08/10/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Awesome Page Updates!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Boy, howdy, do we have good things from and for y'all today!!!


From Mark Friedman ('65) of VA - 08/08/04:


 And from Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA - 08/08/04:

Carol, my birthday is March 22, 1946.  Also you can add my email address:


   Thanks, Mark and Cookie!  You've been duly added:   


   This birthday page is becoming even more fun than I had imagined!


From Evelyn Vretos ('55) of VA - 08/08/04:

Hi Carol,  Just mailed a check to you to help with the website.  Keep up
the great work, it brings back many memories!  More later.   Evelyn

   Thank you, Evelyn!   That's very kind and generous of you, as I have to Pay the Piper a big chunk of dough
before the 26th of this month in order to keep things up and running for y'all.  As I said last time, monetary
contributions are always needed, and gleefully and joyfully received!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 08/08/04:

So great to hear from Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally ('65/'68) (we lived near each other and went
to Woodrow Wilson and were good friends...I was in LOVE with Joe Jarrell who lived across the
street from her...)  Also from Linda Lane ('64) ...we both went to Thorpe and took US History and
Government and we drag raced down Victoria Boulevard on the way home.  I hope my children do
not read this...My mother had an old '51 Dodge and my father disliked chrome, so he had taken
every stitch of chrome off that car...we called it the black bomber...it was the car I learned to drive
when I was 16.  We had a new teacher in Summer School and he was a born-again Christian and
we really gave him hell...we would write names on the attendance sheet like "Benedict Arnold" 
and "Ben Dover"...and others which I will not repeat here...such naughty children.  Keep up the good
work, so much fun!  P.S.  My company left and since my house is clean I think we should just have
Christmas right now...Love, Jean

   Thanks, Jean!   Reconnecting is such fun, isn't it?

   I added your car comments to "Our Old Cars".  When I looked at the page, it was sooo lame that I was embarrassed
by it.  So I added five old images from four old Anchors to try to spark it up a bit.  So y'all go take a look.  You might
even see yourself on there:


   This page is definitely crying out for more images and stories!

From Jean Baker Howell ('69) of VA - 08/08/04:

Carol, Do you know where our class '69 can get a copy of the school seal?  Please help!

   Hey, Jean.  I sent this off to a few people I thought would have the fastest knowledge of such things.  (Later I thought
of a few more I should have included....)  And the first response was: 

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/08/04:

While it would not scan well, take a look on the back cover of your '63 or '64 Anchor.
Meanwhile, I am searching.

   Oh, yeah.  Duh.  Thanks, Dave.  I think I have an idea, Jean.  Hang on.......

From Nancy Bigger Alligood ('56) of VA - 08/08/04:

Hey Carol,
Someone asked about
Freddie McDowell.  He was in my class, 1956.  I think he lives
out west somewhere.  I will try and find out where.  Also,
Doug Brown was in my class
and he hung out with the 50th street guys!!!   Also,
Charlie Hilling was in my class, and
I think he was in the North End group of guys.
Hey Hon, you really make my day!!!!!!
P.S.  Carol, I hope I get to meet you one day.  When you are in town, please stop by my
office.  We are located in the "old LaVogue" building on Warwick Blvd. 10858 Warwick
Boulevard, Ste. C.  Let me know when you will be in town.  I would love to meet you!!!

WOW!  Thanks, Nancy!  I love this job!

   The search for Freddie McDowell ('56) begins!

   I'd love to meet you too, Nancy.  The next time I'm in town will probably be for the Glorious Reunion in October. 
I'm uncertain of my travel and lodging arrangements at the moment - other than, by hook or crook, I WILL be there -
but I will definitely try to come by to see you then.  And I'll call you before dropping in on you (Golden Rule and all...).

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/08/04:

Dear Carol:

Knowing that you were heading to the ice skating rink at Fort Bragg last evening,
I was so relieved and delighted to see this e-mail this morning in my IN box. That
meant that you probably were not in traction. You are a risk taker, to say the least.
Bobby Turpin ('58) brings back one of my favorite memories of NNHS Basketball,
when he described the wonder "Set Shot" that only Freddie McDowell ('56) could
shoot. It was a two hand push shot, just a few feet inside the half court line. It
was a thing of beauty. All net!
When the boards would jam up for Horace Williams ('5?) or Slade Dunn ('56),
Coach Chambers would give Freddie the green light to shoot that beautiful shot.
That was before the three point score, but it was worth more than three points,
because it would open the lane for the center or forwards to use the backboard.
If the opposing team considered Freddie's shot a "lucky basket" and continued
to block the backboard, Freddie would take the ball up the court, and as cool as if
ice water were running through his veins, pop another one of those all net swishes
and make believers out of them.
If I were a betting man, I would bet that Mickey Marcella ('54) can give Bobby
an update on Freddie (The Great Set Shot) McDowell.

   Tee-hee!!!  You're so funny, Adonis!  I really don't think that I was ever in any danger.  For one thing, Iíve always
taken so much calcium, I think my bones are in incredible shape.  For another, I had no intention whatsoever of falling Ė
and I didnít!  Falling would have been sooo undignified, and you know how dignified I am!  Okay, well, that's a whopper. 
Let's try again.  Falling would have been sooo tacky, and we can't have that sort of thing!  You know how I'm never, ever
tacky!  Oh, well, let's just cut to the chase.  I didn't WANT to fall down.  And Iím accustomed to getting my own way. 
You DO know what a truly bratty brat I am!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

   Thanks for that vivid sports flashback, Joe!  For those of you too young to remember, Joe was the Manager of the
1957 Virginia State Championship Basketball Team:



Now for those Awesome UPDATES!

