04/04/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Runaway

"Reflect upon your present blessings,
of which every man has many;
not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some."

-- Charles Dickens
(7 Feb 1812 - 9 June 1870)



Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   Runaway.  That sounds like a great idea.  I think I'll run away.  No, I suppose I'd better not.  Still.....

   I would be seriously remiss if I failed to mention that we join those throughout the world who mourn the passing
of Pope John Paul II.  He was an extraordinarily courageous man of vision, faith, and intellect,


From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/04/05:

These images were taken from the
disposable cameras which were placed
on each table, Saturday night,
October 23, 2004:
Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA Jane Coltrain Leonard ('64) of VA and Jeanette Parrish Houston ('64) of VA Nancy Flax and Tom Flax ('64) of VA    
Rocky Gary ('64) of VA and Gerald Wright ('64)
of VA
Coach Warren Mitchell and Mrs. Mitchell of VA Chris Ellis ('64) and _____ Ellis Betty Burton Gary ('65) and Rocky Gary ('64) of VA Ken Henderson and Connie Henderson
of MD
 Fred Gebron and Ann Bryant ('64) Chris Ellis ('64) and _____ Ellis Coach Warren Mitchell of VA Betty Burton Gary ('65) and Rocky Gary ('64) of VA Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC    
Mr. J. William Etheridge
of VA
Miss Ettalea Kanter (HHS - '55) and Mr. Warren Reed (WHS) of VA Ray Staton ('64)
of VA and Miss Ettalea Kanter (HHS - '55)
Coach Warren Mitchell of VA and Ray Staton ('64) of VA Tom Flax ('64) of VA, Ray Staton ('64) of VA, and Mr. Jim Loving
of VA
Tom Flax ('64) of VA, Ray Staton ('64) of VA, and Mr. Warren Reed (WHS) of VA Ray Staton ('64) of VA and Mr. Wayne Taylor ('55) of FL Maestro James P.  Wilson of VA Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA and Maestro James P.  Wilson of VA

   Thank you, Dave.  Once I have all these Table-tops done, I'll add them to the Reunion pix page.


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/01/05:

Greetings from Tampa Bay:
Mrs. Timberlake's obituary listed the church she and her family attended for many years. I was not aware that
Northside Church of Christ
had changed the name to Northside Christian Church.

The address is:
1300 George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown, VA 23693
My earlier description of the new address following the devastating fire at the I-64 and Route 17 location was U.S.
Route 17, near Kiln Creek. I could also remember a bakery thrift store was located near the highway, with the church
building back about 100 yards from the highway. Lousy description and a name change could cause some confusion.
Just thought this might help update the page on the website.

Here is the link to the current location of the former 24th Street Church of Christ.
With the Daily Press Obituary listing the address in Yorktown, I was able to verify the address and location. I am sure
many former members and TYPHOON who have relocated out of Virginia might enjoy this page.
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thanks, Joe.  I updated that page accordingly:



From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/01/05:

Hi, Carol:
Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/31/05 requested that your Newsletter subscribers contribute the low scoring TYPHOON
basketball games. The two that come to mind during my days at NNHS were the following:
1957 Virginia State Tournament Round 2, E. C. Glass (Lynchburg) 29 and NNHS 43.
Round 3 Virginia of Bristol 31 and NNHS 52, making them the State Champs!!!
Both games were grueling because the opponents froze the ball the entire game as a grand strategy to slow down the
fast breaking TYPHOON.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thanks, Adonis!  I've no idea how you remember such things from forty-eleven years back, but you've probably no idea
how it is that I remember what I was wearing on both days of the celebrations surrounding the Christening of USS Forrestal
, December 10 and 11, 1954 either, but I do and you do, so I suppose it all works out.

   I posted your remarks:


From John Patterson (‘59) - of Northern VA - 04/01/05:


I read with interest the basketball story from Craig Miller (’63 - of FL) in your April Fools Day newsletter.
Like Craig, I, too, was pretty decent at hoops but found that basketball was a tight group at NNHS. Instead,
I earned my letters for Cross Country and Track & Field under Coach Conn.

