01/26/05 - NNHS Newsletter - This Magic Moment


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   For reasons unknown to me, we set some viewing records for ourselves on Monday.  There were 166 hits with 25 people
visiting the website for the first time.  Thanks so much for your support!  These figures of course mean nothing to anyone but me,
and they impact nothing whatsoever, but I get a big kick out of them.  We're averaging about 105 hits a day now.


1. Tom Keithley ('68) of VA - 01/21/05

2. Clifford Smith ('67) of AL - 01/24/05

3. Elizabeth Lankes (Hampton HS - '71) of VA - 01/25/05

   Welcome, one and all!  We're delighted that you've joined us.


From Bob Parrish ('68) of VA - 01/21/05 (but only just discovered - EEK!):

We are getting ready for our first big snow storm of the year. It's supposed to start in the morning and go all day.
I think we are due to get about 6 or 7 inches. I have my snow shovel at the ready.

I had dinner this evening with Tom Keithley ('68) and his wife. We have talked about the newsletter on several
occasions and he expressed an interest in receiving it. I had tried to forward copies in the past and for some reason
it didn't get to him. Would you mind adding Tommy to your list?  He sure would appreciate it.



   Thanks, Bob!  I'm sorry I didn't discover your note until yesterday.  It's one of the drawbacks of having something in the
neighborhood of ten email accounts; some of them no longer seem to be checked as frequently as others....

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/24/05:

Hi, Carol:
Jimmy (Parker - '62 - of VA) had his son-in-law take three pictures of two much older TYPHOON by the poolside
at his daughter's lovely residence in St. Cloud, FL. I hope the camera lens could take in these two slightly overweight,
well rested Marine veterans, as we stood side-by-side. We shall see, for the camera was not a digital version. If we did
not break the camera, we shall be pleased to send you a copy so that we can be totally humiliated and embarrassed 
before your ever-growing number of TYPHOON subscribers of your Newsletter and website.
There is some hope for "Adonis" living in Wesley Chapel with the great herd of wild boar. My cousin of Fincastle, VA
and his son-in-law promise to rid us of this herd of wild boar when the latter returns from Afghanistan where he is
serving in the USMC. They both hunt wild boar with their trained dogs.
To be a well-informed subscriber to your newsletters, one must know their Rock N Roll and Greek mythology, not
to mention calculus when Cap'n Dave contributes to the website.
Are we ever going to see the one about the two trains leaving the station on parallel tracks? Only Cap'n Dave knows
the correct answer. Go ahead, test the knowledge of this great group of TYPHOON.

   Thanks, Adonis!  I shall eagerly await seeing those images when they arrive.  And I'm sure you will not be "totally humiliated
and embarrassed" when they arrive, either.  (You are soooo funny!)  Just to relieve some preliminary pressure, I rounded up
some photos from some of the last few times I've seen Jimmy in the past five years:

Sat., Oct. 28, 2000

Jimmy Parker ('62), and Carol Buckley Harty ('65)

Sat., July 28, 2001

Jimmy Parker ('62), and Carol Buckley Harty ('65)

Mon., Mar. 4, 2002

Carol Buckley Harty
('65), Jimmy Parker ('62), and Paul Harty
Mon., July 2, 2002

Pat Floyd Pride ('62), Carol Buckley Harty ('65), Brenda Amos Williams ('62), Pam Wright Owen ('62), and Jimmy Parker ('62)
Fri., Oct. 22, 2004

Carol Buckley Harty ('65) and Jimmy Parker ('62); BACKGROUND: Melba Dees Wood ('64); and Suzanne Van Noy Mink ('64)


   But I've not seen you in - what, 47 years, since you tried in vain to teach me how to swim???  So I'm really looking forward
to seeing them!

   Ah - the question of the two trains!  Let's see - that was back in early October.... Ah yes, here it is:

From http://www.nnhs65.com/10-05-04-NNHS-Training-Counts.html

A Word Problem: A freight train leaves Chicago at 4:30 pm traveling at a speed of 60 mph. Two hours later
a passenger train leaves the same station traveling at 90 mph. How far will the first train get before the
passenger train catches up to it?

Translate: D = R x T

Answer: The freight train will get 360 miles away from Chicago when the passenger train catches up.

