03/03/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Just a Dream


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Today's Newsletter is long and newsy and cheerful and sad, and is, I suppose, a good and accurate metaphor of life itself.

From David Whitley ('67) of VA - 02/26/05 and 02/28/05:

... So, reading about Paul Shaver reminded me that he was a pretty good friend of Candy's and mine back then. 
When we got hitched (in 1973), Paul had left the Blue Lite Club, and was doing stuff with real estate, and as a 
wedding gift, gave us two or three days at a motel on top of a mountain somewhere in Virginia. Paul later went 
on to buy up most of Nags Head, and in the process built the huge Barrier Island Condos & restaurant thingy, 
and now owns everything from the beach to oh, Arkansas, I think. Maybe not that far. His brother owns 
"Pigman's Bar BQ" there in Nags Head. Paul used to race cars, and I don't mean like the boys and I used to do 
on Magruder Boulevard with our Mustangs and Barracudas and Chevelles, Paul was an honest to goodness 
pro-driver, also flies his own plane, skis all over, all that stuff I only get to do on the week-ends. In my dreams. 
So, there you have it. I saw Paul about four or five years ago.... Still a really nice guy, but I think he had like
three different deals going on three different cell phones, so our conversation was short. Oh well.
.... Plus, I remembered a little more:
1) the place we stayed on our honeymoon (Paul's wedding gift) was the Holiday Inn on Afton Mt. 
2) I believe (after he left the Blue Lite) it was John Lancaster and Paul that opened a big dance hall/night club/
joint at Nags Head in the mid to late 70's. 
3) the name of the place Paul built is Barrier Island Station,
and my disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this info; I'm pulling memories up from a brain 
that not only resembles, but functions like Patrick, Sponge Bob's semiconscious pal.
   Thanks, David!  You crack me up, Sweetie, without even trying.  I posted your comments:   


http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/blue-light.html - Oh, I added some animated blinking blue light bulbs here, too. 

From Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA - 02/28/05:

Hey there ... nice CRT posting .... check the one from the Kecoughtan yearbook ... link is bad (get the red 'x').

   Oh, CRUM!    Thanks, Babe!  Okay, I fixed it - and the good news is - that gives you fourth place in the "Spot Carol's
Big Bozo Bloopers!"

   Of course, I'll still need to think of some appropriate prizes for this category.....

From Allen Foster ('58) of VA - 02/28/05:

As for Joe Agee, he IS alive and well - I have lunch with him just about every Thursday in Williamsburg.
I will remind him about his 12 fouls - the downside to that is, that I will have to listen to every one of them.
If you look up Type A personality in the books - it will have his picture beside it.
Allen Foster '58 (the last great NNHS basketball champions class).

  Oh-oh.  Oh, my.  Oh, my goodness.  A type-A Marine colonel.  "The Screamer".  I think I'm just gonna lay low, now........

   Hey - wait a minute!  "The last great NNHS basketball champions class"?!?  Did anybody ever tell you about the team
from the Class of '64?!?

   No, no, never mind - I think I'm just gonna go back to laying low...

   On the other hand...




   Nah, I'm laying low.....

   Thanks, Allen!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 02/28/05:

Hi, Carol
As I read the Newsletter today and the comments of Ron Miller ('59) of NC regarding Coach Joe Agee of the
College of William and Mary, it sure brought a smile and a few chuckles. Great story about the "Screamer". For those
who served with Lt. Joe Agee, his nickname was "Jumpin' Joe" because he was a high energy Marine Lieutenant
with a somewhat short fuse when it came to his temper. Not that he wasn't right when he fired up on someone. When
he took the lead on a Forced March, he was still walking while the company was running to keep up with him. We all
respected him, and we were sure he was split to his navel to be able to walk that fast. He has not slowed down at all.

   Thanks, Adonis.  Let me see if I have this right.  Type A.  Short fuse.  Lives in Williamsburg.  And has not slowed down
at all.  And now he knows where I live.  OH, MAN!!!!!  Somehow I do not believe I'm gonna be able to lay THAT low!!!! 

From Paul Dobie ('66) of CO - 02/28/05:


Just a note hoping that you are feeling better and that you will be your old self soon!!!

