01/12/05 - NNHS Newsletter - I Hear You Knocking



Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   You'll be so surprised.  I actually ran some scans and made some updates this week.


1. Ron Haney ('65) of VA - 01/11/05, via his brother, Terry Haney ('66) of VA:

Please add my brother, Ron Haney, to your email list.  He lives in King & Queen County.  His birthday
is today, January 11th.

   Well, SUPER!  Thanks, Terry!  Welcome aboard, Ronnie - and a Very Merry Unbirthday!

   I added your name to both the Alumni Page and the Birthday Page. 



   I also added just your name to the Contact list:  If you'd like your email addy published to eliminate the middle man (that would
be me), drop me a line.



From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 01/10/05:

Awesome newsletter! The pics of Indonesia took my breath away! Completely unbelievable!

   Thanks, Babe!  Those images are absolutely incredible, aren't they?

From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 01/10/05:

Reading my brother's (Fred Mays - '60 - of VA) memories of his Manning's Grocery experience, made me
think of a few of mine.
Manning's was the source of most our goodies and a lot of our groceries. Manning's was the refuge
from winter weather while waiting for the school bus. My friend Linda Waterfield ('66) was dating Joe
, who went to St. Vincent's. They would stand in the corner and kiss in the mornings.
When Mr. Manning found out I was a budding folk singer, he requested a song.  I will never forget serenading
him with guitar in hand while he chopped meat in the back. What a picture that was. Sometimes his chubby
hands would hand me a fresh ham sandwich...free! Since I hated school and stayed home as much as I could
possibly fake, my mother would let me order whatever I wanted from Manning's during my "sick" days.
Mr. Manning employed a relative who delivered groceries in those days. We called him "Shorty". He was an old
guy, and yes, very short. So Shorty would deliver my sick day feast through rain sleet and snow, always with a
smile  I would pile up on the sofa watching T.V. programs like Pete and Gladys and Dick Van Dyke, eating
Hostess Cup Cakes and Fudge-Cicles all day. Shorty always had to have hug before leaving. Since we were
not a "hugging" family in those days, it made me a bit uncomfortable. His jovial spirit always helped put me
at ease.
When I was a little girl I fell off the porch into a bush and stuck a stick in the upper part of my ear. Fortunately it
did not hurt, I was quite the "tom boy" then. Mother walked me the two blocks to Mary Immaculate. As we passed
Manning's Grocery I yelled, "Hey, Shorty, I got a stick in my ear."
One of the last times I saw Mr. Manning was at Riverside Hospital. I was in the emergency room with one
of our children that had an ear infection. Mr. Manning was having a heart attack. It was not serious so I was able
to talk to him for a moment. I wish I had  said more to him. He was a very happy memory in my childhood. I don't
really remember what happened to Shorty. He was old when I was little.
I am sure my brother knows what happened to Shorty and the date he died as well!
I am thankful for so many wonderful memories of growing up in East End.
Peace & Blessing,

   Thanks, Cheryl!  I posted your note with your brother's on the Manning's Grocery page.


   I never realized that you were "sick" as often as I was during the school months.  I used to read the TV Guide at the beginning
of the week to see if any good old movies from the 30s and the 40s were due to be shown, and plan my days around them.  I could
usually manage to induce an asthma attack or two, but occasionally I would have to dredge up something like an elbow ache.   I was
the original Couch Potato.  I don't remember the attendant snack food, just the sofa, the blankets, and the TV - AHHH!  GIGGLES!!!

From Jeanette McDonald Hornsby ('66) of SC - 01/10/05:

I'd love to have my address on the page for the class of 1966....I've been reading all the past newsletters and they're
great. So many things I've forgotten after living in SC since 1968. I've been back to all the reunions but one, but this
is so great because you get views from other classes.

   Thanks, Jeanette!  Your wish is my command:



   The expansion of the website and newsletter to include other classes has been one of the joys of my life!  So much dimension
and understanding has been added in the last couple of years since they've begun to join us; their contributions have been invaluable. 
I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as I am, Jeanette!