From http://www.nnhs65.com/10-07-04-NNHS-Kindly-Thoughts.html

Another Word Problem: Now that the Passenger Train caught up with the Freight Train, how long will it take the
same Passenger Train to double the distance from the station they both left?

   And I've still no clue..... WILD GIGGLES!!!  Anyone?  Anyone??

From Cheryl Pless Ramsey (’64) of VA - 01/24/05:

Hi Carol!

Look forward to receiving your newsletter each week.  So many memories come back to me.  It really saddens me when
I read the names of all our classmates who are no longer with us!!  So many passed on so young.

You asked how to remove candle wax from clothing—take an ice cube and rub over the fabric—the wax should lift off.

Thanks again for all you do!


   Thanks, Cheryl!  "Weekly Newsletter" is of course now a misnomer; you see how long this one is, and it's only been two days
since the last one!

   AHA!  I thought it had something to do with ice cubes - thanks!

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 01/24/05:

Hey!  Stick the towel in the freezer and after a couple of hours the wax should pop off!  Gardenia is my favorite too! 
Love those candles.  I go for the freezer trick cause the alternative is gross and yucky!! 
Sarah Sugah!

   AH, the freezer!  That sounds even simpler - thanks, Sarah Sugah! 

   Mmmmmm - gardenias! 

From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 01/25/05:

Carol, You can put the towel (dampened) in the freezer.  This does the job of freezing the wax but is less messy than
using ice cubes.  You sort of comb much of the frozen wax out of or off of the fabric.  You may need to do this twice. 
The last step is ironing the affected fabric between layers of newspaper or paper toweling to absorb the last of the
wax.  Finally, if some stiffness remains, just work the fabric back and forth in your hands until it feels normal. 
These steps work better on some fabrics than others.  I had an accident with a fairly new and favorite swim suit once. 
Lycra is not a fabric that this works well on.  But I'd think cotton terry cloth will be fine. 

   AHHH,  so there are several steps involved in the process!  THAT'S the trick I remembered hearing once-upon-a-time! 
Thanks, Kathy!  My dampened towel is in the freezer now, awaiting my attention.  I'll let y'all know the results.

From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 01/24/05:

Carol ... in reply to the question from Joe Drewry ('58 of VA), the last Newport News-Hampton football game was
on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1970 at Saunders Stadium. Hampton was defending state champs, were on a
28-game winning streak, and had only yielded 6 points (to Kecoughtan) that year. Even though they were odds-on
favorite to win, it was not to be as Newport News won that final game 16-7 and denied Hampton the opportunity
to have a shot at back-to-back titles.

TRIVIA TIME. Newport News had a hand in Hampton's longest losing streak since 1965. Following that 1970 loss
(Johnny Palmer's last year as head coach) Hampton lost the two opening games of the 71 season to Ferguson and First
Colonial (Mike Smith's first year as head coach). That three game losing streak has never been equaled or broken since.
Newport News ALSO had a hand in ending the previous three game losing streak in 65, when following losses to Wilson,
Kecoughtan, and Granby, Hampton pulled out a 7-6 win at Darling. The Kecoughtan victory was much celebrated as it was
only the second year of varsity football at KHS and the KHS coaches promised to jump off the Buckroe pier if they
beat Hampton. They did ... and they did ... and the pictures of wet coaches in the 66 Tomahawk yearbook are priceless!

   Thanks, Babe!  I knew that you knew the answer to that question!

   And speaking of Darling Stadium....

From Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA - 12/29/04 and 01/25/05:

The original Darling Stadium - See if this will do until we get a "good" pic for you :-). It was taken off my 50 year poster that Hampton did in 2002. Wed., December 29, 2004

Here is a plaque on the wall of the stadium
Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Here is the "new" Darling .... the empty lot is the parking lot and the site
of the former Hampton High/Thorpe Junior High.


   As I told David when I asked him to select the music, a year ago I would not have considered such a page.  Nowadays it
seems to make as much sense as anything else. After all, every other Thanksgiving, we were all gathered there for a
monumental moment in our lives.  So here it is - a brand new page:


   Thanks again, Babe!

From Brian Beachum ('72) of VA - 01/24/05:

Dear Carol,

For Joe Drewry ('58) of VA, there WAS a NNHS Class of 1972. We were just spread across the city. Because of the
forced busing in 1972 and the demise of NNHS, the class of NNHS ‘72 was given the option of having NNHS on our 1972
diplomas. There were a few Typhoon loyals who did choose the NNHS diploma, as did I. There was also a 1972 ring, as we
ordered our rings while still juniors. Unfortunately, my ring was stolen years ago and I’m trying to get a replacement. That
quest is still ongoing. I’ll try to get a scan of the diploma for those interested.

