03/10/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Sea Cruise

"Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cure for depression."
- Dodie Smith
(1896 - 1990)

" ...that, or a sea cruise... "
- Me


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   This would be the Newsletter that was originally intended for Wednesday.  As I have in effect been working on five
Newsletters at once, much of the material which might be expected to be in this issue will follow in tomorrow's
Newsletter - which hopefully will make up for missing Wednesday's edition, and may even put us back on track. 
Naaah - I doubt it......


1. John Bateman ('68) of VA - 03/10/05

   Johnnie's not really new; he's been sort of with us for some time, but now he's official:

   Welcome, John, and thanks!

2. Mike Hirshman ('65) of CO? - 03/10/05:

Howdy... Just looking at the website, fun to see several names that I haven't thought of in quite a while.

   Well, Michael Hirshman!  How lovely to hear from you after all these many years!!!  Are you really in Colorado, or am I
imagining that for some reason?

   I hope in your browsing you've seen some of your own images on the site:


http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/TRACK-63.html - autographed, even!



http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/bankhead-magruder/leyland5859.jpg - This would have been the year that I had such a colossal
crush on you!  Oh, you never knew that?!?  See, Joe, I TOLD you I was shy!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

   Oh, well, where were we?  Oh, yes - I've added your names to our hidden mailing list, and listed you with the Alumni (we use
the term very loosely...):


From Ed Nichols ('62) of Northern VA - 03/08/05:

Carol, if you are not already aware of it, Bobby Hilling's, Class of 62, birthday
is March 9th!  Nancy Horton Wilkes's, Class of 62,  birthday in March 11th.  For your info.  Thanks for making my life brighter (each) day.   
Ed Nichols

   WOWZERS!!!  What a sweet thing to say!  Thanks, Ed!  I've added Bobby and Nancy to the Birthday page:

   Sooooo, Happy Belated Birthday Bobby!  And in case I run late on Friday (not that I ever do, of course....) Happy Birthday,
Nancy!  AND - Happy Belated Birthday yesterday to Katie Haan Spaulding ('64) of CA, and on Friday to Shirley Caudill
Williamson ('65) of VA


   Page Hit # 31,500 was made Wednesday, March 9, 2005 at 5:14 AM by - um - ME!  YEA!!!  I WIN!  I WIN!!!  No, wait
a minute.  Dat ain't right....Sigh.  Oh, well....


   I was able to speak with three of y'all by phone this week, which was quite lovely.  Feel free to call anytime!  Well, okay,
maybe not ANY time..... GIGGLES!!!

   One of those calls was from Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA, calling to make certain that I had heard the news of Sylvia's death. 
Thank you, Jimmy!  And he asked me to pass along his warmest Typhoon regards to you all.

   As does the page for our sweet Mickie, Sylvia's page will be updated as needed, and will stand as a permanent memorial. 




   I will be adding her Legacy.com guest book entries to her obituary page; they are quite extensive, and I've not yet done so:


   The passing of Jerry Zoumplis ('61)  will be noted and updated the same way.





   As soon as the numbness passes, I will return and cross-reference all these recent deaths on Recent Typhoon Deaths
and Other Recent Deaths.  Give me just a bit more time for now, please.  Thanks!

   Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA, bless his heart,  outdid himself once again.  I suddenly noticed that I was completely out of all
the music to be used on the next batch of Newsletters, and sent off a frantic missive to him.  In exactly one hour, he sent me
the lyrics and MIDI files for the next ten songs in the series (which roughly coincide with Reunion CD #2) including this one
you're now hearing.  This is patently impossible for regular mortals to accomplish.  Two-and-a-half hour later, thirteen more
songs arrived.  Some of these even carried notations.  Is it any wonder that I say he's magical?  David, you are my hero! 
Thank you, Captain!  

   To keep from getting hopelessly lost today, today's entries will be grouped by categories rather than listed chronologically.


From Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of TX - 03/08/05:

Hereís the answer to my question regarding the fifth walk-in theater in Newport News; it was called
the PIX Theater that was next door to the old courthouse.
  It was torn down during the mid to late
forties to make room for new civic buildings that replaced the old red brick courthouse that was located
in the East End between 25th and 26th Streets.  Joe (Madagan - '57 - of FL), Iím impressed by your work
ethic as a youngster, Ďcause I lived at the movies when I was a kid and I still enjoy going out to the theater.

