I am healthy"!!! A great mantra! God bless!! Sarah
PS: have we heard anything from our friends in the Bahamas??

   Thanks, Sarah - I'm almost well now!  I don't know how you missed the asthma.  Oh, I know!  I wasn't in school often enough
for you to observe anything!  HA-HA-HA!!!  And ya what?  On SOME of those days, I was actually SICK!  WILD GIGGLES!

   Obviously, I never had the type of asthma which your son did.  I don't recall EVER having any problems gaining weight....

    My daddy was a physician, you know, and insisted that I carry with me at all times a little brown glass bottle of the vilest tasting
medicine ever made.  I've long since forgotten the name of it (though I might suggest a few of my own...).  It was supposed to be
cherry flavored (yeah, RIGHT!  BLUCHHHK!), and it always dried with a nasty crunchy crust around the cap.  By the time I broke
out that puppy, I was in BIG bad trouble, and knew I had no other recourse.  The point of the stuff was that it contained epinephrine,
which allowed me to stay alive.  YOW - I can experience the aftertaste of that stuff even now at the recollection!  GROSS!

    As you've read, The Bahamians are fine (for now); it's the Floridians who may be in a spot.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/04/04:

Hi, Carol:
Before long, you all in North Carolina and Virginia will be feeling the effects of this massive storm we call Frances.
There is trouble in paradise, and the size of this storm plus the slow movement has caused the entire state to be
engulfed in it's grip. As Brownie said earlier, this is a bad storm. Over a million have lost power so far. We are fortunate
in that regard, for ours is a new subdivision with underground utilities which makes us less vulnerable to falling limbs
taking out the power lines. NNHS alumni are all over Florida and I am sure they are growing weary about now, and here
comes Ivan later this week.
Get prepared.

   OUCH!  Thanks, Joe!  Okay, all you Floridians know the drill by now.  All the rest of us are worried about y'all, so report in to us
whenever you're able to let us know how you are.  Thanks!  You know you're still in our thoughts and prayers.

From Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA - 09/05/04:


   Hey, Jimmy!  That's the same question that Joe Wingo ('65) of NC asked on 02/23/03 - which prompted a long string of conversation:




   There's not been much activity lately, admittedly, but maybe that's 'cause the old Angelfire section has grown so ANNOYING! 
Okay, I'll move that entire School link first chance I have.  It's a truly colossal pain to move files, but it could hardly be more frustrating
than to continuing to endure this torturous mess.

   Hey, Jimmy!  Why don't you send us YOUR recollections of Briarfield/Parkview, hmmm?  Giggles!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/05/04:

Hi, Carol:
Thanks for your prayers. The eye is getting closer now, and we are hanging tough. The rain is picking up in intensity
and the winds are constant.
The tracking is forecasted to hit KY, IL, MO at last count. Big storm.
We will keep you posted.
Adonis (Safe from the Wild Boar...they are hunkered down today)

   Thanks, Adonis.  I'm glad you're safe from the Wild Boar.  Please stay safe from the elements as well!  I'm looking forward
to seeing you in October!


From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 09/05/04:

Hope you are feeling much better!  Take care of YOU so you can take care of the rest of us!  We don't mind delays! 
I just found my "Senior Year" scrapbook and attached are some pics you might get a kick out of!!!  I did!!  (Oh, to be
a size 10 again!!)

   Size 10?  I was a size 7!  Of course, I was only 5'2" also, but as my mama used to say, at least my feet touched the floor. 
(Don't think about it; it makes no sense.)

   PROM PICTURES!  Thanks so much, Sarah - y'all are so cute.  Looky, Frances!

   This is one of those section like "Our Old Cars" that I thought would be overwhelmed with images.  I was wrong.  We are
delighted to have these to share with you, and would dearly love to have more!  Once again, this page is open to EVERYONE!


From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 09/05/04:

Carol last week there was an Obituary for a Larry Bridgers, age 54. I think he was a NNHS graduate,
maybe class of 68....
Peace & Blessing,

   You're right on both counts, Cheryl.  Sigh.  Thanks.  Larry was a Marine, too.

Larry Lee Bridgers

SMITHFIELD - I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. II Timothy 4:7. Larry Lee Bridgers, 54, met his Lord and Savior at home, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004, after a courageous battle with lupus. Born in Rocky Mount, N.C., Larry had been a Smithfield resident for the past 20 years. Larry was a veteran of the U.S.M.C. For a number of years, Larry was an employee of Hampton Roads Harley Davidson of Newport News. In addition, Larry had three passions, his love for the Lord and his service, hunting and fishing. Larry was a member and a trustee of Calvary Baptist Church. Preceded in death by his father, Dallas Lee Bridgers, Larry is survived by his wife of 22 years, Diana Lee Bridgers; his mother, Thelma Martin Bridgers of Newport News; his daughter, Michelle Lee Bridgers of Smithfield, and two grandchildren, Brandi and Trevor. Also surviving is his sister, Pamela and her husband, Mike; his mother-in-law, Betty Bawtinhimer; sisters and brothers-in-law, Bonnie and Ronnie Conley, David Bawtinhimer, Becky and Mark Woodby, Marty and Ralph Hagner, and Jon Bawtinhimer; four nieces and 11 nephews. A celebration of life service will be conducted 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 4, in Calvary Baptist Church, with Larry's remarkable friend and mentor, Pastor Daniel E. Gray. The family will receive friends following the service at a reception prepared in their honor in the church social hall. Burial will take place at a later date. In keeping with Larry's wishes, the family suggests that memorials be made by friends and loved ones attending the church of their choice this Sunday. Arrangements are in the care of Colonial Funeral Home, Smithfield.