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/08/04 - who took his Wonder Camera out for a cruise of the Peninsula Sunday,
brought it home, combined it with his Super Nifty Software, and produced for us twelve incredible images scattered
throughout the pages.  Take a look:



crt.html - Daveís breathtaking new images of the 39th Street and 34th Street Bridges are now showing in the middle
of the page.  I still donít know how he manages to capture these shots without getting killed, but his detective work is
flawless as usual.

west-ave.html - This one just really didn't hit me until I uploaded it, and then I became a bit nauseated.  The sad part
is that this is one of the city's better efforts.  I really like the lamps.  The terrible loss of those gracious, lovely old homes,
though...well, as I said, it made me rather queasy.

Dave's reply:

I knew you would feel this way about the demise of West Avenue, so I did not have
the heart to send these two (bottom photos) with the larger batch. Actually, I shot
them because I thought they might be ones which appeared in the early postcards,
but I couldn't make the match.


  Thanks, Dave!  They're all outstandingly beautiful shots - even of the carnage on West Avenue.  Nobody does it better!

Also from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/08/04:



Today, I spoke with the owner as I stood right where this image was
taken. I just couldn't determine if what I was looking at was the same
place or not. She came out asking what I was doing; I explained, and then
she told me that this structure was standing when they bought the property,
but they had razed it and built new. The new structure was oriented in
precisely the same direction ... almost as if they had reused the original
foundation. I didn't think to ask that while I was there.

So, no "NOW" image for this one.

    Awwww - but thank you again, Dave.  At least it solved that mystery for us!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL to Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/08/04:

RE: newmarket-shop-ctr.html


Nice shots of Newmarket Shopping Center and Monty's. Monty's acquired the
Penguin and kept the name. The Penguin was a small ice cream store on the
east side of Warwick Blvd. before it was dismantled to make another entrance
into the municipal offices and shops on Main Street.
It sat next to a car wash, in what was a "dead end" until the road was opened
to give more access to city workers with their equipment.
Monty's still had great French Fries the last time I visited several years ago.

RE: crt.html

Great shots, Dave!
The wide angle lens makes all the difference in the world. You have refreshed
my memory of the C & O Railroad tower. I remembered it well, but just could not
get the "Grid Square" correctly in my mind until I saw these shots. I had
remembered as being North of the 39th Street Bridge???
The old Mold Loft sitting on the corner of Huntington Avenue and 39th Street
looks a bit lonely. I doubt it is used very much now, since ships are built using
computer assisted design methods. I can recall when a mold of the vessel was built,
part by part, and castings were then made from the molds, so that when a ship was
completed, there was two that size in wood. That chipper was used to grind up the
wooden parts when the steel parts was completed.
Great weather you experienced while taking those beautiful photographs.

RE: nnhs.html

Boy, oh Boy, Dave:
That wide angle lens puts you right in the stadium. Great shots. Thanks for the
visit to Saunders Stadium this evening.

    Dave's reply:  

In the interest of accuracy, I will tell you that I do not use a wide angle
lens; I shoot a series of individual overlapping images and combine them
into a panoramic shot with some nifty image software. Betcha can't find
the seams, except on the Saunders Stadium shot taken thru the chain link
fence, where some links do not connect

RE: west-ave.html

I wish I could recall something about these beautiful old structures. Continental
Insurance Company rented me an office in the Medical Arts Building on West Avenue,
in the same block as the public library. It was a great location. Except for the last
of available parking it was an excellent location. You could walk to the post office,
and most of our insurance agents were within walking distance, which really helped
to give good claim service back in the 60's when there was still that goal of insurance
The Medical Arts Building was built to withstand enemy attacks, and had provision
for anti-aircraft guns mounted on the roof top, to protect the shipyard.

       Dave's reply:  

As a young lad, I can recall my Dad showing me the concrete pads on the
greenway on the west side of Huntington Avenue above 60th St. He explained
that there were AA gun emplacements there during WWII, also to protect the

   WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Joe and Dave!  I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I just can't wait to hear their fascinating
history lessons which they impart to us from time to time!  You know, if I had come to school more often instead of trying
to set the school record for "Most Time Missed While Still Maintaining Reasonably Decent Grades" I might have learned
some of these things earlier in life!  ........ NAAAAAHHH!!!!!

From Bruce Korusek (JMHS - '66) of VA - 08/09/04:   A Mack ad featuring CRT from the November 1958 issue
of Mass Transportation which is now posted here:


   WOWZERS!!!  Where do you keep getting this stuff?!?  That waaaay cool Mack ad is about 2/3 down the page Ė
THANKS, Bruce!!!

Hi, Carol,
Someone told me today that Hampton Roads Transit has a historical booklet
tracing the history of transit on the Peninsula up through Pentran takeover.....
you might want to give them a call and get a copy.....
I'm going to call soon and try to get one for myself.
I'll be sending more pix soon!

   DOUBLE WOWZERS!!!  I'll call them today!  Thanks again, Bruce!

From Me ('65) in NC:

   The number of people confirming their attendance at the Spectacular Spectacular Reunion of 1964 in October
is steadily growing.  Take a peek and make sure your name is on this list:


   If not, go back and read this information once again ('cause you surely must have missed something!):


   Then download, fill out, and mail these forms to Dave Spriggs ('64) as soon as possible:



   Believe me when I say, "YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!!"

   Y'all take care.

                                   Love to all, Carol


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