As I have noticed some references to Antine’s, probably a little known fact is that my mother was the bookkeeper and cashier
at Antine’s!!  My mother, bless her soul, died in 1996 after kidney failure.  I remember sitting down in Antine’s with Carol Parrish
as we listened to the Four Seasons sing “Let’s Hang On”…oh what a day…she was great kisser…

I thought I would just let Pauline Collins Shofner ('65 - of VA) and the other girls [now women] that I often wonder about myself
[ whatever happened to the girls in my life? ] and the rest of you know what in the world ever happened to me.  It seems like as
we all left NNHS in 1966 that some of us fell off the face of the earth.  Well not quite…it has been a long journey so far with a
lot more yet to come for all of us…I recently retired from the Federal Government Service in Sep 04.  My journey began with the
 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers around May 1973 when I was an Engineering student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia
and I managed to get a part-time job with the Norfolk District Corps of Engineers working on a hydrology study associated with
Hurricane Agnes.  Agnes was a tremendous hurricane than went into Florida and came up to Virginia and later Pennsylvania and just
dumped tropical rain everywhere creating quite a flood in 1972.  However, my first experience with the U.S. Army was as a draftee
in December 1968 when I was called upon by my friends and neighbors to serve [ I am still trying to figure out who those friends
and neighbors were! ].  After serving in Vietnam as a Sergeant in a Recon Platoon, Co. E, 11th Brigade, 4th Division 21st Infantry,
Americal Division and receiving a Bronze Star I received my Honorable discharge on September 2, 1970.  So 34 years later I left
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on September 3, 2004 at the GS-15 Grade in San Francisco, CA where I finished out my career
as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Intelligence and Security!  

I had lived in the Hampton Roads area until December 1990 when I took a job with the U.S. Army Corps Headquarters
in Washington DC.  My DC experience lasted for about 6-1/2 years when I went on a 3-week assignment to California during the
floods of January 1997.  That 3-week assignment turned into a year and a half assignment with me never returning to Virginia and
my subsequent meeting of my current wife Denise.  Throughout my years with the Corps there was a great opportunity to learn
from others while affording me the opportunity of being able to mentor and help others.  Mentoring others has always been
important to me. 

Somehow throughout my Federal career I managed to get those nice Temporary Duty assignments every now and then, like California,
Salt Lake City Winter Olympics-2002, St. Thomas, Panama City, Guatemala City, American Samoa, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Anchorage,
and Baghdad.  Yes, even Baghdad…I spent 3-months there in 2003 working on the reconstruction plan…even though I have retired
from the Federal government, I may be going back to Baghdad to work for the State Department in the next couple of months
if everything works out…I will let you know when and if I return to Baghdad…

In October 2004 Denise and I took a risk and sold our house in Lincoln, CA and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado…we are now
building a new house on 5-acres of land we purchased just east of Colorado Springs…Denise and I have a daughter with two wonderful grandchildren…since September I have not worked and for an A-personality, this has been tough.  I am a great housekeeper though! 

For those interested, my twin sister Paulette and her husband currently live in Concord, California but will be moving out of CA
to Arizona in May…

So in a nutshell that is a little bit of what I have been doing…

PS:  Carol, I have found and attached to this message an old Daily Press newspaper article from Sunday July 26th 1964 that I
will send to you entitled:  “Boys Adopt Beatle Bangs Although Most Girls Prefer the ‘Princeton’”…you may figure out how to copy
it better to your website so you can actually read the article…


Sunday, July 26, 1964            

   WOWZERONI!  There ya go, Pauline!  I should have been asking such questions all along!  On rare occasions,
I manage to figure out how people have spent some of the last forty-eleven years, but this was more fun!  Thanks so much,
Paul - you are a treasure!   Congratulations on a fascinating and successful life!

   (And when might you send me an image of yourself in uniform for "Famous Soldiers"?  Hmmm?  Pretty please?!?)

From Kelly Loose Bustamante (‘58) of TX - 02/28/05:

Hi Carol! 

Here’s a question for your readers who enjoy trivia about the movies theaters on Washington Avenue—
what was the name of the fifth walk-in theater in Newport News?  Hint:  It was not located on Washington Avenue. 

