02/16/05 - NNHS Newsletter - Oh Boy!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   I hope your Valentine's Day was pleasant and memorable.



1. Ned Midkiff ('59) of VA via Gary Fitzgerald ('61) of VA - 02/14/05:

Please include Ned Midkiff, class of '59, in mailing.... Thanks again.

   Well, Ned Midkiff, as I live and breathe - I'd be honored!  You might want to check these pages:




http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/BASKET-B-58.html - hmmm - this one even has your autograph from my sister's yearbook:



   And, oh yes, I've added you here:


   Thanks for joining us, Ned  - and thank you too, Gary!


From Pam Smith Arnold ('65) of VA - 02/14/05:

Many happy valentines will come to you today, I hope!
Have a great day.
Love, Pam

   Thanks, Cousin Pam!  Actually, the sweetest thing happened.  One of my sixteen-year old Seminary students walked
into class at 7:00 AM with a big red carnation and a little bag of chocolates with a nice note attached - which he delivered
with a hug!  Okay, maybe his mama made him do it, but at any rate she taught him correct principles, and the hug was all
his own!  And seeing the joy it brought me, I'd say he learned his life-lesson very well!

   I hope your day began as splendidly - and I'm sure, that being a newlywed, it did!


From Cheryl Pless Ramsey ('64) of VA - 02/14/05:

Hi Carol!
Glad you are feeling better!!  Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and all the love you give is returned to you many times over!!
You take care.

                                    Cheryl Pless Ramsey (NNHS ’64)

   Thanks, Cheryl!  I'm feeling a bit better, and I do appreciate your kind words!


From  Jean Baker Howell ('69) of VA - 02/14/05:

First of all, thanks for all your hard work.  I really enjoy the newsletters.  I read one in January that someone
was selling NNHS mugs and other items.  I looked but can't find who it was.  It wasn't the CD from Dave (Spriggs
- '64 - of VA)
.  I have that.  If you could help I really would appreciate it.  Thanks.
Class of '69

   Thank you, Jean!  I'd be only too delighted to print that, as I think every one of our readers should have the privilege of owning
at least one of each of these precious items.  Tom Flax ('64) of Virginia Beach is your man.  Here's the announcement, direct
from the front page  (I changed the background; the orange/red combo was just too grating to my nerves!) :



Send $2.00 Donation
plus SASE


Send $5.00 Donation


(Soft-Sided Cooler with NNHS Mug,
Magnet, and Notepad)

Send $10.00 Donation to:

2413 Adair Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23456


Tom Flax reported
on 12/02/04 that t
he 90-minute
production of the DVD/VHS video
 from the
Typhoon Family Reunion
of the Class of 1964
 is finally done.
He added
on 12/16/04 that
 it is NOW finished and in post
production duplication
.  On 01/12/04
he reported that those items
already ordered will be
in the mail on Thursday 01/13/05!


 What a great way to remember
that special weekend!

It is professionally copied with professionally
done artwork as the cover, and
in its own jewel box.

The committee would like
to offer the final product
 for a $15.00 donation
(cash or check). 

The DVD or VHS form can be ordered 
by contacting Tom directly (Tom Flax,
2413 Adair Court, Va. Beach, VA  23456) 
or sending a email
to his account:

Please specify which type
you would like -
 DVD or VHS - and make
your check payable
to Tom Flax.

   I'm glad you're enjoying the Newsletters, Jean - thanks!


From Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of TX - 02/14/05:

Hi Carol! The attached may be too lengthy to share in your newsletter, but I found it to be interesting.
Charles Robinson
was the architect who designed Newport News and Hampton High Schools.

Hope that you are feeling better--please take care of yourself, we are addicted to your newsletters.

Kelly Loose Bustamante

   Thanks, Kelly!  My anti-virus system attacked this attachment as though it were bubonic plague, so I never really saw it, but
I appreciate your thinking of me.  Might it perchance have been the history mentioned herein?


   Addicted to reading the Newsletters??  GIGGLES!  That's a fun thought, Kelly!  There are those who think that I'm addicted
to writing them!


From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 02/14/05:

Happy Valentine's Day.  You are a blessing to all of us.

   What a super nice thing to say!  Thanks, Craig!