Published in the Daily Press from 9/2/2004 - 9/3/2004.

   I haven't done it yet, but I'll post this on "Recent Typhoon Deaths" before the day is over.  Thanks, Cheryl.

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/05/04:


From Me ('65) of NC to Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/05/04:

   PEACHES!!!  What fabulous news!!! If you talk to her again, tell her hi for me!
Ask her if she remembers Blackstone and the "Spirited" Life Retreat and rolling the big, noisy trash cans down the halls!
I really hope she's able to make it....

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/05/04:

She seemed very happy to be found and enthusiastic about attending the
reunion. A very cheerful person. You should call her.

   I believe I'll do that today, Dave!  Thanks so much!  Peaches was a good friend of mine.  I'm delighted that you've found her!


From Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) - 09/05/04:

Julius and Julie Kristi and Julie Gloucester-Mathews Gazette    
Father's Day, Sunday, June 20, 2004 Thursday, Sept. 2, 2004    

I am enclosing a copy of an article that appeared in the Gloucester-Mathews Gazette concerning the
local Alzheimer's Memory Walk that will be held on September 18, 2004 in Gloucester, Virginia.
The Alzheimer's Association not only supports Alzheimer's Disease, but also supports research on other
frontal temporal diseases including Pick's Disease, the disease that Julius ('58) has been stricken with. 
It was the local Alzheimer's Association representative that led us to the Assisted Living facility where
Julius now resides.
Our daughters were the top fundraisers last year for the Memory Walk, raising more than $5,000.  This
year they hope to reach $6,000.  To date, their team effort has raised over $5,500.
Please visit both of our daughters' websites to learn more about Julius' devastating disease. 
We would appreciate any NNHS alumni who would like to show their support by walking with us 
on September 18 or who would like to make a contribution to this very worthy cause. 

   WOW.  Thanks so much.  I believe I told you this when I spoke with you on the phone several weeks ago, Renee, but
I'm not sure.  One of my most vivid childhood memories was attending an NNHS concert with my mama during Julius'
senior year, and being completely blown away by Julius' stellar performance on his trumpet (or maybe it was a cornet). 
Whatever it was, he surely could coax some lovely sounds from it.

   As a matter of fact, looking back, I'm sure that his performance that night when I was ten years old impacted many
of my life decisions, at least musically.  That was my first year of studying the flute.  I thought if Julius had learned to
elicit so much feeling from his horn in that length of time, I knew I wanted to make my flute sing with as much feeling,
and to be a part of the NNHS Band.

   I still have my silver Armstrong student flute my parents bought me for $111.00 back in 1957.  I still play it.  It has
brought me a great deal of joy and comfort over the last 47 years.  For that, I really have Julius to thank.


   And now y'all have a chance to impact the lives of others.  Please visit the Benton girls' web site, study and learn,
and do what you can to help. 

   Oh - I've posted this on the "News" link:


   Thanks, Renee.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/06/04 - 6:27 AM:

We have been spared any significant damage. All is well. Thanks for your prayers. The eye of Frances went
through our neighborhood about 8:00 PM Sunday evening. That calm gives you great concern, for you know
there is more to come. The huge storm has moved off shore into the Gulf of Mexico now and increasing in intensity.
The storm surge into Tampa Bay will be significant as the high tide is taking place now. Flooding seems to be the
greatest problem in the downtown area.
A couple of million residents have lost power, and damages is extensive on the east coast. We have underground
utilities in our area, plus the neighborhood is so new that the trees have not matured so there is little damage.
No flooding here. We have good drainage and are a bit higher.

   WHEW!  I think.  Maybe.  I'm not sure I'm breathing more easily yet or not, Joe.  Thanks for the early report.  Please
stay with us.



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   Y'all continue to have a safe and happy holiday weekend, keep those Floridians in your thoughts and prayers -
and take care of each other.

                                   Love to all, Carol


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From sea to shining sea!

O beautiful for pilgrim feet
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America! America!
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Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
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America! America!
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O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

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America! America!
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And music-hearted sea!

O beautiful for pilgrims feet,
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A thoroughfare for freedom beat
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America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
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O beautiful for glory-tale
Of liberating strife
When once and twice,
for man's avail
Men lavished precious life!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till selfish gain no longer stain
The banner of the free!

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till nobler men keep once again
Thy whiter jubilee!

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