03/16/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Poison Ivy


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   My 17-year old daughter was listening to this song the other day, and asked me if it was referring to STDs.  I was
properly horrified, and said, "No, of course not!"  I always thought it referenced a black widow-like woman who should
be avoided.  After rereading the lyrics (and recognizing my own legendary naiveté), I'm no longer quite certain.  What
do I know; maybe it was..... 

   "Anyone?  Anyone?"


   We've had so many lovely images on the last few pages, and this one is sadly devoid of any (not counting that poison
ivy, of course).  There's a very good reason for this: I'm a slacker!

   You should SEE the stacks of photos before me!  Sigh......


From Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA - 03/16/05:

Some of you may know that I have been fighting pneumonia now for three weeks.  I am finally feeling better.....but not well yet.
The doctor says I am much better....but there is still wheezing.....so I am to continue with the nebulizer twice a day instead
of four times a day....and continue with the prednisone and antibiotics....he's ordered a pulmonary study.....and they took blood
again (my white count was way up last week...guess that explains the fevers).....anyway.....he thinks I may have asthma......and
it'll be another good month before I regain my strength from having pneumonia.

   YOWZERS, Lady!!!  As Ricky Davis ('65 - of IL) used to say back in Mrs. Gladys Curry's fourth grade class
at Magruder School (does anyone remember this but me?!?), "You don't posta do that!!!"

   Take care of yourself, Janice, and get to feeling better real soon!


From Jim Morrow ('65) of NE - 03/15/05:

Good Morning Carol, not to sound like a pest, but could you update the class of 65 e-mail page with my e-mail address.
I checked it last night for another persons address and noticed mine was not there. I would dearly appreciate it, Thanks

Jim Morrow “65”

  Thanks, Jim!  I fixed it:



   I’m glad you reminded me of that, because I had not changed the status of the latest deceased schoolmates, and it
would no doubt have been weeks before I remembered to do so. 

   No need at all to apologize; I’ve really become overwhelmed with the scope of it all, and usually forget six to eight things
before I get around to them.  Do you know that a weekly Newsletter used to be more than sufficient?!?  And it wasn’t all
that long ago, either.  And I love every minute of it (except for these persistent deaths…)!

   Thanks again for the reminder, Jim!


From Cookie Phipps Tyndall ('64) of VA - 03/15/05:

Loved the picture of my cousin, Monty Phillips ('62).  I remember he worked at the Blue Lite. He and I hung
out a lot in school. I don't remember the motorcycle.

   Had David (Whitley - '67 of VA) not identified him for me, I never would have recognized him.  It's amazing how long hair
and a beard can change one's appearance.


From David and Linda DeShazo Hatchett (’65) of VA - 03/15/05:


Linda and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into the TYPHOON newsletter.

I also added our birth dates for inclusion in the birthday listing.  Birth dates: David 3-29-47; Linda 4-14-47

David and Linda DeShazo Hatchett (’65)

   Thanks, David!  I'm compiling a nice little list of names and addresses for our Reunion Committee, which I will be
forwarding on to Dave Arnold and Wayne Stokes in just a bit.  I'm working on it.

   Meanwhile, I've added your names to our birthday page:



From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 03/15/05:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Carol, this is a site I thought you would get a chuckle out of. 
...............Did you know that Barbara Salken ('65) always said she was a chocolate diva?
I guess I am in good company!
Have fun....  Frances


   Ah, chocolate!  What a luscious thought!  Thanks, Frances!

From Rip Collins ('65) of TX - 03/16/05:


   This is positively delightful, Rip!  Thanks!


From Bobbie Smith Horwitz ('65) of TX - 03/16/05:

Dear Carol,
Someone sent this to me today and I thought it was beautiful.
Bobbie Horwitz

   Oh, my - from the ridiculous to the sublime!  We've posted this lovely presentation here before, Bobbie, and it never
fails to move me.  Living here in Fayetteville with both Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, as you might imagine, at any
given time I have a goodly number of good friends serving over there in "lands dark and dusty".  One such beautiful little
boy just came home this week after a year, and it was such a joy to see him safely home again!

   Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Bobbie!


