05/28/05 - Old Style NNHS Newsletter - News Flash


Dear Friends and Classmates,

   As you may have noticed there have been no
Newsletters or Website updates since 05/10/05.

1. My NNHS65@nc.rr.com and cluckmeat@nc.rr.com email
addresses broke on 04/21/05.  I have limited access to
the former (I can usually read it, but cannot respond
or forward from it); the cluckmeat addy is Lost in
Space somewhere.

2. My main computer - the one with my files and
accurate address book - broke on 05/12/05 even as I
was typing.  The screen just went blank - POOF.  I
thought it was the monitor, so we switched an older
one onto it.  Wrong.  I can do nothing at the moment.

3. What really happened was that either the
motherboard, the RAM, or both broke.  There's also
some speculation that it may have only been a heat
sink, repairable with some glue (?!?).  We shall see.


1. During his brief visit, my #5 son, Nathaniel, was
able (when we bought a new router) to reconnect this
puny little computer to the internet, so that I can at
least communicate with the outside world once more.

2. He has ordered me a new computer and some other
parts which he is having sent to his home in
Edwardsville, IL.  After he rigs it to his
satisfaction, he'll send it to me.  I've no idea when
that will be.  More ARGHHH.

3. All my Yahoo accounts (I think I have seven...) are
fully functioning; they simply have lame address

4. At the urging of Gail Kiger Bonsey (FHS - '75) of
OR and the intervention of Albert Dorner ('66) of VA,
Mike Holtzclaw wrote a very nice article in the
05/21/05 edition of the Daily Press about the website:


5. As a direct result of this article, the site
received 662 hits that day, and we have acquired a
large number of Newbies, to be announced later.  You
may also read a sizable number of new entries from old
friends in the Guest Book.

6. Because the hard drive is safe, I WILL be able to
find, recapture, and relate all the information which
has arrived in recent days and week once I am

7. Even though because of switching our telephone
providers just before all this nonsense began we were
unble to receive our voice mail for a substantial
number of days and were thus cut off from yet another
form of communication, I did not have another stroke.

8. My sister, Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky ('59) of NC, is
doing very well under the circumstances, bless her


   Thanks, Mike - and Gail and Albert!

9. My #2 son Brent and his wife Bethany in Joliet, IL
are expecting their fifth ckild, fourth son (our ninth
grandchild) in mid-September.  He will be named James
Brownlee Harty after my 2nd great-grandfather, Prof.
James Brownlee, CSA (1 Apr 1819 - 21 Dec 1864) of SC
and GA.


1. There have sadly been several deaths during this
time.  I will construct a interim Newsflash such as
this tomorrow outling them all - or hopefully all.
After I'm back up and running, I will make separate
Memorial Newsletters for them seperately as has become
our custom.

2. I deeply appreciate all the calls, letters, and
emails I've received, even if by and large I've been
too numb to respond.  Optimist that I am, I thought
everything would have been resolved before now.  Y'all
are the best.

   Y'all take care of each other.  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

           Love to all, Carol

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PERSONAL WEB SITE: http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/cluckmeat

Carol Buckley Harty
219 Four Ply Lane
Fayetteville, NC 28311-9305

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