Kelly Loose Bustamante NNHS ‘58

   Okay, National Smart People, send in those responses!

   Thanks, Kelly!

From Hunter Todd ('57) of TX - 02/28/05:

Howdy from Houston....

Hi CBH...

...Regards AOL... it is a virus... and it is so very simple to avoid it... here's how... your simply remove the
AOL program from your system ..."uninstall" ... then via your browser, go to
www.aol.com then you can
sign in and send and receive messages and AOL is NOT in your computer... (;-) That's what we do and it
works great....... You are so right - AOL is so bad that our computer company voids their guarantee if you
install AOL...! Yipes! But simply accessing it via the web is safe and fine ...

All the best, Hunter

Ps: I prefer Bourbon and honey for the flu...(;-) 1 to 1 mix...!

   YOWZERS!!!  Well, thanks for the great solution, Hunter!  There ya go, Sweeties - now you can have the best of both
worlds.  You can keep the benefits as you see them of AOL, and preserve your privacy, too!

   My daddy would have agreed with your cough remedy, Captain Todd!  He said all his medical training never showed
him a better treatment than that.  GIGGLES!  Thanks again!

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 02/28/05:

  Thanks, Ronnie!  Yes, we've run this a couple of times before - but it's such FUN!!!  There ought to be a
good place to stash and keep such things as this, but I've never figured out where that might be.  I'm open
to suggestions.

Carol -- maybe start a "links" page? List it in the "index" that's down the left side of your home page.

On this "links" page, you can have several sections, such as "Memory Sites"; "Other NNHS Classes"; "Other
High Schools", etc.

BTW -- I wish you'd sent me that picture of the bus on Washington Avenue. I had that one cold too, since I
lived "downtown".


   Brilliant - I'll start working on that right away!  Thanks, Ron!

   Ah - I pester you so often, I thought I'd give you a break on this question, Ron.  I'm sorry - I'll put you back on my "first call" list.
Thank you again - it's always good to have a great support system!

From Kay Knight Midkiff ('59) of VA - 02/28/05:

HI! Carol, I'm glad Gary Fitzgerald ('61 - of VA) gave you my name and sent me this NNHS Newsletter.  It
brought back great NNHS memories seeing all the familiar names, some of whom I had great times with. 
Please add my name to your Birthdays and my e-mail.  Thanks! 
Kay Midkiff, 3/18/41 (myezlife2@yahoo.com)  Keep up the good work.

   Thanks, Kay!  I do hope at least some of y'all enjoy this even a fraction as much as I do!

   I have you all fully posted now - except for all your great memories!




From Bill Black ('66) of GA to Jim Morrow ('65) of NE - 02/28/05:

Please pass my e-mail address along to Jim Morrow ('65 - of NE).  "Hey.. There oughta be a special section for the
Stage Crew Homeroom."
Bill Black

   Roger-willco.  It took me four days, but I finally did it.......

   That IS a great idea, Bill!  There are now several of you on here.  Would you please remind me of that again in about a
week if perchance I forget to do it?  Not that I ever DO forget such things, of course......

   Thanks, Bill!

From Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald ('65) of VA - 02/28/05:

Hi, Carol.
I was just reading the newsletter and saw the message from Renee (Helterbran) Benton ('59).  She lives over here
in Gloucester County in Bena, which is just up the road from me.  She was asking about info from the Junior Club that
used to meet at the Paramount Theatre in the 1930's.  I have some info.  My mom, Margie (Bray was her maiden
name)  grew up in the 1100 block of 27th Street.  She was very active in the Junior Club.  Miss Gladys Lyle was the
organist at the theatre and the little lady who presided over all these kids at the Junior Club.  My mother was very close
to Gladys Lyle.  The last time that we saw Gladys she was playing dinner music in the dining room at the Chamberlin
.  That was probably 15 years ago.  Gladys has since passed away.  Before my mother passes away, Gladys Lyle's
niece sent her some newspaper clippings from back when the Junior Club girls would go and sing for the USO.  Gladys
had many beautiful gowns that she she wore when she was playing the organ at the Paramount.  She was a small little
lady and was always glad to share her gown with the girls.  Most of them didn't have anything like them to wear.  If you
would like me to scan these articles and send them to you, please let me know and I'll go get them.  All the girls went
to school in Newport News.  Someone might recognize a mother, aunt or cousin.
Let me know, Carol.