To answer Craig’s question – Yes, a number of basketball opponents tried the slow down or “freeze” game
against NNHS teams. If my memory serves, in 1959 NNHS beat Granby High twice, 25-24 and 32-31,
in exciting slow down games. Playing “four corners” worked for Dean Smith at UNC and that approach caused
our loss, 32-34, to Wilson HS to end either a (I forget which) 57 or 59 game winning streak. To my knowledge
this streak of consecutive wins is still a Virginia record!

Playing half court and freezing the ball was about the only chance you had to beat a Lefty Driesell team - - -
if you tried to run with him, you’d lose by twenty, or more!

Almost everybody remembers that NNHS had great state championship basketball teams, but Coach Conn’s
track teams were also very good. I don’t think we lost a dual meet in ’58 or ’59, won the Virginian Pilot Relays,
etc. - - - perhaps you could check with Gene Duncan ('60 - of VA) or somebody about the track team in ’60.

Now football was something else! NNHS had too few students to draw from to be able to compete well with the
much larger schools (like Hampton HS), that were our traditional opponents. Not that NNHS didn’t try! Again,
if my memory serves, in my senior year (’59) NNHS ran back the opening kickoff against EC Glass, a perennial
powerhouse back then. That kind of made them angry, and EC Glass proceeded to whomp up on us until the
final score was 56-6! Hey, we got six more points against them than did a lot of other teams that year!

Carol - - - keep up the good work. My wife (Aretie Gallins ’59) and I really enjoy them tremendously! And say
Hello to your sister, Eleanor (Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC), and let her know Aretie and I are praying for a
speedy recovery for Miles (Nowitzky - Granby HS - '50).

Take care,

John Patterson ‘59

   Thanks so much, John.  I posted your comments as well:


   Thank you for your prayers and concern.  Miles is improving each day.  He has a temporary complication with his kidneys,
but they are treating it now and are optimistic.

From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 04/04/05:

The mind is a terrible thing...  It was Chris Ellis ('64), not Bucky Keller ('58), that used to shoot hoops with some of us homeys
Magruder....  Chris, not Bucky, was the ball-hoggin' "gun".

   Well, Sweetie, what can I say?  Having "moved" you from Florida to Texas without your knowledge or consent, I can hardly
fault you for confusing one basketball super star with another.  I simply changed the name on the Basketball page: 


   By the way, Craig, I forgot to mention in the last Newsletter that I have a clear memory of your shooting hoops at Magruder  It
could only have been in the summer of 1960,and no doubt involved Bobby Norris ('62 - of VA) and Bobby Callis ('64 - of WV)
It is amazing the things I find tucked away in the recesses of my mind.......

From Fred Field ('45) - 04/01/04:

Hello Carol,        Fri. Apr. 1, 05        Copies to the Wicke boys and Bill Smith.
Most of the April Fool pranks I remember from school days were downright silly.  The ones I heard
about being played in the Shipyard were only a little better.  But the outstanding, mother-of-all April Fool
pranks I ever heard or witnessed occurred at Bendix Corp. in Towson, MD where I began my first post-grad
job (Va. Tech) in summer 1952.
In those days engineers were being frequently hired and there was always a New Guy - someone still not
known too well and therefore not yet fully calibrated.  By March 1953 I was well-past being the New Guy and therefore qualified to be in on any shenanigans.
In late March the current latest New Guy had finished up some kind of report which was supposed to be
submitted to one of our Government customers.  The New Guy's boss was on vacation, so he started asking
around about what to do with the report.  The Dept. Joker overheard the question and stepped up to be helpful. 
"You need to get the Resident Govt. Inspector to review it first."  This part alone was true.
The Dept. Joker then got down to confidential specifics:  "You got to be really careful.  This Government
Inspector is a powerful guy and you don't want to start out on a bad side."  By then the New Guy was
super-attentive.  Then the screw tightened just a half turn more:  "Problem is, this Inspector is pretty deaf and
very sensitive about it.  You got to speak up really loud, but you can't let it sound like you are shouting or he
gets offended.  And, oh yes - one more thing - he hates to have anything handed to him this late in the month,
because then he has to hustle to get it out with the same month's date on it.  You need to do this early next
week when it will be an April thing.  I'll call him for you and set up an appointment."  
The Dept. Joker then called the Inspector - someone he knew personally and had lunch with frequently.  He
said, "We'll need you down here on the First to receive a preliminary report.  And oh yes, the guy that wrote it
is brand new.  He seems like a great guy and pretty smart, but we have learned that he has a a pretty serious
hearing problem.  Apparently he doesn't think he needs a hearing aid.  Would be best if you could try to speak
in a very loud voice - but be careful not to shout."
By April First, everyone except the New Guy and the Inspector were in on the plan.  The inspector arrived and
all work stopped while we listened to the carefully strained high-volume exchange.  As soon as the Inspector left,
the New Guy asked the Dept. Joker how he thought it went.  "Fine, he said - but I think you need to follow it up
before the day is over.  Go up to the Govt. area this afternoon and thank him for what he did this morning."
Fraternal best, Fred