I found it interesting to hear that there was also a Jefferson Theater in Newport News at that time
on Jefferson Avenue, so I stand corrected, there were six walk-in theaters in NN. 

Best regards,

   WOWZERS!  Thanks, Kelly!  I'll make it a page soon - not this weekend......... Here's what we have for now:


From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/08/05:

Here's a story on the Warwick Theatre that might stimulate some old memories.  When I was a little tyke, my dad,
John "Jack" Miller ('28) used to take me to the Warwick Theatre, religiously, every Saturday morning for a
discount Cowboy movie, plus cartoon, plus one, or two serials.  This would have been in the early to mid 50's. 
"Flash Gordon" and "The Rocket Man" (commando Cody?) were two of my favorite "serials".  The serials always
left the hero in some impossible situation, when they ended, so you had to come back to find how they got out of the
jam they were in, the following week.  The cowboy movies were great, except for the singing cowboys and all that
"lovey-dovey stuff", as I used to call it.
Here's the best part:  the movie cost 15 cents, each.  Two popcorns and two cokes were 5 cents each, so my dad and
I both got in for 50 cents, total!  (The cost of two McDonalds, a fry and a coke!)  Such a deal!
By the way, wasn't there a movie theatre on Chestnut Avenue in the "segregated" downtown area, east of the railroad? 
Or am I hallucinating?  Didn't the Africa-American community have a theatre, since they couldn't go to ours in the 50's,
or was that the one on Jefferson Avenue?

   COOL!  Thanks, Craig!



   The Jefferson was indeed the African-American theater.  At the moment, it is not listed on Old Peninsula Movie Theaters
with the rest, because that was not one of Our Old Stomping Grounds when Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) first suggested the
page.  At that time, the page catered to students from the early sixties.  As we have expanded and now include much younger
students (as well as much older ones), I assume that should be changing.  NNHS became integrated in its later years, and as
space is no longer a driving issue, we should be reflecting that change.

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 03/08/05:

Carol -- the only other theater I remember was the Jefferson(?), which someone already mentioned, 
around 25th & Jefferson.
My Dad (age 91) says he vaguely remembers that there was another one on Jefferson Avenue also,
further down towards the boat harbor.

   Thanks, Ronnie!

From Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA - 03/08/05:

Was it the Lee theatre or was that in Hampton?

   The Lee was in Hampton.  Thanks, Cookie!

From Pat Ramsey (Parksley HS - '58) of VA - 03/08/05:

Hi Carol,
It's Pat Ramsey again.
While I arrived on the Peninsula in 1958, I seem to recall someone referring to a theatre as the "REO".
Sure hope this is right.
Cheryl and I really enjoy the site and all the great stuff!!
                            Pat Ramsey
                        Class of 58 Parksley High School (Parksley, VA)

   Really?!?  Thanks, Pat!

From Fred Field ('45) of CA - 03/08/05:

Hello Carol,        Tues. Mar. 8, 05        copies to Charles Wicke and Bill Smith, both June '45
That theater on the SW corner of 26th and Huntington was the PIX It was opened during WW-II,
about late 1942 I would guess.  I believe the motivation was that NN was over-crowded with war workers and
every night the local theaters had lines of people waiting to get in.
The PIX was a strange item to us.  First was the name.  We southerners were used to spelling things
according to the book.  We weren't sure what name PIX was an abbreviation of,  but the common opinion was
that it was a corruption of "pics" as an abbreviation for pictures (in the plural form).   
The PIX was set up in a large building that had been vacated by an automobile repair business.  The floor was
absolutely flat so the screen was hung unusually high. 
Another unique thing about the PIX: It was the first on the Peninsula to have double features.  The bad news
was that the movies shown were of unbelievably poor quality.  We had gotten used to "B" movies.  Those were 
low-budget productions that went straight to the Warwick and James, and never made it to the Paramount
or Palace.  But the PIX selections were probably of a "C" category at least.  Most had been made about five
years previously, but as far as I knew, none had ever played in any local theater.  Many of them were tagged
"PRC" which stood for Producers Releasing Corporation.  I suppose PRC bought up and distributed films made
by small studios.
I do remember one transplanted Yankee schoolmate who claimed that all the big cities had a PIX theater.  
Don't know when the PIX closed.  Probably after I went off to college in 1948.
Another walk-in theater in NN was the PORT theater.  This was built by the Army for the entertainment
of soldiers stationed at the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation (HRPE).  It was located on the top of the cliff
at the NE corner of 25th St. and River Road.  It was only a few feet from the edge of the cliff.  Squeezed in
between was the steel signal tower that flew weather flags for the ships in the James River to see.  The movies
were all strictly first run, some appearing there before showing up on Washington Avenue.
In the summer of 1943 some NNHS boys were hired to work at HRPE.  I was one of the lucky ones and became
a messenger.  I think we were paid about 47 cents an hour, which seemed like big bucks to a boy who had just
turned 15.  There were great benefits in having that HRPE badge because it allowed access to places that
civilians would otherwise not be able to enter.  The biggest deal was that the badge authorized entry into the 
Port Theater.
CONFESSION TIME - Admission to the Port Theater was only 15 cents.  You just walked up to the kiosk,
showed your badge and bought a ticket.  Then I learned that one could buy a book of ten tickets for $1.25. 
When I bought my first book I found that one just pulled the ticket from the book, gave it to the ticket taker,
and went right in.  As September approached I knew that the job would end and I'd lose my Port Theater
privilege - so I started buying a new book each time I went.  By the time my employment ended I had managed
to get well-stocked in tickets.
Finally when I was down to my one last ticket I went to the ticket office, showed the book, and was surprised
when I was sold a new book  No request to see a badge.  Then every few weeks I would pull out all but one ticket
and go to the kiosk and buy a new book.  I managed to parley along this scheme well into 1944 when suddenly
access rules were tightened up. 
Most of the cowboy movies of the 1930s were in the B category.  Two of the B producers I remember were
Monogram and Republic.  The  B movies were shown at the Warwick and James theaters. 
In his early days John Wayne did a few cowboy movies at Republic (shown at the Warwick).  Later, when more
classy western movies were beginning to appear (usually in color), the Republic name started appearing  in the
first run, high class houses.   
Monogram Bs were shown at the James Theater.  In the mid-1940s Monogram ran a promotional in which girls
all over the U.S. could have an "interview" - probably something short of a screen test.  First prize was to be the
star in a movie that would be custom-written for her and her screen name would be "Gale Storm."  The lucky girl
did get everything promised.  I don't know where she was from but she quickly became popular and made more
movies with Monogram.  Gale Storm was a very talented actress and when television blossomed she was the star o
f the "My Little Margie" series. 
And here's a real mystery theater question for the readers:  The well-known Stuart Theater on Wickham Avenue
was not the first Stuart Theater on Wickham Avenue.  When and where was first one?  Hint - the clue is the name.
Fraternal best wishes,        Fred, June '45, in CA

   WOWZERONI!  Thanks, Fred!  I've been trying to find out more information on that Stuart Theater.  I should
have known just to ask you!  You have the most incredible memory I've ever seen!

From Charles Wicke ('45) from Mexico to Fred Field ('45) of CA - 03/10/05:

Hola, hola Federico:
Interesting stuff.  What a memory you are blessed with.
A couple of comments:
I remember earning 72 cents an hour at the HRPE and during the following year at NNSB&DD 68 cents.
I looked up Gale Storm on the www and found she was
born Josephine Owaissa Cottle 5 April 1922 in Bloomington, Texas.
Re her contract with Monogram see:

More later.

   WOWZERS!  Thanks, Charles!

From Judy Phillips Allen ('66) of VA - 03/10/05:

Hi Carol!  I'll take another guess on that theater.  Was it the REX ?

   Well, maybe there was a Rex, too, Judy!!  I wouldn't be bit surprised!  GIGGLES!!!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/07/05:

Hi, Carol:
After inviting Horace Williams ('55) to this wonderful page in the Basketball section of the Website I
discovered an error in the 1955 Anchor at page 94. The players are misidentified in this great photograph.
I can identify the all except one, and I recognize his face but not his name. I am giving Bobby Turpin ('58 -
of VA)
and Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58 - of TX) a copy of this message to see if they can identify the one player
that I cannot identify. His jersey number is 43.
The correct identification of the players photographed are as follows:
1st Row (L-R) Bucky Keller, Gene Hedrick, Freddie McDowell, Landon Delk, Nelson Ellis.
2nd Row (L-R) Howard Todd, P.A. Breeden, Horace Williams, ? #43 ?, Slade Dunn, Richard Lavender.
TYPHOON Regards,


   I did see the error when I made the page, Adonis, but as I didn't know the answer, I made no attempt to correct it. 
Thanks for readdressing it!

