03/14/05 - NNHS Newsletter - When I Fall in Love



Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   SURPRISE!  We have many exciting images, old and new, today!

   Speaking of surprises, I had a plethora of them myself this week!  Y'all have sent me all manner of goodies - extremely
generous contributions, presents, pictures, phone calls!  Thank you all so much!  You're the best!


   One of those phone calls today was from Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA.  We think we might be able to expedite re-forming
the mysterious "list" for the Class of 1965 if all of you '65ers would email me your mailing addresses and phone numbers
once again with feeling.  I promise to only share them with 500 of my closest friends and publish them on two web sites.  NOOOO,
that's not right!  What I MEANT to say is, they will be held in strictest confidence for the sole use of the Reunion Committee. 
That would be most helpful, and I'd greatly appreciate it.

   Thanks so much for your help!


From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 03/13/05:

After reading what your mom did with the Christmas decorations in three hours, I understand where you
get your wicked sense of humor....

   MOI?!?  Why, Sir, whatever do you mean?!?  WILD GIGGLES!!!

   Thanks, Ronnie!


From Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) of VA - 03/13/05:

Hi Carol!
Loved the story about your mom and Christmas.  She was quite special with such a great sense of humor!!  Your story
gave me many chuckles, as did Jean Poole Burton's ('64 - of RI).  No doubt you have her great sense for fun and
nonsense too--for which all of us are most grateful!
Take care.
            Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64)

   Thanks, Cheryl!  Hmmm - there may be some truth there.  I've recognized for years that total strangers will approach me
in stores and suddenly begin teasing me unmercifully and outrageously.  Something must be obvious to one and all......

   My mama was the coolest!  Did I tell that that two or three months before she died in February of 1999 (she was almost 91),
she had to be placed in a nursing home in Richmond.  She took great delight on smilingly greeting each new person there
with the sweetly delivered question, "Oh, am I in the poor house?" - just to see and hear their utter shock and horror?

   She was a character - and possessed of great character as well.


From Henry Hoyle ('65) of Northern VA - 03/13/05:

Hi Carol,

I think that group date or gathering you mentioned was over the Christmas holidays of our freshman year at college, when
a number of us were back in town. I don't remember about the decorations, but maybe I was so bedazzled by the company
I was with that the decorations did not make a lasting impression.

Your mention of me, though, reminds me of another subject I've been meaning to ask you about. When your reference a
person in your newsletter, you mention their state of residence. In today's newsletter we had people of VA, CA, RI, GA, WV,
NC, and Northern VA. Is Northern VA going to be the 51st state, or maybe are we a different country or planet?

   You know, Henry, you're absolutely right!  That timing makes more sense, and I started to say that it was Christmas of '65
rather than '64, but then I thought that must have been my imagination.  Well, that explains why it felt like such a special ,
exciting occasion. It was very festive, and we were all dressed to the nines.  "Bedazzled by the company?!?"  Well, bless
your heart, Henry - what a sweet thing to say!  Thank you!

   But are you trying to say that Northern VA is NOT the 51st state?!?  Why, I've always thought it to be so!  I've just never been
quite certain of its boundaries.  Is it north of Fredericksburg?  Or perhaps Manassas?  And where might the western borders
lie?  I just do not know.  I'd know by the rate of my heart beat and the increase in my blood pressure if I were driving around
up there for very long, though, I'm pretty sure....

   Thanks again, Henry!


From Marc Snyder ('65) of NC - 03/13/05:

Just thought I'd let all of the faithful Typhoon readers that Marc Snyder is so very proud to announce the Commissioning
of the son of the late Sandra Tilles (Snyder) and Marc in the United States Coast Guard. He went to ECU, where he
received his degree and entered the Coast Guard as an enlisted man, but now will be Commissioned a LT.JG in May
of this year. Marc and the late Sandra Tilles were graduates of the Class of 65'.
Best regards to all of you Typhoons and keep the Newsletter coming.

Marc Snyder  Raleigh, N.C.

   WOWZERS!!!  How exciting!  You must be very proud, Marc - as I'm sure Sandra would be, too.

   Thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us!


