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Sylvia Ottaway

Sylvia Ann Ottaway
(7 July 1944 - 7 Mar 2005)


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   We have more sad news this morning.  Sylvia Ottaway ('62) passed away yesterday after battling cancer for some time.

Sylvia Ann Ottaway            

Sylvia Ann Ottaway

POQUOSON - Sylvia Ann Ottaway departed this life on Monday, March 7, 2005, after a lengthy battle with cancer. The
daughter of the late Early and Ruth Ottaway, Sylvia was born July 7, 1944. She was a dedicated teacher from Bethel
High School in Hampton, and retired in 1999. Miss Ottaway is survived by her sister, Judy Gail Ottaway of Newport News.
Special thanks to all the family and friends who loved and cared for her during a lengthy illness, especially Lynn Hanrahan,
a longtime friend. She is also survived by a longtime friend, Vicky Keaton, and a niece, Jami Keaton. The memorial service
will be held 1 p.m. Friday, March 11, at Claytor Rollins Funeral Home, Poquoson, by the Rev. Robert Harvey. Memorial gifts
may be sent to Sentara Hospice or to the American Cancer Society.

Published in the Daily Press on 3/8/2005.

Judy, I will miss Sylvia and all the fun we had playing softball, and golf. I will never forget the day she was up a tree looking for her ball, you didn't care; you had your beer. I will be here for you.
Love, Ann.
Elizabeth Smith (Newport News, VA ) - March 8, 2005
My deepest sympathies to all of Sylvia's family.
Berkley Adkins (Newport News, VA ) - March 8, 2005
We thought so much of Sylvia...we admired her zest of life, her gardening skills ,and, of course, her love of the game of golf. She was a great neighbor to have...knowledgeable on so many subjects...our resident expert! I will remember her visiting with our horses...I think she really enjoyed them as her NEIGHbors, probably more than us! We will surely miss our Ms. Sylvia...our sincere sympathies to Lynn...also a wonderful neighbor and friend.
With love...Teri and Shay
Teri and Shay (Yorktown, VA ) - March 8, 2005
Sorry to hear about your sister.
Please except our condolences and my family will keep you in our prayers.

Janet Liakos Krupkowski
 Janet Krupkowski (Hampton, VA ) - March 8, 2005
Sylvia's spirit and personality will dearly be missed. I just recently learned she was ill and when I called, she had already passed!!!! For all who loved Sylvia you are in my thoughts and prayers.
 Rebecca Wilson (Prospect Hill, NC ) - March 8, 2005
Sylvia was my NNHS classmate, we were always in sports together. She was a great gal. We certainly had a great time at our 35th NNHS Class reunion. We will miss her very much. My condolences to her sister, family and friends.
 Brenda Amos Williams (Newport News, VA ) - March 8, 2005
Dear Judy, Lynn, Vicky and Jami -- I was so sorry to learn of Sylvia's passing. I always admired her spunk and energy -- she was certainly a very special lady. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of grief.
Barb Hornsby
Barbara Hornsby (Richmond, VA ) - March 8, 2005
My heartfelt sympathy to Sylvia's family and friends.

Just this fall I had the pleasure to renew acquaintances with Sylvia when she stopped at my business during the Hilton Village Fall-fest.

We had a nice, fun visit; laughing and just having a good time. And certainly golf was one of the topics of our conversation along with memories of NNHS and classmates.

I guess that visit was just one of the indicators of just how strong she was.

