04/07/05 - NNHS Newsletter - You Made Me Love You


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   Another bonus Newsletter; another Magic Shower song.....


From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/06/05:                                  

These images were taken from the disposable cameras
which were placed on each table,
Saturday night, October 23, 2004:


Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA; Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI; Judy Lucas ('64) of VA; Bob Rough of VA; Betty Burton Gary ('65) of VA

    Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI; Rocky Gary ('64) of VA Jo Bearor of VA; Angie Ray Smith ('64) and Glen Davenport ('63) of VA; Ralph Farmer ('64) of WA    
Charles Forrest ('64)
of VA; Jim Watson ('64) of AZ
Brooks Bloxom ('64)
of VA; Edna Johnson Matthews ('64) of VA
Drema Callis and Bobby Callis ('64)
of WV
Nancy Mitchell Wynne ('64) of VA; Jeanette Parrish Houston ('64)
of VA; Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA
Lou Kressaty of VA; Paul Harty of NC    

     Thank you, David!

From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 04/06/05:

Carol, we all have these memories tucked away somewhere and the strangest things can bring them out (with our never
knowing why that one thing triggers the memories).  I have a memory of many an afternoon in the band room sitting
at a piano with someone (tall, blond, a class ahead of me, clarinet player I think) as we played Heart and Soul and Chop
Sticks.  Now, you may be thinking that we simply played the very simple versions.  Not so.  We thought ourselves to be
musicians.  So we made a classical version, a rag time version, we changed the tempo from 4/4 to 3/4, we altered
established harmonies from thirds to fifths - we generally tried anything we could think of. . . and I had a blast doing it. 
Of course it wasn't that we really were musicians.  People like Katharine Harrison ('63), Linda Coates ('63), Jane
 ('63) and Beverly B_____ ( who was training for a career as a concert pianist and whose father was Choir
Director at St. Paul's) were truly pianists.  They probably regarded what we did with distain because it wasn't really
good.  But I had fun.  There was a third song we messed around with - something like "Skeleton Dance" or some such title -
and there was, at that time, a pop song that you could play over the harmonies of Skeleton Dance.  And we did.  Through
the years I couldn't remember with whom I played.  Today's newsletter mentioned Bobby Norris ('62).  Was his
nickname Buddy?  If so, I think that's my piano partner.  I'm curious to see if this elicits any memories from others.  
1961 Anchor, p. 113 1962  Anchor, p. 146          
Bobby Norris ('62) of VA          

   Well, Bobby was tall, blond, graduated 19th in the Class of '62, and played a clarinet, sho' nuff.  He was born 19 Feb 1944,
was an Eagle Scout, and lived at 1705 Chestnut Avenue in Stuart Gardens back in the day.  He's the older brother of Polly
Norris Davis ('65)
, wife of Malcolm Davis ('65) of VA.  Bobby is a retired Naval officer and civil engineer now living
in Virginia Beach.  Didn't you run into him on campus at VPI?  I don't recall the "Buddy" nickname.  I do remember this story
I posted a couple of years back:




It just occurred to me that my very first date was here at the amusement park 43 years ago today - June 23, 1960. 
And I remember with a smile that had my mother considered it a "real" date, she probably wouldn't have let me go,
as I was still more than two months away from my 13th birthday. 
Polly Norris' brother, Bobby ('62), called and asked me if I could go with him to the
Sunday School Picnic for Orcutt Avenue Baptist Church.
Mama thought, "Hmmm, Baptist Sunday School Picnic - what could be the harm?"
I thought, "Ooooh, date with older fella - what could be more fun?!?"
I was right.

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 06/23/03

Regarding Mr. Lieberman's death:  I think that Mrs. Lieberman is the sister of Karen Wilks' ('64) father Leon. 
I can remember being at the Wilks' house on many occasions when the Liebermans were there.  The Liebermans had
a very handsome, contemporary home in Merrimac Shores (Hampton).  When my folks built a home in 1966, they
patterned their exterior after the Lieberman's - a sparkly white brick
 with redwood trim and lots of glass. 
Enough of a detour down memory lane for today.  Best to you and prayers for Miles, KC

   Thanks, Kathy!  I enjoyed the drive!

