05/28/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Happy Memorial Day!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,


   Wow – three Newsletters in one week! 


From Janice McCain Rose of VA (’65) – 05/27/04:


A beautiful Memorial Day site: http://llerrah.com/memorialday.htm


   Thanks, Janice!  That’s just what I wanted to share!




From Mrs. Wilma Salmon Robinson of VA – 05/26/04:


Dear Carol,


Thanks for making a page for me.  I had forgotten I was ever that young!  I'm very honored to be included in your wonderful book.  Please do call me if you are ever close by.  My phone number is 489-8438.


It was nice of Thelma to send this information to all of us.  She's very accomplished also. 


Thanks, too, for the wonderful pictures of Norfolk.  It so happens that we live on the point where Cambridge Crescent runs into Hanover Avenue in Larchmont!  Also, good friends of ours, the Tabbs, (ODU faculty related) own Tabbs Restaurant, and a good friend of mine has been president of the Woman's Club on Fairfax for many years.  All those pictures were of great interest to me since we've lived here since leaving NNHS in 1957. 


I'm so glad to know of Bucky Keller's widow.  He was such a favorite of my husband's.  I felt as if I knew him, too; he was such a tremendous athlete.


Don't forget to give me a call!  And thanks again,




   Thank you so much!   It’s my great privilege to be able to include you in the faculty pages.

   From time to time I am haunted by things I didn’t do.  Very near the top of this list is the thought that, shallow creature that I am, I doubt I ever told a single one of my many teachers how very much they meant to me, or how thankful I am for all they did for me.  It was such an obvious thing, such a simple matter, yet I’m sure that I never did it.  I didn’t want to bother them unnecessarily.  How much of a bother would it have been to just smile and say, “Thanks”, or drop a note in the mail?

   So many of them are gone now, and I don’t really know how to find most of those who remain.  Perhaps these pages will help someone else find the time and the words to express their appreciation for such dedication as our teachers offered us.


   I am delighted with the recent influx of alumni, especially those from the Classes of ’57 and ’58, and increasingly in awe of all they did and do, and their determination to keep in touch – and the great fun they’re having!  Thanks to all of you!


   I can’t brag enough about Dave Spriggs’ fabulous images of Norfolk, and the way he and his Wonder Camera have recaptured the exact angle of the earlier old postcards.  It’s a beautiful labor of love.  If you haven’t seen them yet, do yourself a favor and go have a look:




   Thanks again, Dave, for letting me post these pictures.


   And speaking of Bucky Keller (’58) (and I’m still in too much shock to do much of that myself), Evelyn Fryer Keller Fish (’58) of TX sent me some additional data, which I’ve posted:




   Thanks, Evelyn!




From Bobbie (Barbara Smith) Horwitz ('65) of TX - 05/26/04:


Thank you for the wonderful newsletters.  I hope they continue for many years to come. 

I want to add a little something to the stories of Newport News High School alums.


Not long after marrying, my husband started working in Washington, D.C. at everyone's favorite agency, the IRS.  There were a number of fellas from that agency, the Justice Department and the Interstate Commerce Commission right across the street, who played basketball together everyday at lunch on the Justice Department roof (thanks to Bobby Kennedy's need to exercise on a regular basis).  I used to hear regularly about this brilliant guy who worked at the Justice Department, but never really heard a name or got to meet him socially.


Years later, Ken (my hubby) mentioned he was at a legal function and someone came over to him and said hello.  It was the fella from Justice who was then working for Exxon in Dallas. 

So Ken invited him and his wife to have dinner with us several days later and to the house first for wine and cheese. 


When the doorbell rang and the couple came into the house, I knew they looked familiar,

but I wasn't really ready to try to place why I knew them.  The wife looked at me a moment, asked me where I went to high school, and promptly announced she was Carol Vogel ('63)! 

What a delight.  We laughed, cried and chattered for the rest of the evening going through old Anchors I had recently located and reliving so many great occasions.  She is married to Darden Daniel ('63) (the brilliant lawyer from the Department of Justice).   They have two children, and live about 8 miles west of us in Texas.  We see them several times a year.  It is indeed a small world!


   WOW!  Thanks, Bobbie!  This delightful story is now posted on the Alumni List page:






From Joe Drewry (’58) of VA – 05/27/04:


Lydia (Powell Mugler) (’58) is living in Hampton.  She helps plan and attends NNHS Class of 58 reunions.


   Thanks, Joe – how neat!  I amended the Alumni List with that information.




Also from Joe Drewry (’58) of VA – 05/27/04 – RE the whereabouts of Ricky Hedrick:


I am cc-ing this reply to Ricky's brother Bobby who was a classmate of mine.


   Thanks, Joe!  Ooops – keep reading!




From Jimmy Parker (’62) of VA – 05/27/04:


Ricky Hedrick is married to my cousin Gertrude Helfrich (’62), and they live in Hampton.  They are listed in the phone book.


   Thanks, Jimmy-Jimmy!  Of course – I knew Gertrude married a Helfrich – I just didn’t know which one.  Tell her hi for me, please!




   Hey, while we’re on the subject of the Hedricks family, there was a cute little blonde gal from the Class of ’66 named Barbara Hedrick who was in Mrs. Johnson’s A-Period gym class with me back in ’62 when I was a freshman and she was a mouse.  Does anyone know where she is now?  Dee?  Jimmy?  Anyone?