From Bobby Turpin ('58) of VA - 03/08/05:

BEN KEETER, Class of 56, is the name of the basketball player not identified.  I cannot imagine
how those names got misidentified and stayed that a way for all those years.  Simply amazing!  It would
take a person (authority) like Joe to realize the mistake.  I have looked at the 1955 Anchor many times
and it did not dawn on me.  I assume many other people have done the same.  THANKS, Joe and Carol,
for all you do.  You are wonderful to say the least.
Evelyn, it is a great pleasure of mine to read your imputs to the website.  You are a true treasure to NNHS
and the Class of 58.  If you come back to VA this summer like you did in 2004, I look forward to seeing you.
My best to everyone,
Bobby Turpin, '58 of VA 

   Thank you, Bobby!  Ben Keeter - that's him!  (Not that I actually knew him or anything....)

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL to Bobby Turpin ('58) of VA - 03/08/05:

Hi, Bobby:
Thanks for the brain refresher. Ben Keeter was #43 on the TYPHOON Basketball Squad of 1955. He had one of the
longest strides of any TYPHOON, and nobody pushed him around, because he was one tough and rugged individual.
You came through again, and I must say receiving an email from you or a letter from your brother Willie Turpin ('57)
of VA
is always such a pleasure and so positive.
I am glad we set the record straight for the website, since it is too late to repair The ANCHOR

   Thanks, Joe!

From Mickey ('54) and Carol Moen Marcella ('56) of VA to Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/08/05:

Mickey and I looked at the '55 yearbook and the names are all messed up as to who's who.  However,
No. 43 is Ben Keeter.
  He lives in Jacksonville, FL now.  Mickey says the list is like this:

Front row left to right:  #24 Bucky Keller, #23 Gene Hedrick, #22 Freddy McDowell, #34 Landon Delk,
#30 Nelson Ellis.

Back row left to right:  #40 Howard Todd, #42 P.A. Breeden, #50 Horace Williams, #43 Ben Keeter,
#53 Slade Dunn and #32 Richard Lavender.

I'm sure you knew the rest of the guys, but Mickey asked me to put them down just in case. 

Regards, Carol

   Thanks, Carol and Mickey - and Joe!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL to Mickey ('54) and Carol Moen Marcella ('56) of VA - 03/08/05:

Hi, Carol:
Thanks so much for your assistance. It is always so nice to hear from you and Mickey. While it is just a bit too late
to correct The Anchor at least we can correct the website.
Hope you all are doing well, and that there are signs of Spring there on the Peninsula.
Both of you are such a blessing to us!
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan

From Evelyn Fryer Keller Fish ('58) of TX - 03/08/05:

Hi Carol,
Received message from Joe re 55 Basketball
The unidentified person is Ben Keeter.

    Thank you, Evelyn!  It's unanimous!  Okay, I'll be amending the page - at any old moment now:



From My Daughter-in-Law, Bethany Winona Harty (Florence HS - Florence, OR - '94) of IL - 03/07/05:

Sunday, March 6, 2005 - Joliet, IL
Joe, Brent, Eme, Tommy, and Jacob Harty

Brent just got back from (Fort Worth) Texas last night, and brought back cowboy hats for the family (he knew
that I wouldn't really wear one, so he got me earrings!)  Here's the cute pic of everyone in their hats!

   Thanks, Bethany!  What pretty babies you have!  Not that I'm biased or anything......  GIGGLES!!!

From David Whitley ('67) of VA - 03/08/05:

Summer 1955 - My dad and me camping somewhere.  Check out the Sugar Pops.  They're now called "Corn Pops".  The name changed when sugar was getting a bad rap. March 1968 - My Pride and Joy
'67 Barracuda - ice blue with white vinyl top and white interior and navy carpet.  A beauty.
December 1970 - David Whitley ('67)
and Kay Johnson ('68)

A day or two before going to Viet Nam


   Tommee, what on earth was that you were saying a few weeks ago about David's not being hot?!?  I'm sorry, Babe,
but I think I would have to say that that's the most incredibly beautiful man I've ever seen in my entire life!  MERCY!!!

   Oh, yeah, and Kay's pretty, too.  Great hair.

   Thank you, David!

Geez, Carol honey, yer makin' me blush.