I am planning to build a web site for the “lost class” of ’72, if I get enough interest. I’m unaware of any 1972 NNHS
yearbook, as Newport News was a Middle School in that year. There may have been a NNMS yearbook, but not a NNHS
one as there was no NNHS in 1972 (tear in the eye). I do have a 1970 and 1971 yearbook, if anyone needs some scans. Just
let me know. Typhoons Forever.

Brian Beachum

NNHS Class of '72

   Thanks, Brian!

   We wish you well with your web site.  And if you can snag me the faculty photo of Billy Turner ('65) of TX, oops - I mean
Coach Bill Turner - from whichever Anchor it is (along with the year and the page number, as my compulsive/obsessive
tendencies should be obvious to one and all by now - though I prefer to think of it as "attention to detail"), I would dearly love
to add it to his page:


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/24/05:

Hi, Carol:
From time to time, many of your subscribers give you tips and send you some great links. If I may, please invite those
who might be interested to visit this site. Most of us know the good work of Ronald McDonald House and how they help
families of ill and injured children who are hospitalized.
Well, this foundation provides housing for families of military men and women injured in combat, as well as other assistance.
Let me invite everyone to take a look at this page for your will be inspired.


   WOWZERS!!!   This is something of which I was totally unaware!  Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Adonis!

From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 01/25/05:

Thanks, Carol.......
my story:
I'm a Hampton girl, so in addition to attending Thorpe's sockhops, I went to the Willis dances......thanks for the
history of Willis Syms Eaton, which now is the site of the Hampton Library.  They weren't sock hops, though.......
can you imagine trying to find your shoes after one of those dances??  And I loved to dance!! 
Yes, Craig Miller ('63 - of FL), I did the mash potato......practiced and practiced in front of the mirror
until I had it down, then the fad dance changed.........to the watusi??  But I can still do the mash potato plus the
jitterbug and cha-cha. 
Anyone remember The Blue Light........a club very close to NNHS.  Not sure when it opened, but I know I attended
way after graduation. 
Wow! What a great time to grow up in Hampton!  My mother still lives there, so I love going back for visits.
On a side note, my two best friends in high school and I went with NNHS guys......and there was a big rivalry (Turkey
Day football games) back then........so it was  considered almost treason to date outside of your own school.
Gloria (Woolard) Price, HHS '65 

   Thanks, Gloria!  I added your remarks to the Summer Dances page: 


   I personally do not remember The Blue Light, but compared to some of the other things I've forgotten, that's completely

   Who remembers this for Gloria?

From Elizabeth Lankes (Hampton HS - '71) of VA - 01/25/05:

Hi, Fellow Nostalgia Enthusiasts!
I found a photo of Fuller's Restaurant in Phoebus, taken in the summer of 1982. Feel free to post it on the Web.
Some of the signs are hard to read in the small scan. It says "The Famous Fuller's Since 1901" and "Every Day
at Holiday in Fuller's." And of course the "Stop! Eat Dirt Cheap" that we all remember. I can only remember eating
here one time in the late 70's or early 80's. They had good iced tea and a very cool antique pressed-metal ceiling. 
Elizabeth Lankes
HHS '71
Summer of 1982 - Image by Elizabeth Lankes (HHS - '71)
of VA

   Thanks, Elizabeth!  I added your image to the Fuller's page: 


   (I'm saving the earlier images you sent us for tomorrow's extra edition of the Newsletter.)

From Nancy Bigger Alligood ('56) of VA - 01/25/05:

Hey Carol,
I just want to say "Thank You"  to Susie Overton Jones ('63 of VA) regarding her kind words about Warwick Travel Service.
Susie, we appreciate your business.  Have a wonderful cruise on the ms Maasdam.  Come in and tell us all about it.
Thank you,
Nancy Alligood
Warwick Travel Service, Inc.
(NNHS Class of 1956) 
P.S.  And Carol,  thank you too for all that you do to bring us all together.  You are "one of a kind"!

   Thank you, Nancy!  What a kind thing to say!