From Fred Field ('45) of CA - 01/10/05:

Hello Carol,        Monday, Jan. 10, 04
Here is some response to questions Brownie Shaffer Haracivet ('62 - of the Virgin Islands - and Craig Miller -
'63 - of FL)
asked 1-9-04:
I remember that when I started my freshman year in September 1941, there were two publications named
.  There was the Beacon newspaper and also the Beacon "Annual."  The latter term was something
of a misnomer, since we had two graduating classes a year - in February and in June.
At the end of my first semester, the last Beacon Annual was published - this for the Feb. 1942 class.  There was
something appearing later in the Beacon Newspaper explaining that the annual would henceforth be named
. It was a smooth transition.  When the June 1942 Anchor came out I don't remember any remarks
or confusion.  I also think that from then on the word "Annual" wasn't used anymore.  The Anchor was The
My recollection is that in my school years, Typhoons referred to the athletic teams.  This seems to be the case
in my one Beacon Annual, and in all the subsequent Anchors.  Perhaps in the past we had all generically been
called Shipbuilders, but in my memory, the only time I heard it used was from the Hampton High School
cheerleaders.  They had a chant, "Sink the Shipbuilders."  We countered that with "Crush the Crabbers."  We all
smugly felt that it was a lot better to be a shipbuilder than a crabber.
I was in the band for my high school years.  We were never referred to as Typhoons - always just the NNHS Band. 
Anyone doing otherwise would have had to deal with Miss Eleanor Sherman.  Probably ditto for the orchestra,
chorus and the many clubs and other activities.  If students began to be referred to as Typhoons, it must have
happened long after my time.
Did the Shipyard Apprentice School also use the Shipbuilders name?  If so, they would certainly have been
more entitled to it than we.
Nostalgic best wishes,        Fred

   I knew you were the very man who would have these answers for us, Fred.  Thanks so much!

   Hmmm - I keep thinking that Miss Sherman already had her own page.  Sigh.  All right - here ya go: 




   This page should definitely have some music attached to it.  I never knew Miss Sherman, but surely one of y'all will know the
very song we should use, a favorite of hers, for example.  Anyone?  Anyone?

   While I was with the faculty, I updated one of my very favorite teachers, Coach Jack Powers:


   Next week I'm going to try to concentrate on adding more to the Staff and Teacher pages.  I have several interesting items
here, including a couple of nice surprises.

   Thanks again, Fred!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/10/05:

Hi, Carol:
Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of TX sure helped fire up a "Fifties Flashback" by reminding me of the kind gentleman
who would give a kid some thirst quenching ice from the dock of the Crystal Ice Company plant at the western terminus
of the 25th Street Bridge, at Virginia Avenue (Later named Warwick Boulevard). I spent a great deal of time in that
neighborhood because it was near the Daily Press and Tidewater Motorcycle, and not far from the Western Union
Telegraph Office
on Washington Avenue and 27th Street, where I spent a lot of time after school. I hope you can
figure out a way to emit the smell of fresh bread baking when you post Betty Lewis Bakery on the website. Then again,
imagination is powerful enough to conjure up that smell again.
The Crystal Ice Company plant is shown in the background of a photo taken of a Citizens Rapid Transit bus as it
came off the bridge. It is located in the Our Old Stomping Grounds or in your case Your Old Skating Grounds.
Ron Miller ('59) of NC added some very helpful information by providing the nickname of "TEX" in identifying Jimmy
and especially the occupation that he followed after NNHS.
When you have been anonymous in large metropolitan areas for so many years, it is sure fun to exchange information
and memories of people who names you know and faces you recognize as well as some of the Old Stomping Grounds
and why they seemed special back then. It has been fun reading the Newsletters and visiting this fine website.

   Thanks, Adonis!  I'm so glad that you and your photographic memory are here to help us!

From Henry Hoyle ('65) of Northern VA - 01/10/05:

Hi Carol,

Please pass on to Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of TX that she mixed up my dad (Sam Hoyle) with my brother (Pete Hoyle - `60).
She probably knew Pete from NNHS or his visits to city hall. Dad was the City Auditor for Newport News before the consolidation
with the city of Warwick (formerly Warwick County). At the time of the consolidation (1958), city hall moved from downtown to Hilton,
and he became the Director of Finance for the city of Newport News. I remember Kelly's name from my visits to Dad's office.


   Thanks, Cousin Henry!  (Henry's father and my mother were distant cousins.  Her second great-grandmother was Mary Hoyle,
b. 5 Apr 1767 in Cleveland Co., NC.  Mary was the daughter of John Hoyle, 1738 -1809, and Margaret Costner, 1745 - 1824.
Yes, this IS Kevin Costner's family.)  See, it's just as we're always saying - we're just one big happy family!  GIGGLES!!!

From Jo Ann Stewart ('64) of TX - 01/11/05:

I can't believe Frances Goodson (Wang - '65 - of MD) kept those pictures all those years.  I do remember being at her house
for an
SLT sorority party-I think that is Janice Knight ('66) between Sylvia Hall ('66) and me.  Can't remember who the person
is beside
Olivia House ('65 of VA).
Jo Ann

  My, my, I do believe you're right about Janice, Jo Ann.  Thanks!