From John Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 04/06/05:


In your Quarter to Three 4/06 Newsletter Craig Miller ('63 - of FL) asked if I remembered that low scoring
25-24 win over Granby HS. Yes, I remember both "freeze" games against Granby that year, although I cannot
recall if the lowest scoring one was a home or away game as I went to many away games, too. I'm pretty sure
the 32-34 loss was at Wilson, but I won't bet the ranch on it.

Granby had an all-state guard whose first name escapes me, but whose last name was Korta. His quick drives
to the basket and overall outstanding play kept Granby in the game. I hadn't realized he lived up here
in Northern VA until my wife (Aretie Gallins-'59) and I attended his viewing when he passed away a couple
of years ago.

It seems that Ed Nichols ('62 - of Northern VA) has come up with the lowest scoring NNHS basketball game
with the 1963 24-22 win against Hampton. Was Craig Miller there but forgot?

   Thanks, John!  I added your remarks to the page:


A person's memory is a strange thing. I still remember seeing my father in his splendid Naval officer's uniform
when I was less than four years old, but I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Thankfully, many
of my Vietnam memories are gone, too. Many, but not all.

   WHOA!!!  I sense TWO uniforms here!  And two more names for our Famous Military pages, n'est pas???  Pretty please?

   And I'm sure that the removal of those Vietnam memories - at least a goodly number of them - is a true blessing to you. 
Thank you for your service there - and Welcome Home!

Take care and be sure to update us on Miles' recovery.

John Patterson ('59)

   We all appreciate your concern for "Milesy".  He had a good day Wednesday and was able to walk the hall. His kidneys are
improving, so things are looking up.

   Thanks again, John!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/06/05:

I know this thread is getting thin, but it is in an area of great fondness for me, NNHS basketball! I can't even remember the
scores of games in which I played, yet can call forth some info. on those I watched as a "dreamer of future deeds on the

   Wayne Honey, anything which has generated as much interest as this is hardly "wearing thin"! 

When the article was originally send by Tom Flax ('64 - of VA) (Coach Conn and NNHS basketball) I questioned then
Marty O'Brien's
accuracy on the number of State Championships we won ( I said 12 as opposed to 10, Joe Madagan ('57 -
of FL)
joined me in my belief, that outside of the VHSL, we had won others) and also said I believed that the home court winning
streak (which was the longest in the entire country at the time!) was ended at 101not 100, by Great Bridge on a Saturday night. I
could be wrong!?
We, the 65'ers, were the first basketball champs of The Peninsula District. The district was "officially" started with the '64-'65
school year. Prior to that we played in the Eastern District. My year on JV as a ninth grader, we were 17-1(one 1 point loss) and
Eastern District JV Champions! Anyway, we left the streak at 99 in-a-row, and I believe that there were 2 more home victories
before it inevitably came to an end. Am I wrong? That is NOT a rare event!! It could not go on forever, or could it? I mean, we were
the Typhoon of Newport News High School and could work "magic" of our own!
 Someone wrote, paraphrased, that other schools would "kill" to have what NNHS would consider a "bad" year! I can't remember
our record as an 8th. & 9th.player, but including the year I played JV, I was a member of teams that went>17-1;23-1;25-0; and
18-2. Not bad!
Thanks to all who contributed to my memory of the great Typhoon basketball teams: Ron Miller, Craig Miller, Ed Nichols, and
all the others I've surely failed to name.
Take Care!


In my much too long mailing regarding NNHS basketball, I failed to mention one important thing. And that is, after all these
35 years have come and gone without a NNHS, whether it be 10, 12, or whatever, we STILL lead the state in State Basketball
Championships in our division, the highest division, at the time was known as :AAA. (triple A) In those days there were only thre
divisions: A, AA, and the highest, AAA.
We're still NUMBER ONE!!