From Cathy Slusser Hudson ('64) of VA - 01/25/05:


My cousin sent this to me and I wanted to share with you. It is rather long but worth it.  Hope you enjoy
the memories.
Subject: The old double-dog-dare..........


     Thanks, Cathy!  We've run this rather recently, but it's such fun!  I'm never averse to repeating and reiterating fun!

From Edna Whitcomb Harrison  ('65) of VA - 01/25/05:


I was surprised to see in the newsletter that only 15 DVDs and 2 VHS tapes were sold of the reunion. I
purchased two of the DVDs myself. I spoke to my sister, Libby (Whitcomb Ellis - '63 - of FL) today and
she told me how much she enjoyed the DVD that I purchased and sent to her. I can't imagine anyone not
wanting a DVD or VHS tape of this reunion. The cost is less than the cost of the usual reunion group picture.
And it is priceless. And Carol you are right, it is like being there once again. It is really moving as one
watches and remembers what happened so many years ago. It is full of memories and very poignant
moments. Carol, your speech was so moving and expressed the feelings of a lot of people. We are and
were the privileged ones. We attended a high school that we could be proud of. OK ,,, I am drifting off
course here.
Back to praising the DVD that I purchased. The DVD was professionally done. The price is very reasonable.
Shipping is FREE !!  Anyone that is thinking about getting one should get it while they are still available.


   Thanks, Edna!  I'm completely astonished that more people have not availed themselves of this marvelous opportunity. 

   And thanks for your kind remarks about my moment in the spotlight.  I decided - rightly or wrongly - to forego using notes,
as I thought it not inconceivable that I might have difficulty reading them for one reason or another, so I was rather surprised
to see what I actually ended up saying.  GIGGLES!!!

   But back to the issue - if you have not yet ordered a copy of this precious treasure - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?

From Gail Kiger Bonsey (Ferguson HS - '73) of OR - 01/26/05:


Well, Carol, after the reunion DVD came to me first instead of my brother (Steve Kiger - '66 - of VA), I gleefully
watched it first (and enjoyed it) and then UPS'd it to him from Portland.  I was so excited.  It had also coincided with his birthday....well, he called...then he burst my bubble and I could have brained him when he informed me his DVD player
was non-working, and had been for some time, but he promised me he'd watch it very soon ... he thinks it's funny how I enjoy
this page - but for those that aren't "into a computer", they have no idea all the fun stories/memories and old photos/clippings 
you have featured on the tidewater area.

So - when am I going to talk this Dave guy or Al to contact the Daily Press and submit a story on the success
you've generated to this popular site?
  It would make an amazing story how you and a handful of loyal contributors really
got this off the ground.  And there are so many former Typhoons (and Crabbers - not to mention other schools) that enjoy
reading about the 50's - 70's.  Many of us miss how innocent youth use to be - and how very different schools/youth are
today.  A story in the Daily Press would generate interested readers to the page and even more donations.
On a final note - I read on the main web page on one of the sections - a bit on Coach J.C. "Cowboy" Range.  He
was my very first boss!
  Actually it was 1972 and he was in the room with Dick Tyson and Bob Ascher and interviewed
me for the Dr Education department at the Newport News School Board.  My immediate boss was George "Dick" Tyson,
but Cowboy & Bob Ascher and Mrs. Williams all worked in Dr Ed/ P.E. & Health.  I was just a 17 year old VOT student
but had that job the end of 11th grade and all summer and all of 12th.  I loved them all.  It was such a positive first-job
experience.  I think I would have stayed but my brother had convinced me that Smithdeal-Massey in Richmond was the
business school I should go to... (it's out of business now!)  But, anyway, Cowboy was so witty - as were Dick and Bob too. 
He recognized my last name during the interview and recalled my brother played basketball at NNHS.  That helped!  He
will always be fondly remembered.

   Thanks, Gail!  You are such a hoot!  I'm glad you're enjoying everything here.  Actually, I'm still chuckling over your calling a
retired Naval officer "this Dave guy" when I've always been so completely in awe of him, ever since we first met in Miss Allen's
biology class back in '61-'62, but I digress!

   I forwarded your note to David (Spriggs - '64 - of VA) and Albert (Dorner - '66 - of VA) early this morning, and Albert
assured me he would take care of it for you.  I would quote him verbatim, but then he'd probably be forced to shoot me or
something, and there are quite enough people in that posse already without having Albert to lead the charge.