Again my condolences to the family and friends.
Bobby Hilling (Newport News, VA ) - March 8, 2005
My heart is full of wonderful memories of Sylvia. We go back a long ways. In the beginning Sylvia was the big sister of my best friend who was off at college. She thought Judy and I would never grow up and I'm sure that thought may have crossed her mind more than once over the years. But as we all got older, things changed and Sylvia found out we had more in common than we knew back then. We became close friends and she knew I loved her whole family. I have so many memories of the good old days as well as the past few years. I've never been
in the company of old friends that someone didn't have a story on Sylvia or about Sylvia. The old ball teams, camping trips, fishing trips even a story of Sylvia in her garden on Roanoke Ave. in a tube top. I know that anyone that knew Sylvia has wonderful memories.
My heart goes out to Judy, Lynn, Vicky and all who loved her.
Debbie Jenkins (Yorktown) - March 8, 2005
Judy & Vickie,
We are so sorry to hear of Sylvia's passing. Oh how she will be sadly missed. She couldn't have asked for a more loving and caring of family
& friends that she had.
When we saw her last, in January, we couldn't get over how great she looked and we will always remember her that way. She had a lot
of courage and life that a lot of us need to have.
We are thankful that we were able to have known such a wonderful person. She will never be forgotten!
Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
Sandra & Michele
Sandra Ray (Newport News, VA ) - March 8, 2005
My sympathy goes out to Miss Ottaway's family. She taught me at Bethel High School; she was a great teacher.
Buck Wornom (Philadelphia, PA ) - March 9, 2005
My heartfelt sympathy to Sylvia's family and friends.
Roger Stegall (Burke, VA ) - March 9, 2005
Sylvia was on my mind as one of my 1962 Newport News High School Classmates that I wanted to reconnect with after returning from Florida
in 2000. I had no idea that she was sick. I only wish that I had known to offer a helping hand or hug when in need. Unfortunately, time slipped
by and I did not seize the opportunity to reconnect. It just proves that life is so precious and short and that God, family, friends and health are the priority. I enjoyed playing sports with her during our high school years. She was so energetic. She aimed her goals high towards becoming a teacher and stayed very focused to achieve that goal. A job well done!!
Brenda Delores Poole (Hampton, VA ) - March 9, 2005
Judy, Lynn and Vicky,
I was so sorry to hear about Sylvia. I never spent as much time with her as I would have liked. She was always so full of energy and fun to be around. I know this is a difficult time for you all and you are in my prayers. God needed another angel and he certainly has one. May he be with you all in this very difficult time.
Tommy Jenkins (Hampton, VA ) - March 10, 2005
Lynn, Judy, Vickie
You all will be in my thoughts today. I am so sorry that I can't be there to give you all a hug. I will miss Sylvia and will always carry warm memories of our friendship in my heart.

Love, Susan
Susan Rock (Salem, OH ) - March 11, 2005
Lynn ,Judy, Vickie and family. I was so sorry to hear about Sylvia's struggle and passing. She will be sorely missed. I've know Sylvia for a long time. We had many good times at softball games, get-togethers, camping trips and more. I don't think I ever played golf with her, but I know how much she enjoyed her retirement and playing golf with her friends. We will really miss her, but I know she is in a better place now. She was a great friend to us all and she will be greatly missed.
Tootie Joynes (Hampton, VA ) - March 11, 2005
Lynn, Judy & Vickie,

Unfortunately, we only had the pleasure of knowing Sylvia for a few years. But what a few years those were! It was always wonderful to get out of your car at the Woodlands Golf Course and hear this little voice say "Hi sug". We could tell many funny stories about golfing with Sylvia in the past but the following comes closest to our hearts.

One Friday we were paired with Faye Ruf and Sylvia for our round of the day. Since Barbara and I are old friends we decided to ride in one cart and let Sylvia and Faye ride in the other. Big Mistake!! Little did we know that they were both sticklers for rules of the game and had different opinions on how those rules are interpreted. (Not that Barbara and I don't follow the rules or anything like that!) After the third hole they had argued about a little of everything including where to park the cart. Barbara and I decided that if we were ever paired with them again we would separate them. Sure enough a couple of weeks later there we were again. This time we separated them only to find out that it gets worse when they yell from cart to cart. So, after this experience we made the decision to invite them to play with us more often and guess what, it worked! We played together as a foursome many times after that. Sylvia and Faye road together and discussed the wonderful game of golf in their own language and Barbara and I laughed all around the course. What fun the four of us had together.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Barbara & Eula (Hampton, VA ) - March 11, 2005
I remember Sylvia through playing tennis. She hated to lose. I know she tried everything she could to beat this battle with cancer, and I'm sure she hated losing. My sympathies go to her family and friends and may the memories live on!
Marilyn Vanover (Gainesville, FL ) - March 12, 2005
Dear Lynn, Judy and Vicky,

Sylvia was an incredible individual and we are so sorry for your loss. Her passion for life, positive outlook, sense of humor, and compassion
for others made her so very special and we feel fortunate to have known her. We remember all the fun times, but also remember our talks
about what awaits us when we cross over. We believe her spirit is now soaring over the most beautiful garden imaginable.