Also from Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 02/14/05:

My precious cousin Sally Disharoon (HHS - '56) passed away last week, and I was asked (the night before)
to perform the services when the Pastor got sick.  It went off well (thanks to a last-minute phone call to Rev. Reeder
who coached me through it) and I got to see forty-eleven Krabba cousins I never knew before.
Sally was a very special cousin - - a very glamorous member of the Hampton Roads Water Ski club with a hot little
MG convertible sports car.  She taught me to water ski and used to take me to Buckroe Beach.
She and I used to needle each other over the Typhoon-Crabber rivalries.  But when she needed a decent job, she
came to Newport News!
After graduating from the Police Academy, she became one of Newport News' first full-fledged female police officers. 
Several of her friends, who later joined the force, told me she paved the way for many other female police officers
in Newport News.
Since we now have some Crabbers online, I thought I'd let them know not all Crabbers turn out so bad...

   Oh, Craig - what a sweet blessing for you to be able to do that for her!  Our deepest sympathies on the passing of your beloved
cousin.  Thanks for sharing her memory with us!

1955 Krabba, p.62            

   As it turns out, I still have possession of the 1955 Krabba belonging to Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA, so I scanned
Sally's  junior image.  (Thanks, Tom!)

Sarah E. Disharoon

NEWPORT NEWS - This is to announce the departure from this Earth and entering into God's heavens of Sarah "Sally"
Elizabeth Disharoon of Newport News. She was born in Hampton, Va., on Sept. 29, 1937, to Paul and Elsie Fitchett Disharoon,
now deceased. Mr. Disharoon has a son by his first marriage which made him Sally's half brother, Paul Disharoon Jr. Sally
would never except the half idea and tell her young friends that Paul was her whole brother and she loved him dearly. Paul
also is deceased. Sally's grandmother Sarah Web Fitchett was raised in the Historic "Jones House" on Historic Mullberry
Island. This was Sally's first encounter with true history tales, which never left her. Sally was one of the first females to become
a true policeman where she served in many facets of the law in Newport News. She attended Christopher Newport University,
the Police Academy, and graduated from Hampton High School. She was later appointed a Magistrate for the 7th Judicial
District covering Newport News, from which she retired. This was truly her best history lesson and a way for her to help those
that she could. Many, many times people would stop her on the street and thank her for being of help. She was also appointed
a marriage commissioner, another history lesson which she truly loved. Sally had many friends, some dating back to high
school and she did keep in touch. It didn't make any difference their standing in life they were her friends. Surviving relatives
include cousin, Craig Miller, his wife, Lorrain, and their children; nephews, Michael Disharoon, his wife, Nancy, and their children;
and nephew Paul Disharoon III, his wife, Barbara, and their children. The funeral will be conducted 2 p.m. Sunday at R. Hayden
Smith Funeral Home in downtown Hampton with the viewing beginning at 1:30 p.m. Her body will be laid to rest, after a long battle
with cancer, in Historic St. John's Cemetery.

Published in the Daily Press on 2/12/2005

What an amazing woman Sally was. So witty, quick with a joke. She won't ever be forgotten!
Misty Collins (Newport News, VA ) - February 12, 2005
Sally was and is the greatest cousin in the universe! Save me a seat at the table, Sally. We'll miss you for a little while, but I'll see you again, soon.
Craig Miller (Boca Raton, FL ) - February 12, 2005
Sally will be missed by many who knew her. I'll always remember her as one of my "colorful" neighbors! She gave my husband heck one day. He got so mad at her and she at him. He took her advice and they ended up kidding each other about the time "she blasted him"! We are sorry to see her leave us but knowing that she is in a better place and not in pain is a comfort!
Pat Cropper (Newport News, VA ) - February 15, 2005

   There you are, Crabbers - one of your finest!  Thanks again, Craig.


From Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA - 02/14/05:

The dance studio's new address is 4218 Victoria Blvd, called The Academy Of Ballet, and it used to be, among
other things, Krabba Lunch confectionary. This was the sweet shop Kathy was referring to. The Elizabeth City
County address was 241 Victoria Avenue (directly across from Willis Elementary School) near the corner
of Shields and Victoria.

Hope this dilutes the mud a tad.

And Carol .... no, I never considered Dave Whitley ('67 - of VA) as "Freaking Hot". Pam Weaver ('66) maybe .....
but not Dave. Then again that is probably a good thing .... LOL.

   Thanks, Babe!  Frankly, I'm more confused than ever about the dance studio (s), but that is fairly typical, n'est pas?  (Just lead
me by the hand.  Say, "Change this to this and that to that".  Sometimes I even take direction well.  Maybe.  "Possibly maybe.")

    But as to David Whitley, surely you jest!  The question isn't even moot.  In today's Newsletter, we have certain photographic
evidence.  Just keep reading.


   Speaking of David Whitley ('67 - of VA), I was able to con, er, I mean persuade him to join our Famous Soldiers page.
As it wasn't as unstable as the Famous Marines page, I was able to facilitate the splitting into sections with much more ease. 
I've only just begun, of course, but I'll finish them all - Soldiers, Sailors and Marines - quite soon.