   However, speaking of Albert, I cannot resist sharing this image with y'all.  I now have (temporarily) in my possession fifteen
, from 1952 to 1966.  I've studied them all rather carefully.  From all those yearbooks, my favorite "staged" photo must
surely be this one from page 32 of the 1966 Anchor:

1966 Anchor, p. 32            

   Isn't that just the cutest picture you've seen lately???  Ah, but I digress again.

   I posted your memories of Coach Range; thanks for sharing them:


   Smithfield-Massey is gone???  Ah, the carnage of destruction has spread to Richmond, too.  Sigh.  The other day, my sister
and her husband (Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky - '59 and Miles Nowitzky - Granby HS - '50 - of NC) were returning home
from Northern Virginia.  As is their custom, they turned off into Richmond to stop at Bill's Barbeque.  They found it boarded up. 
Horrified but undaunted, they drove down the street to the other Bill's location.  It had met the same fate.  Crushed, she called
me from the road with the tragic announcement.  Unbelievable.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/26/05:

Hi, Carol:
Please allow me to share my memories of one of the most significant teachers at NNHS when I was a student. Coach
Bill Chambers
came to NNHS when Coach Julie Conn relinquished this duty as Head Basketball Coach and
concentrated on the duties of Athletic Director.
Coach Chambers set a example for the players and managers while he was the Varsity Basketball Coach for the TYPHOON.
His quiet manner and calm countenance always set the standard of conduct in a very charged and exciting environment
when the TYPHOON played at home and away.
His leadership on and off the floor set an example for all of us under his influence. He was a hard working Coach, who
insisted on each player giving his very best. He seldom if ever scolded a player, relying on hours of practice and instilling
confidence in them with his soft spoken encouragement and relying upon high ideals of sportsmanship, which he set
by example.
He demanded proficiency in the basic fundamentals of basketball.
He mentored certain players after the scheduled practice sessions, to make them true champions. I can remember him
working with Horace Williams ('55) and Slade Dunn ('56) and Donald Ellis ('58) for hours to help them improve
their skills at Center for their respective teams, by sharing his experiences.
He was an innovator, and dressed the teams in high top knee socks so they could see their team mates during fast breaks
and screen plays without looking up to be sure it was a team mate as the plays developed on the floor.
Ball handling was an absolute requirement to be on the teams, and dribbling skills were drilled into each player that
resulted in great confidence during close games, when the opposing team would put on a full court press.
Coach Chambers treated everyone with respect. He was successful and showed us how to succeed in life by showing us
how to do it with dogged persistence and determination.

   Thanks, Joe!  What a beautiful tribute!  You mentioned that you were in touch with Coach Chambers now.  What a rare
opportunity, to be able to tell a teacher or mentor of the profound impact such dedication made in the life of even a single
student.  Thank you for sharing this with us all, Adonis.


   I've so much more for you - including even two or three letters, but this has been quite a long edition already, and I am seriously
out of time, so we'll pick it up tomorrow.

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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This Magic Moment

This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I met you
And then it happened
It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
I could see it by the look in your eyes

Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer's night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight

This magic moment,
While your lips are close to mine,
Will last forever,
Forever, 'til the end of time

So why won't you dance with me?
Why won't you dance with me?

This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I met you

And then it happened
It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
I could see it by the look in your eyes

Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer's night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight

My dear
My heart's all aglow
Could this be magic
Loving you so.
Could this be magic
My dear
Having your love
My prayers were answered
So far from above.
I thought it would be
Just a memory
To linger my heart in pain
But too much pride
I opened up my eyes
And I'm with you dear once again
Could this be magic
My dear
Having your love
If this is magic
Then magic is mine.
Could this be magic
Then magic is mine.

"This Magic Moment" midi courtesy of http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/midi/rock/
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/21/05
Thanks, Dave!

"This Magic Moment" lyrics courtesy of http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/thelosthighway/thismagicmoment.htm
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/21/05
Thanks again, Dave!

"It’s Magic" Animated Hands clip art courtesy of http://www.angelfire.com/ny3/magic/free_gifs.html - 01/20/05

Bunny in Hat and Magic Wand Images courtesy of http://www.fotosearch.com/stock-photos/pictures/images/magic-wand - 01/20/05

Magic Blue divider line clip art courtesy of http://www.cliphoto.com/index0.htm - 01/20/05

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