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04/20/08 - NNHS Newsletter - Herb Hice

Herbert Homer Hice
(22 Oct 1924 - 18 Apr 2008) 

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   
I am deeply grieved to bring you more sad news.
      One of my very favorite Famous Marines,  Herb Hice of MI, who served in the Pacific Theater during WWII, our beloved Herbie, the humble carpenter, passed away in Macomb Township, MI on Friday, April 18, 2008 at the age of 83 after an illness of three months.

    From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/20/08 - "       Herbert Hice":

Hi, Carol and Sepi:
I just received word that Herbert Hice passed away on April 18, 2008. His profile at Marines-Together We Served does not reflect the city or town that he resided in Michigan.
Maybe   Heidi Hice MacKay (of MI) has already passed along this sad news?
TYPHOON Regards,

Semper Fidelis,

Joseph Madagan
Senior Advisor - TAG
Marines-Together We Served

   Oh, noooo!  I've been gone most of today, so I had no idea.  Thank you, Sweet Adonis, for letting me know.

      From Sepi Dinwiddie Prichard ('58) of NC - 04/20/08 - "Re: Sad News":

Carol, and Typhoon Family...

I suppose most of us have been expecting this, of course this saddens all of us who were fond of Herbie and his great stories and terrific sense of humor.  I believe that God has answered our prayers for Herbie the way Herbie would have wanted, and of course the way God wanted it...after all, there can never be too many Marines in Heaven, and through my personal e-mails with Herbie I know this is where he is, with his beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ! 

I guess Herbie was ready to go but had to make the hard decision to stay here on earth with his family, or be with his Heavenly Family.  Toward the end, the desire to be free of his burdensome body and be with his Heavenly Father pulled much stronger.  After all, Herbie and    Gloria raised their children right and deep in his heart Herbie knew they would remain strong and be all right without him. 

Herbie loved God, and to be with Him is the best healing that anyone can receive !  We will miss you, Herbie, more than you would have ever thought.  You will be remembered with love and admiration as a "Fellow Typhoon".  My heart is saddened but my spirit is leaping with joy at the thought of you saluting God as He held His Arms open... both of you walking toward one another until you reached the end of your long journey and were encircled finally, by the Arms of God as He whispered in your ear...."Welcome Home Herbie...from a job well done !"  SEMPER FI, dear, dear man !


   What a beautiful remembrance!  Thank you so much, Dimples, not only for this, but for all you did to minister to Heidi and her family, and for keeping us updated each week during our darling Herbie's illness.

  From Heidi Hice MacKay of MI to       Sepi Dinwiddie Prichard ('58) of NC - 04/20/08 - "Sad News":

Hello Dimples. 

I have looked for your phone number to tell you personally but I could not locate it anywhere.  I am so sorry to say that Herb (aka: Herbiger), my favorite Marine, has passed.  He died on Friday with his family at his side.  He will be laid out Monday for family members to visit and Tuesday for his many friends.  He will have a mass and be buried on Wednesday.  Of course, he wanted a Marine funeral and this is what he will have.  The Marines will be attending and the Herbiger will be laid to rest in his Marine Corps uniform. 

I cannot tell you how much it has meant to us that you have called and been so concerned through this difficult time.  It was a source of comfort that I truly appreciated.  Thank you for your friendship to both my father and myself.  He valued your relationship and his other friends from the Internet.  Please forward this message to the others who cared about Herb. 

Semper Fi, 
Heidi MacKay

   Thank you, Heidi.  It goes without saying that all of us here loved your dear father.  We shall miss him terribly.  You and your family have our deepest condolences.

     From Me ('65) of NC - 04/20/08:

   I am personally so very sorry to hear of Herbie's passing. I just kept wondering why it was taking him so long to recover, and thinking and believing that he would get well - and now, of course, he is.

   Herbie delighted us all with his old photographs and recollections of days past.  Although he did not attend Newport News High School, he said on more than one occasion that he wished he had.  Herbie reminded us often of the value pets have in out lives.  He always counseled us to stop and smell the roses.  I was thinking in January about how close I had grown to Herbie, how I had come to love him over the last several years.  I thought back over all the fun and comfort and love he had expressed to me in so many ways, and it crossed my mind - what would I ever do if anything happened to my darling Herbie?? And almost immediately, we both became ill.

   We shall miss him terribly.  We already do.

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      From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/21/07:

Like so many others, today's news of the passing of Herbie feels as if I've lost a close friend; and I never met the man in person. But, I did get to know him through his words. I am truly saddened. May God's grace surround his family with peace and understanding; he will definitely be missed.
R. Wayne Stokes

   Thank you, Wayne Honey.