   Hey, Jeannie!  It's good to hear from you again!  That was fun speaking with you on the phone the other day.  I love
hearing from y'all!

   I love these instant answers we're now able to provide each other, too!

   And I have a blanket rule on things for the site.  I want it.  I want it all.  I want everything.  I'm greedy.  That's why we have
such a huge site - to hold everything.  As Harron (Ellenson - '65 - of MA) said long ago, we're building an archive here. 
We never take anything down; we just put more things up.  More, more, more.  When I come to a fork in the road, I take it.
I - wait, what was I saying? 

   Oh, yes, why, that would be lovely, Jeannie.  Thank you so much!

   I remember your mother so fondly.  She was so little and cute and YOUNG!  She was just a KID - REALLY just a kid!

From Dale Parsons ('69) of HI - 03/02/05:

Aloha Carol,
Responding to Renee's question:
"By the way, for any of the WGH gurus out there:  Does anyone know if the old tapes (I know they were not
called "tapes" then) of the "Junior Club" that was broadcast from the
Paramount Theater in the 1930s may be? 
Sure would appreciate locating them.." 
No one that I have spoken with is aware of any surviving recordings of the "Junior Club" broadcasts.  The programs
were probably done live since very few recorded programs were aired in the 1930's.  Recorded programs were
considered inferior and the leading radio stations preferred live network and local programming.  Each night, network
programs were performed live in New York for the Eastern and Central Time Zones and then performed live again
three hours later for the West Coast.  When recordings were made, they were usually reference recordings on acetate
When I worked at WGH, many of the old acetate discs and tapes were thrown out when the station tore down its
Mercury Boulevard studios and built new studios and offices next door in Todd Center.  I pulled a few things out
of the dumpster, but the Junior Club was not among the programs I found.
Very few old programs exist at local stations and I've found that even fewer exist at the networks.  In the 1980's,
my wife and I produced a 90-minute radio special on the history of NBC radio.  The archives at NBC contained few
recordings from the 1920's through the 1950's.  Most of my material came from retired NBC network engineers (who
had rescued acetate discs from network trash cans), from Bob Hope (who had kept recordings of many of his programs)
and from Johnny Carson (who had a sizeable collection of early broadcasts).  The project took over a year to complete
because of the difficulty in finding the old broadcasts.
Many people ignore the fact that today will become the "good old days" just a few years from now.  However, they are
the ones with clean and orderly homes.  On the other hand, there's my home...where everything gets saved.  I guess the
world is made up of the orderly people and the packrats like me (and my brother Tim).  Anyway, Renee, if I come
across the recordings, I'll let you know.
Dale Parsons ('69)
Maui, Hawaii

   WOWZERONI!!!  Thanks, Dale!

From Ed Nichols ('62) of Northern VA - 02/28/05:

Thanks, Carol, for the nice words.  I do live in Reston, VA which is
in Fairfax Co., about 15 miles out of Washington, DC.  Great place and
area to live, just have a few traffic problems!  Well, more than a few!
I spent a great deal of time in your town, Fayetteville, NC, in 1973,
almost before you were born, right?  Not in service, but on a job.  It
was a memorable experience, to say the least.
My brother,
Bill, is NNHS Class of 1955 and still lives in Newport News.
We had some good people working on a NNHS Class of 1962 website,
Amos Williams
and Patsy Floyd Pride, but I and others failed
to give them the support they needed.  Thankfully you have come along.
My email address is Ern917@aol.com.
Time to go catch up on all the newsletters!!
Ed Nichols   Class of '62

   Thanks, Ed!  The last I looked, I'm only three years younger than you - but I like your story better!  GIGGLES!!!

