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01/15/10 - NNHS Newsletter -
Gene Krupa's 101st Birthday

“When I speak of natural drummers I'm talking about guys
that are playing with the talent God gave 'em.

- Gene Krupa
(15 Jan 1909 - 16 Oct 1973)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates, 

   When I realized that today was Gene Krupa's birthday, one song came immediately to my mind - Sing, Sing, Sing.  It was some while before I realized we had just used this theme in July:

   Normally I try to allow a much longer interval before revisiting a theme, but I just couldn't force myself to do so this time.

BONUS #1 - - Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman Orchestra - featuring Gene Krupa on drums and Harry James on trumpet - 2 minute film version from Hollywood Hotel, 1937

BONUS #2 - - Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman Orchestra - 5 minute version - "I think this is the best quality version on YouTube. I should also point out that this obviously isn't an original recording!"

BONUS #3 - - Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman Orchestra - full 9 minute version!  WHOO-HOO!!!


" influential American jazz and big band drummer and composer, known for his highly energetic and flamboyant style.[1]

"Many consider Krupa to be one of the most influential drummers of the 20th century, particularly regarding the development of the drum kit. Many jazz historians believe he made history in 1927 as the first kit drummer ever to record using a bass drum pedal. Others, however, believe this was done earlier by Baby Dodds. His drum method was published in 1938 and immediately became the standard text. He is also credited with inventing the rim shot on the snare drum.

"Krupa in the 1930s prominently featured Slingerland drums. At Krupa's urging, Slingerland developed tom-toms with tuneable top and bottom heads, which immediately became important elements of virtually every drummer's set-up. Krupa also developed and popularised many of the cymbal techniques that became standards. His collaboration with Armand Zildjian of the Avedis Zildjian Company developed the hi-hat stand and standardized the names and uses of the ride cymbal, the crash cymbal, the splash cymbal, the pang cymbal and the swish cymbal."


    Happy Birthday today to Skippy Weitz ('57) AND   Mary Markiewich Hux ('67) of VA!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow to   Johanne Coates Richardson ('57) AND Steve Kiger ('66) of VA!

    Happy Birthday this week to:

17 -   Chuck Anspach ('60) of NC;

18 - Eileen Rash Vaught ('57);

21 - Carol Collier Sparrow ('63) of VA;

22 -   Bruce Sims ('56) of VA AND Carolyn Clark Wilt ('57) AND Sandra Sherman Filippo ('57) AND    Rochelle Spooner ('63) of NY!

   Many Happy Returns to You All!


January 15, 1942 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave baseball the approval to play despite World War II. He encouraged night games so that war workers could attend.

January 15, 1943 - The Soviet counter-offensive at Voronezh began.

January 15, 1943 - The world's largest office building, The Pentagon, was dedicated in Arlington, Virginia.

January 15, 1951 - In West Germany, Ilse Koch, the "Witch of Buchenwald", was sentenced to life in prison. She was the wife of SS Colonel Karl Koch, wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp.


Friday, January 15, 1965 - Cyclist Maurizio Fondriest was born in Cles, province of Trento, Italy.

Friday, January 15, 1965 - Boxer Bernard Hopkins ("The Executioner") was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Friday, January 15, 1965 - Musician Adam Jones (Tool) was born in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Friday, January 15, 1965 - Actor James Nesbitt was born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

      From Dimples Dinwiddie Prichard ('58) of NC - 01/14/10 - "Haiti":

Let us not forget that       Harry Covert ('57 - of Northern VA) has a school in Haiti for 150 small children.  He has heard nothing from them or the Director since the earthquake.  Surely you have his address for his ministry.  We cannot forget what one of our own has done to keep children from literally eating "dirt cookies" made from salt, lard and dirt and dried in the sun ! Harry needs the Typhoon Nation now...we can't let him down !

Dimples aka Sepi

   How small our world has become; how closely we are all connected.....

  Thank you so much, Dimples!

   Harry's address is

   There is a link on his website where donations may be made:

      From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 01/14/10 - "A Prayer For The People Of Haiti":

This is a prayer for the lost and injured in Haiti.
May the Angels carry you home to the light.
For the survivors, many healing blessings.
Please pass around and add your prayer to prayers already offered.

   Thank you, Shari!