Love Never Dies, and we will all be together again one day.
We're here if you need us.
Cindy and Jane
Cindy Higgins (Hampton, VA ) - March 14, 2005
I thank God every day for allowing me to have shared the last three weeks of Sylvia's life with her as well as Lynn, Judy, Vikki and Jamie. This treasured time will be forever in my heart.

As a past student of Sylvia's attending Bethel High School, Sylvia offered many teachings to me that I instill today to my corporate staff, one
of which is "Let's Have Fun!!!"

As a young adult, Sylvia taught me to explore, question and not to be afraid of the "what if's".

For the past 27 years that I have known the family, I was a part of the family. Sharing weekends, holiday calls, and the usual "I need advice" call.

May the wings of the angel Michael and the angel Gabriel forever carry her and this beautiful family!

Much Love...Today...Tomorrow and Forever. Elizabeth
Elizabeth Damron-Parker (Richmond, VA ) - March 14, 2005
Lynn -

My heart aches at the passing of our dear friend, Sylvia. Though I knew I would soon read about her passing on-line, I am, nonetheless, stricken and saddened by the loss.

Sylvia was my first neighbor when I moved to Hampton-Newport News in the late 70's - alone, scared, new mother newly divorced, first teaching job. And there was Sylvia - fun, funny, loving, accepting, caring, pragmatic - all the things a wonderful friend is!!!

Dear Sylvia, no tears, but know that you will be greatly missed. may you rest in peace and comfort now and always. Lynn, God bless you and keep you safe, be a comfort to you in your sorrow, and lift you up one day to meet your love.

Sandra Jean Kimberly (Decatur, IL ) - March 21, 2005
Dear Lynn, Judy, Vicki & Jami--- My condolences to you and all Sylvia's friends that knew and loved her. I had the pleasure of making Sylvia's acquaintance on the golf course. We shared many games of golf together, had lots of chuckles and at the same time managed to enjoy the game at hand. We both were competitive and that made our games special. Sylvia was a very incredible free spirit with the passion to live life to the fullest. She was always willing to share her knowledge of rules of golf, but the thing I admired her most for was her unrelenting courage to face each new day with the hope for a better tomorrow. I will miss her good mornings and smiling face at the Woodlands this season. I just want to say thanks to you all for the time allowed for visits in Sylvia's last days. You were all so kind - "thank you". My thoughts and prayers are with you. Rest in peace, my friend; you were loved.
Faye Ruf
Faye Ruf (Yorktown, VA ) - March 30, 2005
I miss you so much being around me telling me how to do things and when, that I can not stand it! Her golf clubs will not get dusty, I will put them to good use, and will not hit a ball without thinking of my beloved sister. Thank you, everyone, for the cards and phone calls, I know she was loved and will surely be missed.
Judy Ottaway (Newport News, VA ) - March 30, 2005

   I have attached this obituary to her name here:




 Our sincerest sympathies are extended to Sylvia's family and friends at this time.

 From Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA - 03/08/05:

Hi Carol ... not sure if Sylvia was a Newport News grad or not .... here sister Judy was in the class of '69 and works
out at Surry.

   Thank you, Tom.  Yes, she was.  Please extend our deepest sympathies to Judy when next you see her.

From Brownie Shaffer Haracivet ('62) of the Virgin Islands - 03/08/05:

Dear Carol,
Thank you for letting me know for sure about Sylvia. I never saw her that she did not have a big smile on her face.

   Thank you, Brownie.  You're right!

From Linda Waterfield Kenney ('66) of VA - 03/08/05:

Message: Carol, I saw this in this morning's Daily Press and knew you would want to pass it on.
Linda Waterfield Kenney

   Thank you, Linda.  I appreciate y'all keeping me aware of such things.  This happened to be a very rare case of my finding
it at 5:00 this morning, but that usually doesn't happen.

   Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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