   Thanks, Wayne Honey!  Your remarks have been added as well:


From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 04/06/05:

Just returned from a visit to NN. Went to visit my mother for a week...took a ride to Buckroe and Grandview...the
little lighthouse is still there on Beach Road. (I believe it is Beach Road)...then we drove up to Sonic and got a shake...
they have really good ones.  I think Sonic is such a kick!  although our waiter did not have on roller blades...the cherry
trees on Canon Drive are just blooming...a sight to be seen!  Pear trees in bloom everywhere, rode down Chesapeake
from Anderson Park to LaSalle, down to the Hampton Yacht Club, on over to Phoebus and then to Buckroe. 
It was a gorgeous day.  In the 70's.  Came home to RI and cranked up the heat, wearing a flannel shirt...no summer here
until July 4th!  Discovered that you can get to Poquoson by driving out Big Bethel to Victory instead of going "the old
way" by Langley AFB!  I frequently get lost on the "new roads" so I mostly stick to the old ones!

This is me, drooling over the prospect of being back in Virginia.  Well, maybe not, but still....

Thanks, Jean!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/06/05:

Hi, Carol:
Do you remember being in the same beginners swimming class at the municipal swimming pool with Max
Bartholomew ('65)

Walter Reed School
Mrs. Mary Forbes' Seventh Grade Homeroom,1959-1960

BACK ROW: Ailyn Bromberg, Patsy Blackard, Steve Burns, Mike Miller, Todd Givens, Marc Snyder, Betty Marie Millner, Nancy Lewis, Faye Thomas, Frances Hollifield
MIDDLE ROW: Donald Smith, Charles Winter, David Sage, Skipper Vickness, Max Bartholomew, Carol Buckley,
Janice McCain, Gloria Ballowe, David Neely, Richard Harmon
FRONT ROW: Wayne Chapman, Clifton Camden, Sandy Hobbs, Paul McPherson, Wayne Dickerson, Sandra Bateman, Carole Minkoff (Althaus), Sandra Boatright, Debby Fink

1965 Anchor, p. 140        
Max Bartholomew ('65) of VA        

   Well, I'll tell ya, Joe.  I remember being in your beginners swimming class, and I remember Max Bartholomew, but I don't
necessarily remember being in the same beginners swimming class as Max Bartholomew.  That is not to say that I wasn't; I
just doubt that I'll ever remember it if it is the case.  It took me forever and a day to remember that you were my instructor.  I
was way too traumatized by my fear of the water, my separation from my high-powered eyeglasses, and my general
discomfort around strangers to probably remember much of anything.  I know that I did not know any other little girl well
enough to feel safe and comforted in those alien surroundings, and though Max and I were frequently in the same class
at Magruder, he was, after all (gasp!) a BOY, and we were only ten years old.  It would be another two years before I would
begin to accept and appreciate boys my own age as other than sub-human creatures.  I think the only exceptions to that
general rule of mine were Chippy Clark ('65), Russell Collins (aka "Rip") ('65), and Linwood Wright ('65) - and of course,
the divine Bobby Bloxom ('64).  Oh yes, and Benny Litchfield and Graham Avery.  But that's it.

   My clearest memories were of feeling completely isolated and miserable while everyone else was having fun (a feeling
which would repeat itself over and over, coming into full bloom when I began registration at Old Dominion).  And of course
the fact that you and "that girl" (lifeguard) seemed totally obsessed with the insanely irrational idea that we should all not only
put our heads under water, but actually open our eyes under there.  As if that would do me any good without my glasses anyway!

   Sorry, Adonis - that's probably going to do it for me.  And Max in all probability wouldn't remember my being there either.  I
was a total and complete nebbish.

   Thanks, Joe!

