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06/23/10 - NNHS Newsletter - (Since You've) Gone

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness,
but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.”

- Washington Irving
(03 Apr 1783 - 28 Nov 1859)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Today's theme is a first for us here:

BONUS #1 - - Gone - Ferlin Husky

BONUS #2 - - Gone - Ferlin Husky, some years later


"Gone" is a 1957 single by Ferlin Husky. The song was Ferlin Husky's second number one on the country chart where it stayed at the top for ten weeks with a total of twenty-seven weeks on the charts [1]. "Gone" also crossed over to the Hot 100 peaking at number four [2].

   Happy Birthday today to     Jim Cobb ('66) of VA!

   Happy Birthday tomorrow to       My Cousin, Jean Atkinson Mallory (Rappahannock HS / John Marshall HS - '65) of VA!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

25 - David Lundquist ('57) AND      Glenn Dye ('60) of TX AND      Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI;

26 - Fred Eubank ('64) of TX;

27 -
  Jimmy Dick ('65) of FL AND     My #1 Daughter-in-Law, Mary Bennett Harty (Litchfield HS, IL - '89) of IL

28 - Andrew Puckett ('57) AND    Henry Hoyle ('65) of Northern VA;

29 -   Carolyn Frizzelle Hogge ('61) of VA AND     Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA AND    Patricia Eken Miller ('66) of VA;

30 - Blaine Crum ('57)

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


June 22, 1940 - France was forced to sign the Second Compičgne armistice with Germany, on terms dictated by the Nazis.

June 22, 1941 - Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. (The Soviet 22 June Song is dedicated to this day.)

June 22, 1941 - The June Uprising in Lithuania began.

June 22, 1941 - Various Communist and Socialist French Resistance movements merged into one group.

June 22, 1941 - Erwin Rommel was promoted to Field Marshal after the capture of Tobruk.

June 22, 1942 - In France, Pierre Laval declared "I wish for a German victory".

June 22, 1942 - V-Mail, or Victory-Mail, was sent for the first time.

June 22, 1944 - Opening day of the Soviet Union's Operation Bagration against the Army Group Centre.

June 22, 1944 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, commonly known as the G.I. Bill, to provide broad benefits for veterans of the war.

June 22, 1944 - Saipan fell the U.S. Marines and Army which led to the collapse of Hideki Tojo's government.


June 23, 1940 - German leader Adolf Hitler surveyed notable sites in newly defeated Paris in now German-occupied France.

June 23, 1941 - The Lithuanian Activist Front declared independence from the Soviet Union and formed the Provisional Government of Lithuania; it lasted only briefly as the Nazis occupy Lithuania a few weeks later.

June 23, 1942 - The first selections for the gas chamber at Auschwitz took place on a train load of Jews from Paris.

June 23, 1942 - Germany's latest fighter, a Focke-Wulf FW190 was captured intact when it mistakenly landed at RAF Pembrey in Wales.

June 23, 1943 - The British destroyers HMS Eclipse and HMS Laforey sank the Italian submarine Ascianghi in the Mediterranean after she torpedoed the cruiser HMS Newfoundland.

June 23, 1945 - The Battle of Okinawa ended when organized resistance of Imperial Japanese Army forces collapsed in the Mabuni area on the southern tip of the main island.

June 23, 1948 - Currency reform in Berlin: Berlin was divided into two different currency zones.


Tuesday, June 22, 1965 - Footballer Ľubomír Moravčík was born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia.

Tuesday, June 22, 1965 - Film director Uwe Boll was born in Wermelskirchen, Germany.

Tuesday, June 22, 1965 - Film director David O. Selznick (Gone with the Wind) (born 10 May 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) died in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California at the age of 63 following several heart attacks.

TODAY IN 1965:

Wednesday, June 23, 1965 - Guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (Oasis) was born in Burnage, Manchester, England.

Wednesday, June 23, 1965 - Actor Mitch Longley was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

        From My #2 Son, Brent Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL - '90) of TX (currently visiting us in IL) - 06/22/10:

  Here are        Dad (Paul Harty - Bardolph HS, IL - '61 - of IL) &        Fan (Nathaniel Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL - '97 - of IL) @ Battle of the Bulge monument in Jefferson Barracks Park in St. Louis overlooking the Mississippi River.
Tuesday, June 23, 2010
Nathaniel and Paul Harty
     Thanks, Brent! I'm glad y'all had such a good time yesterday!


      From My Cousin, Jean Atkinson Mallory (Rappahannock HS / John Marshall HS - '65) of VA - phone call of 06/22/10:

(Basically) I was calling to check on Brent. How is his neck doing after that  Bat in the Throat incident? You know, I read Bethany's blog every day: - June 17:

"We left the pool at 7pm, and headed home. Kids got baths, I took a shower and put on some new lotion (yummmmmm), then we watched a movie. Brent came home around that time, and didn't look so good. He was talking in a whisper, and he was VERY pale.