From Olivia House Brickey ('65) of VA - 03/16/05:


Thanks beary much,


   HI, Olivia!!!

   I had to check that myself.  It's the same one: NNHS65@nc.rr.com.  Thanks for asking!

   Olivia and I go all the back to Magruder School together.  Just before we started high school, I moved across the street
from her on Roanoke Avenue in Stuart Gardens.

   I'm not sure you'll remember this story, Olivia, but one day you did me one of the greatest favors of my life.  You had been
wearing contact lenses for some time, but I didn't get mine until my senior year.  They were the old hard style, and they were
that third darkest shade of blue (which on my grey eyes made for a pretty spooky look).  To say that I have never been very
adept with contacts is to understate the issue.  On this particular day, I somehow managed to get one of the little darlings
moved off the iris onto the white of my eye, and couldn't move it back.  My mama wasn't home, the pain was rather excruciating,
and I was beginning to panic as only I can.  As we didn't share any classes, I hardly ever saw you, but I called you up, as you
were my only  hope.  I was half expecting you to tell me to take a flying leap off a long dock wearing my concrete boots, but you
were so sweet and gracious to me.  You said I could come right over, and you'd take care of it for me, so I did.   You took a
handy-dandy little plunger device and plucked that painful little piece of blue plastic off my eyeball.  Then you gave it to me
in case it ever happened to me again.  I've never forgotten your kindness.  I thanked you then, I'm sure, but I'll thank you again
now!  Rarely have I ever been so grateful to receive a favor!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 03/16/05:

Enjoyed hearing from Mrs. Patterson (Aretie Gallins Danley Patterson - '59 - of Northern VA).  I owe her
a huge thank you for some of the greatest fun of my life!  THE WORD WAS OUT THAT THE NEW HISTORY/
GOVERNMENT TEACHER WAS A TOUGH COOKIE!  So I convinced my mother that I HAD to go to summer school
for two summers and take both of those subjects.  After all, she would not want me to flunk....or have my senior year
spoiled by my having to slave over a really difficult subject with homework and everything...(I had planned for two
study halls plus Anchor, which was over by Christmas).  That meant going to Thorp and more importantly that meant
GETTING THE CAR!  Linda Lane ('64 - of VA) and I were in the same class.  Needless to say, summer school was
very easy because many of the students were repeaters who had flunked it the first time.  The questions were such as
this "true or false...there are three branches of government"...We wrote names on the attendance sheet like "Abe
Lincoln" and "George Washington" and "Ben Dover"  and a few others that I cannot repeat here.  We also drag raced
down Victoria Blvd.  every day when school was out!  I guess the Good Lord watched over us because I am here to tell
about it!  Anyway I finally did learn a little bit about the government from watching TV and the history channel.  Also
from visiting places like Mt. Vernon and Monticello.  Ah youth is wasted on the young!  I think history would have been
more interesting if they had told us the juicy stuff!

    Oh, Jean!  You naughty babies!  WILD GIGGLES!!!  Thanks for the fun look back!


From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 03/16/05:

Someone's mention of one of the shop teachers brought back a funny memory involving Mr. Cecil Erickson.
Whit Hancock ('59)
  {Whit was president of the Student Body in '59)  and I took Mr. Erickson's drafting
(mechanical drawing) class together in the spring of '58, I think it was. We both took to the concept and
did quite well.
Mr. Erickson entered what he thought were our best drawings in the annual Ford Motor Company
Industrial Arts contest. These first went to the state level, where one of Whit's drawings took 1st place,
and one of mine took 2nd. Third place went to someone from E C Glass HS in Lynchburg, and an
"Honorable Mention" went to a student from Warwick HS, who shall remain nameless.
This "nameless" student was the son of a local politician. (Remember that fact for now.)
The top three drawings from ALL the states were sent on to the National level, so now we were facing the
best of the best in direct competition. ("Nameless's" drawings didn't even go to National, since he was
not in the top three in VA.)
Whit's drawing took 2nd place, and mine took 3rd in the nation. Pretty heady stuff for a couple of juniors!
Then, the drawings came back, and the local city councils held a Peninsula Industrial Arts contest, judged
100% by local politicians. A big "awards" evening was held.
Guess who won the drafting competition?  "Nameless", from WHS!!!
Mr. Erickson was hot. He was one of the most easy-going, gentle souls you would ever want to meet, but
when he got mad, you wanted to run and hide, and pull the earth up over you.
Mr. Erickson, my dad, and Whit's dad were all three basically in a rage, and were ready to march on the
city halls and kick some butt! They were saying some things we had never heard from their mouths -- had
something to do with the judges' lack of parents, or one parent being a dog, or something like that.... ;-)
It struck Whit and me both as being hilarious -- we both couldn't stop laughing, partly at how ridiculous the
"local yokel" judging was, and partly at Mr. Erickson and our dads. This defused the situation, and
eventually got the three men laughing before the awards evening was over.
It was an eye-opening insight into Mr. Erickson in that he was literally ready to fight for us, and also into
what a joke politics is.