    From Pat Beck Letzinger ('57) of VA - 04/21/08:

I was so sorry to hear about "Herbie."  I know he was one of your favorite people.  Please take care of yourself.......and I wanted you to know I will put you on "my" personal prayer list.  I can't imagine what we (all Typhoons) would do without you.
My thanks and prayers go out to you,
Pat Beck Letzinger

   Thank you, Pat.  I appreciate that.

  From Butch Ragland ('63) of CO - 04/21/08 - "Ref:       Herb Hice":

Hi Carol!

I wanted to thank you for the tribute to Herb Hice. Herb has become an "HONORARY TYPHOON" over the years and a much beloved "Marine"!

Although I never met Herb, I found him a kindred spirit and wish to extend my heart felt best wishes to his family during his passing!

To Herb I extend these last three words:

Semper Fi, Marine!

Butch Ragland, NNHS '63

   Thank you so much, Butch.

    From Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 04/22/08 - "The Navy Marine Corps Team (":

Just a little reminder that while we are busy worrying about the price of gas and the stock market, there are those who continue to put their lives on the line for us everyday.  Some time ago, in other far off places Herbie Hice honored himself with the same devotion to duty and pride in the Corps as the young Marines of today. We honor both those who once served and now serve. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers that they will prevail and return safely to their love ones when the job is done and that those who paid the ultimate sacrifice did not do so in vane.

Please put this in your newsletter in memory of Herbie.



   Thank you, Chandler Darlin'. That's an extremely moving selection.

  From Sylvia Midgett Mullins Brown ('70) of VA - 04/22/08 - "Herb Hice":

I am so sorry about Herb.  He seemed to be a really fun person and I always enjoyed his honorable TYPHOON input; he was full of laughter and smiles and I will miss him along with the rest of you.  Although I never met him or talked to him, he seemed to be a lot of moral support to all of us.
Well, I will keep you all as well as Herb an his family in my prayers and may God bless each and everyone of you as you are indeed "SWEET ANGELS".
Thanks, Carol
Sylvia Midgett

   Thank you, Sylvia.

 From Charlie Phillips ('65) of TN - 04/22/08 - "Herbert Hice":

Hi Carol,

      Wayne (Stokes - '65 - of VA) said it well and I agree with him. I too enjoyed Herbís input to our web site. He, just like all of our fathers who fought in the War, were men of steadfast resolve and honor who gave it all so that we could enjoy our lives as we have lived them and for our children and their futures. Everyday when I see our WW II Vets pass, I feel a great loss and wish I could have talked to each one and assured them that their efforts were not in vain, and that even though our values and way of life are threatened daily that we will continue their efforts to protect the USA and our individual freedom.

God Bless Herbís family, and thanks for your sacrifices, Herb.

Charlie Phillips

   Thank you so much, Charlie.

    From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 05/21/08 - "       Herbie":

Hi, Carol and Sepi:
Since we recently initiated a new process to permit limited access to a Marine profile on the website Marines-Together We Served it is receiving positive feedback.
For those who enjoyed reading remarks and contributions from Herbie Hice, they may be interested in viewing his profile on the website, Marines-Together We Served.
Here is the URL, just left-click your mouse on this link to be taken to his profile. Rest in Peace, Marine.
Typhoon Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thank you so much, Joe.

  If the above link doesn't work, try

From the Macomb Daily:

     Herbert H. Hice

  Herbert H. Hice, born October 22, 1924 in Johnstown, Pa., passed away Friday, April 18, 2008 after an illness of three months surrounded by his family.

Family visitation will be on Monday, April 21, with general visitation on Tuesday, April 22. Funeral mass and burial will be held on Wednesday, April 23.


From the Detroit Free Press (MI) - Sunday, April 20, 2008:

     Herbert H. Hice



April 18, 2008. Age 83. Beloved husband of the late Gloria. Loving father of Cheryl Marie (the late Daniel) Pietraszewski, Linda Guastella and Heidi (Don) MacKay. Loving grandfather of nine and great-grandfather of four. Dearest brother of Trudy Schwab and David. Visitation Tuesday 1-9 p.m. at Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc., 36900 Schoenherr Rd. at Metro Parkway (16 Mile). Rosary Tuesday 7 p.m. In state Wednesday 9 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. time of Mass at St. Rene Goupil Church, 35955 Ryan Rd., (btwn 15 and 16 Mile Rd.). Interment White Chapel Cemetery. Memorials to the Michigan Humane Society appreciated. Share memories with the family at their "On-Line Guest Book" at 



   Our sincerest sympathies are extended to the Hice and Mackey families and their friends at this most difficult time.

   Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty
219 Four Ply Lane
Fayetteville, NC 29311-9305

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