   And you should see the rest of the cool old pictures which Frances sent me - and you will, too - just as soon as I scan them....

From My Brother-in-Law, Miles Nowitzky (Granby HS - '50) of NC - 01/11/05:

"Granby is BEST, Better than all the rest...."

   Sigh.    Well, hey, it's his birthday, right? 

   GIGGLES!  Thanks, Miles - I think.....

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 01/11/05:

Carol -- something I just found out today that could be of use to any and all of us now or in the not so distant future:  the fine print
in Medicare reads that they will pay for ONE wheelchair. Period.
I found this out while looking into a possible wheelchair for my 92 year old Dad.
So if you or a loved one are ever in that situation, go for the motorized wheelchair FIRST. If you opt for a standard wheelchair first,
then sometime in the future need a motorized one: tough. They only pay once, and you're stuck with the bill for any future wheelchairs. 
The motorized ones are running roughly $6,000 to $10,000 right now. Heaven knows what they'll be 10-20 years down the road.

   WOW.  That's interesting and handy information to have.  Thanks, Ron!

From Tim Parsons ('73) of VA - 01/11/05:

Hi Carol,

It is refreshing to read of the area of Buxton and Blair Avenues. All of us kids were born in Mary Immaculate, but was it Buxton when
Dale Jr. arrived in 1951. I like to think that only in America could a Methodist family be born in a Catholic hospital and be delivered
by a Jewish doctor. This is what our country is all about.

Tim Parsons '73
Courtland, Va

   Honey, I hope you're sitting down, because I have a big shock for you.  I actually posted this on East End within moments
of receiving it   I know you're accustomed to waiting days and weeks for me to post your items after you go to all the trouble
of sending them to me.  What can I tell you?  The page was ready, I had (GASP!) no interruptions, and I didn't have to think. 
You know how strongly I'm opposed to thinking.


   Thanks so much, Tim!  I really do appreciate your many contributions, and I really will finish posting them all one day.  I just
keep falling farther and farther behind.  If anyone knows where I can find a clone, I wish you'd let me know.  No, wait a minute! 
If there're going to be two of me, make this one look like Brooke Burke or Brooke Burns or one of those Brookes.  Yeah!
What a great idea!  WILD GIGGLES!!

Brooke Burke Brooke Burns        

b. 8 Sep 1971 - Hartford, CN or Tuscon, AZ



b. 28 Oct 1977 - Dallas, TX





http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/barclay-bros.html - additional image

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/betty-lewis-bread.html - brand new page, complete with music

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/bostic-upholstery.html - brand new page

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/evans-studio.html - brand new page, complete with music

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/FL-orange.html - additional image

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/myrtles-beauty-salon.html - brand new page, complete with music

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/robinsons-gift.html - brand new page

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/ruth-staple-house-of-beauty.html - brand new page, complete with music

http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/shaw.html - two additional images, including this breathtaking old shot from Tim Parsons ('73) of VA:

Hi Carol,

Found this but not sure where I got it. Ah yes, the days when drugs and jewelry on Washington Avenue did not mean criminal activity.

   WOWZERONI, Tim!  I loved this one!  It was almost like being in my own Time Machine!  Thanks so much!  I haven't made a
People's Drug Store page yet, but I will.  I will....

    Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOON FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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 I Hear You Knocking

You went away and left me long time ago
And now you're knocking on my door

I hear you knocking
But you can't come in

I hear you knocking
Go back where you've been

I begged you not to go but you said goodbye
And now you're telling me all your lies

I hear you knocking
But you can't come in

I hear you knocking
Go back where you've been

You better get back to your use-to-be
'cause your kind of love ain't good to me

I hear you knocking
But you can't come in

I hear you knocking
Go back where you've been

I told you way back in 52
That I would never go with you

I hear you knocking
But you can't come in

I hear you knocking
Go back where you've been

"I Hear You Knocking" midi and lyrics courtesy of http://www.smickandsmodoo.com/aaa/lyrics/knocking.htm
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/09/05
Thanks, Dave!  I do love this MIDI!

Vined Door clip art courtesy of http://www.angelfire.com/wa2/clipart/doors1.html - 01/08/05

Animated Celtic Panel Design divider line clip art, copyright Bradley W. Schenck, 1997 & 1998,
courtesy of http://www.webomator.com/bws/data/freeart/celtic/panels.html - 01/08/05

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