   Brenda's web site is very special to me.  It if weren't for it, I wouldn't have any of this.  Many of you know this story,
but I'll try to offer an abridged version for those of you who don't.  One day in the summer of 2000, when I was still
living in IL and six degrees beyond homesick, I was surfing the web for images of Newport News for my albums.  I
found first Brenda's '62 page, and then Fred Eubank's '64 page, and began squawking, "Why don't WE ('65) have
a page?!?  My # 5 son, Nathaniel, was in the room with me, and said, "Quit your whining, Mom, and start your own
page.  C'mon - I'll help you."

   As I could barely open email at the time, this was totally ludicrous on many levels, but I thought I'd play along with him
just for fun.  I had no idea at the time that I was going to enlarge it to this extent, and I certainly had no intention of usurping
anything from the other sites.  Both pages, by the way, are still available, and still serve a fine purpose.  Brenda added
to hers just recently.  The problem is - I always tend to go overboard on anything I do.  That in itself is a grand understatement.




   Thanks, Ed!  And thanks, Brenda and Fred!!  You've no idea what this has all come to mean to me, and I really owe it all
to your example!

   There are also two more pages linked there, now:

http://www.nnhs55.com/ - Jim Michie's Class of 1955 - which is totally fabulous!

http://www.thecovertletter.com/ - Harry Covert 's ('57) site - which is fascinating!

   Do check them all out again!

From Linda Lane Lane ('64) of VA - 02/28/05:

Hi Carol,
I believe I caught the flu bug from you.  I haven't been around anyone else who will admit how bad they have felt. 
This one is a doozie!  Hopefully, I can pass it off to someone else very soon.  After reading so many stories about the
, it brought back a funny memory.  As you well know, Mr. Wilson was a stickler for being on time for band
practice in the morning.  I believe it was dressed and ready on the field by 7:30 AM. Rosie Woodard ('65) and I
would go to the CRT bus stop at 50th and Huntington Avenue. Our goal was to get on the bus from Hidenwood
that arrived at 7:10 AM.  As Spring arrived, the bus from Hidenwood started to fill up.  The bus driver would stop
but wouldn't let us on because there was no room.  The next bus was 7:20 AM which made us late and we'd get that
"look" from Mr. Wilson.  Rosie was always willing to try something new so she yelled at the driver of a Daily Press
delivery truck.  He stopped and we got on.  No where to sit, nothing to hang on too but we weren't late.  He saved us
more than one time.  Rosie would just smile at him and thank him for the ride.  If our parents only knew how we were
 getting to school, we probably would have quit the band and missed out on all those memories. 
After reading the memories about the clubs around the high school, I was wondering if anyone remembers going
to dances at the Armory across from the Fire Station on Warwick Boulevard?  I remember an advertisement for the
Original Hot Nuts Band playing there.  Of course I couldn't go to a place like that.  Many years later, while working as a
Head Nurse at Riverside, their annual Christmas Party featured---The Original Hot Nuts Band.  They weren't so bad
after all.
It's time for more medication and Nyquil.  Hope you are feeling much better. 
Linda Lane Lane

   That story of you and Rosie is a hoot, Linda!  Thanks for the chuckle!

   And I remember the dances at the Armory!  (No, Joe and Jimmy, I still can't remember the Fire Station, as outrageous
as that is, but I remember the Armory!  Wait a minute!  Was it made of light tan brink - like Magruder School???  I think,
wait, no, maybe..... Sigh.)  But I remember when the Hot Nuts were scheduled to appear at the Armory!  I didn't go, of course. 
I can't remember whether I wasn't allowed to go, or if it was simply that no one invited me.  It was a very scandalous event!

   I hope your flu goes away soon, Linda - and thanks!

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/28/05:

I just received 15 photo CDs from Angie (Ray Smith - '64 - of VA). I am previewing them now, but I

will send all the images to you over several days. There are some good, clear shots........

   OH, GOODY!!!  Thanks, Sweetie!  We'll look forward to them!

And speaking of photos, I still have a batch of Reunion Photos from Charlie Snead ('64) of NC, and a packet of Golden
Oldies from Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD.  Then, of course, there are the approximately 15,000,000 old yearbook
images (or sumptin' like dat) from Tom Norris' (Hampton HS - '73) four old yearbooks he left with me back in December.....

