01/02/05 - NNHS Newsletter - You Were on My Mind

  Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   I don't mean to keep bombarding y'all with Newsletters, but activity is increasing so fast that if I don't send them every day,
I fall hopelessly behind, and the letters themselves become too long to read.

A Thought Went Up My Mind To-Day

A THOUGHT went up my mind to-day
That I have had before,
But did not finish,—some way back,
I could not fix the year,

Nor where it went, nor why it came
The second time to me,
Nor definitely what it was,
Have I the art to say.

But somewhere in my soul, I know
I ’ve met the thing before; 10
It just reminded me—’t was all—
And came my way no more.

- Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 01/01/05:

I saw Joe's (Madagan's - '57 - of FL) comments about Bob Smith's Barber Shop.
He was about a block from Pop's Esso Station, so I did get to sit in the chair
quite a few times. I recall watching kids get their first haircut and the
popular technique was to have one of the other barbers perform some distraction
like making airplane noises while Bob tried to cut a moving head and make it
look like something presentable. I remember when he moved to Warwick Shopping
he also was elevated to "stylist". Guess that was what happened when you
moved to the uptown crowd.

I also lived in Hampton until the 5th grade, and made several visits to Red
Sesco's Barber Shop
. About three years ago I was in Hampton and saw a sign
that said "Red Sesco's Shop" and stopped in. As soon as I walked in the
door Red recognized me after probably 30 or more years.

I remember interviewing Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally's son when he applied for
a job as a corrections officer. At the end of the interview I asked if he
had any questions I could answer, and that's when he informed me his mother
went to school with me. Somehow when you're in high school you never
picture the children of classmates showing up in your life at a later date.
Shaun has done a good job for us and now intends to make law enforcement a

Pam (Smith Arnold - '65 - of VA) came in and saw me typing an e-mail to you,
and says you need to take a day off. These are "holidays" for a reason. Please
take some time for yourself and relax. You do so much you could surely put
your feet up for a couple of days. Happy New Year!


   Thanks, Dave!  I created a new page for you and Joe and any other former customers of Bob Smith's. 



   That's such a neat story about how our lives intertwine!  We are family.

   Oh, a day off - good idea!  Okay, no housework for me!  WILD GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Pam - and Dave!  Happy New Year!

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/01/05:

Some background:  The album containing this song was published while I was at USNA. It would be an understatement
to say that it took the Brigade by storm. Mids were standing in line at the Midshipman's Store to buy it. This was the only
song you could hear emanating from every upper class room which had a turntable.  Mids hummed it on the way to class
and in the shower.  It holds immeasurable nostalgia value for me.

The composer was Sylvia Fricker. If you do not already know this, she was half of the 50s/60s folkie group, Ian & Sylvia:

The lead singer for We Five was Beverly Bivens. She had a voice to die for. On another cut on the album, she trails off a
note to a slow moan/grown which gave me "impure thoughts" .... and still does.

The group never recaptured the fire of their first album and faded from the scene. I once did a "PeopleFinder" search
on her name and got three hits. One was in Arizona, which seemed like a likely place for a now-forgotten star. Maybe I
will call the number some day.

This whole We Five "Thing" made me run down to the Library and excavate for my vinyl copy from
my days at USNA. 
Sorry for the blur -- bad digi-cam setting.  I got smarter for the next one:        


   OOOOH, David!  Thanks so much for your wonderful visual imagery!  I'm so glad I asked you to locate that MIDI for me!

   Happy New Year, Captain! 

From Judy Phillips Allen ('66) of VA - 01/01/05:


    Thank you so much for a wonderful year of newsletters and keeping up with the most outstanding people on earth.  How
blessed we were to have grown up here in Typhoon Land.  It is still pretty wonderful around here.  Jerry (Allen - '65) and I
live by the James River Bridge, so we really enjoyed the Winter Wonderland last Sunday and Monday.  Now it is Springtime
in NN.  The 60+ degree weather has been nice, too.  I sat out in the fresh air and watched the boats and ships going up and
down the river.  The traffic stopped on the bridge at night looks like a string of Christmas lights.  The river is so calm today
that it looks like a mirror.  I hope that this calmness is a sign of PEACE for all of us in 2005.  We also had breathtaking
sunsets this past week.

    We spent time with long time friends, like Marilyn (Payne) and Chuck Springfield (both '66 of VA) and Marilyn's mother
who is 89. Faye Merritt Houk and her husband Mike were among old friends we saw over the holidays, too. 