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 04/06/05:

Hi Carol -- I had a very interesting talk with my dad (age 91) over lunch today. He and the family moved
to NN in 1940 when he got a job at the shipyard.
It seems the first NN-Hampton football game he ever attended was the one where the famous fight broke out 
that caused the suspension of the series for a few years! He thinks it was Turkey Day in 1941, just a couple
of weeks before the Pearl Harbor attack, and about a month before I was born.
He went with Mr. Gray -- owner of Gray's Confectionary at the corner of 38th Street and Huntington Avenue),
right across the street from where I grew up. Mr Gray's son Harold was a starter in the backfield (he may have
been the QB, but Dad doesn't remember).
The game was at Hampton. Dad doesn't remember the score or who won, but he sure remembers the fight. He
said the game was extremely rough, with lots of penalties. As soon as the final gun sounded, both teams on the
field started fighting, and the benches emptied, with the stands emptying right behind them.
He and Mr Gray walked down onto the field and were just watching the proceedings. Some fan wearing Hampton
colors got right up in their faces demanding "Who the hell are you for?" Mr. Gray didn't say a word -- he just
decked the guy!
They stepped around his body and went a little further where two girls had gotten into a fight. A big circle formed
around them, cheering them on.
Within about 10 minutes they heard a lot of sirens, and a lot a cops showed up and started breaking up fights
and arresting a few people. At this point Dad and Mr. Gray figured discretion was the smart move, and they
quickly left.
Any readers of the newsletter -- maybe Fred Field ('45) of CA -- who maybe attended the game? Is the date right?
Who won? Maybe some of you have relatives or friends still living who maybe attended? It would really be
interesting to hear more first-person accounts of this rich, infamous chapter in the NNHS-HHS rivalry.

   WOWZERONI!  What a hoot!  Thanks, Ronnie - that's just hysterical!  How about it, Sweetie-Pies?  Any more memories of this
exciting chapter in our history?

   I would have posted this on the Football page, but the dumbdy-dingle in charge of this site has apparently never gotten around
to making a cover page for the Football section.  Oh, yeah - once again, that would be me.....   Sigh.  Coming soon.............

   Hey, wait a minute!  You went to Newport News to see your father; Jean went to Newport News to see her mother --- and I'm
Oh, well - no one ever said that life was fair, hmmmm?

From Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 04/06/05:

Hey Carol,

I looked through some of the old Beacon's and VHSL web site and found some low scoring games. 1931
beat GW Danville in state championship game 29-19; 1933 lost to GW Danville in state championship
game 24-17; 1938 beat TJ Richmond 25-23 in state championship game;1942 beat GW 31-24 in state
championship game; 1944 lost to TJ Richmond 32-27 in state championship game; 1945 in regular season
games lost to Maury 22-14 and lost to Wilson 19-18; 1947 in regular season game beat Wilson 29-21. I'm
sure there are other scores even lower as I only have a few old Beacons.

Peace & love, Albert

   Thank you so much for checking those stats for us, Albert!  I added them to that page:


From One of Our Famous Marines, Herb Hice of MI - 04/07/05:

Hi Carol, Can't help thinking of you when I get an E-Mail like this. Click onto the
riversongs website, Herbie


   Ohhh - thanks, Herbie!  I needed that today!  It perked me up when I was down.



From David Whitley ('67) of VA - 04/07/05:

....... Seriously though, you know what this taught me? Well, I'll put it this way, when you're young and impressionable, 
remember what the Cuban, no, Peruvian lawn measurer said when faced with a similar situation, "it's not how the young 
are taught, it's how they're seasoned and basted over mesquite embers". 
I've always kept that as a driving influence in my family. No, wait, that was someone else's family, so never mind.

   Sweetie, you are a hoot! 

   I missed your sense and nonsense while you were vacationing in Ohio.  Welcome Home!

  Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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You Made Me Love You

(Al Jolson, Judy Garland)

You made me love you
I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to do it
You made me love you
and all the time you knew it
I guess you always knew it.
You made me happy sometimes, you made me glad
But there were times, Dear, you made me feel so bad

You made me sigh for, I didn't want to tell you
I didn't want to tell you
I want some love that's true, yes I do, deed I do, you know I do

Give me, give me, give me what I cry for
you know you got the brand of kisses that I'd die for
You know you made me love you

"You Made Me Love You" midi courtesy of http://www.hamienet.com/midi16749.html - 04/05/05

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