Apparently, some dude on the other team hit the ball, then hucked the bat, and it hit Brent in the throat! WHAAAAT? That's SO not right. He cancelled his truck repairs for tonight, and iced his throat. And went to bed early. Poor guy."

I had a similar injury myself back when we were still living in Warsaw - it involved a slippery, snowy hill, and a sled or two, and my neck...

Also, I wanted to remind you not to overdo it while you have company. You know what happened after       Eleanor (Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC) and        Cheryl (White Wilson - John Marshall HS - '64 - of VA) visited in April; it took you quite a while to recuperate, and then you couldn't write a Newsletter for three or four days, and everybody started writing wondering how you were doing.....

   Thanks, Jean! It was fun talking with you!  As you know, Brent saw the physician the next day, and had a CT scan. The scan was fine. It was a soft tissue injury, and he was advised to rest and hold off on talking too much.  When he arrived here on Saturday afternoon, he was mostly using sign language, then whispering a bit (sounded like a sexy Godfather!), and as Sunday afternoon progressed, he was almost back to normal.  Thanks for checking! 

   And it's true - I am the Wienius Maximus, so I'm taking it easy this time. The gals stayed home and chilled yesterday, while the guys went sightseeing. We all had fun with one another!


     From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 06/22/10 - "Summertime takes me back...":

To the days when I was first mother's old black Dodge (see our old cars).  Patty Eken (Miller - '44 - of VA) and I would cruise over to River Road and pick up    Anne Davidson (Mathis - '64 - of NC), then to east end and look for Joe (Jarrell), David (Flakowitz - '67), and   Darrell (Boland - '64).  We would ride to Buckroe, Grand View, Denbigh, and all over Stuart Gardens and east end.  Before we went home we would stop at Sonny Dishman's and be sure to fill the tank up to the same spot that it was before...thought we were fooling my dad, who was ON TO US but never said a word!  

   My mother (Elsie Watkins Poole - Hampton HS - @ '39) (15 Aug 1922 - 24 Oct 2009) always thought we were at the Wythe Theater, where  we had gotten permission to attend a movie!  Sometimes we stopped for ice cream or if someone had money we got a burger...such good times!  

I am still in touch with Patty and Anne. Sadly, Darrell has passed (26 Oct 1946 - Mar 1992).  

Isn't it fun remembering back to all those great old times?!? Thanks, Jean!


    From Dale Parsons ('48) of VA - 06/21/10 - "Check out YouTube - ThunderStorm 1961 - USS Newport News":

Great Video "The Cruiser Newport News"

   WOWZERS! Thanks, Dale!


      From Dimples Dinwiddie Prichard ('58) of NC - 06/22/10 - "Virus alert":


Everyone should know this ! 

Dimples aka Sepi


URGENT!!! PLEASE CIRCULATE to your friends, family and contacts.

In the coming days, DO NOT open any message with an attachment called "Black in the White House", regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus that opens an Olympics torch that burns the whole hard disk C of your computer. This virus comes from a known person who you have in your list.

Directions: You should send this message to all of your contacts. It is better to receive this e-mail 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive a message called Black in the White House even if sent by a friend, do not open, and shut down your machine immediately. It is the worst virus announced by CNN. This new virus has been discovered recently it has been classified by Microsoft as the virus most destructive ever.

This virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by McAfee. There is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the hard disk, where vital information function is stored.

   Thanks, Dimples! It would be good to warn everyone about this, if it were true, but it's just another hoax - and that's what snopes REALLY said, despite the claim in the warning:

   These hoaxes are "now rare and easily caught and eliminated by most anti-virus software products."

   Better safe than sorry, though!


From Norris Perry (Warwick HS - '59) of VA - 06/22/10 - "Good Joke about FHA and New Orleans":

Part of rebuilding New Orleans caused residents often to be challenged with the task of tracing home titles back potentially hundreds of years.. With a community rich with history stretching back over two centuries, houses have been passed along through generations of family, sometimes making it quite difficult to establish ownership. Here's a great letter an attorney wrote to the FHA on behalf of a client:

You have to love this lawyer........

A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client. He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the lawyer three months to track down. After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply.

(Actual reply from FHA):

"Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note that the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out that you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin." Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows:

(Actual response):

"Your letter regarding title in Case No.189156 has been received. I note that you wish to have title extended further than the 206 years covered by the present application. I was unaware that any educated person in this country, particularly those working in the property area, would not know that Louisiana was purchased by the United States from France in 1803, the year of origin identified in our application. For the edification of uninformed FHA bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to U.S. ownership was obtained from France, which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain. The land came into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch, Queen Isabella. The good Queen Isabella, being a pious woman and almost as careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus's expedition...Now the Pope, as I'm sure you may know, is the emissary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and God, it is commonly accepted, created this world. Therefore, I believe it is safe to presume that God also made that part of the world called Louisiana . God, therefore, would be the owner of origin and His origins date back to before the beginning of time, the world as we know it, and the FHA. I hope you find God's original claim to be satisfactory. Now, may we have our damn loan?"

