05/05/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Cinco de Mayo

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

  Looky-looky at today's date!  How cool is that?!?  (It's true; I'm easily amused...)

   Once again, lest you forget, Sunday is Mother's Day for all the wives and mothers and significant others in your lives.

   Happy Birthday today to Tom Jones (Warwick HS - '60) of VA!


   Here are a couple of nice histories of Cinco de Mayo for you:




   Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA and I are currently working on a page redesign (yes, of COURSE it was his idea - DUH!)
with new links to simplify life:




   It's not yet finished, but it is progressing. 

   Thanks, David!  You Da Man!

   Here are some Cinco de Mayo recipes for you:




   Personally, I'm making some of my own fabulous crock-pot chili for tonight.  Mmmm - it smells delicious!  It is similar to this:


   I might even whip up some of these Mexican Wedding Cookies for dessert:


From Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 05/04/05:

Dear Carol,
....I have not been able to send in my Lefty Driesell story nor any other comments because I was working long
hours. I have been called back three times since I retired to fill in for assistant principals out on maternity leave
and it has kept me more than busy. Hope to soon catch up. Leaving tomorrow for a few days R&R in Myrtle Beach!
I hope things are going okay for Eleanor's husband. My thoughts have been with her.
Take care.
Best wishes,
Aretie Gallins Patterson

   COOL - the BEACH!!!  Have fun for all of us!

   I just had a call from Eleanor (Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC).  Her husband, The Miracle Man , Miles (Nowitzky - Granby - '50) continues to show steady improvement in his numbers, for which we're all incredibly grateful.

   Thanks, Aretie!  We'll await your story when you're ready.

From Merle Sammons Ivey ('66) of VA - 05/04/05:

Please send me Joe Hinnant's ('55) widow's address as well.. Vera Lee (Cutchins Hinnant - '57 - of FL) knows me
and my sister and brother.. and I want to share her address with them also..

Thanks, Merle

Merle Sammons Ivey ('66)
Wilroy Sammons
Joan Sammons Bement ('60)

   Thank you, Merle.  Vera's address in Valrico is on its way to both you and Suzanne (Stenner Gabriel '65 - of VA).  I finally
located what I'd done with it.  I just don't normally publish such things online due to privacy issues.

From Gail Kiger Bonsey  (Ferguson HS -  '73) of OR - 05/04/05:

5/4/05 - OH, MY GOLLY,  Terry Seay!  That's her!  It was Diane Winkler )'67)!  And how I remembered Steve's (Kiger - '66 - of VA) wallet-sized picture from prom - gee - I must have been just a starry-eyed fifth grader at Magruder and I'll never forget her in that beautiful white strapless gown with her hair worn up.  Like I said, it was a real flash-back when out came my son Collin's date with same color/type gown and hair same color and worn up!
But gee, if he finds out the whole city reads this, well,  I going to get heck when Steve visits me in a few weeks - but he doesn't know how to open up e mail so it'll just be our little secret, ok?   

Gail (Kiger) Bonsey  '73 FHS out in Oregon    ..  GO Ducks!  U of O

   Doncha love it when it all comes together??    I'm glad Terry was able to solve that mystery for you, Gail.  We all know how
annoying it is to try vainly tp remember something!

  Thanks, Gail - and Terry!

From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 05/05/05:

Hi Carol,
I just re-read the entries about the Briarfield Elementary area.  A strange thing has happened.  Glenda Stewart Faires '68 (of GA) said she lived on Andrews Place near Billy Turner ('65 of TX).
Would you believe that my dad's girlfriend who (he'll be 85 in July, she is 75), Mary Frances Wood lives on Andrews Place.
She did not go to Parkview Baptist or I may have known her.  As it is my dad went to one of those mixers for "old folks" after my mom died in 1992 and met Mary Frances. 
I wonder if Glenda knew the Wood family?
Did Billy?
Michael Cherry's ('65) mom drove the big city bus.  Another lady who had two sons drove our school bus, or the one that came down our street, that is. 
Mrs. Roark was the meanest person I have ever known to some of her students.  She was nice to me but absolutely cruel to others.
We are leaving out the Freemans, Lou Ann and Debbie ('65).  Did they have a brother?
Billy Roberts ('63) died of a heart attack while jogging to get ready for a physical.  He was in some branch of the service.  He was an only child so it was so sad that he died so young.  He had a wife and daughter I believe.
My house on Highland Court has really gone down.  It is sad.  Having the park to play in, the courts to play tennis on and  the other activities available for free was such a wonderful thing for kids.  Where I live in MD if a family does not have money there is little for a young person to do.  Also, things are so overly organized.  What ever happened to tree houses and forts?  I build one of each. We had so much fun playing after dark when it cooled down in summer...hide and seek, something about twirling and freezing... 
The Highland Court kids played a lot of ball games in the park too.  (My brother) Sonny (Goodson - '66 - of VA) was a great tennis player.  I did not like my feet being hot on that hot court.  Thanks goodness for the lights and night games. 
Dr. Kenney, pastor at Parkview Baptist,  presided at Mrs. Worsham's funeral and my mother's.  He is still eloquent and quite dashing. 

   Thanks so much, Frances.  I added your words to the Briarfield page:



This Just Arrived from Thelma Spade Roberts ('57) of VA - 05/05/05:

Dear Classmates,

It is with great sadness that I write this message to you all.  I’ve just received word that “Mr. Mac”
as we all thought of him, passed away last night of congestive heart failure.  His daughter, Betsy ('62)
was with him.  I understand there are to be memorial services - one at Southern Shores, NC and also
some type of service at McIntosh School near graduation.

He was such a wonderful man.  The fact that we all continue to hold him in high esteem after almost
50 years, indicates the impact and impression he made on all our lives.  He lived his life by example
and gave us a role model to emulate.  He instilled in all of us a pride of NNHS and made us proud to be
called “Typhoons”.  He may be gone, but his spirit will truly live on in all of us.

I have Betsy McIntosh Taylor’s address and phone number, should you wish to send cards
of condolence. (Available on request from NNHS65@yahoo.com)


   Well, Thelma, you warned us all that it was fairly imminent, but it still is sad to learn.  I'll announce this further tomorrow
in a special edition Newsletter, replacing the regular edition.

   Thank you so much for letting us know.  Mr. McIntosh was such a very fine man.  I never heard a negative remark uttered
against him.




 Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!                        

                            Love to all, Carol


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The Lonely Bull

(El Toro Solo)

- Herb Alpert, 1962

"The Lonely Bull" ("El Toro Solo") midi courtesy of http://pages.prodigy.net/shotokanfamily/cincodemayo.html - 05/04/05

Cinco de Mayo clip art courtesy of http://www.apte.com/clipart/holidays/cinco_de_mayo.cfm - 05/03/05

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