From Al Farber ('64) of GA - 03/01/05:

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsDR. Al says... TAKE two DRINKS of Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsand two ofUpgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsand CALL me IN the
MORNING..  IF that doesn't work I will have to do more RESEARCH.   Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animations HOPE you get BETTER
SOON....typhoons forever    Al Class of 64

   GIGGLES!!  Thanks, Al!  Of course, in MY case, that's gonna hafta be two doses of Thera-Flu and two of Diet Dr. Pepper!

   Hey, Linda, you can put anything in those vessels that you want!  HA-HA-HA-HA!

   Thanks, Dr. Al!

From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 03/01/05:

So sorry to hear of all the sad deaths.
To Susie, I am kin to you. Myrtle is my distant cousin! Small world. So sorry to hear of this tragedy.
Peace & Blessing,
Cheryl Mays Howard
Class of '66/67

   Thanks, Cheryl.  It's weighing heavy on our hearts, isn't it?

From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 03/01/05:

Carol, I'm sorry you were down with the flu.  There is something the medical folks have now that they swab
into your nostril (painlessly) that either keeps those first symptoms from developing or makes the bout of flu
a small event.  It might be called "Teriflu" but maybe someone like Linda Lane Lane ('64 - of VA) should
Robert Shapiro ('63 - of VA) will be 60 (that is to be said from behind the hand with a softened voice, not
unlike the way people used to say 'he has cancer') today, March 1, and he and a group of friends and patients
are leaving for 2 weeks in Kenya!  He went last year and so raved about it that a sizeable number of his friends
and patients are going with this year.  Considering all the cold, wet and snow we've seen I guarantee that hot and
dry sounds pretty tempting!  He's going to email you when he returns, but it'll be a while.  
Now that you've created a sort of contest for boo-boo catching, I must say that I wasn't pointing fingers when I
asked about Craig Miller's ('63 - of FL) altered (?) state.  I really thought I had mis-read something.  You do
such a grand job and we are all so thankful for it that no one is trying to point out errors.  Your errors are
miniscule and mine would be alpine.  
C, I have a question for the classes:  has anyone had hip replacement surgery?  I am anticipating it and curious
about the outcomes of others.  You may have any respondent email me directly if you hear from any.  I know what
is done and what the recovery time is but I'm just curious about others' experiences so that I don't set
my expectations too high (which I usually do).  Thanks.  And Happy March!  Spring is coming!  KC 

   Thanks, Kathy!  I'm almost well now - it just keeps coming back - and back - and back........

   Wait a minute.  Robert Shapiro can't be 60 years old!  He's just a kid!  He's only two years older than I am, and - wait a
minute, let's do the math... oh.... never mind.  Sigh.  Well, that sounds like a fun safari!  We'll look forward to hearing from him
upon his return.

   Oh, I never thought you were pointing fingers, Kathy!  I am rather fanatical about precision and accuracy (okay, there's
another name for that, but let's be nice!), and half of those bloopers were rather amusing.  The other two were quite horrendous,
but perhaps I was able to remove them before they were spotted by too many people - I hope.... Probably not.....

   I am unaware of the hip replacement patients among us, but I am unaware of a great many things.  Y'all report in, please! 
Thanks, Kathy!

From Kay Knight Midkiff ('59) of VA - 03/01/05:

Thanks for adding me to your list. Once a Typhoon always a Typhoon. I'll have to say I don't know how you
do it, but I enjoy reading it. My Deepest Sympathy to the Weiss and Minga families. Once again thanks
for all your hard work.

   We're so glad you're here with us, Kay!  Thanks for joining us!  (You don't want to know how I do it, Kay.  Try not to think
about it.)  

From Jean Lankes Toth (Hampton HS - '72) of VA - 03/01/05:

Hi Carol!

I will readily admit this is a shameless advertisement -- but I have a small bunch of Newport News stuff for sale
on eBay, which I thought might be of interest to some of your subscribers. Just go to eBay and search "Grab Bag
Newport News". As you can see from my starting price ($1), I'm not trying to get rich!!!

Also, I have four old BEACON yearbooks (NOT for sale): June 1937, February 1938, June 1938, and February
1940. If anyone needs a scan of an alumnus from these years, let me know & I can provide.

