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07/08/06 - NNHS Newsletter
The Very Thought of You

"We forget the little things, so it's no wonder
some of us screw up the big things.

- Neil Cavuto
(b. 22 Sep 1958)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   The theme of tonight's (unexpected) Newsletter is brought to you by my television.  Last week as I was pigging out on watching old movies, I heard this playing both in a commercial and on one of those movies - but "I forget" what they were.

   One of the reasons I so dread having my systems down - even for a short time, as they were on this last round - is that I misplace things I'm planning to include in Newsletters and/or on the site itself.  I'm then left to rely on my short-term memory, which is shaky at best.

   I made so many boo-boos this week, I thought it might be handy to throw in another Newsletter, so here we are.


  From Edna Whitcomb Harrison ('65) of VA - 07/06/06 - "Class of 1961 Reunion Images":

   (It's not bad enough that my mind is going; emails keep hiding in cyber space from me....)


I am truly sorry that you could not have come to the reunion.

   Thank you, Edna!  I kept looking at my clock all weekend, wondering who was there and what y'all would be doing at that moment.  Sigh....

The first night we went to    Buddy and    Libby's  (Blechman David - both '61) home. It wasn't too long after we arrived that someone mentioned your name. They told me how anxious they were to meet you and how impressed they were with your website.

   Oh, my goodness!  I had no idea!  That's really touching.  Thanks for telling me that, Edna!

I enjoyed the van trip on Saturday. The guard that escorted us around at NNHS said that he had been working there for three years. So, of course, he was given information by our group, about the building and Coach Conn.  So much has changed of course in the building. The cafeteria is now a nice exercise room with a theater and computer room attached. The guard mentioned that it was going to be renovated again soon. It looked pretty nice to me already.

A lot of the lockers were recently removed. The guard at the main entrance did not know where the lockers had been taken.

   Ohhhh, Edna!  I so enjoyed the tour that we took last fall.  What a fabulous time we had!  I'm glad y'all had that experience as well!

I wished I could have taken more pictures on Saturday night but I ran out of space on the memory card.
There was a very nice brunch on Sunday. The food was delicious. Those that had planes to catch managed to eat and say their goodbyes before departing. Buddy David made the announcement that for the next four years there would be yearly reunions.

What wonderful news!!!  Of course, I have my own selfish reasons for hoping that I'll be able to attend one of them yet, but more than that, I'm always thrilled to hear of old friends having the opportunity to meet together!  Hats off to the 1961 Reunion Committee!

Your friend,

   Thanks again, Edna!

   I added your comments here:


  From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 07/07/06 - "Red Friday":

Too good not to pass along..
The Daughter of a Soldier

Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest act's of patriotism I have ever seen.

Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camo's, as they began heading to their gate everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering.  When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families.

Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal.

Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my country or of our service men and women, a young girl, not more than 6 or 7 years old, ran up to one of the male soldiers. He kneeled down and said "Hi."  The little girl then she asked him if he would give something to her daddy for her. The young soldier (who didn't look any older than maybe 22 himself) said he would try, and asked what she wanted him to give to her daddy. Then suddenly the little girl grabbed the neck of this soldier, gave him the biggest hug she could muster and then kissed him on the cheek.  The mother of the little girl, who said her daughters name was Courtney, told the young soldier that her husband was a Marine and had been in Iraq for 11 months now. As the mom was explaining how much her daughter, Courtney, missed her father, the young soldier began to tear up. When this temporarily single mom was done explaining her situation, all of the soldiers huddled together for a brief second. Then one of the other servicemen pulled out a military looking walkie-talkie. They started playing with the device and talking back and forth on it.  After about 10 - 15 seconds of this, the young soldier walked back over to Courtney, bent down and said this to her, "I spoke to your daddy and he told me to give this to you." He then hugged this little girl that he had just met and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He finished by saying,  "Your  daddy told me to tell you that he loves you more than anything and he is coming home very soon."