From Fred Field ('45) of CA - 03/13/05:

To Charles Wicke, Ralph Wicke, and Bill Smith,  Mar. 13, 05  copies to Carol Harty and David Spriggs
Hello Schoolmates,
A new book about NN in WW-II is announced in today's Daily Press.  See below.
The mention of the POW camps sparked a couple of memories:
In the latter part of the war, my parents rented a room to the Army (we lived at 59 Pear).  Our roomer was a 
Captain who was an administrator for the German POW camp.  It was located on Jefferson Avenue, just south
of what is now Mercury Boulevard.  On several occasions he took my parents and me as guests for Sunday 
dinner.  I was amazed at how well-kept the camp was and how the prisoners seemed up-beat and industrious.
They had designed and built some additional structures such as a small auditorium which was used for various
recreation purposes.  At that time the prisoners were mostly captured members of Rommel's  Afrika Corps, and
they were understandably happy about the war being over for them.  
The Italian POW camps were separate facilities and took on a different role when Italy capitulated.  Thereafter,
the Italians were no longer officially prisoners, but they were still held in the camps "just in case."  Later, they
were given new green miilitary style uniforms with "Italy" on the shoulder patch.  Volunteers were allowed
to become paid cooks at some of the Peninsula Army bases where, it was rumored, the quality of the mess hall
food increased dramatically.  Not so happy were the Regular Army cooks, many of whom were released
for overseas duty.
Still later, the Italians were allowed to go unescorted on little day trips.  There were strict rules:  Daytime visits
only and they had to stay in pairs (the buddy system).   Each was responsible for the other.  The rules were
apparently delivered with dire threats.  I remember pairs of them holding hands and timidly walking down 
Washington Avenue.  
The Germans learned English.  Several prisoners who were fluent taught classes.  But I never heard any of the
Italians speaking English.
Likely much of this information will die with us.  How different it would be if David (Spriggs - '64 - of VA) and
his camera could have been on the scene.

All about 'Hampton Roads in World War II'

Lisa Cherry
Book Corner  Daily Press, Mar. 13, 05

March 13 2005

Tidewater resident Patrick Evans-Hylton has written "Hampton Roads in World War II" (Arcadia, $19.99), part of the "Images of America Series."
The book features more than 200 vintage images, an overview of military history in Hampton Roads from the 1600s, and information about area
POW internment camps housing German and Italian prisoners and about the fear of spies immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Evans-Hylton is an editor for Hampton Roads Monthly. His other books include "The Suffolk Peanut Festival" and "Smithfield: Ham Capital of the
World." The book is available at area bookstores and through online bookse

  WOWZERONI!!!  Thanks so much, Fred!  Okay, am I the only one ignorant of the existence of this POW
camp?!?  And David, I know that this is an extremely busy moment in your life, but how soon do you think you can get over there
and snag a "NOW" image of the site for us?


From Pauline Collins Shofner ('65) of VA - 03/13/05:


I don’t know how it all works when I want to say thank you to Paul (Dobie - '66 - of CO) for updating all of us on what has
happened during his life but I guess this is how I’ll do it.  I can only say OH MY GOSH – how interesting and worthwhile.  It
was awesome to hear about you and your family.  My life has not been nearly as interesting – maybe in some ways. 
Please stay in touch.


   "See, the way it works is, the train leaves, not the station." 

   Oh, no - that's what Jon Lovitz said in A League of Our Own!

   The way it really works is, I forwarded your note to Paul  And he really has had an exciting life, hasn't he?!?

   Of course, sometimes I think we (especially we women) tend to downplay the interest in our own lives. In retrospect, they
often have held their own excitements which we somehow fail to recognize as they occur.

   Thanks, Pauline!


From David Whitley ('67) of VA - 03/07/05:

THEN: Thursday, May 19, 1972  - Blue Lite Party at Manor House - Strawberry Banks      
      Band that played at the Blue Lite all the time - Benn Rush?
Maybe Elliot ?, lead singer
  Monty Phillips ('62) of VA - used to work part-time
at the Blue Lite Club
Blue Lite Beer Chuggin' Contest
John Lancaster in the back on the right
David Whitley ('67) of VA
My beer mug at the Blue Lite Party - which was also my 24th Birthday
The Girls' Chuggin' Contest John Lancaster doing something Winners(s) of Mr. Blue Lite Contest
- Yep, they're in their skivvies
At another time....

Fishing in the Atlantic - waay out there.

John Lancaster announcing
Miss Blue Lite Winner
Miss Blue Lite
Odd... I don't think I ever saw her at the club...
I'm wearing a Blue Lite T-shirt that said:

   And speaking of excitement.....