   WOWZERONI!!!  What a great story, Ron - on so many different levels!

   I was all set to post this on Mr. Erickson's page, and guess what?  I never made him one.  Sigh.  That's always so troubling.....

   But I will, really I will......

   Thanks for sharing this with us - and congratulations, albeit a few years after the fact!


From Allen Foster ('58) of VA - 03/16/05:


The Joe Agee story is as follows:

The delay in my report is that the poor high school coach, retired W&M 'everything' plus retired
Marine Colonel has been resting in his Hilton Head winter 'digs'.
He remembers the game against a women's globetrotter touring team, but does not remember 12 fouls,
said they must have been 'touch' fouls.
His 'screamer' handle was bestowed when he was a bball player at W&M.
ps. Why the interest in a former Warwick HS basketball coach.
His roommate @ W&M was with my all time favorite mentor, classroom or bb court--Bill Chambers, what
a class act!

   Thanks, Allen!  That's a great story!

   Why the interest?  Because we are voraciously interested in EVERYTHING!

   As I mentioned to someone this week, four and-a-half years ago when I began this web page at the prompting of my fifth
son, Nathaniel (who was delusional enough to think I could do it), I was extremely reluctant to do so because I thought
by starting it without being asked, I was showing extreme chutzpah.  I thought such a brazen act would be resented by my
classmates, who would surely want to know just who I thought I was to presume to do such a thing.  As they didn't seem
to mind (and actually encouraged me!), I went along with the idea.  As other classes began to join us, it dawned on me that
I had the resources and materials on hand to expand it to include other classes.  This I was more than delighted to do.  When
former students of other schools saw how much fun we were having, they asked to join us too, and we gladly welcomed them,
as they have become some of our biggest contributors.  Space and bandwidth no longer being the overriding factors, we
have begun to archive almost literally - everything.

   The joy of being self-appointed is that no one can say to me, "Hey, you can't do that!"

   So I do - and I'm having the time of my life!  This has quite literally become a dream come true.

   But beyond all that, Coach Agee (thanks to the recommendation of Joe Madagan - '57 - of FL) is one of our "Famous
"!  You may see him here:


From Jim Morrow ('65) of NE - 03/15/05:

Carol, your web site and the management of it as been nothing but outstanding and a source of therapy, especially for a guy
like me. When I came back from Vietnam in 1968, I didn’t want to have anything to do with my friends or fellow classmates, I
was dead inside. Too many of my friends I had seen disappear in a flash of light and clap of thunder. To this day I cannot
stand in front of “ The Wall” and not break down in emotion. Maybe that is why I stayed in the Air Force and spent the next 30
years traveling and having friends only for the period  that I was at that location.

I have had  4 overseas tours (Vietnam, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama) and a total of 3 combat tours (Vietnam, Granada, Iraq)  I have
been to 28 foreign countries and 45 of the states.

During all this time I tried not to think of my classmates or my friends because of the bad memories it brought up.

Thanks to your web site, I have pushed those memories back into a place that I can stay away from and look forward to seeing
old friends and classmates that  were the best time of my life.

Thank you again for this web site and the special care you take care of it. I look forward to seeing you in October.