The mom at this point was crying almost uncontrollably and as the young soldier stood to his feet he saluted Courtney and her mom.  I was standing no more than 6 feet away from them as this entire event unfolded.  As the soldiers began to leave, heading towards their gate, people resumed their applause. As I stood there applauding and looked around, their were very few dry eyes, including my own. That young soldier in one last act of selflessness, turned around and blew a kiss to Courtney with a tear rolling down his cheek.

We need to remember everyday all of our soldiers and their families and thank God for them and their sacrifices. At the end of the day, it's good to be an American. Just keeping you "in the loop" so you'll know what's going on in case this takes off.  Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the "silent majority". We are no longer silent and are voicing our love for God, country and home in record breaking numbers.  

We are not organized, boisterous or over-bearing. We get no liberal media coverage on TV, to reflect our message or our opinions.  Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops.  Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect on Friday - and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that every red-blooded American who supports our men and women afar will wear something red.

By word of mouth, press, TV -- let's make the United States on every Friday a sea of red much like a homecoming football game in the bleachers.  If every one of us who loves this country will share this  with acquaintances, co-workers, friends, and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once "silent" majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.   The first thing a soldier says when asked, "What can we do to make things better for you?" is  "We need your support and your prayers."

  Let's get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example; and wear something red every Friday.





   Thank you so much, Sarah Sugah!

   This seems like a natural segue.......


  From Me ('65) of NC - 07/08/06:

   Adding to my stress lately, was the news that my children received of the death of one of their friends in Iraq.     Ryan Buckley (Hillsboro HS, IL - '03) died on June 23, 2006 of injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee during combat operations in Baghdad.  He was a year younger than    Dale.  His brother, Cody (Hillsboro HS, IL - '05), was in    Adrienne's kindergarten class.  Their mother, Sally, was a checker in one of our local grocery stores.  In our small community in Illinois, we saw them all regularly.  They were all far better looking than average, with sunny dispositions that made them shine.  And though their last name was Buckley, even after we determined that there was no relationship, we still felt a bond to them.

   The best of the best are often taken from us.  In such moments, war becomes even more real.  Our deepest sympathies are with Ryan's family, especially his wife of a year and five days, Tina.

  From Linda May Bond Crayton ('66) of VA - 07/07/06:

Hello Carol,

 I read the letter about    Henry ('65) and Yvonne Peters (Hampton HS - '64) Hoyle (of Northern VA) who ride. It made me think, I have to get up and move because I used to ride. 20 miles three times a week. Plus the body building.

So I went to the local YMCA (they made a song about that didn't they?) and signed up. When asked what I do now to keep fit I wrote, "Get down on the floor and get up unassisted".

Needless to say they wanted an OK from my doctor. She not only filled out the form, but faxed it
to them saying, (in essence), 'Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead!'

So wish me luck. It's been a long time. My goal? Look down and see my feet. And then stand
on them. Hope I live that long.

Thank you and y'all for being there.

Linda May

   WOWZERONI!!!  What an inspiring story!  Good for you!  Isn't it incredible how our lives continue to touch one another - even after forty-eleven years?!?

   Thanks so much for telling us this, Linda May!  Our best wishes go with you!


  From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 07/07/06:

Hi,   Carol (Buckley Harty - '65 - of NC) and   Dave (Spriggs - '64 - of VA):
What a wonderful way to use this website, by sharing the condensed article about John Paul Jones. Dave, your contribution to this website is just outstanding!

    As I may have mentioned once or twice, without David's vision this website would be a mere shadow of itself.  There's just no one like him.  Thank you again, Captain, for all that you do!

Regarding JPJ, one of the long standing duties of the US Marine Corps Detachment at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis was to guard the tomb of John Paul Jones. Now that the Marine Detachment has been disbanded at USNA this duty was also terminated.

   DISBANDED?!?  What new blasphemy is this?!?  I think I'm going to be ill........

I will try to find a photo of a US Maine standing guard at the tomb for you, since I know how much you admire USMC Dress Blues.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thanks, Adonis!  That would be lovely! I have indeed loved them so since my first close encounter with that glorious vision outside Miller and Rhodes in Richmond in December of 1949.  I was two years and four months old, yet so smitten was I, I remember it still.