That gal is Kay (Johnson) Hogan.  She was class of '68.  Kay was a flagtwirler and lived on 77th Street,
behind my house on Roanoke Avenue, and was my first girlfriend and date.  I took her (actually my parents
chauffeured us) to a basketball game between the WGH "Microphonies" and NNHS teachers at the old
Julie Conn Gym.  Kay married Ben Hogan, also class of '68.  Ben and his brother Jimmy Hogan ('67)
were both NNHS football players.  Jimmy was probably the best quarterback NNHS ever had. He was
mentioned in a Daily Press sports article as one of the Peninsula's greatest sports figures.  Ben is now,
or was a couple of years ago, principal of Huntington Middle School on Orcutt Avenue.  Jimmy was one
of NN's finest for many years, then becoming a detective for NN for lo, again many years.  
Kay was a bridesmaid and Ben was a groomsman in my wedding. Later, when they were married, we were
INvited but not IN the wedding, which was fine with me - no tux rentals involved.
There, more NN & NNHS trivia in five minutes than you ever wanted or needed to know.

   Nonsense, Sweetie - I want it all.  Thanks again!

From Jennie Sheppard ('62) of NC - 03/08/05:

Easter Sunday, 1956
870-A 35th Street
Winter, 1956
870-A 35th Street
878-A 36th Street        


Hi Carol,
I thought you might like some pictures of Marshall Courts.  I noticed there is a category for these
apartments on your website.  We lived there when I attended Walter Reed Elementary and Newport
News High School
If memory serves me correctly - the picture with the snowman was taken at 870-A 35th Street, where
the bedrooms were upstairs.  Also the picture taken on Easter Sunday, 1956 (when I was 12 yrs old)
was taken there (at the back door).  Not a very nice backdrop - we should have taken it in front of the
house where the snowman was later that year.  Then we moved to 878-A 36th Street to a duplex (my
mother could no longer navigate the stairs due to arthritis).  That is where we lived when I graduated
in 1962.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Jennifer Sheppard
Cert. Genealogist, Brigham Young University

   COOL!  'Deed I do - thanks, Jennie!  I was preparing to add these images to the Marshall Courts page when I noticed
we had never made one!   So there you go - a brand new page.  Thanks again, Jennie!






http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/RR-Jones-furniture.html - now showing the two images from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA -
.  Thanks again, Dave!

   And I still haven't attached the rest...Sigh............


From Aretie Gallins (Danley) Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 03/08/05:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for the nice things you said in your paragraph welcoming John and me to the lists. Actually
1962-63 was my first year of teaching at NNHS. I graduated from college a year early by going to summer
school. I remember the class that met after lunch. Was that in the old
band room or was it down the
cafeteria hall? I
ďfloatedĒ the entire time that I taught there. Was that the class with Vonceil McKeel ('66)?
My dream in high school was to graduate and return to the school that I loved so much and teach with the
teachers who
had taught with me. What a wonderful experience that was- to have been both student and
then teacher at NNHS.
Those were grand years! I am enjoying reading about so many classmates I remember
from the years I was a student, Sept 1954 to June 1959 and then the students whom I remember when I
from September 1962 to June 1966.

   Oh, yes - I remember knowing that now!  Well, okay - it was your second year of teaching - and Vonceil, bless her cute little
sweet heart, must have been in your class the next year.  Our class was not in the old band room; so it must have been down the
cafeteria hall. Besides the afore mentioned Phyllis Moore ('65),  Judy McCall ('65) was in there, as were Brenda Clarke ('65),
Becky Braswell ('65), Linda Allen ('65), Iris Manry ('65), Bonnie Sauls ('65), Jody Glazer ('65), Tommy Crittendon ('65),
and many more  - it was a rather large class.

   And I just found indisputable evidence that it met during F-Period, not just after lunch.  Hmmm.  So much for my memory........

I have a lot of NNHS memorabilia that I would like to contribute to the site. As soon as we get our scanner
hooked up, Iíll send a picture to add the schools we attended link. One item Iíd like to share is
a picture
of the 1949-50 third grade class at John W. Daniel. In the picture of the 1959 seventh grade class posted
on the link, the teacher shown is not Miss Reams.
I believe itís Mrs. Wright.

   That'll be great - thanks!  I'll make that change.