Jim Morrow

   I can’t explain to you what a humbling feeling it is for me to hear these things.  Thank you so much.

   Jim, what kind of person (and I use the word loosely) could stand in front of The Wall and NOT break down completely?!? 
No, I don’t wanna know….


From Paul Dobie ('66) of CO - 03/15/05:

Carol…the following is a copy of my note I sent directly to Pauline Collins Shofner ('65 - VA) in reference to her message
to me on March 14th…after rereading your message attached I felt it was important to share my thoughts…especially to let you
know of the great service and work you are providing by maintaining the NNHS website…I believe that a lot of us that grew up
in the 60’s developed a desire and responsibility to help people and to serve others while juggling priorities to maintain a
healthy home life…it has not always been easy for any of us, however I believe we are here for a purpose and that purpose
grows clearer each day…I have included the following quote as food for thought today!  Take care and keep the newsletters

What we have done for ourselves
alone dies with us; what we have
done for others and the world
remains and is immortal.
         -Albert Pike…
1809—91, American lawyer, Confederate general in the Civil War


Thanks for the kind comments….. we all have interesting aspects to our lives and I am sure yours has been interesting in its
own perspective….. what is interesting is what I find that Carol’s website does for all of us….. to me her website is a link to our
past as well as our future and she sure deserves a lot of credit for doing a great service to us all….. I enjoy hearing about
people and only wished I had stayed closer in touch with folks over the years….. while I lived in the Hampton Roads area
until 1990, I never seemed to keep tabs on people….. I guess a lot of it had to do with me getting drafted in 1968 and then
settling down in the Norfolk-Va. Beach area after returning in 1970 from Vietnam….. I was in the Norfolk-Va. Beach area until
December 1990….. I certainly have had ups and downs in my life as we all have and have learned the hard way on things…..I
can tell you that Vietnam made me a much more sensitive person and I care about people….. more to follow as I will indeed
stay in touch with all…..  communication is important to me…..


   WOW.  Every now and then I receive something that so touches me so deeply I cannot even respond.  This is one of those,
and it occurs to me, Paul, that this is not the first time one of these has come from you.  Bless your sweet heart - and thank you
so very much!

   Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other! 


                          Love to all, Carol


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Poison Ivy

- J. Lieber/ M. Stoller

(The Coasters)

She comes on like a rose
But everybody knows (don't cha know, don't cha know)
She'll get you in Dutch (awww)
You can look but you'd better not touch

Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy
Late at night when you're sleeping
Poison Ivy comes a creeping around

She's pretty as a daisy (pretty as a daisy)
But look out man she's crazy (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
She'll really do you in (really do you in)
If you let her get under your skin (let her get under your skin)
(repeat chorus)

Measles makes you mumpy
And mumps will make you lumpy
And chicken pox will make you jump and twitch (make you jump and twitch)
A common cold will fool ya
And whooping coughs will cool ya
But poison ivy loves to make you itch (make you itch)

Your gonna need an ocean (gonna need an ocean)
Of calamine lotion (oh, your gonna need it)
You'll be scratching like a hound (boy, you'll be itching)
The minute you start to mess around
(repeat chorus)

Your gonna need an ocean (big, big ocean)
Of calamine lotion
You'll be scratching like a hound (you'll be scratching, you'll be scratching)
The minute you start to mess around
(repeat chorus)

"Poison Ivy" midi courtesy of http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~lfenn/midi2/midi2.htm
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 03/08/05
Thanks, Dave!

"Poison Ivy" lyrics courtesy of http://www.easy-song-writing.com/lyrics/H/Hanson%20Poison%20Ivy.asp
 also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 03/08/05
Thanks again, Dave!

Poison Ivy images courtesy of http://biology.clc.uc.edu/graphics/taxonomy/plants/spermatophyta/
angiosperms/dicotyledonae/Anacardiaceae/Poison%20Ivy/ - 03/16/05
http://www.gov.on.ca/OMAFRA/english/crops/facts/ontweeds/poison_ivy.htm - 03/16/05

 Bleeding Rose Clip Art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars9.html - 03/15/05

 Green Leaves Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars4.html - 03/15/05

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