  From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS  - '65) of FL - 07/07/06:

Wondered if you received this.............

   Well, yes, I did, Gloria.  And I distinctly "remember" posting it, but that must have been in one of my goofy dreams while I was down those few days, as it's certainly nowhere to be seen.........

   Let's try again.  This time we'll go for reality.....


  From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS  - '65) of FL - 06/26/06:

Brenda Staples' (Hampton HS '60) mother owned Ruth Staples House of Beauty in Wythe.  Brenda always had blonde hair, but she attended either a prom or some other school dance with pink hair to match her dress.  While different color hair on girls today is common, not so back then.......but WHO was going to tell beautiful Brenda that it looked odd??

   GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Gloria!  I posted this at last:

Remembering the old, old TV you remember Romper Room with Miss _____??  This from the internet:  Each program would consist of the hostess and her group of children embarking on an hour of games, songs and moral lessons. The Romper Room tried to teach its young charges to be polite. For instance, the hostess was always addressed as "Miss."  Many of the hostesses had prior experience in dealing with small children; in fact, a good deal of them were former kindergarten teachers.  A recurring character was Mr. Do Bee, an oversized bumblebee who came to teach the children how to be well-behaved; he was noted for always starting his sentence with "Do Bee," as in the imperative "Do be"; for example, "Do Bee good boys and girls for your parents!"  At the end of each broadcast, the hostess would look through a "magic mirror" (in reality, just a small transparent mirror with a handle) and name the children she saw in "televisionland."  She would begin with the rhyme: "Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic mirror, tell me today. Have all my friends been good at play?" She would then lead into "I can see Scotty and Kimberly and Julie and Jimmy and Marcie and all of you boys and girls out there!" To give the children the impression that they might be the next one called, the names were changed every day.

   Television junkie that I have ever been, I remember Romper Room quite clearly.  I think I had time to watch it - and Miss Frances' Ding Dong School and some of Captain Kangaroo - before I walked to school each morning (assuming I actually deigned to go to school that day...).

And I remember watching a very scary show where at the end, the host (maybe Frank Gallop ?) would blow out a candle and say "lights out" real scary!  This was right before my bedtime.......needless to say, I didn't want to go.  No wonder I had bad dreams as a kid.  :)

   WILD GIGGLES!!!  I remember being scared out of my skin by The Outer Limits, but whether they were one and the same I cannot say!

   I also added your comments here:

   Thanks, Gloria - for everything!


    From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/07/06 - "Gustav Mahler's 146th Birthday":

Well, I am bummed that you did not ask me for a Mahler MIDI.  My fave is his Symphony No. One, "The Titan", especially the final movement. It ranks right up there with the mightiest  movements of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Unfortunately that MIDI is 542kB .... much too long for the newsletter.


   ARGHHH!!!!  David, I am sooo sorry!  I let that one creep up on me, and didn't want to bug you on so little notice.

   (My reduced computer hours are wreaking havoc in more ways than one....)

   Needless to say, I've taken steps to insure that won't happen again, and the good captain has already provided me with some fabulous music for the upcoming weeks.

   Meanwhile, you can click on the powerful Mahler Symphony No. One, and enjoy yourselves!

   Thank you so much, Brown Eyes!


  From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 07/08/06:

Hi, Carol:
One of the phrases we used to employ during the quest for the 1957 Men's Basketball State Championship came to mind while driving west in the Commonwealth of Virginia this week. The road sign read "Gretna" and just the name brought back such memories that I cracked up laughing.
Whenever a player from an opposing team would become aggressive and confrontational with the TYPHOON the players on the bench would yell out "Gretna" or "He must be from Gretna" to intimidate the aggressive player and it sure worked.
I am sure someone knows the origin of this phrase. Just maybe it was the reputation earned by those residents of Gretna. Maybe one of your subscribers can give us an explanation as to the origin of this phrase.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Well, that's certainly a new one on me, Joe!

   "Anyone?  Anyone?"