What about the department and clothing stores we used to shop in? Does anybody remember Broadway
on Washington Avenue with its elevators with the glass doors? And the Parisian Shop? Hannas?
Blechmanís? Oser Brothers Shoe Store? Punch n Judy? Whelanís Drug Store with the counter. I used
to buy my mother and sisters Christmas presents in the cosmetic section thereÖ Evening in Paris in the
blue bottle. How about the old Metropolitan Five and Ten Cent Store way up Washington Avenue? It was
the farthest one up, well I guess that means the eastern most
on the Avenue. It had wooden floors and the
best tablets of any of the 5 and dime stores.
And of course, there was Nachmanís with its lunch counter, its
beauty parlor - three floors and a basement. I remember the millinery department where we got our new
Easter hats every year.
Oh yeah, there was Gorsuch Drug Store, too.

   You must really be enjoying Our Old Stomping Grounds!  It's a sentimental favorite of mine as well.


John and I live in Manassas, VA, about 35 miles southwest of Washington, DC. I worked for the school
in Prince William County but am retired now. We travel to Newport News at least once a month and
sometimes more often than that. My father is 90 years old now and we go often to look after him.
John and
I both graduated with the class of 1959. Weíve been married 15 years now.

   Oh, I've always liked Manassas!  Hmmm - the thought of getting to Newport News once a month or more is making me
incredibly homesick!

There is so much on the site that I am enjoying. Often at the end of the day, I sit at the computer and browse
the site.

Does anybody know where Nancy Stoller, Class of 1959 is? What about Gloria Tart ('59)? It has been so
awesome to browse the site and come across names I remember.

I could give you names of teachers who taught at John W. Daniel if youíre interested in adding that to the
John W. Daniel info.
There were two teachers at each grade level, but I donít quite remember all of them.

Ms. Kirsner, first grade          Canít remember right now who the other first grade teacher wasÖ. Maybe itíll
come to me after a while.

Mrs. Westbrook, second grade

Miss Colonna, second grade

Miss Richards, third grade

Miss Violetta Wilson, third grade

Miss Julia S. Travis Armistead Holt, fourth grade

Miss Margaret Rogers, fourth grade

Miss Rebecca Reams, fifth grade

Miss Cora Curtis, fifth grade

Miss Martin, sixth grade

Miss Florence Richardson, sixth grade

Miss Florence Richardson, seventh grade (in 1953-54 she moved up to 7th grade with her students. I had
her two years in a row)

Others who taught there were Miss (Elena) Armistead, Miss Saunders- I think she taught seventh grade. I
know she lived in the old Braxton Court apartments.
I think Miss Armistead came after Miss Martin retired.
And I think Miss Armistead later went to NNHS as a guidance counselor.

Mr. Jeffrey Lacy taught seventh grade for a short while. I think I was in the fourth grade when he was there.
Maybe fifth?
He used to stand outside during our recess after lunch and rang the hand bell when it was time
to go in.
All the fourth and fifth grade girls hung out around him! I think there was a Miss Mitchell there, too.

Got to go now. Take care and God bless. Keep up the great work. Weíll send a contribution to help support the site.

Aretie Gallins Patterson 

Class of 1959

   WOWZERONI!  Thanks, Aretie!  (Oooh, I DID it, I DID it, I called one of my former teachers by her
first name and I didn't choke!  No, wait - wait a minute - I think I've hurt myself here.....)

  I'll be adding your plethora of information to the John W. Daniel School page (no, I haven't done that yet either!):



   Thanks so much!

From Susie Overton Jones ('63) of VA - 03/08/05:


Thank you and all NNHS Alumni for the cards, calls, and prayers during this sad time in the loss of my nephew,
Matthew Allen Weiss, who died suddenly on Monday the 28th of Feb.  two days after his 28th birthday.  He
leaves behind a wife, a daughter 4 years of age, and a boy 11 months. Matt's parents are my sister Ellen Overton
Weiss ('68)
and Ronald B Weiss (WHS - '68).  Trevor, the baby, has had a rough year also, he has had pneumonia
twice during this year, he has acid reflux and has made several trips to King's Daughters in Norfolk for treatments. 
(This has been a year that no family should have to endure.  I thank everyone so much for your care and understanding.

Matt and the family had been through a very rough year since Feb of 2004.  He contacted bacteria meningitis and was
in hospital twice with two attacks in Feb and March.  Matt had been going to doctors almost weekly for treatments
and/or procedures to try to find help for the migraine headaches he was having.  Monday the 28th (was also his sister's
23rd birthday) he was on his way to UVA for his 17th weekly trip to a test, possibly looking for a clot in one of the
ventricles in the head. 