   GIGGLES!  Yep, that's an April Fool's Day prank, all right!  Thanks, Fred!

From Bill Black ('66) - of GA - 04/01/05:

Bill Black sent you this link, courtesy of www.HamptonRoads.com and www.PilotOnline.com:


Comments: Good GRIEF!! Finally, proof the creature exists! Don't look too closely at this if you're taking medication..
You'll faint! And then who would continue our invaluable newsletters?

   The Dismal Swamp Creature?!?  OH, COOL!

   Bill, you DO know that I bit for this before I realized it was another April Fool's Day prank, doncha?  Good, just so you realize
how truly gullible I am.  The good news is that I finally realized that on my own without having to be told.  That's progress, n'est pas?

   Thanks, Sugar!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 04/02/05:

You Can't Save Daylight

Finally, I've found a written agreement with my position on the "madness" of "DST"!!
Did ya ever think about the fact that the first 3 letters in "Congress" are C-O-N, as in "con job"!?
I rest my case.


   Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Wayne Honey!  This whole concept has driven me bonkers for years, and as we all
know, I need no help in that arena.

From Linda Lane Lane ('64) of VA - 04/02/05:

Hi Carol,
I have had your brother-in-law on my prayer list all week.  I hope by now he is improving and on the road to recovery. 
Wow that was some hefty surgery he had.  It's good they caught the problem when they did.  My love to your sister and
her husband.
Jamey Douglas Bacon  ('66 - of VA) was the evening charge nurse on Mother/Baby unit at RRMC when both of my
grandchildren were born in 1997 and 1999.  Both were preemie's and my daughter Jennifer was in the hospital several
times before they were born.  Jamey and I are actually sisters.  We were born the same day and the same hospital.  We
thought we were twins but then she got a lot taller then I did.  Interestingly, I saw her many years ago when she worked
at a Ford dealership where my husband was working and then the next time I saw her, she was a student in the nursing
program.  I believe her son and my Jennifer are close to the same age.  So if any of you have had grandchildren born
at RRMC, she may have been there during that time.
Hope you are taking life a little slower yourself these days.  None of us could stand for you to be sick or have any more
of those mini strokes again.  I leave for Virginia on Tuesday and hope things have warmed up some.

Linda L. Lane

   Thanks so much, Linda.  We are all most grateful for the number of prayers that are being offered on Miles' behalf.

   Thanks for the update on Jamey, too.  That is soooo cool!  Please give her my love when next you meet!

   And I am being so good if I were any better I couldn't stand it - GIGGLES!!!  Have a great trip back home, Linda!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/02/05:

Hi, Carol:
Mickey Marcella ('54) of VA graciously shared a photocopy of a older photograph of the Boys Club when it
was located on 28th Street in Newport News.

It is attached. This reproduction will reflect my lack of knowledge in using a scanner, for it does not do justice
to the original which I have, so I am mailing it to you in hopes that you can make a better copy for the Boys Club
page in Our Old Stomping Grounds.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   What a nifty shot!  I've posted this one until the original arrives.  Thanks, Joe - and Mickey and Carol!




From Carol Moell Marcella ('56  ) to Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 04/03/05:

Mickey says thanks for sharing the pic. of the Boys Club way back when that you sent to the other Carol. 
He will keep the link in mind when he has a little spare time to reflect on some of his thoughts and memories.
The club is dear to his heart and he has been a board member for over 20 years so he has many, many
thoughts and experiences.  He really feels the club helped form his life to what it is today. 
Best regards, Carol

   Thank you both for sharing that image with us all, Carol!  It would be a real shame not to have included it, in view of its lasting
importance to the community.