The loan was immediately approved.

   Thanks, Norris!



  From Jane Chambers of VA - 07/01/09 AND 02/07/10 - "CNC BOOK BROCHURE & AD" AND 61-62 DECADERS ADDENDA:

   Contact Dr. Chambers at

   Thanks, Jane!


From ArcaMax Jokes - 06/22/10:

Leaning Left

I have this friend who always seemed to lean slightly to the left all the time. It used to bother me, so I suggested he see a doctor, and have his legs checked out.

For years, he refused... told me I was crazy.

But last week, he finally went, and sure enough, the doctor discovered his left leg was 1/4 of an inch shorter than his right. A quick bit of orthopedic surgery later, he was cured, and both legs are exactly the same length now, and he no longer leans.

"So," I said, "You didn't believe me when I told you a doctor could fix your leg."

He just looked at me and said, "I, stand corrected."



Torrential rainstorms were knocking down power lines all over town. That meant, as a customer service rep for the electric company, I was dispatching repairmen right and left.

When one lineman called a customer to get her exact address, he was told, "I'm at Post Office Box 99."

The weary lineman replied, "Ma'am, I'll be coming to you in a truck, not an envelope."

[Borrowed from Reader's Digest.]



A guy was hitch-hiking on a very dark and stormy night. The night was getting on and no cars went by. Suddenly he saw a car roll slowly toward him and stop.

Without thinking about it, the guy jumped into the back seat and closed the door when he suddenly realized there was nobody behind the wheel! Just then the car started slowly rolling forward again. He was beginning to get really freaked out when he noticed a curve in the road ahead. He was just thinking about climbing into the front seat when a hand mysteriously appeared through the window and moved the wheel.

The guy, paralyzed in terror, watched how the hand appeared every time right before a curve.

Gathering his courage, the guy finally jumped out of the car and ran to the nearest town. Wet and in shock, he went to a restaurant and started telling everybody about the horrible experience he just went through.

About half an hour later, two guys walked into the same restaurant. They were looking around for a table when one said to the other, "Hey, look, isn't that the jerk who got in the car when we were pushing it?"

1. Saturday, June 26, 2010 - The NNHS Classes of 1945 will hold their 65-Year Reunion at Warwick Forest Retirement Community. For additional information, please email Roland McCoy at - CLASSES OF 1945

2. Friday and Saturday, July 23 and 24, 2010 - The Hampton HS Class of 1965 will hold its 45-Year Reunion. Friday's gathering will be at the Hampton History Museum. - HAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1965

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6. Saturday, October 9, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1963 will celebrate their 65th Birthdays at a Party on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at the Virginia Power Clubhouse, 1701 Waterview, Yorktown, VA from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. For details, contact Susie Overton Jones at - CLASS OF 1963

7. Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1965 will hold its 45-Year Reunion. For details, contact Dave Arnold at - OPEN TO ALL CLASSES, HOSTED BY THE CLASS OF 1965

8. Saturday, April 30, 2011 - The NNHS Class of 1954 will have a LUNCHEON. Mickey Marcella (757) 249-3800, Betty Hamby Neher, (757) 898-5099 and Dr. Harry Simpson (804) 694-0346 will be the team leaders. - CLASS OF 1954

9. Saturday, July 9, 2011 (6:30 PM - 11:30 PM) - The Class of 1971 will hold its 40-Year Reunion at Point Plaza Suites and Conference Hotel, 950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News. For details, contact Richard Rawls at: - CLASS OF 1971

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Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                                 Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty

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(Since You've) Gone

Recorded by Ferlin Husky, 1957
(b. 03 Dec 1925)

Since you've gone, the moon, the sun, the stars in the sky know the reason why I cry
Love divine once was mine; now you've gone
Since you've gone, my heart, my lips, my tear dimmed eyes, a lonely soul within me cries
I acted smart, broke your heart, now you've gone
Oh, what I'd give for the lifetime I've wasted
The love that I've tasted; I was wrong; now you've gone

Oh what I'd give for the lifetime...

“(Since You've) Gone” midi courtesy of - 06/22/10

(Since You've) Gone” lyrics courtesy of - 06/22/10

"Gone" Image courtesy of - 06/22/10

Pebble Divider Line clip art courtesy of  - 05/01/03

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

John Marshall High School's Justice Scale clip art courtesy of Cheryl White Wilson (JMHS - '64) of VA - 10/13/05 (replaced 02/23/09)
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Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06 (still missing...)
Thanks, Al!
Replaced by Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 02/09/09
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Litchfield High School's Purple Panther Paw Print courtesy of - 06/23/07

Hillsboro High School's Topper (Band Version) clip art courtesy of - 06/07/08
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Animated Kissing Smiley clip art courtesy of my friend, Judy Bundy Bowermaster (Litchfield HS, IL - '59), of IL - 09/19/08
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Animated Laughing Kitty courtesy of Tom Flax ('64) of VA - 06/03/06
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