Class of 1966's
NNHS February Fling
Saturday, February 24, 2006, 6:00 P.M.
Angelo's Restaurant, J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, VA

Dave Spriggs' Photos

I am bummed. Most likely due to people motion and lotsa glass windows ... my camera
had some serious focus problems last night. All but one image was blurred and smeared.

Here is the best one:
I cannot ID everybody, but I know a few. Sitting at the table in the center in blue is Mary Frances Southall Waller (66). To her left is Gail Latta Pearce (64). Behind Gail in blue is Dee Hodges Bartram (66). Just to right of center, sitting under the picture with camera in hand is Dee's husband, Larry. To his left, standing with back to camera is Dave Arnold (65). Standing with him is Mike Artman (66).

  And I can recognize Mike Jeffers ('61) sitting down at that table
even after forty-eleven years have passed!


Here are the remainder of the images. Some were meant to comprise a panorama shot. 
Very psychedelic, doncha think?

   "Psychedelic"?!?  Well, yes, they are!  (Reunions are always very surreal anyway.)  And unless I'm hallucinating,
I think I can spot Karen Richardson ('66) and Richard Marshall ('66), and Ed Tolotti ('66) and Bob Cook ('67)
and Anita Morgan Becker ('66) and.....

#909 #911 #912
#913 #914 #915
#916 #917 #918
Above in the black & white checked shirt is Butch Kypriandes (66).    

Thanks, Dave!

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