   David, David, David.  My, my, my.

   Thanks for these ever so exciting images, Sweetie!  They are now posted on the wildly exciting Blue Lite page:






From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/11/05:

These images were taken from the disposable cameras which were placed on each table, Friday night, October 22, 2004:

Fred Mays ('60) of VA; Owen Smith ('63) of VA;
Linda Smith of VA; and
Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64)
Garland Hudson ('65) of FL and Donnie Tyndall ('64) of MD Practically Everybody! Dyanne Pritchett Lathan ('64) of VA; Jeanette Parrish Houston ('64) of VA; and Sandi Williams Patrick ('64) of VA Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA and Pam Smith Arnold ('64) of VA
Jimmy Parker ('62) of VA and Dave Arnold ('65)
of VA
Connie Henderson and Ken Henderson ('64) of MD;


SEATED: Jimmy Lane
of VA; and Nancy Flax of VA;
STANDING: Charlie Snead ('64) of NC;  Ray Staton ('64) of VA; and Thommy Rowell Snead ('64) of NC
Richard Curtis ('64) and Kerri Curtis of AL Betty Sue Lanier Rough ('64) and _____ Rough of VA; Linda Lane Lane ('64) and Jimmy Lane of VA    
Tom Flax ('64) of VA; Richard Curtis ('64) and Kerri Curtis of AL Thommy Rowell Snead ('64) and Charlie Snead ('64)
of NC
Linda Lane Lane ('64) and Jimmy Lane
of VA
Nancy Flax and Tom Flax ('64) of VA; _____ Rough and Betty Sue Lanier Rough ('64) of VA;    

And these images were taken from the disposable cameras which were placed on each table, Saturday night, October 23, 2004:

Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) (with camera) and Pat Ramsey of VA
(Parksley HS - '58);
 and Brenda Hudson Ramsey ('64) of
Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) and Pat Ramsey (Parksley HS - '58)
of VA
Jo Bearor of VA and

Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA; Joel Lewis ('64) and  Gail Lewis
of VA; and Flores Williams ('66) of VA

Randy Bearor ('64) and Jo Bearor of VA Jane Van Noy Fabula ('66) and Joe Fabula ('62) of VA Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) and Pat Ramsey
(Parksley HS - '58)
of VA

   Thanks so much, Dave!  I'll be adding these to the other Reunion Pictures - ah, very soon....


   And I'll finish labeling these very soon, too - right after I check the spellings........yeah, that's the ticket.....


From Debby Fink Golden ('65) of MA - 03/14/05:

What fantastic photos!  You, Pauline, Janice, Todd, Dave, Pam - you guys look the same as you did in our senior year!  
Good living must be the secret!

   Aren't they just beautiful, Debby?!?  Thanks!  I can't wait to see you again in October!


From Kelly Loose Bustamante (’58) of TX - 03/14/05:

Hi Carol!

Fred Field ('45 - of CA) has such an amazing memory.  I want to ask Fred if he recalls there being a
billiards or bowling alley above one of the Five & Dime’s stores on Washington Avenue in Newport
News?  I remember being cautioned by my Mother to never go up those stairs, so there was always
there this mystique of the unknown associated with my memory of that doorway. 

Here’s an interesting tidbit.  Two movie stars from the glamorous forties went to school at John W.
; they were Ava Gardner and Kathryn Grayson.  I believe that Ava attended NNHS, not sure
about Kathryn Grayson.  Ava was from North Carolina and I recall reading (somewhere) that she was
teased about her accent in drama class while attending NNHS.  Also, jazz greats Pearl Bailey and
Ella Fitzgerald were born in Newport News.  

Kelly Loose Bustamante NNHS’58

    Thanks!  I'm sure you're come to the right place!

   Those celebrities are certainly part of the glory of Newport News - as are all of y'all!  You're very special people
from a very special time and place.  I do so treasure my association with you all!


   Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other! 


                          Love to all, Carol


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When I Fall in Love

When I fall in love it will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before it's begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart it will be completely
Or I'll never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.

And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.


"When I Fall in Love" midi courtesy of http://www.gagirl.com/music/music.html
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 03/08/05
Thanks, Dave!

"When I Fall in Love" lyrics courtesy of http://www.gagirl.com/mid/whenifal.html
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 03/08/05
Thanks again, Dave!

 Cupids Clip Art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars12.html - 03/13/05

Heart Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars11.html - 03/13/05

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