    Thanks, Adonis!



    From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/20/06 - "ATTENTION ALL CLASS

If you will require lodging, we have reserved a block of 15 rooms at the Point Plaza, 950 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News VA, for Saturday night, October 14th, at a special NNHS rate of $79 (Standard) or $99 (Suite) plus 12.5% tax. You must make your reservation NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2006. Call 1-757-599-4460 or 1-800-841-1112. In order to receive the special rate, you must clearly say "NNHS Class of 1964 Birthday Celebration" when making the reservation. Because of this requirement, it is recommended that you DO NOT make your reservation over the Internet.

   Thank you, David!  Y'all have fun!



   Reunion information is ALWAYS posted very near the top on the front page, and on the Reunion Page section:

   Henceforth, it will be repeated here, lest you forget:


The Great Open Reunion sponsored by the NNHS Class of 1966
in honor of their graduation 40 years ago
will be held on Friday, September 29, 2006 from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM at RJs Restaurant, 12743 Jefferson Avenue, NN, VA.

September 30, 2006, meet at 11:00 AM at Newport News High School (now Huntington Hall) for a tour of the high school and gym.
Parking is available next to the gym on Huntington Avenue.

Saturday, September 30, 2006 from 7:00 PM to midnight,,
the grand affair will be held at Point Plaza Hotel, 950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, VA, 757-599-4460.

NTACT Dee Hodges Bartram at

The 60th Birthday Celebration
for Members of the NNHS Class of 1964
will be held
on Saturday, October 14, 2006,
7:00 - 11:00 PM at Spirit Events, 12672 Patrick Henry Drive,
Newport News, VA 23602.


We all agree that the Class of 1964 throws the best parties, and we really were flattered that so many members of other classes attended our 40-year Reunion.  However, the Committee chose to invite only members of the Class of 1964 to our 60th Birthday Celebration.

But, the good news for all you High School Reunion "Junkies" out there is that you can look forward to our 45-year Reunion in 2009.

CONTACT Dave Spriggs at

The Grand 50-year Reunion
of the NNHS Class of 1956
will be held on Friday, October 20, 2006 at the James River Country Club, Newport News, VA from 6:00 PM 11:00 PM.
Cost is $56.00 per person, reservations required by Aug. 1.

On Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 7:00 PM, a casual get-together will be held in a Hospitality Room, Country Inn & Suites on Route 17, Newport News, for all classmates
who wish to attend. 

CONTACT Judy Leggette Elliott at
or 757-868-1111

"Dinner" Planning Meetings for
The Class of 1962!

They would love to have as many of their classmates as possible to participate in the future as they plan the details of their upcoming 45-Year Reunion!!  Please plan to join them at their next meeting.

If you did not receive an announcement, they do not have your address. 
Please email Pat Floyd Pride at
or Brenda Amos Williams at

for directions, and so that you can stay in touch

Visit Brenda's 1962 Web Page:



   And all the things I promised before?  They'll need to wait until I can steal a few more moments online. 
Stay tuned...

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty
219 Four Ply Lane
Fayetteville, NC 29311-9305

The Very Thought of You

Words and Music by Ray Noble (17 Dec 1907 - 3 Apr 1978), 1944

(Nat King Cole)

The very thought of you
And I forget to do
The little ordinary things
That everyone ought to do
I'm living in a kind of daydream
I'm happy as a king
And foolish though it may seem
To me that's everything

The mere idea of you
The longing here for you
You'll never know how slow the moments go
'Till I'm near to you
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just that thought of you
The very thought of you, my love

The mere idea of you
The longing here for you
You'll never know how slow the moments go
'Till I'm near to you
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just that thought of you
The very thought of you, my love

"The Very Thought of You" midi (sequenced by Jhunn Mejia )and lyrics courtesy
of - 07/07/06

Daydreaming Woman Image courtesy of - 07/07/06

 Animated Blue Hearts Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 03/06/06

Animated Yehaa Typhoon clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 08/18/05
Thanks, Al!

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks, Herbie!

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
Thanks, Al!

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

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