   But back to our story:
"...waiting to be picked up on our last mission in Viet Nam"            

   Trust me, Babe, any man who can look THAT good sitting in a jungle in Viet Nam is freakin' HOT!  Period!

   Oh - thanks again, David!  And WELCOME to Famous Soldiers!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL to Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/15/05:

Dear Dave:
I salute you and your team that put together the outstanding reunion program, and had the foresight to record it
for those who were unable to attend this event. I had an opportunity to view the DVD of the 40th Class Reunion
of NNHS Class of 1964
I have to say that it blew me away when Coach Warren Mitchell and members of the TYPHOON Championship
Basketball Team
spoke and shared their memories of this most memorable season.
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thanks, Adonis!  Isn't that just the most touching moment!  Tom Flax ('64 - of VA) and the videographer did a super job
with that whole production!  I'm glad you enjoyed it; I thought it was just marvelous myself.

   And literally everything that David does, of course, he does without equal.  He's simply the best.


From Steve Toth (Menchville HS - '72 ) of VA - 02/15/05:

The BLUE LIGHT was a private club, located at 417 - 29th Street in Newport News. It was directly behind the
fire station and catty-cornered from the old Sears store. It was located in an old freight warehouse next to the
railroad tracks. The warehouse is gone now, replaced by a parking garage.

It was "bottle club" meaning you brought your own alcohol and bought setups and ice. It featured live bands, some
well-known entertainment (Tiny Tim once played there to an audience of THREE. Poor Tiny!), and the filthiest,
creepiest bathrooms in town. It usually got started late, around 11 p.m., and ended when the sun came up. They even
served breakfast, believe it or not! John Lancaster was the manager, and a matronly-looking woman named Ms.
worked the door. What it lacked in style & grace, it made up for in wild debauchery with high-spirited people
abounding. It was, for several years, THE PLACE to be on the Peninsula, if you were a young adult and in the
socializing-partying set. It closed its doors, I believe, in 1976.... and became an archery range and then a Corvette
parts mart. But alas, it fell prey to the wrecking ball - like everything else downtown - and all that's left is a parking
garage and memories of good times held there (with the possibility of an old DUI on your record!).  :-)

March 15, 1974            

Attached is a picture of some memorabilia from the BLUE LIGHT CLUB  -- my old membership card, a receipt
for membership payment, and a groovy pink ink pen! I want to clear my conscious and tell the world that I lied about my
age and used a fake I.D.  for that coveted membership. I was only 19 at the time... and as most of us know, GUYS had
to be 21 to drink in nightclubs.

Steve Toth, Menchville HS, '72

   WOWZERONI!  Thanks so much, Steve!







   There are still a couple of rather sizable contributions from a couple of y'all which are awaiting my technical attention of one
form or another.  I've neither forgotten nor discarded them.  Keep the faith - and thanks!  

   Y'all have a good day - and take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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Oh Boy!

(Buddy Holly)

All of my love
All of my kissin'
You don't know what you've been a-missin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world can see
That you, were meant, for me

All of my life
I've been a-waitin'
Tonight there'll be no...hesitatin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world can see
That you, were meant, for me

Stars appear and shadows are falling
You can hear my heart a-calling
A little bit a-lovin' makes everything right
I'm gonna see my baby tonight

All of my love
All of my kissin'
You don't know what you've been a-missin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world can see
That you, were meant, for me

Oh boy
Oh boy

[Guitar Solo] (ooh-ooh-ooh-oooooh)

All of my life
I've been a-waitin'
Tonight there'll be no...hesitatin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world can see
That you, were meant, for me

Stars appear and shadows are falling
You can hear my heart a-calling
A little bit a-lovin' makes everything right
I'm gonna see my baby tonight

All of my love
All of my kissin'
You don't know what you've been a-missin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world can see
That you, were meant, for me


"Oh Boy!" midi courtesy of http://jamy.homeip.net/reikoh/jukebox/midi/vrockpops/
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 02/04/05
Thanks, Dave!

"Oh Boy!" lyrics courtesy of http://www.oldielyrics.com/lyrics/buddy_holly/oh_boy.html
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
- 02/04/05
Thanks again, Dave!

 Smacking Lips clip art courtesy of http://www.webdeveloper.com/animations/s.html - 04/10/03

Silhouetted Valentine Couple Clip art courtesy of http://tlg_holidays.tripod.com/clipval.html - 02/09/05

Red Roses Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bar11.html – 02/01/05

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