Best regards,
Jean Lankes Toth (HHS 72)


   WOWZERONI!!!  Thanks, Jean - I'm drooling......

From Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA - 03/01/05:

Hi, Carol,
I had to write and tell you that my brother, Johnnie ('68 - of VA), and I really enjoyed reading Jean Poole Burton's ('64 - of RI)
comments about the Warwick Theatre.  I doubt that you or many people know that our father, was the manager of the Warwick
Theatre from the year I was born (1947) up until the late 50s or early 60s.  When I read Jean's recollections, I called Johnnie
to make sure he'd seen the newsletter.  We both remember the Riders Club, as our father used to get us up on the stage
on Saturday mornings.   As our parents were divorced, we were only with him every other weekend.  Johnnie actually has a
better memory of it than I do.  He said that some of the tickets were pink and they were for the kids that got on the stage and that
about once a month, our dad would make sure we got one of the pink tickets.  Also, the snacks and drinks were even cheaper
for us!  Our dad would allow us each to have a drink and pick out one snack each after the show.  I'm sure there were a lot
of children that later became friends of ours that attended the movies on Saturday.  When our father died last September, one
of the things that Johnnie really was hoping to find at my dad's apartment was a "gold" statue of Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, but
he didn't find it.  I remember our dad had an autographed, framed picture of Roy Rogers that he used to keep on his desk in his
office.  Our dad left the area for a year or two around 1960 and came back to the theatre when I was in the 10th or 11th grade. 
At that time, he also opened a hamburger place (I think the name might have been Wilder Burger)  next to the theatre and had
an ad in THE BEACON, which would feature a male and a female upperclassman eating hamburgers.  For various reasons, we
didn't know our father was back in town, and he called the school and arranged for me to be in one of the ads so he could see me
(I think Darrell Boland - '64 might have been in the picture with me!).  I'm not sure, but I don't think Johnnie was in high school yet. 
I had the picture for a long time, but don't think it's around any more.  Our dad left the area about 1963 or 1964, moving to Ft.
Pierce, FL and living there until his death.  He tried his hand at a lot of other business adventures (or misadventures) but don't
think he was ever as happy as he was at the Warwick Theatre. 
Carol, because of you and your website, we're all able to share our past memories, that are sometimes triggered by someone
else's memories!  Keep up the wonderful service you do for us!!!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!!!

   WOWZERS, Sandi!  You choked me up completely with that one!   Thanks so much!



From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/02/05:

A quick update from the World Cup of Flag Football, held in Miami, this year
(sponsored by FlagMag.com).
Team USA (coached by lil ol' me) won back the Men's World Cup trophy from Team Canada
in 9-man full-contact flag football, after winning very tough games against St. Croix,
Cayman Islands, and Team England.
My club team, Alpha Omega, from Fort Lauderdale, placed second (in the World) in both
Men's 4-man and 7-man flag football.  We lost very close games in the finals of each
category after winning the World Cup Trophy last year in 4-man.
At one point, I yelled at my players, "make a play, or I'm coming in the game!".  They
stepped it up big time, at the thought of their 265-pound, 59 year old coach playing
defense!  (I still don't let them forget I'm the only undefeated QB on the team...but
they only let the coach play quarterback when we're facing really awful teams.)
If there are any Dads or Grandpas out there with a little league (or adult) flag
football team, tell them to e-mail me.  I'll be glad to share our "Secrets to the
Universe" playbook and team doctrine with them!  Last year the Women's Team USA won
the World Cup, in part, using this playbook.  My e-mail is mteam1@bellsouth.net.
Typhoons Forever!
Craig ('63)

   Well, CONGRATULATIONS, Craig - that's really SUPER!!!

From David Whitley ('67) of VA - 03/02/05:

Don't know if you're familiar with Copeland Park (which is no more), but it was Government wartime housing
between Aberdeen Road and Briarfield Road in Hampton.  Ask any peninsula native our age, and they'll probably
tell you they lived in C.P. at one time. I lived there from birth until '58 when we bought a brand spankin' new
house in Newmarket Village.  wooo hooo!

   Thanks, David!