    I showed Jerry's dad, Howard Hodnett ('45), the newsletters last night when they came by for a New Year's Eve visit.  He
was in the class of '45 and thoroughly enjoyed Fred Field's ('45 of CA) emails as well as many pictures of the area, especially
NNHS.  He remembers Fred and was so pleased.

    If Michael Sisk ('63 of CA), who is on the west coast and could not attend the family gathering which was Monday, due
to snow on Sunday, reads this...      EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME AND ALL OF THEM LOOKED GREAT!  We missed you!

    Again, Carol,  you are awesome and we thank you and all those who contribute to the newsletter.  We love them and look
forward to another year of Keeping up with Typhoons.



   Thanks so much, Judy!  I love hearing about how you spent your holidays.  It draws us all closer.

   I posted your note on the James River Bridge page.

   And speaking of the James River Bridge......

From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 12/29/04:

   Three of the images Tom shot last week were of the old and new James River Bridge.



   Thanks, Babe!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 01/01/04:

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your comments about my cheerfulness...I look at it this way:  the world definitely does not need
another sourpuss!  I sure am glad that my friend Cookie (Phillips Tyndall  '64 of VA) did not drown...also reading
Sarah Puckett Kressaty's ('65 of VA)
letter in which Anne Sawyer (Turpin - '65 of VA) is mentioned made
me wonder about the entire Sawyer clan.  David Sawyer was our paperboy and I believe they had a sister named
who was a little older than me...they were all such nice kids.  Updates?  They went to Woodrow Wilson with me. 
To my good friend Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally ('65/'68 - of VA):  who woulda thunk it?  Elizabeth, you make me

Hugs, Jean

   You're so right about unpleasant people, Jean.  Life's too short!  Thanks!

From Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA - 01/01/05:

Wishing you all the very best with lots of love!


   Cool!  Thanks Cookie!  Happy New Year to you, too!

From My Sister, Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky ('59) and Me ('65) of NC - 01/01/05:

Christmas Day 2004
Fayetteville, NC
LR - Ice Blue, Silver, and White Tree
Christmas Day 2004
Fayetteville, NC
DR - Santa Tree
Christmas Day 2004
Fayetteville, NC
BR - Typhoon Tree
Friday, October 4, 2002
CNU, Newport News, VA
Rabbi David Ellenson, Carol Buckley Harty, Rev. John R. ("Bobby") Yevak, Harron Ellenson, Dennis Ivey, and Becky Crank Tench - all '65

   I had previously threatened - oh, I mean promised - that I'd show you images of my Christmas trees - particularly the little Blue
and Gold Typhoon tree in my bedroom.  Well, here they are!   Notice my NNHS "shrine" to the left of the first tree.  The large etching
of NNHS was given to me by George Fenigsohn ('65) of VA; the gorgeous image beneath by Chip Clark ('65) of Northern VA;
and if you'll look closely, you can see my Typhoon mug from the Glorious Reunion of the Class of '64 directly underneath. 
Knowing how long it generally takes me to develop film, Eleanor snapped those three shots for me on her digital camera when she
and Miles (Granby HS - '50) were over Christmas night.  Last night we went to their house for a traditional New Year's dinner, and
we spent some time transferring and editing several images.  It was hysterical - we've not had so much fun in quite some time! 
Thanks again, Eleanor!  And Happy New Year!

From Jim Dossett ('66) of FL - 01/01/05:

Hi Carol ...
When you get a chance please make my email address available on your site. 
Also, do you think there would be any interest in a "NNHS/TYPHOON ALUMNI" decal.  If so, maybe with your
diverse readership, someone is in the business or knows how to go about getting such an item produced.  Maybe you
can even run a contest where your readers design and submit the official "NNHS ALUMNI" decal and the
rest can "vote" for the winner.
  Just a thought.
One last thing .... as for a sculpture of Al Dorner ('66 of VA) ....  please, one is all the world deserves (sorry, Red ...
'couldn't resist).
Thanks for all your work...

   Certainly!  Thanks, Jim!  I've added your email addy for the world to see:



   And what a great fun idea about the official NNHS ALUMNI decals!  If I'm not mistaken, I believe one of you already has the
details concerning where and how this could be done, right???  Okay - let the contest begin!

   But, oh, Jim, I must strongly disagree with you own vote about a sculpture of Albert.  I truly believe that if we fail to do so, future
generations will rise up and call us negligent.  Just look again at what he accomplished for our benefit!


   Do y'all fully realize that before Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA and Albert Dorner ('66 of VA) began their quest
to rescue these treasures from a variety of locations, that they had fallen into oblivion and ruination, and that
they were lost to us all?!? 
Do you not recall the plaintive cries, "Where are our trophies?  Where have they gone?"