From Joe Madagan (’57) of FL – 05/27/04:


I have been trying to locate Jimmy Morris. I last saw him at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. He was dating Jo Ann Norman at the time, and she came to visit him one weekend while we were attending Infantry Training at Camp Geiger (now known as "School of Infantry").

Billy Fitzgerald told me that he thought Jimmy had passed away, but had no details.

Are you in touch with him?  If so, could you pass along contact information to me. Thanks.


   Okay, I ran Jimmy through the SSDI: http://www.familytreelegends.com/ssdi


   These results were not specific enough for me to make a call, but perhaps one of you, knowing him better than I, may be able to interpret the information:




   I ran his name through the Virtual Wall: http://wwwthevirtualwall.org/index.cfm?SectionID=2,  and thankfully didn’t find him there.  Joe ran his name through Military.com, and Marines-Together We Served, and also came up empty handed.  I don’t even remember Jimmy.  My sister, Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky (’59) of NC, remembers him quite well, but hasn’t heard of his whereabouts in recent years.  How about y’all? 

   Thanks, Joe – you know they’ll give it their best shot for you!




   About half of you have already received this message, but for the benefit of the others, I’ll “rerun” it:


From Ron Smith (’65) of VA – 05/27/04:


I ran into David "Bud" Keithley's sister today.  He is a little depressed due to some recent health problems and would probably appreciate hearing from old friends.  His address is 167H Victoria Ln., Wyomissing, PA 19610.   Thanks, Ron Smith


  (I’m assuming that would be Dee, from the Class of ’61.)  I’m very sorry to hear that, Ron.  Bud used to be on our mailing list when he lived in Northern VA, but we lost track of him.  He was one of the best-looking guys in the Class of ’65.  (Notice how I seem to have problems remembering some things after forty-eleven years, but never seem to forget the hot guys!)  If you’re having trouble placing him, his picture is up on Mr. Loving’s page:




   We don’t normally print addresses or phone numbers in the Newsletter, but occasionally we make exceptions when the situation warrants it.  I know y’all will come through; you always do!

   Thanks, Ron, for bringing this to our attention!




From Pauline Collins Shofner (’65) of VA – 05/27/04:


Hi Carol,

I'm glad to see that you are back on line.  I haven't written because I have not had a great May, however, I did want you to know that I've been thinking of you and am happy to know that you are okay.

I heard from Frances (Goodson Wang –’65 of MD) a couple of weeks ago regarding her eye.  I have a "nevus" that is being watched.  Mine has not transformed into choroidal melanoma.  The doctor has photographed my eye as a baseline for future visits.  I am having to visit him every 3-6 months.  I do want to share this w/you....Please get the best sunglasses possible and don't go outdoors without having them on.  When I purchased mine I was given the lenses that the American Cancer Society recommends - many, many layers.

I have other issues w/my eyes as well - flashes and floaters. 

Please keep my little granddaughter, Taylor, in your prayers.  She has had some new and different problems that have developed.  It's so complicated to explain and I am at a loss to know where to begin.  She will be 5 on her next birthday which is June 30th.  I want this to be a special birthday for her so if you wouldn't mind sending her a b-day card I would appreciate it.  You know all the right things to say...she calls me Mee Mee and you could tell her that you were one of my classmates.

Her address is 10350 Log House Rd., Clermont, Florida 34711.

Thanks for what you give to us all!




   Sigh.  Oh, Pauline!  I am so sorry to hear of all this!  You and your family – especially Taylor – have had quite a time, and you stay in my prayers.  Certainly we’ll all send her a birthday card!




From Albert Dorner (’66) of VA – 05/27/04:


…It is funny how seeing pictures and remembering names and events of those great days REALLY makes one long for them again. We made sooo many mistakes and yet we somehow survived. Can you believe my father used lead based paint in our house, used his arm as a seat belt and we road bikes and skate boards with out wearing helmets? We didn't have air conditioning in our car or our house, we only had one phone (and that was a party line), we didn't have a color TV until '65, we didn't have shopping malls, etc. etc.! Don't get me wrong, I do love the modern conveniences. Where would we be without e-mail and cell phones?


From Me (’65) in NC to Albert Dorner (’66) of VA – 05/27/04:


   I had to laugh at your arm-as-seat-belt story.  I remember one of the last times I was riding with my mama when she was driving.  I was 36 or 37 at the time, we were both wearing our seat belts, yet when she had to apply her brakes suddenly, her arm swung out to protect me instinctively!!  Mothers – ya gotta love ‘em!




From Me (’65) in NC – 05/28/04:


   I was able to con – er, I mean, Joe Madagan (’57) of FL graciously allowed me to add him to my Famous Marines AND Famous Soldiers pages on my personal site:






   Thanks, Joe!  I also have a Famous Sailors page, whereon you might see a familiar face or two:




   Although unstated, the “Famous” in these titles is as often as not said tongue-in-cheek with the juxtaposition of the truly famous and the not-so-famous, and as each page states, they are “comprised of people whose main fame comes from their life OUTSIDE their military service, and should not be confused with ‘Noteworthy Soldiers’, although the two are not mutually exclusive.”


   So if any of the rest of you would like to allow me to add you to one of these pages, please let me know – I’d be delighted and honored to do so.  (Sorry – there’s no “Famous Airmen” page or “Famous Coast Guardsmen” page, but that’s another story.)


   And to all of y’all who have served in our country’s armed forces, I extend my heartfelt thanks.  I personally tend to doubly observe both Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day as for both the living and the dead of all our wars and conflicts.  So to all of you, have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend – you deserve it!


   Y’all take care of each other.


                                  Love to all, Carol





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