From Brownie Shaffer Haracivet ('62) of the Virgin Islands - 03/03/05:

Hi Carol,
Just thinking of you and hope you are feeling much better.
Love, Brownie

   Thank you , Brownie - I am!  I'm almost back to normal now.  Of course, MY normal is probably more than a bit abnormal.....
I appreciate your concern!

Matthew Allen Weiss

NEWPORT NEWS - Matthew Allen Weiss, 28, died suddenly Monday, Feb. 28, 2005, from injuries received in a car crash
in Charlottesville, Va. Born in Knoxville, Tenn., Matthew was a lifelong Newport News resident. A graduate of Ferguson High
School and the Newport News Shipyard Apprentice School, Matthew was employed at Northrop Grumman Newport News
in the Production Control Department. Matthew will be remembered as a true family man. He loved his family and will be
missed by everyone who knew him. He leaves behind his wife and love of his life, Tracy M. Weiss; his children, Ashley Marie
Weiss and Trevor Paul Weiss; his parents, Ronald and Ellen Weiss of Newport News; his brother, Mark Weiss and his wife,
Heather, and Matt's nieces, Mikaela and Emma Weiss, all of Reno, Nev.; his sister, Beth Edmondson and her husband, Chad,
of Newport News; his grandparents, Charles and Kathryn Weiss and Lida Overton, all of Newport News; his aunt, Estelle 'Susie'
Jones and her husband, Tommy, of Newport News; his uncles, Joe Overton and his wife, JoAnn, of Guntersville, Ala., Charles H.
Weiss Jr. and his wife, Kathy, of Las Vegas, Nev., and Lawrence W. Weiss of Memphis, Tenn.; cousins, Chris Jones and his wife,
Suzanne, of Chesapeake, Todd Jones and his wife, Heather, of Richmond, Roslyn Weiss and Gabby Weiss, both of Memphis,
Tenn., Frances Weiss of San Francisco, Calif., Jennifer Cornejo and her husband, Jose, of New York City, and Bryan Overton
and his wife, Amy, of Pittsburgh, Pa. His maternal grandfather, Jay B. Overton, preceded him in death. There will be a celebration
of life service at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 5, at Chestnut Memorial United Methodist Church with the Rev. Benjamin W. Rooker
officiating. Family will receive friends after the service at the church. Interment will be private. Arrangements by W. J. Smith & Son
Funeral Home.

Published in the Daily Press on 3/3/2005.

   Once again we express our deepest sympathies to Matthew's entire family.  Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers remain with you.

From Linda Lane Lane ('64) of VA - 03/03/05:

Dearest Carol,
It was extremely sad to learn of the untimely death of Matthew WeissEllen (Overton Weiss - '68) and I became
reacquainted at the Hidenwood Little League many years ago.  Her Matthew and my Patrick played on the same team
for several years.  It's strange how our paths cross.  Someone I did not know well in high school, became a good friend
during those years we sat in the bleachers and watched our children enjoy themselves.  Matt was always a kind loving
child and it was easy to see the joy he brought to Ellen and Ronnie.  My heart is heavy and full of sorrow for Ellen, Ronnie
and Matt's wife and children.  I can't even imagine what they are going through.  They are all in my prayers.
Linda L. Lane

   Thank you, Linda.  I'd add something else, but I keep choking, and the words won't come.

7:23 PM - We just received word on Mickie's condition, and it's quite sad:


   There are several new messages posted there already.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and love and concern.

   Y'all take extra care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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Just a Dream

(Jimmy Clanton)

Just a dream, just a dream:
All our plans and our all schemes.
How could I think you'd be mine?
The lies I'd tell myself each time.

I know that we could never last;
We just can't seem to in the past.
Just a dream I dream in vain;
With you I'd only live in pain.

Your picture is always with me;
I can still hear that same mournful song.
And now I sit here crying;
Please leave me alone.

Why, why do I love you?
How can I live in misery?
I know that I won't forget you,
But now I know it's too late for me.

"Just a Dream" midi courtesy of http://www.just-oldies.com
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/24/05
Thanks, Dave!

"Just a Dream" lyrics courtesy of lyrics courtesy of http://www.just-oldies.com/1958/just_a_dream.htm
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/24/05 
Thanks again, Dave!

White Roses Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars25.html - 02/24/05

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