       From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/14/10 - "A Mini-Reunion":

We had our monthly NNHS Boys’ lunch today at Silver Diner. In attendance were   Fred Mays ('60),       Dave Arnold ('65),     Tom Flax ('64),   Ray Staton ('64), and myself. Unable to attend was   Charles Forrest ('64).


Fred mentioned that    Brownie (Shaffer Haracivet - '62) might show up with some friends, and, sure enough, she did. As she and Fred spoke, I caught the image with my cell phone.

      AH, DAVID! You know how I love even the thought of mini-reunions!

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Brownie and Fred

  Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Captain!

  From My Friend, Judy Bundy Bowermaster (Litchfield HS, IL - '59) of IL - 01/12/10 - "Savannah":

  This is the newest and cutest one yet! AND (Great) Grandma knows best!

   AGREED! Thanks, Jude!


    From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/14/10 - "Musical Themes for Newsletters.":

Hi, Carol:
Thank you for accepting my suggestion and using "Ordinary Lives" by the Bee Gees for your Newsletter.
The video you linked in the Newsletter sure brought back some wonderful memories of this fine group performing on stage.

This evening while reading the latest Newsletters one of your subscribers mentioned a love one deploying to Afghanistan. I had intended to write down the subscriber's name, but deleted it before doing so, and I could not find the Newsletter on your website to retrieve the information.
Perhaps you might consider using "Stranger In A Strange Land" performed by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb from their "Guilty Pleasure" album. The DVD that came with the album features combat equipment laden American Troops deploying and loading on a cargo aircraft to go to war, and is very moving. It will have special meaning for those with loved ones serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thank you, Adonis!

   I believe you are referring to   Ruthie Reese Horace ('67) of FL whose note appeared here:

   I also believe using Stranger in a Strange Land in the upcoming week should pose no problem.

   Thanks again for the great idea!

    From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 01/14/10 - "Newport News Jail":

If my memory is correct, it seems like I can remember that you could walk down I think it was 25th Street where the N.N. Police Department was and you could see the people in jail looking through the window bars sometimes, talking to people walking down the street. Has anyone else seen that?
Glenn Dye

   Thanks, Glenn!

    It's a well documented fact how little I remember, but your query does ring a dim bell somewhere.....

   "Anyone? Anyone?"

        From David Whitley ('67) of VA - 01/05/10 - "This Made My Day" - "#9 in a Series of 12":

There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it.

 For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is 
that wrinkles don't hurt....

   WILD GIGGLES!!! Thanks, Gorgeous!




  From Jane Chambers of VA - 07/01/09 - "CNC BOOK BROCHURE & AD":

   Contact Dr. Chambers at

   Thanks, Jane!


From ArcaMax Jokes - 01/14/09:

Name and Address?

A cop pulled over two drunks, and asked to the first, "What's your name and address?"

"I'm Paddy O'Day, of no fixed address."

The cop turned to the second drunk, and asked the same question.

"I'm Seamus O'Toole, and I live in the flat above Paddy."


1. Friday and Saturday, August 6 and 7, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1970 will hold its 40-Year Reunion. Saturday night will be at the Kiln Creek Golf & Country Club. For details, contact Carol Comer Cutler at or visit the reunion website at - CLASS OF 1970

2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 6, 7, and  8, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1960 will hold its 50-Year Reunion at the Marriott Newport News at City Center. For details, contact Karen Weinstein Witte at - CLASS OF 1960

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  Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty

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Sing Sing Sing

Words and Music by Louis Prima, 1936
(07 Dec 1910 – 24 Aug 1978)

The Benny Goodman version was arranged by Jimmy Mundy.

Sing, sing, sing, everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah
Now you're singin' with a swing
Sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah
Now you're singin' like everything.

When the music goes around,
Everybody's gonna go to town.
But here is one thing you should know
Sing it high and sing it low.
Oh, sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah
Now you're singin' with a real good swing!

"Sing, Sing, Sing" midi courtesy of - 07/02/09

"Sing, Sing, Sing" lyrics courtesy of - 07/02/09

First Image of Gene Krupa courtesy of - 01/15/10

Second Image of Gene Krupa courtesy of - 01/15/10

Laughing Jester Smiley clip art courtesy of Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA - 10/06/09
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Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
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Litchfield High School's Purple Panther Paw Print courtesy of - 06/23/07

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of the late Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who fought in WWII
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Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06 (still missing...)
Thanks, Al!
Replaced by Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 02/09/09
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