Matt was in the access lane off I-64 approaching the hospital when he loss control of his vehicle. He was pronounced
dead three hours later.

Thank you and all you do for NNHS classmates.


   You've all been on our minds and in our hearts and prayers so much, Susie.  My fourth son, Joshua, is almost the same
age as Matt.  He'll be turning 28 on March 21.  That made Matt's death that much more personal to me.  We'll continue
to hold you all in our hearts.

From Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) of VA - 03/08/05:

Hi Carol!
Just a note to Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA), I so enjoy all his info and neat sites, and want to thank him
for all he is doing for all of us by keeping everyone in touch with their NNHS and Newport News memories. 
We all owe you and Capt. Dave a great big "thank you for all you do"!!
To Linda Lane Lane ('64 - of VA), so sorry to hear of your bout with the flu bug.  Hope you will soon be up
and out of that house!!  Thanks for the kind words about my Mom -- I still miss her -- she left us when she
was only 46. 
God bless you Carol for all your kindness and caring for all of us!
            Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64)

   Thank you, Cheryl! 

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 03/08/05:

Hi Carol, we arrived here in sunny California yesterday about 12:30 Pacific time.  It was a gorgeous day, all
the hills are green and beautiful because of all the recent rain.  There are flowers in bloom everywhere.  I plan
to take a walk soon but am enjoying the laptop.  Where was I without e-mail!    It is so great to read those
newsletters.  I especially enjoyed the photos of Nachman's and Washington Avenue at Christmas time and
the Paramount Theater.  All wonderful memories of days gone by.  Keep up the good work. 
Love, Jean 
p.s.  My mother had a charge account at Nachman's (didn't everyone!) so if we needed a dress or shoes for a
special occasion we could go on and get it.  People did not have a lot of money back then but got by somehow...

   WOW!!!  How neat!  Thanks, Jean!

   I've often wondered how we managed to make it back then - especially after my daddy died. 

From Tom Oxner ('65) of AR - 03/09/05:

.... Thanks again for the great job you do. You have created a NNHS community that otherwise would not exist. All of us
would be much poorer if that were the case.

Tom Oxner

   Oh, what a sweet thing to say!  Thanks so much, Tom!

From John Bateman ('68) of VA - 03/10/05:



I spent so much time searching through this cool site that I did very little else.  Thanks, Johnnie!

 Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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Sea Cruise

Huey "Piano" Smith & Frankie Ford (both of New Orleans) co-wrote "Sea Cruise";
and Frankie Ford recorded the first radio version in 1959.
John Fogerty did a cover of it later on.

Now old man rhythm is in my shoes, itís no use sittiní here singiní the blues,
So be my guest, you got nothiní to lose, wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?
Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee, ooowee baby,
Ooowee, ooowee baby! wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?

I feel like jumpiní and honey wonít you join me please, yeah.
Well I donít like begginí but now Iím gonna bend a knee, oh yeah.

Well I gotta get a-moviní honey, I ainít lyiní,
My heart is beating the rhythm and itís right on time.
So be my guest, you got nothiní to lose, wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?
Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee, ooowee mama,
Ooowee, ooowee baby! wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?

Well I gotta get-a-rockiní, get my hat off the rack,
I gotta boogie-woogie like a knotís in my back,
So be my guest, you got nothiní to lose, wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?
Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee, ooowee baby,
Ooowee, ooowee baby! wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?

I feel like jumpiní and honey wonít you join me please, yeah.
Well I donít like begginí but now Iím gonna bend a knee, oh yeah.

Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee, ooowee mama,
Ooowee, ooowee baby! wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?

Wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?
Wonít you let me take you on a sea cruise?
Iím goiní, Iím goiní, Iím goiní on a sea sea cruise,
Let me take you on a sea cruise na na.

"Sea Cruise" midi courtesy of http://www.zianet.com/jw_laurie/midipage.html
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/08/05
Thanks, Dave!

"Sea Cruise" lyrics courtesy of http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/fogerty-john/sea-cruise-1421.html
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 03/08/05
Thanks again, Dave!

Proper accreditation of authorship of "Sea Cruise" courtesy of David Whitley ('67) of VA - 03/09/05
Thanks, David!

Cruise Ship Image courtesy of http://classroomclipart.com/cgi-bin/kids/imageFolio.cgi?action=view&link=
Transportation&image=PA7_4_8655w.jpg&img=9&tt= - 03/09/05

Blue Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars1.html Ė 03/09/05

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