   Many of y'all think that I'm joking about the statues.  I'm really quite serious; I think it's the least we could do to express our
deepest gratitude for magnificent and heroic actions on their part.  My only regret is that a bronze statue would not show Albert's
glorious red hair.  I leave you with this thought:

"... A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." 

-  Mark 6: 4 (KJV)

From Dee Hodges Bartram )'66) of VA - 01/01/05:

    Would you please put my e-mail address in the Class of 1966 (contact page) so that
new 1966 people or people that have changed their e-mail address (Paul Dobie of CO, for
instance) can contact me with their changes?  I could have sworn you had it in there but
didn't see it when I went in today.  Also, send a note please to Paul to pass on his
address change to me for our records.  You were right, he has been quiet for a while.  We
used to correspond a lot this summer but then I have not heard anything.  I have been
sending out group e-mails to the class on various happenings but never received a returned
e-mail from him.
    My New Year's started off with me in the emergency room of Riverside with a bad case
of bronchitis from my visit to Illinois.  I am loaded with enough meds now that I'm sure
I will get through the return trip January 7-15.  As soon as I left, the weather got
warmer.  I just bet it will dip again when I return.
    All my best to you and your family for a happy and healthy New Year!
    Dee Hodges Bartram

   Oh, my, Dee!

   I just checked the '66 contact page again when I added Jim's email addy.  Perhaps you didn't notice your name therein
because I've listed all the women by their maiden names.  Check under "H" - TA-DAH!



   I don't know about you, but my experience has been that people generally take spells of writing separated by long periods
of silence.  Sometimes their lives just become busy in other areas, and sometimes there are other reasons.  I'm guilty of this
myself on a one-to-one basis, as many of y'all have seen.

   Take good care of yourself, Dee.  I hope you're well on the path to mending.

   Okay, Class of 1966, Report in so that Dee can update her records!  Thanks!

From Neta Collins Hastings ('60) of VA - 01/02/05:

Hi Carol,

I just read your Happy New Year Newsletter and the letter from Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally ('65/'68 - of VA)
and as a result went to Magruder Dances in the Summer.  My father,  Russell A. "Rip" Collins, and I won a
Dance Contest in August 1957 at one of the Magruder Dances and I still  have the "gold trophy" with our names
and date inscribed.  Don't we all have wonderful, happy memories of Stuart Gardens Days!!

   COOL BEANS!!!  Thanks, Neta!  I know that I do!!!

Also from Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 01/02/04:

What a great photo of Mr. Britt!  I took my brother Bill to Britt's Barber Shop many times.  One time I was not happy
about having to take him...he had a nice headful of ringlets...I took him in and told Mr. Britt to "peel him"!  He did...
practically shaved his head!   My mother was VERY UPSET WITH ME....I was about 12 and he was about 6...anyway I
NEVER had to take him for a haircut again!

   OOOH, you naughty baby, you!  GIGGLES!  Thanks, Jean!


   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOON FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."


You Were on My Mind

(We Five - 1965)

- Written by Sylvia Fricker

When I woke up this morning
You were on my mind
And you were on my mind
I got troubles, whoa-whoa
I got worries, whoa-whoa
I got wounds to bind

So I went to the corner
Just to ease my pains

I got troubles, whoa-whoa
I got worries, whoa-whoa
I came home again

When I woke up this morning
You were on my mi-i-i-ind and
You were on my mind
I got troubles, whoa-whoa
I got worries, whoa-whoa
I got wounds to bind

Hey, I got a feelin'
Down in my sho-oo-oo-oes, said-a
Way down in my sho-oo-oes
Yeah, I got to ramble, whoa-whoa
I got to move on, whoa-whoa
I got to walk away my blues

When I woke up this morning
You were on my mind
You were on my mind
I got troubles, whoa-whoa
I got worries, whoa-whoa
I got wounds to bind

"You Were on My Mind" midi, sequenced by Jesse Jocson, "dbassman", courtesy of http://members.aol.com/trish4vic/romeojul.html,
located by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/01/04
WOWZERONI!  What a fabulous arrangement!  Thanks so much, Dave!  Nobody does it better!

  "You Were on My Mind" lyrics courtesy of http://www.webfitz.com/lyrics/index.php?option=com_webfitzlyrics&Itemid=27 - 01/01/05
(Web site suggested by Albert Dorner - '66 - of VA - 08/19/04)
Thanks, Albert!

"Bust with Cranial Diagram" image courtesy of http://www.fotosearch.com/ART441/aa050767/ - 01/01/05

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