From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 04/02/05:

Hi Carol,
We've already received about 10 surveys, so I believe we'll have a high response rate. Thanks for getting things
posted on the site. I've updated the list with the email addresses you provided, so we should be in touch
with everyone we know of at this time. I believe we'll have a great time in October.

Dave Arnold

   That's super news, Dave - thanks!  And of course we'll have a great time!!!



From Ilene Levinson Lieberman ('65) of Israel - 04/02/05:

Dear Carol

I just wanted to write and tell everyone that Paul Lieberman's father ( Paul was class of '61 Hampton High School ) - Paul was
also husband of Ilene Levinson Lieberman - passed away March 28th - obituary can be found on dailypress.com under
Lawrence Lipman (Larry) Lieberman.


   Thank you, Ilene.  We had actually included this in our March 30 issue (except that I was thinking Paul had attended Warwick,
rather than Hampton):


   Once again, we extend our deepest sympathies in your loss.

From  Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) of VA - 04/03/05:

Hi Carol!
Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63 - of VA) was right--about "lecture hell".  Those of us who did not go to summer school were
required to take Government to graduate in '64.  How many out there remember Miss Wise and her "lectures"?  I still
remember today a good bit of the info she drilled into our little heads about socialism and communism. 

    You know, I spent the first four years at NNHS dreading taking government my senior year.  It never occurred to me to take
it in the summer.  I suppose I had too many plans for my summers.  However, when my senior year arrived, I was assigned
to Mr. David Bartlett's class, along with Steve Burns, Ricky Davis, Charles Embler, Sherry Holmes (whom I always
thought was the most exquisitely beautiful creature in the entire school, after Brownie Shaffer graduated in '62, of course),
John Ragsdale
, and Gail Straughn, to name a few.   Mr. Bartlett was a newly retired United States Coast Guard Captain.

   To say that we took shameless advantage of his good nature does not even begin to cover it.  We did outrageous things. 
During the second semester, Steve and I routinely told him we had urgent Senior Assembly business, and Ricky told him some
other such nonsense, and we had him write us passes, and then we'd go downtown and relax for a while.  As terrified as I've
always been of people in authority, I wonder even now how I had the nerve to even attempt such a thing.

   To compensate for what was possibly the easiest "A" I ever earned in high school, I also took Miss Wise's Advanced World
History Class. It was a fabulous class, with Ray Barnes, Frank Blechman, Charles Braslow, George Fenigsohn, Chris
Kypriandes, Richard Lee, Allan White
, and probably some girls.  Okay, I know Frances Goodson and Bobbie Smith 
were in there, and probably Janet Smith and Rose Woodard as well.  It wasn't easy, and I didn't earn an "A", but I did learn
a great many valuable things, many of which I can still remember after lo, these 40 years.  What a gem she was!

I did take typing and shorthand and went on to become a legal then admin secretary, working for 34 years before retiring. 
I, like you, did not want to take Home Ec, but got dragged into it anyway.  But, I digress (it must be my advanced years). 
I so enjoy all the Typhoon updates from all the Classes. 
Please take good care of yourself!
                        Cheryl Pless Ramsey

   And thus you became a useful member of society, whereas I - oh, let's just not go there......  GIGGLES!!!   Thanks, Cheryl!

 Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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- Del Shannon and Max Crook, 1961

As I walk along I wonder
What went wrong with our love
A love so rare and strong

And as I walk along, I think of
The times we had together
While our hearts were young

I'm a walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery and I wonder
I wa wa wa wonder
Why, why why why why why she ran away
And I wonder where she will stay
My little runaway, a run run run run runaway

I'm a walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery and I wonder
I wa wa wa wonder
Why, why why why why why she ran away
And I wonder where she will stay
My little runaway, a run run run run runaway

A run run run run runaway
A run run run run runaway

"Runaway" midi courtesy of http://go.zibycom.com/members/002222119/Site4/maxrunaway.html 
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/01/05
Thanks, Dave!

"Runaway" lyrics courtesy of http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Gary-Allan/Runaway.html
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 03/08/05
Thanks again, Dave!

"Way cool" background information site about "Runaway" - http://go.zibycom.com/members/002222119/Site4/maxrunaway.html  -
located by
Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/01/05
Thanks so much, Dave!  It IS super!

Man Walking in Rain image courtesy of http://tripping.seeto.com/history/2004/20040531.html - 04/01/05

Green Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars10.html - 04/01/05

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